19 days ago - Stona - Direct link

The appearance of decals from explosions and shots on different surfaces of the landscape has been improved.

The following visual effects have been reworked:

Smoke traces from the motor of air-to-air and air-to-ground guided missiles.

Effects of ground vehicles moving on different types of surfaces.

Effect of detonation of AP shells in the air.

Effect of muzzle gases from the breech of the ZSU 2S6

Effect of shell of calibre 8-18 mm hitting.

Effect of leaves falling from fallen trees.

Effect of the hard-kill active protection rounds

All tracer rounds now have the effect of the colour shift from initiator colour to the tracer colour on trajectory. The effect of tracer destruction with tracer tearing off has been added. Tracer can break off ricocheted tracer ammunition or if it fails to penetrate an obstacle.

Temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) has been improved. TAA works faster, the ghosting effect of tanks through the environment has been removed, and overall quality has increased. Since the new TAA algorithm works faster, previous standard quality TAA is no longer used and has been removed from the options. New TAA algorithm enabled by default, if any of the previous algorithms were enabled before.

The display of the visual effects in thermal imagers and night vision devices has been improved. Displaying of small particles like sparks has been added. Temperatures on the effects of armour-piercing shells hitting the landscape have been fixed.

The display time of some effects of crashed aircraft has been reduced.

Light sources depended on surface type have been added to effects of large calibre shells hits.

For PC users, a GPU Benchmark has been added, where after loading into the hangar, a system test to determine the recommended graphics settings is presented once. Re-testing, if necessary, can be launched by opening Options > Graphics > GPU Benchmark.