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12s [Music]
29s superiority
31s it's an
33s attitude it's
37s aggressiveness it's a
45s Mastery it's an evergoing arms
48s race to design the
52s fastest the most
55s agile the most
59s precise through trial and
62s error through combat
70s loss it's a race without a Finish
75s Line it's
77s people marked with
81s [Music]
82s stories getting in that
85s machine again and
89s again without an ounce of
92s fear with ice in their
97s veins who take that hit
101s unflinching looking their enemy dead in
104s the
116s a it's the Machinery of War Within
120s engines burning red eye with missiles
123s twisting
126s met machines made to do one thing to
131s Search and
149s Destroy
175s [Music]
203s hello hello hello everyone and welcome
206s to the preview of the new upcoming air
209s Superior stream my name is m boom I'm
212s joined by Tom AKA oxy and let's get
215s right into it shall we why not this is
218s the F14 and I have Tom over here joining
220s me as well in the su27 two of the new
224s topy Jets making its way into the game
226s in the upcoming updates and particularly
229s also not the only versions no there are
231s multiple variants of the s27 and the
233s F-15 as well now you may notice we're on
236s a bit of a strange map here this is a
237s new air map that we are launching in
239s this update there are going to be two
241s versions this one is the ground strike
242s version for arcade called Volcano Valley
245s and we also have a even bigger version
246s for air
248s RB now let's have a quick look at the
250s overall fly performance Let's Go full
252s Boost why not let's see how fast we can
254s actually accelerate these things the F15
257s should have a bit of a higher frosted
258s weight ratio than the su27 although
260s right now you're really pulling away
261s from me zooming although hold long wait
264s I still have my fuel tanks on let's get
266s R those there we
268s go uh at full Fu loads at least at
271s similar fewu loads the F15 should be a
273s bit faster than the su27 but these go
276s these planes are going to be rather
278s competitive against one another I would
280s say the s37 has a bit of an advantage at
282s lower speeds given that it does have hmd
285s as well as some very very impressive low
288s speed maneuverability but both of these
290s planes are absolutely massive I if we
294s can get I think the Su 27 is
298s pretty uh I honestly I I tend to agree
301s there I mean the f155 is Iconic don't
302s get me wrong yeah it's just I don't know
304s it looks so much sleeker the F15 is just
306s blocky to me you know what I mean are
308s you're going to make a lot of people
309s angry in the chat there I just think it
311s looks nicer what can I say man I like it
313s now we do have a fair few features to
315s show off today not just vehicles uh we
317s of course have rank eight tanks we have
320s a new top two Jets the F15 and the S2
323s have not being the only ones we have
324s some new um visual effects for tank
326s fires as well as for C catapult
328s launching from aircraft carriers um we
332s have some new abilities to activate some
333s Universal backups when you are actually
335s in the battle as well yeah which is huge
337s huge for program oh yeah we also have
339s some tutorial missions for air to air
341s Weaponry that's really nice actually I'm
343s very happy about that honestly long over
345s really glad to see that and a bunch of
347s other stuff so let's go back to the
350s hanger I will show you quickly the new
352s effects for cataput launching in the F14
356s while some's going to be preparing
357s something else in the
358s meantime
361s uh all right let's go into a test light
364s with this thing shall
366s we F14 of course is not new I'm just
368s taking this plane out because it is one
370s of the few top JS you get with a carry
372s launch now we didn't have this before
374s but when you launch
376s now you get a bit of a smoke effect
378s there on the Catapult which does linger
380s a little bit sadly I don't think you
383s were really going to be seeing too much
384s of this in an actal battle oh it's still
386s a nice little detail though there are
388s also some new effects when you land on
391s various surfaces uh mostly on the ground
393s on pavement on all kinds of different
395s stuff so just nice neat little uh visual
399s additions let's now switch over to Tom
401s who has a test drive ready yeah small
403s family detail here so now atgms that
406s have uh separate sites now have that
407s site modeled so if you are behind the
409s small hill and you can't really see
410s obviously you can still fire atgm from
412s the site but there is now a site that
413s you can use to manually control just the
416s atgm and I believe this is relative to
418s where the site for the atgm is so it's
420s different for all the vehicles and then
421s you can use the atgm as normal and
423s there's also some new fire effects some
425s new sparks new explosion effects and the
428s actual fire effect as well is uh is
430s really really nice um hope I can slam Le
434s there and there's some little Sparks
438s fire effects in there a lot nicer I
440s think there's one guy that goes mental
443s on these every update and they're always
445s better like every time we have an update
447s I think that they are the best they're
448s going to look but I'm wrong every time
450s are the differences between the regular
452s Gun Site and the atgm site yes um so I
455s believe the atgm site doesn't have the
456s uh the markings so they are different
460s and they are at different elevations as
461s well and I that believe that is
463s independent uh depending on the vehicle
465s I believe that also seems like a
466s different zoom level yes I think they
468s are different they do have different
470s thermals and night vision and that sort
471s of things as well so they are dependent
472s of the sites and um everyone should be a
475s littleit
476s different very good that's not the only
479s quality of light live update here we
481s also have uh something new for people
483s who may not be too experienced in using
485s Advanced Air to a weaponry and air to
487s ground Weaponry in the upcoming update
489s when you look at your modifications and
491s you have something like air turr
492s missiles or even unguided air um
495s manually guided air to ground missiles
496s unlocked you will be able to actually go
499s into a special little training Mission
501s which will teach you how to use this
503s kind of Weaponry this will be available
505s for IR air Tri missiles semi-active
507s radar homing air Tri missiles as well as
510s manually guarded ground missiles and
513s Laser guarded ground missiles so as you
515s can see we have a bit of a tutorial here
516s I will actually go into Reddit mode so
518s you can read the text and have a quick
521s look at the tutorial itself it will tell
523s you how you activate your um your
527s missiles how you use all your different
529s kinds of Munitions which of course for
531s experience player is already something
533s that you know but this is a huge thing
536s for uh newer players out there who may
538s never have interacted with these kind of
539s armaments before yeah there a lot of new
541s things to learn when you get a new
542s vehicle like that and having them there
543s is really approachable and really nice
546s we can also have a quick look at the air
548s to ground um manually guarded missile
551s Mission uh this is let's let's see if I
554s can actually hit this we'll see it's the
556s dev stream curse uh it is although last
560s actually kind of the last one was good
561s yeah we finally uh beaten the bad luck
565s oh boy okay let's see now the mission
568s does pause every time gives you some
570s some new uh instructions so you just
572s have to press the buttons that it tells
573s you to and it will
574s continue
577s uh can we do it can we do it can we do
580s it fake boom there we go look at this
582s man go never thought of myself
585s incredible all right now those are most
589s of the new quality of life stuff let's
591s take a look at the vehicle then starting
593s off with the last donations couple uh
596s things for Israel this is basically the
598s um m19 A1 variant for Israel now
602s cosmetically different you've got
603s obviously I mean it's Israeli it's going
605s to have extra guns on it you got the 50k
607s on the barrel looks nice and all the
609s extras on the sides well and I think
610s some of them are physical so some light
612s cosmetic elements to it it's the coolest
614s looking one of course um good for the
616s lineups as well and now there is also
618s the um m113 toe as well with some extra
621s elements that don't have textures yet um
624s skins um but yeah good for the lineups I
626s mean it's nice to have these cheap
627s vehicles that you can spawn in the basic
629s Ally upt proof which is nice um but they
632s are we've seen them before really but
634s good to have nonetheless so I should
636s mention by the way keep in mind
637s everything you see on the stream today
639s is work in progress so don't uh be too
643s serious about the stats and the B
644s ratings you see as well as as the te Tre
646s positions speaking of which can you show
648s where these vehicles are in Te Tre yes I
651s can so first one after the M 109 and
654s then the 13 toe here all right eers also
659s Al getting a new top tier Jets which is
663s an F-15 variant I'm just going to spoil
665s it right now there are three F-15
667s variants coming in this update for
670s Israel America and
673s Japan all right this is the isra one
675s it's called The
677s Buzz uh yeah what can you say about the
679s F15 it's an iconic jet probably I
682s believe it's the highest uh kill to
684s death ratio in real life something like
686s 105 confirmed kills to Z Zer losses
690s which is kind of insane don't expect to
692s do that in Warf funder but you have
695s access to some pretty decent Weaponry uh
697s This Plane can carry a total of up to
700s eight missiles four IR missiles as well
703s as four radar missiles there are some
705s slight variances between the F-15 models
707s this Israeli one is unique in that it
709s gets access to the Python 3 missile
712s which has um higher maneuverability than
714s the IM NM although it doesn't have
717s iccm so it is a little bit bit more
719s susceptible to flares in that regard you
722s also have access to a TV guided bombs as
725s well as some regular bombs plenty of
727s fuel and you will be happy to know that
729s it comes with a ton of countermeasures
732s by default 240 in total um you can
736s basically just let this thing run for a
738s while flat performance is pretty good
741s the frost weight ratio is roughly a
744s little bit higher than the su27 when at
746s similar fuel loads although when you do
749s a fully load this thing up it will be
751s quite heavy keep that in mind and I've
754s also noticed that the wings are a little
756s bit fragile um if you do have the new
759s boosters installed and you do a full
761s horizontal pull um anything above 11 GS
764s you tend to rip your wings off so it
765s takes a little bit of finesse in being
768s in being able to use this thing in a dog
769s fight properly without uh well you know
772s destroying yourself uh we're going to be
774s talking about the other variants as well
775s but first let's switch over to Sweden
779s yep another one today uh the STV 122b
783s plus not too many differences from the
786s plss that we already have uh the main
789s difference really is some extra side
791s armor uh these uh composite screens they
794s are deceptively good um at stopping heat
797s rounds and some atgms if they're flat on
799s I believe basically all of the standard
801s um heat shells aren't really going to be
804s able to get through it's pretty strong
806s and so if you're angled against
807s helicopter atgms or even some of the
809s more powerful atgms they are going to be
810s blocked by this um it does also have an
813s extra modification underneath which is
815s the mine protection uh a few of these
818s tanks new tanks will show today have
819s this um so obviously there's no mines in
822s the game but it's mostly for if you get
823s someone shoots H underneath you um or
826s something like that it does add a lot of
827s weight so probably in most situations
829s it's best to take it off um but it is
830s there as an option it gives you a little
831s bit more protection underneath um aside
833s from that it's just a slightly heavier
835s slightly better protected um sv22 for
838s Sweden
840s I am a little bit sad i' lost the little
842s circular extending I know that is a bit
844s of a shame it also looks I don't know
847s the H reminds me a bit of the e00 and I
848s don't know why kind of of does yeah um I
852s like this it looks very Sleek it's much
853s sleeker looking uh than the plss um very
857s pretty I like it all right next up for
860s SW also a new top to Jet this one has
862s been long waited um can you guess what
865s cockpit this is from of course this is
867s the just
869s griin it's so sweet it is surprisingly
872s small compared to well the absolute
874s behem at R15 and d27 this is roughly um
878s comparable to the F16 actually both in
880s size and in overall capability uh it can
883s carry up to six air Tri missiles in this
885s case I have uh six uh equivalents to the
888s am9 m uh equipped on my plane the m9m of
891s course as you know is quite resistant to
893s flares and let's just say this thing is
896s um yeah we are in realistic mode right
899s now I'm not sure if this will be the
901s flight the final flight model as it
902s comes to the game but uh it is very very
906s very maneuverable it can turn very well
910s it can pull huge amount of G's the only
912s problem is since it is uh sort of a
914s delta wing design it does lose a lot of
917s speed in these kinds of turns um which
920s in prolonged dog fights is going to be
921s an issue you never want to be slow in a
923s jet however if you want to do some
925s aerobatics like this pull 14 GS and even
929s break your wings off it's just
932s ni it looks absolutely amazing I love
934s the way this thing flies it's going to
936s be a great dog fighter now this is
938s actually not the only grip in coming to
939s the game uh the Swedish ones are the the
941s Swedish tree is going to get the a
944s version the UK is going to get the C
948s version South African yes a South
951s African C version with a major
953s difference there being that the UK one
955s will have hmd so you can aim your
959s missiles by looking at the enemy without
961s needing to necessarily have your um nose
964s pointing at them similar to the m29 s27
967s all that good stuff so I have a feeling
969s the UK one is actually going to be very
971s very nice yeah it's going to be nice to
972s see that there um it's not ready yet we
974s can't show it to yet but it'll be ready
976s pretty soon I don't know if it'll be
977s ready for the first Dev server I assume
979s probably not maybe for the the second
981s one um yeah that is coming we just can't
983s show it to you uh right
985s now 17g oh there we go finally 17 jeez
989s absolutely that is UNR the first time I
991s was able to break the Wings off of this
992s thing he really tried earlier as well I
994s I did you really have to try this thing
996s yeah okay let's have a quick look at the
998s modifications and the loadouts um this
1001s is a um multi roll fighter so not only
1004s do you have access to a decent air tra
1006s Loadout you can bring the um a9m
1009s equivalent you can also bring ROM misss
1011s these are uh Sky flashes I believe uh
1014s you can also have combination pods much
1015s like the Harriet gr7 which allows you to
1018s bring an absolutely insane amount of
1020s counter measures you have 80 inbuilt
1022s large counter measures as well as 640 on
1025s top of that if you bring these combined
1028s IR pods which
1029s are you never going to run out of FL on
1032s it's insane absolutely not um you also
1034s have access to a thermal targeting pod
1036s which you can use to guide your laser
1039s gued bombs as well as um various Dum
1043s Munitions Rockets you can bring the
1045s flare pods by themselves and you can
1047s bring AGM 65s as well
1049s so overall a very capable back craft
1052s very very similar really to D F16 in
1054s both its size com ability ability to
1057s both attack air and ground Targets this
1059s should be a very very very good plane
1061s and once again not only Sweden getting
1062s one the UK is also getting
1065s one all right let's have a look at the
1068s next Nation we have France I love the
1071s look of this thing I did not know it
1073s existed until like a month ago it's
1075s really cool so this is a new anti-air
1077s for France truck
1079s um the ammo should be here I think got a
1082s lot of dudes hanging out on the back
1083s standard um so you've got a dual Mount
1086s 20 mm Eran Cannon it's functionally the
1089s same as the 20 on the um R3 T20 and the
1093s uh istar as well um but you just have
1095s two of them it is it does generate quite
1098s a lot of recoil though if you fire from
1100s the sides it will tip up a little bit
1101s but if you fire from the front or the
1102s back it should maintain uh decently well
1105s I believe currently this is placed in
1107s between uh the
1109s x1p um yeah cool vehicle I like this I
1112s mean it's pretty nice that France are
1114s getting some antiair and I mean it's
1115s pretty capable as well it's one of my
1116s favorite guns it's the one that I feel
1117s like I can lead the best even after
1119s taking breaks with it and having two of
1121s them next to each other is really nice
1122s for lead as well um so yeah very fragile
1125s uh but offensively it's going to be
1126s pretty good it has the AP round too so
1128s you can do some light and DET tank stuff
1130s um and the velocity well the um rounds
1133s per minute pretty huge you got a huge
1134s volume of fire with that thing it's
1136s going to be nice I can't get over how
1137s many men has been car
1140s neither can I real quick neither can I
1143s why they're just taking their friends
1145s for a I mean it doesn't make you more of
1146s survivable at the same time this is a
1148s very vulnerable truck yeah I mean
1149s suppose if you poke the back out from
1151s behind cover you can sort of protect the
1153s crew although the ammo will be there I'm
1155s pretty sure so maybe you can get a
1157s little bit of artificial survivability
1158s with it but you just taking your Chums
1161s out for a low drive one France what more
1165s can you say um thankfully friend did not
1167s only make weird Vehicles we also have
1169s this thing oh look at it it is so
1172s beautiful it really is though I I'm not
1174s super into like modern jets as much as
1176s you but I can admit it's really pretty I
1180s the camouflage is abolutely masterfully
1181s done but even on the plane itself I have
1183s to say there's something about having a
1184s mirage but making a twin engine that
1186s makes it look just yeah it reminds me of
1188s another plane that I can't really work
1190s out in my head but I like it it's a bit
1193s like the javelin maybe I don't know but
1195s this is the Mirage 4000 it's like the
1199s 2,000 but twice as good because it gets
1201s two engines and um yes you can imagine
1204s the power to weight ratio on this thing
1206s the frost weight ratio on swing is going
1207s to be absolutely insane I'm going to
1209s take it out into a little test PL just
1211s in a little bit just you can see I
1212s believe out of the all the Jets we're
1213s adding uh this has some of the best
1215s acceleration and climbing ability it's
1217s really really good however it does have
1220s some limits um it doesn't come with
1222s flares by itself you need to install
1224s them in some additional pods which
1226s thankfully do not occupy any of the
1228s pylons for the missiles but if you want
1230s to use the thing as a bomber it may have
1233s you may have to make a sacrifice here
1235s not taking out these 250 kgam bombs uh
1237s you have some limited ground targeting
1238s abilities as well with laser gued bombs
1241s and um the3 L laser gued missiles as
1244s well and you can carry up to six
1246s air-to-air missiles uh either six magic
1249s twos or if you want to swap two of them
1251s out you can also bring the Matra super
1253s 530f radar missile I'm going to take out
1258s this load out here real quick and bring
1259s it into a test flight just you can see
1261s how insane this thing really is now
1262s we're going to be playing with a minimum
1264s fuel load and once again work in
1265s progress so keep in mind this may not be
1266s the final flag
1269s model we're just going to straight up
1271s from the runway what you think go for it
1274s now you do not get any kind of U drop
1275s tanks with this thing sadly which I'm
1277s not sure how well that is going to work
1279s with RB and some of larger Maps mhm two
1283s fuel tanks are going to be quite a fuel
1285s hungry but yeah you can just you know
1287s climb straight up and still gain speed
1290s no big deal I just notice how big the
1292s tail is as well that looks weirdly large
1295s from I keep that's a little missiles on
1297s let's let's quickly drop them shall we
1299s bit of weight reduction yeah let's just
1301s keep on climbing faster and faster this
1305s thing is very good it's giving me like
1306s key10 from 2012 Vibes yeah we got to
1310s key1 oh man that's an old
1311s Mee all right maneuverability is decent
1314s this is a delta wing so do expect
1316s maneuverability to be pretty good
1318s although it at the same time do expect
1319s Ur tension to be somewhat superar
1322s although unlike the grippen you do have
1324s two very powerful engines so you can
1326s kind of compensate that especially with
1328s this acceleration which is just
1330s absolutely insane let's see what the
1332s Turning ability is like 12 G's
1336s maintaining 12 GS doesn't seem to be
1338s breaking the Wings off very good let's
1340s do absolute worst case scenario 800 I do
1344s a roll
1345s turn Okay 14 GS didn't break off my
1348s wings although you will definitely be
1350s able to break the Wings off if you
1351s intense deceleration yeah it is it abut
1354s is and I just have to say it looks so
1356s beautiful it do the camouflage is
1358s perfect TN Eng is absolutely perfect
1360s yeah France has some really nice sort of
1361s prototype flashy skins they're really ni
1364s I love it cockpit is not available just
1366s yet but of course expect it to be ready
1368s by the time the update makes it to the
1370s live servers okay uh this is not the
1374s last thing that friends is getting in
1375s this update we also have uh chat wake up
1378s wake up we have boat we have boat time
1380s for boats chat come it's time for boat
1383s this is the premium Core bear I'm not
1386s sure how you pronounce that it's a
1388s battleship um it's very old as well it's
1390s like
1391s 1914 isn't it I believe something like
1393s that and you can definitely notice that
1394s because it has absolutely no AA
1396s gun AA AR is absolutely terrible the
1399s turret configuration is decent you are
1402s always going to have at least three
1403s turrets pointing towards the enemy
1405s although they only two uh they are only
1407s dual gun turrets
1408s uh you also have some torpedo tubes on
1410s the inside on the sides what are they
1414s right here however I okay I'm not I'm
1417s not a very experienced Naval player but
1419s I can I can see a bit of an issue here
1421s mhm there's barely any armor underneath
1423s the waterline and there's a huge old um
1426s magazine right there which may be a bit
1429s sub optimal perhaps I'm not sure I'm not
1431s sure we'll see how this goes okay let's
1435s switch over to China shall we yes
1438s you have a look at the VT 4B this is a
1442s new top Chinese MBT uh pretty similar in
1445s design and functionality from the other
1447s versions I can show you where it is it's
1448s at the end here after the um in the
1450s other export line uh the most important
1453s change of this one is the aps it has two
1456s charges on uh either side and it's
1458s pretty good so it's the max of, 1400 m a
1461s second so even like slow kinetic rounds
1463s from a distance may be able to be
1465s blocked by this uh which pretty nice
1468s nice they get this uh some armor changes
1470s it's it is different from the other
1471s versions that are present in the tree um
1474s but really it's it's very similar it's
1476s going to be functionally very similar to
1477s the other version so rounds reload um
1480s depression all that kind of thing it's
1481s it's pretty pretty similar you did a
1483s cool turret on the top that's not
1484s functioning right now but it will be
1486s soon also you can see the texture um is
1487s not quite final yet um but nice gives
1490s more uh stuff for China also we did skip
1492s over Italy we know there's nothing ready
1496s for Italy yet but there should be
1497s something bit later on we just can't
1499s show it to you right now so please
1501s patient can't show it to you the second
1503s but there will be something for Italy to
1504s observe a little bit later we are
1506s working on stuff
1508s yes all right um China is also one of
1512s the Nations getting well this thing
1515s right here it's called the J1 it's an27
1519s I believe skape something like that I'm
1520s entirely sure uh yeah this is one of the
1522s two SE 27s making its way into the game
1525s in this update the one of course being
1527s for Russia
1528s this is going to be your counterpart to
1530s the F-15 and why is it so big it is a
1534s bit oh boy yep at least this is about
1537s twice the size of the mig29 you don't
1539s think about it do you but yeah it's
1541s pretty hefty and I believe this is
1543s basically a copy of the other model from
1546s the s27 from Russia at the moment but it
1547s should have its own unique Model A
1549s little bit later with a different skin
1551s as well so this is more preliminary but
1552s it will have some changes to better
1554s match the actual look of the
1555s vehicle uh now there are some actual
1558s advantages to the massive size of this
1560s thing one it can carry up to 10 missiles
1565s I believe that actually a record in War
1567s Thunder right now it's absolutely insane
1569s uh you can bring r73 the export variant
1571s in this case which is of course your
1573s Frost vectoring short range IR missile
1575s which is pretty good you also can bring
1577s out the r27 either the ER or the um ET
1581s the radar or the fmo variants which I
1584s loaded over here thanks to the big fuse
1586s lash you also have a lot of um fuel in
1590s built into the plane you don't get any
1592s drop tanks on this one uh you also have
1594s 96 large counter measures which is not
1597s the most but also not terrible it does
1599s alleviate some of the issues that some
1600s early Russian Jets had with lower
1602s countermeasure numbers however this is
1605s probably one of the planes that has the
1607s biggest difference in flight performance
1609s between having a full tank and an empty
1612s tank it's really noticeable yeah it is
1613s really nice and day this thing on an
1615s almost empty tank can just dance around
1617s the en enemy all day long it is
1619s extremely maneuverable even at very low
1621s speeds has great acceleration great
1623s climb ratees great everything but when
1625s you fill this thing up with fuel which
1627s you will need to in some of the of the
1629s bigger Maps especially because you don't
1631s have drop tanks uh it turns into a bit
1633s of a bus it doesn't turn very well it
1636s doesn't accelerate very well it's a bit
1638s of a tradeoff in figur figuring out
1640s exactly how much fuel you actually want
1642s to bring out with this plane uh quick
1645s look over the arment again you can bring
1647s out some dump ground ordinance as well
1649s rockets and bombs no guided ordinance so
1652s this is very much intended to be a air
1655s Superior fighter first and foremost with
1658s the option of bringing some
1659s bombs and yeah where's it placed in the
1662s te Tre where is it placed in the tech
1663s Tre it shall be right after the
1667s j8f so if you want to prepare get the
1670s j8f you if you don't have it yet then
1672s you can get the uh Chinese sc27 but
1674s don't worry Russia will also have one
1677s okay let's Che check out Japan yes uh so
1681s this is the type 99 it's uh it's got
1684s kind of like vdar Vibes uh it's not
1687s quite 100% uh ready to show completely
1689s yet uh it does have the same rounds as
1692s the type 75 right now and they do have
1694s the same velocity I believe that should
1695s change so um not too much to look at
1697s right now as it currently stands on the
1699s the test server um but this is basically
1701s a new Advanced um SP for Japan very long
1706s very nice uh good for lineups as well
1708s again it's it's going to be a good
1709s vehicle um and hopefully quite easy to
1712s aim the shells as well when they get a
1713s bit more velocity so that should be nice
1715s it doesn't get a laser rain fun right
1717s not right now obviously I think this is
1719s quite this was just added um to test
1721s very very recently so it's missing a
1723s couple of things at the moment um yeah
1726s there should be some changes to it in
1727s its current configuration I'm sure when
1728s the dev server comes out you can have a
1729s look at that which should be sort of on
1732s the horizon quite soon oh actually yes
1734s speaking of death server we are planning
1736s on opening it today save any errors or
1739s issues that come up so if you want to
1741s check out the new content you will be
1742s able to very soon make sure you download
1744s Dev client right now it's avilable on PC
1746s on Mac and on Linux I believe you can
1750s Google war from the death server install
1752s that and preload the um update for the
1755s test server and soon you will be able to
1757s play it yourself okay next up for Japan
1760s we also have the F-15 J this is a
1764s license buil version of the f-15c if I
1766s am not mistaken uh with some minor
1768s differences to both the Israeli and the
1771s US F-15 uh main one being you have
1774s access to the aam fre yeah I
1778s believe in most circumstances this is
1781s going to be the best IR missile in the
1782s game even 73 yeah it's quite nuts it has
1786s ircm so it will be quite flare resistant
1789s very much similarly to the aim uh
1792s 9M and that's the issue I was talking
1794s about about breaking into Wings it is
1795s quite easy to do that it is yeah I think
1797s I uh destroyed the f-15s like no death
1801s reputation within like a minute of
1802s taking off so it really is quite
1806s deceptively easy to break it apart now
1808s let's have a quick look at the stats uh
1810s I believe you can see that clearly on
1812s stream these are basically in every
1814s single aspect better than the a9m they
1816s have bigger pole they have more
1818s explosive filler they have uh uh speed
1821s is actually the same but these are just
1823s incredibly incredibly powerful missiles
1825s and this is the only plane getting them
1827s at the moment at this is the
1828s distinguishing feature of the Japanese
1830s F15 in particular although you may also
1833s notice it doesn't get any ground guid
1835s forms no yeah it's it's more limited in
1837s that regard absolutely so this one feed
1840s uh exchanges a bit of well ground ping
1843s ability for just absolutely insane
1845s missiles which you can still take out
1847s together with your radar missiles and it
1849s should also have a slightly better radar
1851s than the f-15a variants so this should
1853s be very very very nice okay uh next up
1857s we we have the UK yeah some bong stuff
1861s to show you this is the Challenger 3 I
1863s know uh but the P version this is not
1865s the production it's the uh well the
1867s preliminary version um obviously it's a
1870s bit naked when compared to the other the
1872s earlier Challenger 2os uh armor is not
1874s really improved in any respect um the
1876s only real difference I believe is around
1878s the manlet which is different but the
1880s main problem problem the main uh
1882s advantage that you have is uh the
1884s Firepower and Mobility as well it has
1885s the 1,500 horsepower engine from the 2E
1888s uh very nice and it has gen 3 thermals
1891s quite high up Commander optic as well
1894s and as it has the um l55 you have the
1897s m53 which is really really powerful
1900s currently I don't know if this is going
1900s to change or not it was hard to get
1902s confirmation um the reload is really
1904s good so most of the challenges have that
1906s four round um lap loading system where
1909s it's a faster reload currently it has
1911s that for the entire ready rack so 15
1912s rounds it has that 5sec Max three I
1914s don't know if that's going to change or
1915s not but right now it does have that
1917s really nice if that's going to say the
1918s way it is Challenger 3 is going to be
1920s incredibly strong um and it gives you
1922s something the UK was lacking a little
1924s bit most of top here really is just how
1927s quickly you can reliably quick click on
1929s something to disable it and so having uh
1933s a challenger with this gun the thermals
1934s it's it's going to be really really nice
1936s um gives them a lot more ability to be
1938s reliably aggressive too um that's really
1940s good to see uh can also take a look at
1942s the premium the OES uh which is very
1946s similar to The Challenger 2 TS the
1948s theater entry standard um just with some
1951s different blocks I think on the sides
1953s it's different on the the it's different
1955s as well so uh much more defensive as a
1957s vehicle it's still very heavy um not the
1960s most uh reliably aggressive in terms of
1962s like active Mobility um but it's still
1964s quite hard to knock it out in one shot
1966s and you're playing defensive it's it's
1967s pretty pretty solid for that but it's
1969s not going to be winning any sort of
1971s Mobility related bouts in that respect
1973s but still nice vehicle it's going to be
1976s decently welled detected where it is
1978s it's just not going to really have that
1980s Mobility um but still if you want to a
1983s bit more defensive it's going to be
1984s pretty great it's you know nice reliable
1986s uh MBT and it's going to help you get to
1988s the 3p as well which kind of optimistic
1990s about that I really hope it keeps the
1991s reload it's going to be nice Ry metal
1995s rain Supreme once again absolutely okay
1997s Chad are you ready Al I'm in arcade
1999s right now it's actually it's the wrong
2002s engine horsepower don't it's okay 1,500
2006s that's what we've got okay Chad are you
2008s ready are you ready we have something
2009s huge huge huge program we have boat we
2012s have boat uh this is the HMS Orion it is
2015s going to be a tech tree Battleship just
2017s before the HMS malur in the tech tree uh
2021s turret layout is actually very very
2022s similar basically the same really uh you
2025s do have a bit of a trade-off in having
2027s more secondary weapons but of a lower
2030s caliber and also
2032s absolutely terrible in fact no AA
2036s whatsoever yeah that's um something so
2039s this one I think is is very very old um
2042s I think if you hover over if you hover
2043s over the name card it should
2045s say4 that's a World War one ship right
2047s there it's quite the thing I like about
2049s War Thunder is that you can have a World
2051s War one ship in the same lineup as a
2052s tank that's not yet in service that's
2055s great that's over a 100 Years of
2057s development I like you got some decent
2059s armor load out over here protecting your
2061s most essential bits some internal
2062s plating as well uh one interesting
2065s feature that I found it actually has a
2066s backwards facing torpedo tube sort of
2069s interesting the mar doesn't get that so
2071s if you somehow are able to run away from
2073s someone in your big slow Battleship uh
2077s you can still fire T atem let's
2080s go okay um actually Chad are you ready
2084s now we have a big big old tank
2085s announcement right here we do look at it
2088s look at this man this looks like a final
2089s boss tank do you know what I mean it
2091s just looks mean a lot of their tanks
2093s look mean yes this is the
2095s t90m um final devel velopment currently
2098s of the T90 so obviously it's in that uh
2100s Branch at the very end here rank eight
2104s um in terms of protection pretty solid
2107s you've got obviously the turret is
2108s redesigned there's some ammo at the back
2110s uh as well this is kept here um these
2112s are functional these little um mesh bits
2115s so they will disrupt um some of the
2117s chemical shells most likely and there is
2118s the turret is pretty redesigned you can
2120s see all the uh differences yourself um
2123s there's also the ER kit which if I take
2126s that off just so you can see the
2127s comparison that's
2129s theid log as well I love it you love to
2132s see that um and so really capable
2136s vehicle the only problem obviously is
2138s going to be it still retains the
2140s terrible reverse gear um so backing out
2142s of situations is not going to be that
2143s reliable there R be done that one again
2145s if you check the X-ray so
2148s squiz that's uh yeah that's going to be
2150s a bit of an issue yes uh turret on top
2153s as well actually kind of cool um I like
2154s the firing sound of this machine gun
2156s it's it's really really nice
2158s um yeah
2159s overall has that drawback of the reverse
2162s gear but uh it's you know got great
2164s thermals armor from the front like it
2166s the thing about these vehicles makes
2167s them really good is they've got a good
2168s sort of reaction time window like it's a
2170s bit harder to point and click on them um
2172s and so from the front even slightly
2174s angled against some stuff it's it's
2175s going to work decently well um I believe
2178s the round is currently just going to be
2179s 3 bm6 there's not really any better
2181s round it could get in the stage as far
2183s as I understand um but really nice
2186s vehicle it's going to be good it's just
2187s sh about the reverse um yeah uh nice vle
2191s even aside from that you know you've got
2192s all of the internal stuff to help with
2194s spoiling uh so which makes them still
2196s pretty good for brawling as vehicles but
2199s yeah backing out of situation not going
2201s to be too easy but it does look very
2203s pretty speaking of pretty things we have
2207s D
2208s su27 and let me show one of my favorite
2211s features of this aircraft if I go to
2213s around I don't know 800 km per hour Ias
2217s [Music]
2222s yeah su27 the flanker uh this is one of
2226s the two variants of course I already
2227s showed the Chinese version this is the
2229s Russian one functionally identical I
2231s believe very similar if not the same
2233s flight performance the 3D model will be
2234s slightly different once the update comes
2236s out uh but you have a plane that is very
2239s big but also very capable uh 10 missiles
2243s in total uh you can bring redom missiles
2245s you can bring IR missiles you have the
2246s R7 three which can break six off which
2249s is kind of insane as well as between
2251s four to six uh radar or the extended
2253s range um r27 thermal missiles as well
2258s you have access to ircm not ircm what's
2260s it called
2261s IRS IR yes our infrared search and track
2265s which you can use to log on to and
2266s search for targets without pinging their
2268s rwr speaking of rwr this is another
2271s slight um disadvantage this thing will
2274s have compared to a15 the rwr is not
2276s going to be quite as powerful but unlike
2279s the F15 you at least currently with
2281s light model are able to pull basically
2284s without having to worry about ripping
2286s your wings off you have to really try to
2287s rip your wings off in this thing and if
2289s I go a bit slower here I actually lose
2292s my missiles just to get
2295s maximum it looks so good it does it
2298s really does it is surprising maneuver at
2300s low speeds as well this thing can pull
2301s really high angles of attack without any
2303s major issues really and it's very easy
2306s to control as well of course you don't
2307s want to go too low when you do these
2309s kind of Maneuvers because well you will
2310s crash into the ground but in a one
2313s versus one if you have low fuel at least
2316s I am in minimum fuel load right now uh
2318s this is very very very
2320s maneuverable however when you do Put on
2322s Full fuel it turns into a little bit of
2324s a brick keep that in mind there's a huge
2326s difference in between performance at
2328s full fuel loads and uh little fuel loads
2331s all right uh quickly look at the
2334s modifications it also comes after the
2335s s22 I think
2337s Curr uh yes yes let's quickly check the
2339s tech tree also someone in the chat asked
2341s about the F-15 where that will come so7
2345s is after the
2346s su7 so you can prepare for that if you
2348s don't have the Su 17s just yet uh the
2350s Japanese F-15 was after the F4 EJ Kai
2354s there you go uh but yeah functionally
2356s identical to the Chinese j11 versions
2360s the same Armament uh no guided ground
2363s ordinance but a very very powerful plane
2367s all right next up we have Germany yes
2372s it's okay that Germany gets a leopard
2374s it's okay it's okay don't worry um it's
2377s also very blue I'm not sure why this is
2379s but it looks quite cool although I don't
2381s think it's sadly historically accurate
2383s um this is the 27v uh obviously the main
2387s difference you can see is that it does
2388s have the beak protection here which
2390s really does help against pretty much
2392s every round that you're going to fight
2393s really nice um it is heavier though uh
2396s 66.5 tons I believe that's it's a little
2400s bit lighter that is taking into account
2402s the mine protection I believe that's
2404s going to be changed so it will be
2405s slightly lighter without that
2407s modification on um so high quality
2411s thermals you of course have the same
2412s fantastic round uh it is a little bit
2414s heavier but with the EXO the new
2417s transmission it's it's not that uh you
2419s don't really feel much of a a hit from
2421s it uh it's still decently mobile and I
2423s think it really it's the this is kind of
2426s close to the peak
2427s of um sort of NBT designs because
2428s there's nothing that's really holding
2430s you back about it you've got fire power
2432s that can deal basically everything armor
2434s that's good enough to stop poorly placed
2435s shots Mobility that will let you sort of
2437s do anything you want to do um so it's
2440s really really strong and um yes of
2443s course the beak armor at the front uh
2446s very powerful um same one that's on the
2448s leopards so even with powerful rounds uh
2451s hitting that beak it's not going to go
2453s through um really really strong for
2455s catching bad shots so that's what the
2457s later Leos are really good at um so yeah
2461s this skin will change sadly kind of cool
2463s to keep this like to Marketplace skin
2466s yeah why not I mean I I think it's just
2468s like a texture deug skin but it does
2470s look quite cool I think um the Finish
2473s leopard 286 or has the bright orange one
2475s on the market maybe we pray hard enough
2480s potentially all right um someone in chat
2483s mentioned asked about Italy we have some
2485s stuff in the works it's not quite showed
2487s you yet we're not sure if it will be
2488s ready for the update so fingers crossed
2490s and um you also asked about the ja 39
2493s for the UK yes the UK is getting a grien
2496s it's a grien c variant actually for the
2498s South African Air Force it's not ready
2500s to show just yet not everything that's
2502s going in this update is ready to show in
2504s this death stream uh you will be able to
2506s check out the things on the dev server
2508s however which may actually have opened
2509s already so check that out after believe
2511s so it should be up all right uh next up
2514s we have the tornado IDs wtd 1 this is a
2518s premium tornado for Germany and it
2521s really is not a fighter in fact it is
2523s classified as a strike aircraft and for
2525s very good reasons even though you do get
2528s access to the a9l you only have two of
2530s them in order to bring out flares you
2532s need to research the flare pod as well
2534s it doesn't have flares mounted
2535s internally it doesn't also have any kind
2537s of guided air to ground ordinance but
2540s you can bring a ton of bombs and you
2544s will be able to go supersonic with all
2546s those bombs slots filled unlike stuff
2548s like the F1 11 artar which just can't
2551s really do that you have a huge sacrifice
2553s there uh people are thinking about the
2555s m120 we are not adding Advanced foxf
2559s free missiles into the game just yet
2561s that may be coming in the future but not
2562s in this update just yet we want to see
2564s how the stats go for the for these new
2566s plans that we introduce in this update
2568s all right uh you were checking out or
2570s something else checking out something
2572s there we have a look at the new Abrams
2575s this is the set V2
2577s um primary difference of course is the
2579s extra ra on the S side um also M
2583s protection too uh this will increase the
2586s weight gives you a bit more protection
2587s underneath uh probably best to turn that
2589s off because the ABS is getting kind of
2590s chunky now 67.5 tons you do start
2594s feeling that um but these roof tile
2596s slats on the side are pretty good um
2599s against chemical Munitions it's going to
2600s help a lot um in urban environments and
2602s against atgm hitting you from the side
2605s um but of course that standard huge weak
2606s spot is always going to be there so
2608s which that's going to be a bit of a
2609s problem um but pretty nice I think The
2612s Thermals are the same as the previous M1
2614s A2 um so the main difference really is
2617s this extra protection on the side and of
2618s course the tire at the top uh we can
2620s also take a look at the M1 A1 clickbait
2622s this is the HC version functionally
2625s identical to the HC in the tree um so
2627s you have the uh little uh softkill APS
2630s system on the top here um and chair can
2632s you put stuff on the
2634s chair I'm not sure but have you noticed
2636s left arm of the chair is broken yeah I
2639s would like to believe that it's a
2640s reference through our streams Yeah that
2642s poor armrest has been crippled by
2645s intense moments on your behalf I must
2647s all those packets those are all um MREs
2650s yeah it's got a lot of little sort of
2652s environmental storytelling on the top
2653s here I hope you can put the Little Gnome
2655s or the pumpkin on that I would very much
2657s like to see that um but yeah apart from
2659s that basically the same you do have some
2660s track armor on the sides here to protect
2662s um the blowout in the back um but really
2665s it's it's pretty much the same
2667s um but still pretty competent vehicle I
2668s mean it's really nice it's an Abrams
2670s it's not really stopping you from doing
2671s anything uh good advantage of the ABS is
2673s that they're kind of they are because of
2676s their weak spot it's quite easy to get
2677s through the weak spot but they are
2679s versatile to the point where they will
2681s never really hold you back from doing
2683s literally anything so they're very
2684s reflective of your own performance the
2686s ABS are really really good for that um
2688s also very quickly the catalinas have all
2691s had a model update they're looking
2692s pretty fresh now I remember the polygons
2696s on the engines for a very long time now
2698s they're really looking Sleek so all the
2700s versions been updated I think um and
2702s they look really really nice and I
2703s believe we haven't shown it uh you can
2705s check check on the dev server um most of
2707s the yak 3s and Yak 9s have a new cockpit
2710s as well and that looks really
2713s good all right uh we also have of course
2717s the F-15 for America this is an a
2721s variant it will have access to a TV
2724s guided bombs as well as a 9 M so this is
2728s going to be our base F15 as we mentioned
2730s before the Japanese version has slightly
2732s better radar and the A3 which is a very
2735s very powerful IR missile probably better
2737s than the a9m even and the Israeli
2740s version uh has the python free missile
2743s which is it's better in flight
2745s performance against the a9m but it
2747s doesn't have iccm so it is more uh
2749s setable to flares on that you can bring
2752s out a bunch of drop tanks your bombs
2754s guided bombs all the good stuff and can
2757s it just looks so nice it is also
2759s absolutely massive it is a very Hefty
2762s man also comes after the
2764s f4e currently if you want to prepare for
2767s that there you
2769s go uh and well I guess we have a little
2771s bit of time left over we can also show
2773s this thing the USS R noi it's a light
2777s Cruiser it's a boat it's very long by
2780s the way holy crap I just noticed that it
2782s is yeah the turrets look strange to me
2784s they're like 152 mm dual mounts but they
2787s they look like um the 127s that were on
2791s the uh what is it what's the one with
2794s the really long one that's basically the
2795s same with smaller guns uh is it so long
2798s Atlanta that's it reminds me of
2801s Atlanta but it it's very long yeah sort
2803s of Brooklyn it's kind of cool looking uh
2806s just saying the US gets the worst one
2809s technically speaking because of the
2811s worst missile loader but by no means is
2813s it a bad airplane the flly performance
2815s of them all should be very very very
2816s similar in fact we can actually do a
2818s quick Market dog fight with the F15
2821s against the su27 see how that
2824s goes and in the meantime chat if you
2826s have some questions uh leave them in the
2828s chat I'm going to ask our chat mods to
2829s pick some of the most uh interesting
2832s ones that we can offer we'll have a look
2834s through those in a bit although there's
2836s going to be a massive spam of chat right
2838s now so be be patient we're only two guys
2841s you are thousands literally okay let's
2843s have a quick do uh ah a quick mock dog
2846s fight then we are going to load into the
2849s new map as you can see there's a big
2852s operation version as well we're going to
2853s go into the ground version uh realistic
2856s all good okay I shall invite you into
2859s the lobby with the n27 and let's see how
2862s these things perform I would say for
2864s this dog fight let's try to not actually
2866s shoot each other down I want to see how
2868s maneuverable both these aircrafts are
2870s okay uh we are going to have infinite
2872s fuel so we can bring minimum fuel load
2875s to really see what the our difference
2876s there
2879s is uh so got Mirage 4000 currently only
2882s France is getting the Mirage 4000s it
2884s looks absolutely amazing and has great
2886s fly performance if we have a little bit
2888s of time left though we we may do a quick
2890s um comparison between the Mirage and the
2893s grippin as well take minimum fuel was
2897s going to bring out a few loads okay uh
2901s now one thing to keep in mind um I
2902s mentioned this once again the UK will be
2905s getting a gri
2906s it will even get the C variant of the ja
2909s 39 uh which should have access to hmd
2913s aiming for your IR missiles which would
2916s be pretty damn good pretty pretty damn
2919s good all right let's actually go low put
2922s the top speed is on the ground and
2924s hopefully I don't break my wings off
2926s again I have faith this time altitude
2930s this map is a bit flatter compared to
2933s some of the ones we have introduced
2934s recently although you do have some big
2936s mountain ranges on the sides which you
2939s can use as well as some active volcanoes
2941s which are spewing out lava and lots of
2944s dust now as of now at least the volcano
2947s are purely Scenic uh they don't affect
2949s your IR missiles nor will flying through
2951s the smoke cloud ciz your engines as they
2954s very much might in real life but you can
2957s use them as um well cover to approach
2960s from different angles and evade enemy
2962s radar I really hope they have some sort
2964s of effect though like my favorite RB
2966s Maps the ones that kind of have
2967s tangibility like that you can actually
2969s do uh well do things with the terrain so
2973s that would be really nice all right I'm
2975s going to drop my fuel
2977s tanks okay let's see if I can turn
2980s without breaking my wings off oh 11g
2981s already you can't go full keyboards
2985s turning on this thing my poor
2987s keybinds oh yeah the keyb for turning
2990s I've got my small Mouse small family
2992s Mouse small family
2994s Mouse all right if I go a bit slower
2996s maybe I can actually turn without Break
2998s My Wings off immediately to be very very
3002s useful now the 27 right now is at full
3005s potential it has minimum fuel Lo so it's
3007s going to be incredibly maneuverable this
3009s is really not what you want to be doing
3010s in an F15 ever the S7 is going
3015s to that's really nice Oh my he
3018s that I didn't know we had a uh um a TIE
3023s fighter in the game no that's like oh I
3026s didn't know we had I didn't know that
3027s was haded yeah I didn't know that but
3029s yeah I can't outturn this thing I cannot
3031s outturn this thing let's see if I can
3032s outrun you maybe okay I think I have a
3034s slightly higher Frost weight ratio
3036s you're kind of
3037s zooming although I think you have a
3039s slightly higher top speed of the ground
3041s level oh yeah putting away right now I'm
3043s really pulling away right now he's
3047s zooming but of course the curse of the
3050s F15 is if you try to turn too
3052s hard especially horizontally o a blocky
3056s man here oh my God I'm actually
3058s surviving what what he live okay big he
3063s live big if true um how's your turning
3066s ability pretty pretty nuts
3070s still although my poor pilot is probably
3074s brain mushed from that turn but
3076s interesting you're actually catching up
3077s to me there in the turn now7 doesn't
3080s have the best energy retention in a
3083s turn and well of course as you know full
3086s fuel out it's also quite heavy so it's
3087s not going to accelerate very quickly but
3089s uh in a one V one do fight at the end of
3092s the round the as7 is probably going to
3094s be having the um the advantage there
3097s especially also with the access to to
3099s HMT and the r73 missiles and more
3102s missiles you have 10 in total and okay
3105s you don't have as many flares as the F15
3107s which does get to 40 um but 96 large
3110s counter measures is nothing to laugh at
3113s yep okay let's break my wings
3116s why can't I break my wings there we go I
3118s broke my
3120s wings okay we have a little bit of time
3122s let's check out the uh grippin and the
3126s uh Mirage 4000 as well if you don't mind
3127s I'm going to bring out the Mirage sure
3129s we stay in the uh same Lobby and let's
3133s check what chat is saying so far what do
3135s we
3138s [Music]
3139s have um we cannot comment on B racing
3143s this yet uh I believe the plan is to
3145s keep current Top Bet rating at least for
3147s the aircraft just to see what the
3148s performance is like they are not that
3150s much Advanced over the current airplanes
3152s you already have in the game m29 all
3154s good stuff but we'll take a look at the
3156s stats and if needed in the future we can
3158s adjust
3159s those okay Mirage thousand time you have
3162s the
3164s grippin uh the f15j currently doesn't
3166s have any other skins but I can imagine
3169s there's going to be a lot of user skins
3172s coming out for that thing do Japanese
3173s have a long St tradition of making their
3176s planes look absolutely amazing with a
3178s wide variety of incredible liveries and
3181s I can't wait to see some of those in
3183s game as well yeah like that sort of dark
3186s blue uh scheme they have is like my
3188s favorite it's just very pretty yeah I
3192s think we've got that on the F-16 and uh
3194s the F14 gets a market skin of that
3196s that's really
3198s nice all right Mirage 4,000 and its full
3201s Glory I am on minimum fuel load I have
3204s uh four magic twos as well as to uh 530f
3207s so I believe oh God s is just so fast
3211s and Tom over here is in the grien small
3215s that thing is going to be having uh a
3217s very interesting time in dog fights yeah
3219s it's um I was kind of I don't know too
3223s much about modern stuff relative to
3225s other areas of the game um I was very uh
3228s surprised by how agile it is um at some
3231s of the slower speeds it's I don't know
3233s how it can do that without
3234s disintegrating but I don't know either I
3236s really hope that's that's not just a
3238s early flight model where it can't break
3240s stay like that that's going to be
3242s amazing especially in do fight and I
3244s mean it kind of needs it because it
3245s doesn't get the advanced missiles that
3247s some of the other ples get I mean it
3248s does get the m9m but you do only have uh
3251s six of them although with the counter
3253s measure part and the amount of counter
3254s measures you have that is going to be a
3255s huge Advantage yeah he is especially
3258s given the Mirage here I uh I need to
3260s bring countermeasure pods I don't have
3262s countermeasures in build into the plane
3265s all right I'm pulling 12 G how much were
3268s you pulling there I think it was about
3269s 11 12 as well or
3273s 13 I believe I should have the advantage
3275s in EN retention though not out of design
3277s of the aircraft we are both Delta wings
3280s but I have uh more powerful engines
3284s although right now you're keeping up
3285s with me quite
3287s well yeah that
3289s L when it's slower that's uh can't keep
3293s up with that that thing is amazingly MO
3295s lower spe yeah that's
3297s um it pleases my
3301s brain I can't even do a cobra
3303s no leave me alone you
3308s boy okay this extend out of here
3311s okay full speed
3313s go I should have the acceleration
3315s advantage of the grippin even though it
3317s is a much smaller plane it just can't
3318s deal with two engines yeah that's a
3320s you're really
3322s shelling Zoom I really like the way the
3325s swing flies Okay it's not going to be
3327s quite as M rful especially at lower
3328s speeds as the grippin is but the amount
3331s of engine power you have on Tab is
3334s absolutely amazing we haven't tried it
3336s out yet oh I'm very close to your we
3338s haven't tried it out against the F-15 or
3340s the s27 but I'm very interested to see
3343s what the uh battles are going to be
3344s looking like once the update um drops
3347s absolutely have to see okay let's have a
3350s quick look at the tech Tree
3352s positions uh and some of the questions
3355s in the chat as well so actually very
3356s good here someone asked about the teory
3358s position of the Mirage I can show
3361s you the Mirage of course is going to be
3363s teory plane and it will be after the f8
3366s actually not after the Mirage 2000s so
3369s keep that in mind if this is one of the
3371s vehicles you are eyeing up in this
3375s update uh what else do we have I need to
3378s tap out so we can
3380s check uh is it possible that new AC will
3382s raise the B rating 12.7 uh it's
3384s currently not in the plan but it it is
3386s of course possible depending on how um
3389s the stats look if we see that once the
3391s update drops the vehicles are too
3392s powerful we can raise a
3394s cap can you show off the am fre
3397s performance um not really in a way that
3400s you can see it very well but I can show
3401s you the stats again the
3403s A3 is basically going to be the best IR
3406s missile out there um well kind of it
3410s isn't Frost vectoring not like the r73
3412s so in very low in very close range
3415s fights the r73 is going to have the
3417s advantage simply because it can
3419s basically pull insane Maneuvers which
3421s the am am3 can't but this has a longer
3424s range it can pull 40 GS it is very quick
3427s it is very very very good and because it
3430s has IR CCM as well it is more flare
3432s resistant than the r uh than the
3435s r73 uh can you Jo the show the just 39
3439s and will Britain get anything I guess I
3441s can actually answer both of those
3442s questions in one go uh yes Brit is going
3445s to get something in fact Britain is
3447s going to get a South African just 39 and
3450s it is going to be the C variant Sweden
3452s is getting the a variant um major
3455s noticeable difference between the two is
3456s going to be uh the C variant that the UK
3459s gets will have HMG so you can aim your
3462s IR missiles off axis which is a huge
3465s advantage in a close-range dog fight
3467s which this thing is going to be very
3468s very good
3469s at there's currently no camos uh for the
3472s f-15s um but there should uh be some
3475s when the update comes out that's seem
3477s like one of the later things that gets
3478s added so right now nothing we can show
3479s you but it's pretty likely they will get
3482s them at some
3483s point uh the f-15s currently do not have
3485s hmd no that is an advantage that the s27
3488s has over the F-15 uh but the F-15 does
3491s have a better radar warning
3494s receiver uh Challenge free prototype in
3496s this update yes we actually showed it a
3498s little bit earlier ago you can see where
3501s it is here in the tech Tre after the uh
3504s Black Knight SL2
3506s with uh a rhinal
3508s cannon very po very nice gen 3 thermals
3513s too nice Mobility for a challenger of
3516s course um it's going to give a nice
3518s aggressive option for top here the
3522s Britain and hopefully the reload will
3524s remain currently not sure if it will
3525s though have to see that's very the griin
3528s is here in the Tory in the Swedish Tory
3530s we can't show to you in the UK Tory yet
3532s because it's not ready but here it will
3533s be in the Swedish Tory uh amrs are not
3537s coming in this update we're not going to
3538s be adding Advanced Fox free missiles
3541s into the game yet and yes I know every
3542s time we say no Fox free missiles yet
3544s someone in the chat says but we already
3546s have the Phoenix the Phoenix is to the
3549s Am ram what the a9b is to the m9l
3552s completely different things in
3553s capability okay not quite ready for that
3556s just yet although it may come sooner
3558s than you think we'll
3563s see DSU 27 placement I can show you both
3566s of them actually the Russian su27 will
3570s be after the Su
3571s 17 so I'm the in the Strike Fighter line
3574s over here keep that in mind it's not
3575s going to be out the yak for one or the M
3577s or the Mig line keep that in mind uh the
3581s Chinese sc27 is going to be after the
3585s j8f in the fight line over
3588s here uh we could fly out the j11 but
3591s frankly it is very much identical to the
3593s um Russian uh s27 right now in fact it
3597s is a copypaste model we are still
3599s working on the final 3D model of the j11
3602s which is going to be slightly
3604s different the 27v is at the very end so
3607s it comes after the
3608s PSO talk about how blue it is look at
3611s this blue friend it reminds me of that
3614s once seen in Charlie's Chocolate Factory
3616s oh yeah I've not seen that in how old
3619s are
3620s we oh no dear old um yes very nice uh
3625s the Third vehicle in the Japanese lineup
3626s okay we can uh Chad are you ready it's
3629s boat we have the asago it's a it's it's
3632s river boat yeah I think it's it's sort
3635s of uh a Japanese slightly modified
3637s version of the LCS uh 3 for America uh
3640s just get some different secondary guns
3642s and I believe the Rockets uh it can
3644s carry at the front are different as well
3646s I don't think the American one has
3648s those
3651s um uh does the griin have radar warning
3654s receiver I believe yes but it is not
3656s quite ready yet so what you saw on the
3657s stream is not the final version of
3659s that uh someone asked if there were
3662s going to be better shells for the T90 as
3664s far as I'm aware no because the T90
3665s can't fit anything better than the 3bm
3667s 60 in real life there are some issues
3669s with the Alo system I believe think like
3672s from what I understand there's like one
3673s other round it can use but it's
3675s basically the same to the point where
3677s there's not really much use in having it
3678s as another mod in the game um
3681s functionally it's it's very very
3683s similar he placement in the US Factory
3687s after the f4e uh someone also ask about
3689s the ABS it's going to be the very end of
3691s the lane Iams right there also clickbait
3694s clickbait I love it uh you also have the
3697s Japanese F-15 which is going to be also
3699s in the Phantom line and can you guess
3702s where the Israeli F15 is going to be
3704s it's also after the Phantom line Bowsers
3707s trousers incredible yes and the leopard
3710s 27 does have advanced thermals as well
3713s um the SB I don't think think does have
3715s gen 3 it should be the same as the
3716s previous version um but the 27 does have
3720s some quite shiny
3722s thermals H do you think we have time to
3725s watch uh to to check the rework of hin
3727s forest in two minutes potentially we
3730s could we could try could try if there is
3732s time maybe we can load it up because I
3734s haven't actually looked at it yet at all
3736s I'm not even sure what's different there
3738s but yeah we're doing a slight um change
3740s to the heren forest ground map oh also
3744s you saw the test drive I'm not entirely
3746s sure just yet uh there's a new test
3748s drive for uh for ground vehicles at
3750s least the map has been rewarded a little
3751s bit everything else still the same we're
3753s not quite sure yet if that is coming to
3755s the game as it is but we're working on
3758s stuff yes we will see the SCP V2 module
3762s and ammo um it's going to be the same
3765s ammunition as on the uh previous Abrams
3768s this is p just a upgrade on your S
3771s protection against chemical Munitions
3773s really as you can see the D shell is
3775s still the uh m829 A2 and also um this is
3781s a double layer y you have two different
3783s layers of Yar here on the side squirts
3785s which is very very powerful only a
3786s single layer on the turret though and
3788s the composite armor isn't quite as
3790s strong as the second layer on the ER
3792s here on the S skirts here so if you have
3795s a high powerered
3797s hgm preferbly something tandem you can
3799s still go for the turd side I test it
3802s with the 850 mute H GM of the um
3805s T90 and t80 I
3807s believe okay so I'm not 100% if it's
3811s this is the version that's been changed
3812s yet we can see maybe it's not ready um
3814s yeah this is the the newer
3817s version so we're going have a very quick
3819s squiz
3820s around spawn of course now has this
3822s little
3823s defilade you can sit behind so quite a
3826s bit of the terrain on the supplementary
3828s areas is different I believe most of the
3831s internal part in the village is is the
3834s same but the surrounding terrain uh
3837s around
3838s here has
3843s changed a little explore we look at some
3847s final
3848s questions and USS ran noi where is that
3851s going to be placed it is going to be
3855s in T there we go uh I believe in the
3858s Blue Water
3860s Fleet uh in between the USS Fargo us
3863s Brooklyn and the US Tech Tree there you
3865s go although this classifi does like
3867s truth I keep that in
3869s mind okay um do you see any any changes
3872s there it seems seems pretty similar yeah
3874s I mean the the spawn protections area
3876s changed oh yeah some of the terrain is
3878s more flat on the North side have a
3880s little look on the South Side as well um
3883s it's mostly the additional areas around
3885s the middle of the map that are
3888s changed all right well I believe that is
3891s everything we have time for today hey I
3895s believe the D server is actually open
3897s right now so if you want to check out
3899s the new content that we have just shown
3900s on the stream uh yeah download the
3902s server it's available on PC on Linux and
3905s on Mac I believe not on Console sadly um
3908s blog in with your account and you can
3909s check out this content the new map the
3912s new mechanics all the good stuff I hope
3915s you have a very nice evening and rest of
3917s the week and upcoming weekend merry
3920s Christmas happy holidays goodbye see you
3923s later