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Dear players, we have thoroughly inspected the winners of the War Thunder anniversary tournaments and have to inform you that not all of them will get their prizes - the E-100 heavy tank. Gathered data of the activity control and player’s ID (IP provider data, geolocation and information collected on the remote device) reveal the following violations of rules of the tournaments:

Player CountessJenny handed their account to third parties and, being the owner of the account, did not participate in the

WT10 - Air RB 1x1


In the matches for the second round of the

WT10 - Naval 3х3 AB

tournament captain VLASTELIN_RAKOV played for the player Wise1k listed in the reserves of the SAD_CLOWNS team.

Based on the provisions of

paragraphs 1.3, 3.2.1 of the EULA

, as well as

paragraphs 1.3 and 7.1.4 of the Game Rules

players CountessJenny and Wise1k do not receive the E-100 tank. In addition, the CountessJenny is banned from the game for 14 days, as well as banned from the tss.warthunder.com tournaments forever. The Wise1k account will not play the tss.warthunder.com tournaments for a year.

Players VLASTELIN_RAKOV and x_Andrew_x were warned for using other players' accounts in the War Thunder tournaments. Similar violations in future will lead to personal penalties by decision of the Administration, including permanent ban of the Gaijin accounts.