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Originally posted by LP2W: They all seem to be overpowered in every possible aspect lately. Whats going on?

How are you trying to attack them, and with what ammunition choice? BR?

From what i've seen (for years) the claims are usually based after shooting at highly-angled vehicles with shells that perform poorly at higher angles. Sometimes the server-sync isnt perfect (IE where you think you hit them, isn't actually where you hit them).

Originally posted by devlos: T50 bounced two shots point blank on the front with 106 mm off pen with a pz 3j

T50 is very well angled, and the Pz. IIIJ doesn't have great performance penetration at high angles.

You can look at the protection analysis in the hangar- if you tried a shot on the body of the tank (not the turret), it doesn't take much to cause the shot to bounce and do nothing at all.

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