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0s [Music]
1s foreign
3s [Music]
7s the most hilarious moments of the past
10s week who's gonna win a ship or an
13s immovable road infrastructure object an
15s atgm or a palm tree a single jet or all
19s the enemy tanks let's find out together
24s [Music]
27s this Hedgehog tanker sends shell after
29s Shell at the enemy with their two
31s pounder but the target refuses to be
34s destroyed okay how about a bigger
36s caliber hmm maybe the 178 millimeter
39s bombs will do the first one didn't do
42s much but the second one destroyed both
44s the Target and its neighbor the
46s remaining Salvo is just there to prove
48s the attacker's superiority
53s it's not really clear why people
55s sometimes say it's hard to destroy big
57s ships if you're on a plane it's simple
59s just fly closer Dodge some anti-air fire
62s and then the ship will touch a bridge to
65s lift its nose up for you and you drop a
67s bomb there just one is Enough by the way
70s done how hard can that be
76s the enemy is armed with some high-tech
78s anti-tank missiles not a problem if you
80s have a few special tactical trees around
83s look at these four Palms they're
85s amazingly efficient at hiding itsumi
87s Erica from multiple atgms giving them
90s some valuable time for reloading and
92s delivering the final hit great job trees
102s are you unsatisfied with the speed of
104s your tank try a Starfighter what do you
107s have to lose it's a jet so driving is
110s gonna be real fast roll up to a point
112s cap it with no hassle and here's the
114s next one on the way just don't forget to
116s let someone with more armor pass first
119s since protection is not the strongest
121s side of this wheeled combat vehicle turn
124s time 2 and the main caliber well at
128s least it drives so fast
135s not all Navy captains end up hugging a
137s bridge look at what El pasmo is doing
140s here they hide from enemy fire behind an
142s island and only peek out to deliver a
144s finishing blow ly sinking one enemy
147s after another 25 frads in a single
151s battle talk about choosing your position
153s right
157s [Music]
160s and now let's visit live War Thunder
163s where we can see a lovely camo for the
166s key 61 in samurai blue colors the ones
169s Japan's national football team used in
171s the 22 World Cup as we already know the
174s samurai didn't make it to the finals but
176s you can still lead them to victory in
178s War Thunder Skies
183s foreign
187s we've been getting entire novels
189s describing replays in your emails lately
192s really no way to put it differently the
195s texts are hundreds of words and
197s thousands of characters long we
199s appreciate the effort but please
200s remember we've got eyes too a short note
203s describing the main feature of the
204s replay would be enough after all it's
207s always better to see for yourself this
209s way you won't have to write much and you
211s won't drown in texts good luck and see
214s you
215s [Music]
219s foreign
221s [Music]