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The premium version of the menacing Japanese tank destroyer comes with a brutal outfit and unique pre-order bonuses!

Pre-order: Type 16 (FPS) Pack
  • Type 16 (FPS) (Rank VI, Japan)
  • 2,000 Golden Eagles
  • 15 days Premium
  • Pre-order bonus: Demon Camber title
  • Pre-order bonus: Wanyūdō decal
The modern Japanese Type 16 (FPS) wheeled tank destroyer was developed in the early 2000s to increase the operational mobility of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. Since 2016, the Type 16 (FPS) has been put into service. Type 16 (FPS) is capable of reaching a maximum speed of up to 100 km/h. It is armed with a 105 mm gun with a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun, and it is also equipped with a 12.7 mm AA machine gun. The ammunition is represented by the HEATFS, HESH, smoke shells and APFSDS with an up to 350 mm armor penetration. Additionally, the Type 16 (FPS) is equipped with smoke grenade launchers, a night vision device for the driver and a thermal imager for the gunner and the commander.

The premium Type 16 (FPS) with a camo net over the hull and brutal wheel chains will be added to the game in the upcoming War Thunder update. Buy now, and get special pre-order bonuses: the “Wanyūdō” decal, an evil spirit described as a fierce man’s head inside a burning wheel; and “Demon Camber” title, named after an extreme Japanese car tuning culture ‘oni-kyan’ (鬼キャン).

"Wanyūdō" decal

The Type 16 (FPS) can be pre-ordered from the Gaijin Store.

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