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Originally posted by Militant_Stalin: Gaijin, please change this farce. Stop forcing us to urchase multiple vehicles across one tier. Vehicles which we don't like and won't use, yet we have top purchase them to move on to the next vehicle. This rule is ridiculous and a few years back it was non-existent. Change this fiasco please!

One of the functions of this restriction is to "force" players to play more than 1 vehicle. Without it, you would have more and more battle with players who simply "run" through tech tree. They will have 1 vehicle at high BR and nothing to put in line with it. We do not have plans to change that rule. We adjust number of vehicles if there are changes in tech tree, but I do not see that we will remove this rule.

Originally posted by Kogoro: Am I the only one who spades all vehicles as they progress through a tree, seems weird to skips stuff to me

Same here, I spade everything one by one in every tech tree. So if something new pop-up, I get back to it before I proceed with more advance vehicles. Thanks to this my line up are always full of vehicles and I can spawn numerous times in battle.