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60s hello hello everyone and welcome to the
65s award from official stream and the
67s preview of the upcoming updates La
69s arroyal my name is Michael's boom and I
72s am joined here but lovely Tom AKA oxy
75s who is going to together with me present
78s all the new contents well not all the
79s new cards I keep buying we do still have
81s some surprises if we're going to be
82s leaving for the dev service and for the
84s update itself but we are going to be
86s showing you some of the new content in
88s this update including but love limited 2
90s high drag bombs a new radio command that
93s you can use to uh uh you know order your
96s team to actually help you out a little
97s bit more new visual effects for missile
99s Trails cables on tiles we have new voice
101s acting for tank Crews similar to the
103s update we had to the ship cruise not too
106s long ago a new Naval map a new tank map
109s and I do want to remind you before we go
111s ahead please keep in mind that
112s everything you see on this stream is
115s work in progress so don't take all the
117s stats and the battle ratings at face
119s value those are and can still change
121s until the update itself so shall we
125s start yes let's begin with America and
129s the new m1k VT premium a tank kvt stands
134s for krasnavian variants uh tank this is
137s essentially a visual model A visual
140s modification for the regular M1 Abrams
143s the one with 105 millimeter cannon which
146s is supposed to make it look like a
149s Soviet tank to be used in up formations
151s and training missions in real life now I
155s do want to mention the real M1 KBT was
157s based on the M1A1 with the 120mm the
160s cannon but for gameplay balance and
162s since this is the premium we decided to
164s make an M1 with 105mm the Canon it
167s doesn't really change much in terms of
169s design itself it's just a visual model
171s and in fact if you don't want to
173s actually have your tank look like this
175s you are entirely free to uninstall the
177s visual model which will make you a
179s little bit lighter and and you don't
181s really lose anything because all those
183s little era blocks that you see on the
186s tank are non-functional this is entirely
189s a visual modification none of these
192s things actually add any tangible armor
195s you have of course a little bit of
196s structural
197s um components here at the front and on
200s the barrels in the back but they're not
201s really going to be saving you from any
203s incoming fire this is purely for funsies
206s keep in mind also these barrels in the
208s rear do actually affect your gun
210s elevation so let's quickly check this
212s out in a test drive
216s so it may actually be very very
218s um good very useful for you if you don't
221s install this mod the
222s prefer NATO tanks in general can't
224s really aim backwards anyway because yeah
227s so it's not too much of a problem it
228s doesn't really make that much of a
229s difference but you know it's a nice
231s little visual modification and the one
233s that can get in the upcoming update
236s I'd like to look as the same yeah it's
237s really nice it's like a I really like
239s premiums like this they don't really
240s lock anything uh from what you could get
243s in the regular tree and it's still very
245s functional it's like officially
246s different
247s um it's a really good version of the
248s Abrams because it's incredibly quick um
250s reload as well you can play very
251s aggressively very reliably uh it's great
254s yeah
254s the early Abrams are a lot faster
257s because they have less armor on them so
259s less way to uh to weigh them down which
261s is very good and I really like the
263s cameras in those Barrel as well it's
265s nice it's a good one it can dodge top
266s tier as well being 10-3 so that's
268s another nice Advantage for it
271s all right let's move on to something a
273s little bit more interesting for the
274s World War II fans out there dude I've
276s been waiting for this look at this it's
278s a crust tank I've wanted a crust tank
279s for a while I love this uh this is the
282s M4 t26 which essentially is literally
285s just what it looks like Sherman Hull
286s with purging turret
288s um not really too much else to say about
290s it other because obviously you know what
292s both of these things are it's not
293s stabilized unfortunately so it's still
296s um standard for the purging but it's
298s pretty interesting it's a nice addition
301s six hours a little bit more viable now
303s you can play it with the bulldog and the
304s uh the 2m36s and hold down like the
307s mantlet of the purging well the turret
309s the purging rather is deceptively good
311s and um you can really make use of a lot
314s of areas of the map with it because it
315s is still fairly tall the Sherman
317s um holiday week so out of cover it's not
320s that great but it is on the later Hull
322s so you do get the more powerful engine
324s um for six so it's pretty nice I've been
326s really hoping to see a vehicle like this
328s I said
329s get a really nice aph e-shell it does go
331s so it's the standard um shell types for
334s the purging basically so
336s um if you know what the Sherman is and
337s what the purging is it's literally this
339s put them together basically nothing too
341s complicated about it it's just another
343s tank that you can have in your lineup
344s and it's pretty good the 90 is amazing
347s gun really good gun
348s um Shame about no stabilizer but you can
350s still make good use of the turret armor
352s at 6.0 and it's going to be a nice
354s vehicle really I like it
357s It Doesn't Remind me a little bit of the
358s m6 with the big turret head yeah it does
361s it's got the same like same energy I
363s think
364s um but yeah it's nice one
367s excellent right next of course you you
369s have already seen the dev block for the
372s new Tomcat making its way into the game
374s a
375s df14b this is an upgraded version with a
379s more powerful and more efficient engines
381s as you can see by my fuel consumption on
383s the left hand side as well as access to
386s some fancy new stuff like a targeting
389s camera in the nose which you can use to
391s find and detect both air and ground
394s targets and what I have equipped right
396s now are the new high drag bombs as well
400s which I'm going to be showcasing and you
402s also have access to aim9l's as well as a
405s new Phoenix missile the am54 C variant
408s with a digital digital Seeker hat which
411s should be a lot better at tracking
413s enemies now let's give a quick try to
415s these high drag bombs I'm going to use
418s my gun camera to
420s uh select the target let's go for why
424s don't we drop all of them at once yes
426s that's good
428s introduce a bit of speed these are
430s weirdly satisfying to use phone ignore
433s the bombs there we go
435s so
436s why High drag bombs why the drag shoots
440s essentially in War Thunder you had a bit
443s of a t our tendency to blow yourself up
445s if you tried to go for low altitude
447s bombing operations you could of course
450s recommend that somewhat if you put a
453s timer on your bombs that is an option
455s that you have already in the game but it
458s wasn't always a little bit unreliable
459s perhaps maybe by the time that the enemy
463s seized bomb lying on the ground he may
465s have time to run away
467s um you can still get caught in the in
469s the blast radius sometimes it phases a
472s bit through the ground it's not ideal
474s however with the drag shoot bombs what
476s you essentially have is
478s once I drop this
480s you can drop bombs precisely on a
483s targets but with the added parachutes
486s they slow down allowing you to get out
489s of the blast radius which is very useful
491s in your time to do lower altitude
493s bombing like that I wouldn't recommend
495s using this particular bomb type at high
498s altitudes just because the drag shoot is
500s always open which means that the higher
502s you go the longer tanks what I want to
504s come to the ground yeah although there
507s is a tactical
508s uh maybe advantages that you could do
510s which is fly high drop a bomb over a
513s catcher point and then in five minutes
515s maybe it gets there and maybe catch some
517s people today the bombs make the same
519s Whistling noise actually I don't know so
521s I could be quite fun actually
523s maybe that's something that we could try
525s out later or well once the time goes
527s live let's quickly go over the Armament
530s options of a df14 now you have some
533s added options for your air combat the
535s previous F14 did not have all aspect IR
538s missiles this version does with the a9l
540s as well as the option of mounting
543s additional countermeasures kind of like
544s you can find on the Harry gr7 for
546s example which should make you last a lot
548s longer in air combat given uh or
551s assuming that you are good with your
552s counter measures you also have access to
555s the new m54c which provides a bit of
558s better tracking so you should be able to
560s use this more effectively at longer
562s ranges and you also have access to the
564s aim 7M for closer range radar missile
567s action of course you you have regular
569s bombs you also have paveways finally
571s some guided bombs for the Americans in
573s the tech tree which you can use together
575s with this in new pods the lantern a
578s targeting Port which enhances the
581s capabilities that you already have with
582s the base f14b with the tracking camera
584s by also adding a night vision mode a
588s thermal night vision searching image
591s that you can use to more effectively
593s find the ground targets and then engage
596s them with these laser guided bombs
598s overall it's a very nice upgrade to the
600s F14 it also has some stronger engines
602s and of course as I mentioned a bit more
604s efficient so you should be able to go
606s faster go further
608s engage for a longer time have more
611s endurance and kill people more
613s effectively very nice okay let's move on
617s to the bf2 C1 yeah the exact opposite
621s end of the tree really this is the new
623s Reserve you're probably semi-familiar
625s with it China do have this vehicle as a
627s premium the hawk three
629s um effectively another modification of
630s it it's nice uh for the longest time the
633s Pea shoot has always been the reserve
634s and despite being quite like an
636s interesting early uh aircraft
638s it's not the most beginner friendly
640s because its maneuverability is fairly
642s poor and so adding this to replace them
644s I believe the M2 version is still a
646s reserve and the later two will remain in
648s the tree but they won't be uh Reserve
651s aircraft anymore I think anyway
653s um but yeah it's nice it's not the most
655s maneuverable aircraft in terms of the
657s biplanes that are available
659s from uh testing it from the hawk 3 the
661s landing gear also take a very
663s obnoxiously long time to deploy
666s um but yeah it's a nicer change I think
668s for like easing uh new players into the
670s experience it's definitely a more
672s forgiving and uh better introduction to
675s aircraft for American obviously
676s America's got it popular Nations it
678s makes sense
679s um it's a good addition got more bombs
680s uh more bomb drops for tanks as well so
682s buying battles you can use it there
685s um yeah it's a bit more usable than the
686s peashooter a bit more forgiving it kind
688s of fills its role of being a reserve
690s aircraft very well I think
692s the only thing I'm slightly disappointed
694s by is that it doesn't get the 50 cars
695s yeah so you can't quite quite as
697s effectively use it in Groundhog it's a
699s bit of a shame like the the 7.92 uh six
702s two brownings are probably my least
704s favorite machine gun I think for
705s aircraft so yeah Firepower is never
707s gonna be that great but still it is
709s better than the other pea shooters and
710s you do have the other piece shoes so
712s with the 50 Calvary ones are there still
713s so so good to have it in the game I
716s think in any case
718s all right let's move on to Germany
721s getting this the um
726s kittens you you may notice something a
729s little bit familiar here this is
731s essentially the same weapon system as on
733s the ush 405 that you can find in the
736s Swedish Tree on a wheeled chassis but
738s now in the German tree all night chassis
741s similar to the one on the yak panzo 45
743s the Hannah mechanical chassis which
745s sadly does at least currently have less
748s engine power so it is not quite as fast
750s as the yak panzer45 you can't zip around
753s quite as much but it is also quite light
755s now that is a bit of an issue the
758s frontal armor is very weak so I would
760s very heavily recommend not to run into
763s enemy ifvs or even 50 Cals can probably
766s go through this quite easily but if you
768s are familiar with the US 405 you know
770s that this weapon system is quite nice
772s what you have here is a twin barrel
774s rocket launcher with automatic loading
777s which means you can rapidly fire off
779s very high penetration of rockets that go
782s relatively far relatively fast and have
785s a very good penetration as well for the
787s battle rating These Wings can be quite
789s quite nasty although they sometimes
791s don't tend to have too much endurance
793s because once your Rockets are out you
794s need to reload for quite a long time
797s however for ambushes and surprising
801s heavy tanks from the front the swing is
803s very very nice it does have more ammo
805s than the Swedish version as well which
807s is another like that really did hurt
808s that one actually in its potential but
810s this one a little bit more still very
812s nice and yeah the the rapid fire nature
814s of it can be
815s pretty fun to use the the Rockets are
817s quite blinding as well so even if you
819s don't quite land your first one you
820s usually Panic you're fighting if you're
822s close enough it's got a lot of
823s advantages again it's just a nice little
825s interesting vehicle to add for sure
827s it is going to be interesting how this
829s will play in comparison to the ush
831s because of this track it should be a bit
832s faster on rough terrain and they can of
835s course turn better in Close Quarter City
837s engagements for example but sometimes
839s not quite as fast so you're going to
840s have a harder time to get into Ambush
842s positions yeah it's different like it
844s has drawbacks and advanced is
845s comparatively so it's a nice addition
848s definitely a cool one to have in the
849s game
850s the off-center turret will forever
852s bother me though don't look at it
857s Another World War II tank
860s the small mans you like to see I really
863s like Vehicles like this um so this is a
865s very similar functionally to the 38 um T
868s armor is not quite as good the F50 on
870s the front so it's 25 or 30 yeah 30 25 on
874s the side so
875s similar functionally but this is a tier
877s two
878s so it's a tank that Germany have in tuto
881s it's not the Puma that has scouting
882s which is really nice
884s um not the most survivable it is more
886s mobile they will take it into a brief
887s test drive something else actually I
889s really like about this gun in particular
892s uh despite being fast as well so it is a
895s bit more Mobile in all respects so as a
897s light tank it's pretty good also has the
899s shoulder stabilizer which is really
900s really good as well if you're being
901s aggressive something about this round
903s though the stock one here is that it's
905s one of the only tank rounds that doesn't
906s have a tracer so if you're being
907s stealthy and flanking
909s you are not going to be as easily
911s identifiable if you're being quite well
913s stealthy and aggressive like that so
915s it's pretty it's pretty good it's not
917s the most penetrating like a 3-3 you will
920s struggle to use this gun effectively in
922s various situations but I really like
924s that that advantage of uh a trace of the
928s shell it's pretty unique that's a nice
929s one I'm also noticing something
931s interesting though sounds like different
933s crew voices they do how about that
936s so if you are a naval player you may
939s have noticed an update we did a few
941s batches ago I think last patch over the
942s last two patches very updated the way
944s that the naval crew voices work
947s essentially you have much more reactive
950s voice acting and you can in fact hear
953s the situation the tenseness of the
955s situation based on the voice of the crew
957s so if you're getting engaged for example
958s your crew is very very nervous very very
963s stressed out whereas if you're just um
965s chilling out watching some people
967s driving around they're much more calm
968s and we're now implementing the system to
970s tank crew voice lines as well which
972s should make the whole experience a lot
974s more immersive
976s very nice you can also hear different
978s when you are outside the tank you hear
979s the voice is a bit muffled because your
981s crew is inside a tank but when you for
983s example go into the gun if you want to
984s see if you can hit a tank
986s try to hit a tank
998s doesn't always work but trust me it is
1000s there
1001s um quite nice overall let me knock it
1004s out maybe they'll say something
1007s I don't know I can't hear I hope they
1009s are the Germans are very very
1010s enthusiastic about destroying things
1012s yeah something else quite nice as well
1014s is that uh several of the smaller
1016s Nations I think have their own specifics
1017s I think Finland has their own and
1019s Australia and uh South Africa have like
1022s a commander with the voice as well which
1024s is quite cool I like that so unique for
1027s each Nation as well very nice
1029s all right next up we have a upgrade for
1032s the Easter German attacker fans the
1036s su-22m4 this will take the tattoo spot
1039s after the su-22
1041s um freaky 3K a East German variant which
1045s has access to an extra gun more powerful
1048s engines more flares all aspect r60 MK
1052s and missiles and of course also the new
1055s a parachute bombs uh in this case the
1058s 500 s h uh there should be a nice little
1062s upgrade to cast for Germany they tend to
1064s be a bit you know underwhelming at top
1066s tiers don't really have the uh the fancy
1068s technology that's f14s or hair gr7s have
1071s but with some guided missiles some
1074s rocket Parts you have a lot of options
1075s for generic cash use and since you do
1078s also have access to up to six r60 MK
1081s missiles you can also do some damage on
1083s air RB although keep in mind the s22
1086s isn't exactly a fighter and not the most
1088s maneuverable aircraft out there but I
1090s have to say though fast aircraft with a
1092s lot of flares have their own little
1094s Nation rrb they can run away from
1097s enemies and essentially deplete them off
1099s missiles before they get shot down
1101s themselves which is a very very useful
1103s trait to have especially when you are a
1106s um well what most people would consider
1107s an XP pinata a free kill in a big and
1111s heavy Interceptor a cast attacker as
1114s this is
1116s okay and next up let's see what we have
1120s we have the Russians starting off with
1123s one that I've been waiting for for a
1125s long time I'm so happy yeah it's very
1127s look at it look at the mans Godzilla has
1130s answered my my prayers we finally have
1132s the BTR in the game this is the BTR ATA
1136s it is quite a low bet rating and that is
1139s very much intended so because it doesn't
1141s really have anything else than this
1143s cannon you'll see uh it doesn't have
1145s apfsds the maximum penetration is only
1148s 65 millimeters and you don't have atgms
1151s either which means this vehicle is quite
1154s Limited in terms of offensive
1157s capabilities against enemy tanks think
1159s of it like a BMP given that the Canon is
1161s basically the same Cannon as on the BMP
1163s but on a wheeled chassis which can go
1165s much faster in a straight line and on
1167s paved roads so imagine this thing
1170s flanking around to Maps like cargo port
1171s for example should be quite nice there
1173s the gun is not stabilized as well so you
1176s do keep that in mind if you're trying to
1177s engage people at longer ranges but
1180s thanks to the high elevation you can
1182s engage enemy low-flying aircrafts this
1185s is essentially in place all in War
1187s Thunder imagine and R3 T20 but with um
1192s well with no stabilizer and a much
1194s larger profile that's what I'm very
1196s happy design to finally see the BTR yeah
1198s it's nice to have it it's like it's
1200s strange though like a
1202s I don't know like I'm not sure how well
1204s it's gonna do because the lack of pen
1205s like the fire rate's not immense like
1207s it's not as devastating as the R3 but
1209s it's still it has the mobility to get
1211s into positions quite early on and just
1212s be very annoying
1214s um it's also because it's a light tank
1215s it's a very good segue for Cass at that
1217s BR because before this they really just
1219s had like the PT
1221s um and the ASU I guess uh very Loosely
1223s uh so this is a pretty nice addition to
1226s have there but
1227s it it's strange to me that it only has
1229s three crew obviously it makes sense has
1231s 3Q but you expect a vehicle like this to
1233s have a lot more
1234s um it would be a Troop Carrier wouldn't
1236s I say yeah yeah like there's a lot of
1238s negative space in the middle
1239s um so I guess it's gonna be very fragile
1242s um but yeah it's like a good little
1244s segue if you like your aircraft so it's
1246s gonna be good for that and since it is a
1248s light tank at Rank 4 it also gets
1249s scouting which should help you out with
1251s getting your cast a little bit easier
1253s all right this is not the only vehicle
1256s that Georgians are getting on the ground
1257s we also have a new prototype tank
1259s another Tiny Boy
1262s this is deceptively small actually if
1263s you look at the X-ray look that goes
1265s standing up and that's the floor so it's
1267s a very small vehicle actually it's
1269s interesting it's like a a tiny uh t62
1272s it's got the same gun same rounds I
1275s believe it should be the same yeah so
1277s you're familiar with the uh the firing
1278s platform
1279s Alma is
1281s not really that reliable at 83 you can
1283s if you angle slightly you can do some
1285s like strange stuff with these uh plates
1287s like there's the potential to bounce
1289s stuff
1290s in downstairs like you will be
1292s yeah bouncing some stuff I would say
1294s probably but it's still not that
1295s reliable you do have the meh reverse
1298s gear as well it's not very impressive
1300s but you do have a kpb2 which is amazing
1303s um I love this gun it against the
1304s lightsang's aircraft it's really really
1306s effective
1307s um yeah it's interesting it's a tiny
1309s little vehicle you can be quite
1310s aggressive with it
1312s um but tiny vehicles that have very poor
1315s gun depression are usually a bit
1316s difficult because you need to Crest
1318s Hills further and then you know gun
1319s doesn't work too well on some maps it's
1321s going to be nice it's a nice alternative
1322s and so I like vehicles from this era
1325s like sort of the tail end when they're
1327s kind of metal shifts to more like
1328s technology like Mobility thermals and
1330s that kind of thing I like this kind of
1331s vehicles so it's a nice um vehicle to
1333s have it's familiar but I guess I say
1336s that Hull looks very funky for in front
1337s it reminds me a bit of the is-3 with the
1339s pike nose yeah like it's
1342s strange and I think
1344s can't work out really how effective it's
1346s going to be I think if you're fighting
1347s some of the earlier rounds it's going to
1349s be like pretty good so they're
1351s stabilized
1352s um so it can still be pretty quick on
1354s the reaction times and and like there's
1356s some potential there so it's a nice
1358s little a different vehicle to take in
1360s place with the other nbts that you have
1362s I like it
1364s the vehicle
1366s and next up we have for many people
1369s probably the star of this update
1372s the sc25t and its expert version the
1375s su-39 both coming into the game in this
1378s upcoming update now these are going to
1381s be very complicated to explain because
1383s well I mean look look at all that
1386s this is quite possibly the most
1390s technically complicated aircraft in the
1392s game given that you have all these
1395s different Ordnance options ranging from
1397s normal bombs parachute bombs fire bombs
1400s you got Rockets you got rocket pods you
1402s got guided missiles you got guided TV
1404s bombs you have a vicar missiles which
1407s you may find on the k-15 and k52 a whole
1411s 16 of them and of course it can be used
1413s both against ground targets and air
1414s targets it also has a little something
1417s called
1418s ircm which is essentially the system you
1422s can find on the mi24 something that is
1425s intended to make it harder if not
1427s impossible for IR missiles without
1429s countermeasures to log on to the rear
1431s office aircraft
1433s and for good measure you also have a new
1437s add-to-ground radar pods which can be
1440s used to find track and lock onto enemy
1445s tanks now one thing that I want to
1447s mention on this ground radar it
1449s shouldn't work against stationary
1451s targets it will mostly work against
1453s moving targets which is of course a good
1455s indication that they are alive otherwise
1457s it will also be able to log on to dead
1459s targets now we're going to do a proper
1462s and full fly out of this later on if you
1464s have some time at the end of the stream
1465s to show you all the different weapon
1467s systems but for now let's do a quick
1469s Showcase of the new ground map so Tom I
1471s will ask you to bring something with
1472s some IR missiles very well so we can
1475s check out the ircm systems and hopefully
1478s also check out d uh ground radar I just
1482s like the camo that's uh come quite
1484s simple it does look very very nice I do
1485s have to admit yes reminds me of a little
1487s shark
1488s I'm a big fan of that
1490s all right so I have no attitude the
1492s session
1494s so yeah new ground map as well the
1497s Iberian Castle which you're going to be
1499s seeing shortly although only from a
1501s perspective from the air uh there's
1503s going to be a new new tank map for you
1505s to explore on the upcoming update as
1506s well there are some Village areas there
1509s is a fort area on the side as well so it
1512s should have plenty of Engagement
1513s opportunities for all kinds of tankers
1516s out there there are some Wide Open
1517s Fields on the outskirts as well
1519s I can show you quickly the uh the
1520s overview here I like the little pack in
1522s the corner there we go
1524s all right
1526s so let's take out my su-39 I'm going to
1530s bring out the Vickers some rocket Parts
1533s as well as the ground radar
1535s and we're gonna see if we can get some
1536s of the AI tanks that are flying about or
1539s rather rolling a bot and Tom is going to
1542s try and show you what it looks like
1543s trying to log on and fire an IR an IR
1546s missile from the back now keep in mind
1549s that this ircm system should not work
1552s against sting or missiles
1554s and those have an integrated counter
1556s measure system to defeat exactly this
1558s kind of system but regular aim9s
1561s specifically and R6 isn't all kind of
1563s air-to-air launched IR missile which
1565s does not have the counter measures will
1567s be affected this does not mean that the
1569s aircraft is completely invulnerable that
1571s is not the case
1572s but it should be a bit more tough to
1576s crack okay so let's switch over to
1579s this should be the radar see if we can
1580s find any Targets
1583s don't think I do right now
1586s we can also of course zoom in right now
1588s without the other targeting part I do
1590s not have access to a nice Vision this is
1593s the internal camera that you can use on
1595s the su-25
1597s and of course you can also find the
1598s missiles just as you wish
1602s uh these areas that's equal to once
1603s found on the
1606s um k50 so they have an airbrush mode
1608s they have high penetration heat and they
1610s can be used against tanks and aircraft
1612s at the same time okay so let's see if
1615s you can log on so that is what it does
1617s it essentially makes it a lot harder for
1620s AR missiles to be able to track you
1622s it's kind of crusty but if you get
1624s closer it should still be working it
1626s should yeah we've tested a little bit
1630s sometimes it's uh
1632s a little crusty and inconsistent but if
1634s you are close enough
1636s it does still um
1638s connect
1641s essentially what it does it is it
1643s massively reduces the distance at which
1645s uh eye arm massage can be effectively
1647s used against the new su-25s but it does
1651s not make it entirely invulnerable
1653s okay we're gonna check out all the other
1655s weapon systems later on in a uh match or
1659s in a custom battle
1660s for now let's move on to the next
1662s vehicle we have the new Russian ship the
1666s Brady
1668s yeah Brave I think it is um English
1671s interesting it's part of the uh the pr
1672s uh 56 series we've got quite a few ships
1675s in Game of the same series they're all
1677s like slightly unique they've got their
1678s own differences main point in this one
1680s though are these uh two at the back here
1684s the little missiles and they're pretty
1686s good at the moment I'll show you briefly
1689s in the test drive sale I guess
1692s um their proxy is a little bit off for
1694s aircraft
1695s but you can still use them against the
1697s ships although they are a little bit uh
1701s they don't like being fired so low
1703s sometimes if you fire them
1705s quite low down they can Splat into the
1707s ocean but usually they're pretty okay
1710s they're not quite uh
1712s as easy as I think like the old uh
1716s especially the Italian missiles were to
1717s just aim right in like these can they
1720s get a bit wobbly sometimes but
1722s Council be used against ships
1724s um yeah against aircraft right now
1725s that's what they're intended for but the
1727s the proxy is a little bit weird I think
1728s that's obviously going to be fixed
1730s um but it's an interesting little ship
1731s functionally still very similar to the
1733s other series but yeah it's a nice little
1736s addition on the back to have this uh
1738s versatile little launching system
1740s like speaking of missiles you may have
1742s noticed some new effects both when Tom
1744s launched the air missiles earlier now
1745s and maybe later on we can also show off
1747s I told missile uh we have some new flame
1749s effects some new smoke effects to miss
1751s out to make it look a bit more appealing
1752s and for tow missiles we've also added
1755s the cables which I will quickly attempt
1757s to show off whilst Tom loads the next
1759s vehicle so we check out the Bradley for
1762s example
1764s as you know are wire guided they are not
1767s RC guided they're not laser guiders
1768s previously we did not have the presence
1772s of the wires but now we do
1775s which can be a bit of a double-ish sword
1777s it looks nicer oh sorry okay wrong
1779s screen there you go it looks a little
1782s bit nicer but it may also Reveal Your
1784s Position more easily to the enemy team
1787s that is something that you have to keep
1788s in mind with this kind of atgm yeah like
1791s they do fly differently as well they
1793s have a dip when they fire
1794s and uh from experiencing it they
1799s seem like a little bit harder to flick
1801s like they're less like kind of jerky but
1804s they are more stable at long range which
1806s is kind of what they're intended for
1807s anyway at least uh for engagement rages
1809s War Thunder
1810s so yeah they're a little bit less easy
1813s to like cheese which sort of makes sense
1814s because before you could like flick them
1816s behind corners and stuff it's a little
1818s harder now also I believe if you aim the
1821s pointer too far away from the initial
1824s point you launch from they fail to track
1826s anymore so
1827s fire and then slam it down they will
1829s just keep going
1830s uh so they are a little bit less kind of
1833s gamey to use
1836s um yeah they feel a bit more stable at
1839s long range
1840s my experience
1841s all right next up we have what what is
1845s that another tiny mans look at all these
1847s tiny mans so weird it does so this is
1849s the uh the earliest shark armored car
1852s the smallest one
1854s um it's interesting I don't ever be
1855s hugely good it's only got five degrees
1857s of gun depression which is a bit of a
1859s shame comparing it with the um the
1861s Daimler it's uh
1863s similar it's uh it's lighter
1866s as a more powerful engine
1869s um but the gun depression is a bit of a
1871s shame it's also of course like very very
1873s weak only three crew very very fragile
1875s uh but it's nice nice little low-to
1877s vehicle to have standard um 40
1879s millimeter two pounder stuff and it just
1882s like from the back I don't know this
1883s looks kind of cool looks like a little
1884s Jeep to me
1886s um of course so these vehicles now they
1887s do have a localized Commander crew for
1889s the tanks
1890s um I don't believe all of the crew
1892s members it's just the commander right
1893s now when I tested it
1895s um yeah it's a nice little tank
1896s something else to sort of bridge the
1899s other line into tier one which is
1901s and if you like wheeled Vehicles like
1903s this you'll be happy to know that Japan
1905s also gets a new world vehicle kind of
1909s is the type 87 RCV prototype we already
1913s have the tech tree uh type 87 RCV with
1915s the 25 image cannon in the tech tree at
1918s a substantially higher battle rating
1920s because it gets APF SDS this is
1922s essentially the same chassis but with
1923s the
1925s rh-202 20 millimeter outer Cannon which
1928s you can find for example as a third gun
1931s on the leopard 2K which also means you
1933s have way less penetration the m43 with
1937s 57 millimeters of penetration no apfs
1940s yes and no 8 gems but scouting on a
1944s relatively Compact and fast chassis
1947s which you can use to zoom around in at a
1950s battery 5.7 currently again work in
1952s progress but this is going to be a
1953s substantially lower battle rating
1955s version of the type 87 RCV given that it
1958s has massively reduced weapons
1961s capabilities as well that's it I really
1963s like the way this thing looks it looks
1964s so so chilly yeah it's very nice very
1967s squishy
1968s like yeah it's nice
1971s Edition though next up we have the a new
1974s Battleship for the Japanese I'm briefly
1977s sure you say it's uh I don't know really
1978s too much about bigger ships I like
1980s destroyers and that kind of thing
1982s um yeah currently this comes after you
1985s can have a look uh Hugo
1988s um similar like a lot of these ships
1990s feel quite similar I've not had too much
1991s experience with them so I can't really
1992s go into too many particulars
1994s um but yeah it's sort of similar all the
1996s guns you know the sound of gun array
1998s same not quite as much anti-air as Fuso
2001s um but I can briefly show you armor
2003s layouts and that kind of thing so we can
2005s move on to more applicable stuff I guess
2007s but uh still a very pretty ship I love
2009s how these ships look the Japanese
2010s battleships are one of the most visually
2012s appealing like vehicle designs I think
2015s I've seen in anything I've always really
2016s liked them
2018s um yeah nice new ship very highly
2020s detailed of course where these big ships
2021s are uh hopefully nice too also uh the H1
2026s uh s early I believe has been replaced
2029s with the one e
2031s and I will show you as well
2033s I believe as all of these series of
2035s helicopters now have
2037s um a model cockpit
2039s which looks really nice
2041s I like how boxy it is
2043s um I don't know I like Square things
2046s um yeah it's uh just nice to have more
2048s helicopter cockpits I think not really
2050s too much to say about it when you know
2051s what this helicopter is and what it can
2052s do
2053s um yeah the new uh copper looks great
2058s all right so let's move on to China
2061s getting a new chapter Jets the
2064s j8f this will be following after the
2067s previous j8 in the tech tree I can show
2071s you real quick after j8b had a whole
2072s batch version higher given that it has
2075s the following upgrades stronger engines
2078s more advanced weapons this does now get
2080s access to the pl8 all aspect missile uh
2084s this is roughly equivalent to the a9l in
2087s terms of performance and you can carry
2088s up to four of them but you also have the
2090s option of taking out the new pl-11 radar
2094s missile these are equivalent to the aim
2096s 7 Sparrow some of the later ones not
2099s quite the top top ones but it should be
2101s quite nice for engagements now the j8f
2104s has of course a little bit of a
2105s disadvantage in terms of uh in
2107s comparison to other top tjets and that
2109s it only has for missiles and you don't
2111s have any other guided Weaponry for
2113s Grant's striking capabilities unless you
2116s can't well the parachute bombs aren't
2118s exactly guided
2119s well that should be a decent option for
2121s uh people who may not have the s16 or
2123s maybe not want to go for the F-16 they
2125s can take out China's new top tier Jets I
2128s can also quickly show you the engines
2130s that are slightly slightly more powerful
2132s so roughly 7 000 kilograms of force on
2135s the afterburner compared to the previous
2137s j8bs
2139s um roughly 6 200 kilograms of afterburn
2142s so a total of around 1 500 extra
2144s kilogram force on both engines combined
2147s which should Propel you a little faster
2149s at higher speeds and greater
2151s accelerations
2152s okay we also have some tanks for China
2154s we do
2156s I'll start by showing you the ztz88b and
2159s which actually came before the a uh
2161s they're very very similar these two
2163s visually they're almost identical
2165s um the main change is the gun uh the B
2168s uses a I believe it's an analog of the
2171s uh the L7 so it doesn't get the uh proxy
2175s he round and because the barrel if you I
2178s can sort of show at a better angle is
2180s slightly smaller
2181s our shorter rather it doesn't have quite
2184s as much penetration on the dart shell
2186s it's a little bit weaker
2189s when compared to the laser version but
2190s apart from that they're very very
2191s similar currently comes before the a
2194s version and uh yeah makes a already
2196s strong lineup even stronger
2198s um we also have the object 211 like I
2201s didn't even know this existed I don't
2203s know I had no idea about this one
2205s um it's kind of nice the muzzle break is
2207s really cool actually uh it uses the 85
2210s it's the uh the same the sounded later
2212s one and they have it has the the a round
2214s and the uh
2217s it's called the DN on the other gun I'm
2220s not sure
2221s um it's still decently powerful I always
2222s prefer the the a round on this gun uh
2225s it's gonna be a nice little light tank
2227s for the midsers it's folded with the PT
2229s currently comes before the PT
2231s I've never been too keen on these light
2233s tanks though because they're turret
2235s reverse this is on an ace crew and it's
2236s only 10 degrees so it's very very slow
2238s uh pretty big pretty weak lots of space
2241s to hit
2242s the turret being so sort of far in the
2244s middle like you can peek corners and get
2245s hit very easily like it's very very
2247s fragile but gun's got a decent amount of
2249s killing power
2250s so
2251s it's nice it's not that dominant these
2254s vehicles will always struggle to be that
2255s impressive overall but it's still a
2257s pretty competent tank like the gun's
2258s nice Mobility is nice
2261s um it's just very very fragile so you
2262s need to be a bit careful when playing at
2263s gun depression as well
2265s um we'll limit where you can play but
2266s still nice to have a very unique vehicle
2268s to give China I like it
2270s pretty cool are you a fan of the tornado
2273s let's be fair many of you probably are
2276s not because the versions that we have in
2277s the game aren't exactly Fighters so we
2280s have chosen to fix that for the Italians
2282s introducing the tornado a DV The
2286s Ultimate Fighter version of the tornado
2289s big Asterix it's it's probably still not
2291s going to be quite as good as stuff like
2293s the MiG-29 F16 but you now have a
2296s tornado that can kinda turn it also has
2299s access to four A9 else and a four Sky
2303s Flash super temp radar missiles you are
2306s not going to be wanting for missiles
2308s with a total of eight this thing I can
2310s do a lot of damage if left alone the
2313s radar should be quite good as well it
2316s feels a little bit more maneuverable it
2317s has stronger engines than the previous
2320s tornado in the town Factory and it also
2323s has a bunch of flares over 300
2327s countermeasures in total which will help
2330s a lot with sustaining your fights you
2334s can bring some dropped hangs and you can
2336s engage enemy aircraft quite effectively
2338s now keep mine of course this is still a
2339s tornado don't expect it to be the best
2341s dog fighter in the world but if you
2343s always wanted to
2345s um fulfill that dream of becoming a Ace
2348s in the tornado
2350s I would have previous ones you couldn't
2352s really do that either due to lack of
2353s memorability or lack of missiles with
2356s this version now you can indeed and make
2358s that work now sadly in terms of other
2361s Weaponry you don't really have anything
2362s this is the dedicated fighter version so
2364s you don't actually have currently any
2365s kind of ground Ordnance at all but the
2369s missiles on this thing are very very
2370s potent and I like this kind of aircraft
2372s I've always been a fan of the late f104s
2375s because they are underrated given that
2377s they are not really that good of an
2378s aircraft chassis but the later ones have
2381s very very good missiles versions here
2383s this is in a similar vein
2386s and it should actually be able to return
2387s an f104 finally yeah it's nice I like
2391s these kind of Underdog vehicles in the
2393s matter they always feel more satisfying
2394s when you do well with them
2396s um yeah it's a nice little one for Italy
2398s to get absolutely and if you want to
2400s know since it is a fighter version not a
2402s grand attack version it will not follow
2403s the tornado IDs it will be put out of
2405s the g91 Ys in the attack trip
2409s uh now actually is not only getting this
2412s for Tops here there's also something
2413s else that Italy is actually getting kind
2415s of first not really we already saw
2418s similar technology on the qn 506 event
2420s vehicle for the Chinese but we have a
2424s much much better version now in this
2425s Factory for Italy this
2428s this has a spike fire and forgets atgms
2434s are um quite spicy quite spicy tandem
2437s Warheads so they should be able to deal
2439s with era quite effectively they can lock
2444s onto and track targets autonomously let
2447s me quickly take this into a test drive
2449s so I can show you the capabilities of
2451s the Swing you of course also have a 25
2453s meter gun with apfs yes but let's let's
2455s be let's be honest who cares about that
2456s when you have Spike missiles finally
2458s again yeah
2460s also
2461s who revoices in Italian let's go Italian
2464s voice actor for the ships was uh had
2466s some Vigor hopefully it's the same for
2468s the tanks as well I've not really heard
2470s them yet
2471s okay so what you can do with this
2472s massage you have two tubes with 180 gem
2475s each you do have reloads inside of the
2477s hull itself so a total of eight missiles
2479s which you can use to basically get eight
2481s kills with what you can do is log on to
2485s one Target and that stays locked so no
2488s matter where I point my turret within
2490s reason of course if I go too far off the
2493s missile will lose lock but I can do fun
2495s stuff like log on to one target
2498s look at the other fire and missile Lock
2501s And Fire immediately so I can
2502s essentially kill two Targets in a very
2505s quick succession there are some
2507s drawbacks to the spike missiles as with
2509s the qn506 you cannot control the missile
2512s after launch which means that if the
2513s enemy deploys The Smoke screen goes
2516s behind cover or even if the missile
2518s decides to go for the third front of an
2519s Abrams you won't get a kill it is
2522s relatively easy to spoof or defeat that
2524s way however given that this is at a
2527s relatively low battery rating of 10.0
2529s currently and you don't face too many
2531s tanks with APS or strong era protection
2534s or strong chemical protection really in
2536s general this thing is going to be quite
2538s nice yeah I believe they always go for
2541s complete Center Mass so on some stuff
2543s and some angles they can be a little bit
2545s inconsistent but generally they're going
2547s to be pretty powerful I think as well
2549s you do need a direct kind of line of
2552s sight from the optic just so you can't
2553s like sit behind a hill and then just
2555s like launch them over a complete cover
2557s so are fallible in that way good thing
2560s is you can fire them on the move so if
2562s you want to you can lock onto a Target
2564s uh try and move a little bit closer to
2566s cover and then fire a missile and we'll
2568s do that all very very well
2571s and something else you can also use it
2574s against aircraft technically speaking
2577s but these missiles are quite slow and
2579s not very maneuverable so it is very
2580s unlikely you're actually going to hit an
2582s aircraft that is even slightly
2583s maneuvering against helicopters these
2585s might be slightly slightly better but
2587s that is up for you to discover in the
2589s game once it releases
2592s so yeah Fresh Air Supply cage the gems
2594s very nice Italy look for this also very
2597s big wheels chassis I like how it sort of
2600s it droops at the end
2602s it's based on the box of Chess but I'm
2604s entirely sure
2605s of course apart from that you have a
2606s notification thermal that seems like
2608s first gen not the best and you have APF
2611s SDS for the 25 millimeter gun
2614s all right
2616s next up we have the French
2619s Oh wrong screen another
2622s boy
2624s look at this is a house it's an absolute
2625s house I really like this the it's got a
2627s full amarok as well ready rack rather
2629s for the 155
2632s France in CFI has always been tiny it's
2635s a tiny kind of area and adding this I
2638s think is really really good it's
2639s interesting plays differently it's
2642s pretty unique and it's pretty fun I like
2643s these like giant he cannons so 7.5
2647s second autoloader not hugely dominant
2649s before it is it's pretty good
2652s um it's quite slowly to react again this
2654s is on an a screw uh spaded in terms of
2657s gun
2659s um options anyway
2660s pretty slow to turn you are huge and
2663s very very weak obviously but as the rack
2665s is completely full you can just Fire and
2667s Fire and Fire and Fire
2669s um pretty nice the armor pretty poor as
2672s you'd expect it is uh weaker than the
2675s AMX 30 it's only 30 millimeters so
2677s you're not quite as protected there
2679s either
2679s but
2681s performance is pretty great you know the
2683s sound at HG and then you have the
2684s proximity as well uh and it's just a
2687s nice different thing uh to give France
2690s at this PR I think it gives this thing
2691s different
2692s a complete difference to the others
2693s quick question that I think the chat is
2695s going to make how big is the first stage
2697s ammo rack it's uh I believe it's pretty
2700s much the whole thing so it's it can Fire
2702s and Fire and Fire basically that's about
2704s five seconds reload another gun that big
2705s is quite nice yeah it's a nice addition
2708s like just adds some more variety I think
2711s now these guns well these tanks roofs I
2714s like them they they play differently a
2716s lot of Tanks of this too get kind of
2717s homogeneous with how you use them but
2719s things like this kind of stay unique and
2721s I like that
2723s it does it's just a it's just a house I
2727s really like it big Square big Square
2730s what more could you want moving on to
2733s triangles from the squares we have a new
2736s Mirage The Mirage 2005 F
2739s which can still be used in air combat
2742s but will bring to France a uh better
2745s aircraft for a ground attack now what
2748s I've currently loaded are snake eye
2751s parachute bombs which I bet I should
2753s launch right now so let me quickly go
2755s into continuous modes and look at those
2759s uh I think those are my favorite out of
2761s the um High drag bombs just because they
2763s don't have that really obnoxious
2765s parachute
2766s they look very very nice at the
2768s deployment elimination is also very nice
2770s if you check out the replay it's very
2771s pretty they should fall a little bit
2773s faster than the parachute bombs but
2775s something that I actually was quite
2778s surprised to see is this big thing in
2780s the middle
2781s now up until now we had the choice of
2784s either guided missiles or guided bombs
2787s each with their own benefits and
2789s drawbacks I got the missiles tend to
2792s have much longer range and
2795s um generally are a bit more maneuverable
2797s so they can attack moving targets a bit
2800s more effectively but they don't quite
2801s have the punch they don't quite have the
2803s explosive radius to deal with multiple
2805s enemies effectively guided bombs this
2808s provided bigger explosion radius and
2810s bigger punch but they couldn't really
2812s travel all that far they were
2815s basically completely reliant on inertia
2819s introducing the new PGM bombs there are
2821s two versions of 500 kilogram version and
2823s a 2 000 pounds version sorry 500 pound
2826s version and a 2 000 pound version these
2829s are a little bit of a hybrid they had
2832s the explosive power of a bomb but have a
2835s little rocket booster to sustain the
2838s speed that they're dropping at they
2840s don't go too fast so you still need to
2842s lock them a little bit you still need to
2843s have the speed of your own aircraft to
2845s launch them very far but they can go
2847s very very far I've been able to get hits
2849s from up to 10 kilometers away
2853s let's do a lock I'm just going to lock
2855s the bomb up
2857s and as you can see it deploys a booster
2860s the bomb is also TV guarded not laser
2863s guards okay that was a little bit too
2864s far it lost the track it is TV guided
2867s which means you can actually just fire
2868s and forget these you don't need to keep
2870s a laser lock on the targets which brings
2872s benefits and drawbacks the benefit of
2874s course is that as soon as you launch it
2875s you can run away perform your bases
2877s Maneuvers especially in the case that
2879s there are enemy Spa in the area but it
2882s also means that you cannot correct the
2883s course of the bomb after it is launched
2885s and TV Guide admonitions tend to have a
2887s tendency to lock onto that tanks if the
2891s original Target that you were firing at
2893s drives past one
2895s however since you can load them quite
2897s far with the devstream curse happen
2900s again
2900s it'll be fine eventually it'll work
2902s eventually uh you have this targeting
2905s part as well which does provide you
2906s thermal vision quite clearly and very
2908s nice
2909s I'm going to log on to this target again
2912s uh if you cannot drop this bomb if
2914s you're going super sonic so I need to
2915s slow down a little bit here
2918s okay drop and let's hope that it's time
2920s it works I have faith
2923s it also has quite a big trail so the
2925s enemy will see it coming uh the booster
2928s does not run forever so it takes in Long
2929s ranges it will eventually burn out and
2931s will lose the trail
2933s but as you can see it can be a very
2935s effective tool for dealing especially
2936s with spaa the blast radius on the bomb
2939s should be enough to deal uh heavy damage
2942s kill most people sbas that are sitting
2945s in spawn if they are close enough
2946s together this is a very very very big
2948s boom with a relatively long range and
2952s you can carry up to three of them one
2954s PGM 2000 on the central line and two PGM
2957s 2500 on the wing pylons very very nice
2963s of course overall the acronyms is also
2964s quite nice you can still take out magic
2968s twos and uh super 530ds and super 530
2972s F's at the radar missiles that you can
2974s find on the other mirages but generally
2976s speaking it is really more intense for
2978s ground attack and quite effectively at
2980s the role and if you're not fan of the
2982s PGM 2000s given for example they may not
2985s work at night time given that the TV
2987s tracker needs light to be able to find
2989s the enemy tank but you can also bring
2991s either paveways or this bgl both are
2994s laser cutter bombs which you can use
2996s more effectively and to Sherman the
2999s course after you drop the bomb
3001s all right next up we have oh oh I know
3006s you're going to like this one Tom I just
3008s I like bombers what can I say man I'm
3011s I'm really boring now uh Lancaster mr7 I
3014s believe that's Marine Recon or Marine
3016s reconnaissance some version of that
3018s um it's nice it's not quite as good as
3021s the British one you can see it lacks the
3023s um the top turret the dorsal turret
3024s there so it's only got the 50 in the
3026s back and the Seven uh sevens in the
3029s front it also doesn't get the the huge
3031s bombs I mean the standard load it's a
3035s nice little bummer to give to France it
3036s does have a radar I believe this is just
3039s for ships or uh like it's like
3041s anti-submarine I think this is roughly
3043s what this uh Lancaster was for but not
3045s functional at least right now
3047s um but yeah I like the camo of course
3049s another little Lancaster you can't
3051s really hate that in any capacity
3054s um not too much to say Obviously you
3056s know what this is
3057s um it's a nice addition for France as
3059s well and we also have a few friendships
3062s we can show you the cool stuff like the
3064s biggest stuff not quite ready yet but
3066s don't worry they're coming they're
3067s coming I'll briefly look over these I'm
3069s not too familiar with the uh the French
3072s ships
3074s but uh they do have very nice guns the
3075s guns are quite powerful we have a few
3078s here we can briefly look through and
3079s spend too much time as uh well we have
3082s other things to show still and we are
3084s obviously running out of time but um
3087s they're nice the guns are good
3090s um in terms of the power they have
3091s because I think the I've been playing a
3093s lot of the Italian destroyers and
3095s cruisers and the guns have always let me
3097s down on those not so great it's a nice
3099s little brush breath of fresh air for
3101s these uh they're very nice and they just
3104s look nice as well I don't know why
3105s there's something about the uh the
3107s French ships I just like the look of
3109s um that's what I really know not knowing
3110s too much about this we have some
3111s Cruisers have some destroyers to look at
3114s um the melon as well don't don't Google
3116s that on company Wi-Fi I took one for the
3118s team there the other week
3120s um they're very very pretty
3122s very pretty ships now I believe these
3124s will be launching in close beta tests so
3127s they will not be available immediately
3129s for everyone you can either get into the
3131s CBT by buying one of the premium
3133s versions of the friendships which we
3135s already have for example launched in
3136s less updates or by earning uh by
3139s completing missions which will then give
3140s you access to the early testing of the
3143s tech tree
3144s field detectry as it currently stands I
3146s can
3147s this is the preliminary what we have
3148s already obviously it looks quite
3150s underwhelming but there are quite a few
3151s more Ships coming
3153s um some very pretty Ships coming as well
3155s so this is what we have so far
3158s um standard stuff it's pretty like as
3161s you get really for the the start of the
3163s tree
3163s um but don't worry uh a lot more is
3166s coming for The French naval tree
3168s speaking of Naval we have a new map I'm
3171s currently selling out the coal bear
3173s which is the top of Battleship for the
3175s French and so you may notice there is
3177s something uh a little bit angry with me
3179s this is the new map and it also features
3182s a new feature firebases which will
3185s engage you another very big turret if
3188s you get too close now what you can do is
3190s destroy them either by firing at them
3192s with your main cannons or aircraft as
3195s well can bomb the targets probably a bit
3198s more effectively than battleships can to
3200s disable them Game mission score game
3202s score for yourself and of course help
3203s out your team because as long as those
3205s firebases are active you can't really
3208s get too close you can't get onto that
3209s half of the map because they will
3210s absolutely wreck you yeah it's a really
3213s nice kind of dynamic map based
3216s objective to focus on a pretty nice
3219s especially if you you're just starting
3220s out as well like you uh don't have your
3223s accuracy upgrades yet it's a nice way to
3224s get a bit of score get some points
3226s upgrade your ships
3227s um because they are a little bit easier
3229s to take out than destroyers and uh
3231s regular ships so
3233s it's really nice it's a good good step I
3235s think kind of looking forward to seeing
3237s how this plays
3239s is a very icy map and you do have some
3241s landmasses here to provide you cover as
3243s you approach the capture points and of
3245s course as I mentioned for aircraft this
3247s should actually be quite nice because
3248s aircraft weapons are now always had to
3250s probably enable that they would get
3251s immediately lasered by
3254s um the AI Gunners
3256s and couldn't really do anything too
3258s effectively but now with these firing
3260s bases they actually have an objective
3261s they can deal with and help out the team
3264s quite effectively
3266s okay next up let's go to Sweden not too
3269s much really to cover there we have the
3272s new ajs 37 which is a slight upgrade
3276s over the previous
3278s um AJ 37 uh is it that is called yep
3281s right after it in the tech tree this
3284s will essentially bring you more
3286s Mavericks you can carry up to four of
3288s the r375s which are roughly equivalent
3290s to the agm-65 Maverick at the ground
3293s missile I wanted to combines currently
3296s at least the aircraft does not have
3297s internal flares you only have these
3299s flare pods which do occupy one of the
3301s slots for the rb75 which means that if
3304s you want to bring flares you can only
3305s bring two of the rp75s alternatively you
3308s can bring out the rb24j up to six of
3311s them these are roughly equivalent to the
3313s aim9j so rear aspect only or the rb74
3316s which are all aspect and roughly
3318s equivalent to the aim4 to the aim9l but
3321s you can only bring four of them
3323s uh you also have the CV 9030 fin this is
3327s a finished version of the cv90 chassis
3330s with a 30 millimeter Bush Master Cannon
3333s uh this has APF SDS with up 216
3337s millimeter penetration but no atgms the
3341s affirmative device should be quite
3343s Advanced so you can definitely use your
3345s scouting ability to help out to your
3346s team but I wouldn't recommend going into
3348s head-on combat with enemy tanks the gun
3351s just doesn't really have enough
3353s penetration for that
3354s also
3356s I am so happy we have had a Sherman in
3360s every single Tech Tree except for the
3363s Swedish
3364s up until now
3366s another Sherman I love Shermans they're
3368s my favorite vehicle type
3369s this one looks kind of cursed though it
3372s doesn't have the mg Port doesn't have a
3374s 50 cal It's like the the liminal space
3376s equivalent of the Sherman it's like
3378s slightly off but it's nice I didn't
3380s actually know Sweden used this one I
3382s thought they just had a 105 and a
3383s firefly but apparently they had a few
3385s more Shermans they tested as well nice
3387s little premium get the nice skins on it
3389s as well always a positive
3391s um pretty good idea for a premium really
3392s it just adds it bolsters that lineup and
3394s now you can have a t-34 a Panzer 4 and a
3397s Sherman in one lineup which is quite
3398s nuts
3400s um that's gonna be pretty fun yeah a
3401s nice little um premium tier 3 as well
3404s for the Sherman so that's a nice bonus
3406s um you know what this is there's not
3408s really too much to say about it but it's
3410s a unique model
3411s have no frontal weak spots on the hull
3413s whatsoever turret is still pretty strong
3414s it's one of the stronger versions of the
3416s turret you do have the um the little
3418s weak spot here if people know about it
3419s then you know doesn't work too well
3421s against uh the rest of your armor but
3423s pretty nice Sherman uh unique model
3426s I like it
3427s love me Shermans simpler
3430s and finally we have Israel as well we do
3433s I can show you this
3435s the uh hydropod macaque uh it's
3439s I don't really think the Rockets are
3441s very usable at least a
3444s directly
3445s we'll have a brief little look they fire
3447s a little bit higher than expected they
3449s do yeah
3451s um
3451s I'm using the the crossed mouse that
3453s doesn't have the keybind for the rocket
3456s oh that's not that deal anyway so
3459s they are aimed upwards so it's like if
3461s you've used the LA the labad the
3463s hydropod on that they do uh have a
3466s little Arc to them these have a very
3468s high arc
3470s um
3471s I will just set the the key for it
3473s actually as you can see in here it's a
3475s bit more visibly uh well visible for um
3478s which Keys you have basically for uh
3481s setting stuff
3483s um that's a change as well which kind of
3484s nice makes it a little bit more uh
3486s visual I think it's special guns isn't
3489s it I put their own space
3492s let's do that
3495s is this right yes it is okay so as you
3497s can see these do aim very very high I
3500s don't know if they're able to be aimed I
3502s imagine they're probably not
3504s um so it's either only really good for
3505s aiming at stuff very very far away or
3508s you need to kind of get used to doing
3511s some kind of crusty stuff with your
3513s aiming to hit stuff it's kind of
3515s difficult
3517s um but that's a nice unique vehicle it's
3519s something just interesting I guess for
3521s Israel overall
3523s um nice modification I mean I like they
3525s have a lot of interesting modifications
3527s of stuff and this is definitely one of
3529s those so it's a nice vehicle to have
3530s it's folded as well
3532s um
3532s so it's just something else to have
3533s along the tree like kind of gimmicky
3536s um but when you land something with
3537s those missiles like Lander here it's
3538s going to be nice I'm gonna see if you
3539s can shotgun stuff like how easy that is
3542s the aiming the Rockets are quite high so
3545s I'm pretty sure it's just going to fire
3546s over that rt1 wait baby
3549s let's see when it reloads okay they
3551s actually have decent depression that's
3553s yeah bad annoyingly though you can't
3555s both functionally use the gun and the
3557s Pods at the same time which is a bit
3559s annoying but
3561s yeah that's going to take some getting
3562s used to
3563s that really is gonna take some getting
3564s used to but thankfully you do have a lot
3566s of rockets to play around yeah
3568s that's gonna be gonna be something at
3571s least it's you know
3573s interesting
3574s kind of works you just gotta get used to
3576s it
3577s it's going to be a very annoying vehicle
3579s in the right situations I guess
3581s all right and that is it for the
3582s vehicles but as promised let's quick ly
3585s do a simulation of what an su-39 may
3588s look like in a regular match on this
3590s particular su-39 right now I have two
3593s r60 M's I have the rocket pods I have 16
3597s Vickers I have the radar pods that
3600s should be able to detect moving ground
3602s targets and 2 KH 29 at these the tvere
3606s the TV version as you can see you have a
3609s lot of options here for autumns you can
3611s configure This Plane as you want really
3614s before any kind of situation whether you
3617s want to go for ground targets or air
3618s targets if it's a grand RB if it's air
3621s RB you want to go for bases you can
3623s bring drag shoot bombs you can bring
3624s incendiary bombs basically I don't
3627s usually any kind of weapon type is set
3629s apart from radar missiles that you can't
3630s fit on this plane it is really huge yeah
3634s uh what I also have is the radar pod
3637s which I hope will work this time they
3638s have a bit of a short range roughly 10
3640s kilometers I don't expect too much out
3642s of them I believe but what you can do
3645s which I have found to be quite effective
3647s is oh actually there we go it does have
3649s the render pot oh what what did I picked
3651s up what did I pick up there
3653s that is the question I don't think
3655s there's actually anything right now it
3656s may be picking up some false signatures
3658s perhaps
3659s or aircraft it could also be picking up
3661s aircraft
3662s or I just like the skin something it is
3665s very nice it is very very it's very
3667s sharp like I'm a big fan I'm going to
3670s turn off the radar for now because it
3671s does also affect your targeting point
3672s which is something you may not want if
3674s you are just trying to go for manual
3676s guidance I have the vicar texture right
3678s now so what I like to do a lot is to
3681s launch a vicar at long range yeah it's
3683s not what I wanted
3687s okay it's fine we can make this work so
3690s uh I can launch a vicar at that uh oh
3692s the first missile did still track that
3694s very good I can launch the first because
3697s the uh light pill box and then try to
3701s finish some of these smaller targets
3704s around
3706s with the Rockets as well which do have a
3709s computer calculated impact point so it
3711s should be quite easy to end them and you
3713s can very quickly and very effectively
3714s deal with ground Targets in rrb in fact
3717s if you are left completely alone you can
3721s basically wipe the entire map by
3723s yourself this has a lot of Ordnance a
3726s lot of options and you can rack up those
3729s rpns of Alliance quite easily by well
3732s learning the quite complicated methods
3736s to actually controlling this there's
3737s this to make this work so let's see if I
3740s can do this again Vigor on that pillbox
3743s believe all missiles as well have a new
3745s Trail to them so rockets and um Sams and
3747s that kind of thing all visually
3748s different
3752s because my rocker pods as well
3755s yeah overall this will be a demanding
3757s aircraft to fly uh you will need to
3760s spend some time to learn and set up
3762s keybinds ideally for yourself especially
3764s weapon selection Ripple quantity is
3767s quite useful for the Rockets how lock-on
3769s Mechanics Work how the ground radar
3770s works all that kind of stuff and at the
3772s same time still keep in mind that you
3773s are a relatively slow Target that will
3776s be engaged by enemy Fighters as they see
3778s you you do of course have the ircm in
3780s the back which should help you a little
3783s bit against IR missiles but they're not
3785s entirely foolproof they just shorten the
3788s range at which people can log on to you
3791s so you do still have to keep that all in
3793s mind but thankfully you also have a
3796s bunch of flares which released in this
3797s beautiful pattern so good players should
3801s do very well in the su-25t and the sr39
3804s players who do not invest the time into
3806s learning mechanics will not do very well
3808s in this it requires a little bit of
3810s extra
3811s investment there to learn how everything
3812s works
3814s and I believe that it is that that is
3819s all the vehicles the first thing for now
3820s kit monitor will be more vehicles coming
3822s in the other if we don't have everything
3824s ready just yet uh keep an eye for the
3826s dev server which will be opening
3828s sometime soon if you want to download
3829s that you can find well a link
3832s uh maybe one of the chat mods can post
3834s that so you can check out what we show
3836s today and perhaps more uh soon bye
3839s yourself thank you for watching the
3841s stream this has been the Waffen official
3842s Channel with an update preview of the LA
3845s Royal updates we'll see you again soon
3847s have fun have a nice weekend thanks for
3849s watching
3853s foreign

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