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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Today, we’ll be going over the bug fixes and improvements that we’ve made to the game over the past 2 weeks. And today especially we’ve fixed a lot! Let’s take a look.

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform[community.gaijin.net].

Crew Interface Improvements
We’ve added a huge number of improvements to the game interface. The most noticeable of them is the ability to easily change the order of crews in a lineup. This can now be done by simply clicking and dragging: click the crew block under the vehicle that has information about the crew number and qualification and level, drag it and drop it wherever you’d like it to go!

Speaking of the crew information block. We’ve revised the way players are notified that crew skills are ready to be improved. Previously, the appearance of the icon was calculated according to a rather complex system which didn’t really meet the needs of many of you. Now the principle is much more simple and convenient, basically, if the crew has accumulated enough experience to train the most expensive of the available skills by at least half a point, you’ll know about it.

We’ve also changed the window for placing vehicles into a crew slot. The information block with the most important information under the slot is now larger, the background is darker so that information on the crew slot is more visible, the country flag and the block with backups have been removed, the block with the legend is now located above the crew bar, and the price of placing vehicles into a crew slot is below it.

Target Tracking Fixes

We’ve fixed two bugs related to target tracking. For aircraft, the operating range of the optical target tracker no longer decreases when switching to 3rd person view. This could have lead to the lock being reset if the target was far enough away. Due to another bug, when the radar was turned off, IRST and optical auto tracking did not work at all.

Anti-Aircraft Radar Fix
After the release of the Seek & Destroy major update, under certain conditions, anti-aircraft radars malfunctioned and displayed targets not with ordinary markers, but with very large arcs measuring almost the entire circle. With an abundance of targets, the radar simply became filled with green concentric arcs and it became practically impossible to read. We’ve fixed this bug and radars now work as expected.

QoL When Spawning In!

Previously, clicking anywhere on the map in the spawn window caused the selected spawn point (if you had selected one) to reset, which could have been frustrating at times. Now clicking anywhere on the map in the spawn window doesn’t reset the selected spawn point!

We’ve also decided to make using a backup more noticeable. The “To Battle!” button will have a golden hue in the spawn window for vehicles that can be spawned in using a backup, and the backup icon will be displayed.

Quicker Killcam

When you’re destroyed, the game replays the shot entirely from where it came from. However, generally many players skip this replay so that they can get back into action as quickly as possible.

So we’ve decided to redo the killcam replays. Now it’ll not show the enemy shot and the entire flight of the shell, which in turn will save as much as five seconds before returning to battle. Instead, you’ll still see the fatal hit in detail, and when you’re shown the enemy who destroyed you, the camera will be turned in your direction to make it easier to assess the killer’s position and any mistake that you made.

TWS Mode Fixes

In this update, there’s been several fixes related to TWS mode. If any target disappeared from the radar screen, the radar could randomly switch to another. Additionally, target tracking was disrupted when the “Sight Stabilization” and “Activate target point” functions were activated.

The Pantsir-S1’s and Tor-M1’s radars could switch the selected target when the target launched a missile or dropped a bomb. When the aircraft’s nose was raised/lowered so much that the desired antenna position went beyond the radar gimbal limits, the antenna moved following the limits and did not return to the desired position afterwards, but rather stayed in the changed position. The target marks in the extended tracking mode don’t rest on the edges of the antenna operating angles and don’t prevent missiles with a radar seeker from being aimed through the radio correction channel anymore.

That’s not all! You can find the complete list of improvements in the changelog below. Here’s some others from the past 2 weeks: The height of many trees have been reduced on Rocky Canyon, Mysterious Valley, Rocky Pillars, Rice Terraces, Guiana Highlands, Golan Heights, Zhengzhou, Aleutian Islands and South Africa. A notification about the need to turn on the laser target designator for laser-guided AGMs has been returned, and the same notification has been added for laser-guided bombs. Gun stabilizers on boats don’t turn off at speeds above 80 km/h anymore, target lock of TV-guided AGMs doesn’t reset before launch and abruptly move the camera away from the target, and moving the mouse away from the target in the Optical seeker view now drops the lock, as it should. A bug where there was no button for collapsing the action panel in battle for aircraft if the only action in the slotbar was the visual selector of secondary weapons has been fixed as well.

Today's update: Update

Ground Vehicles
  • Pantsir-S1, Tor-M1 — a bug that caused the radar in tracking mode to spontaneously switch the selected target, for example, when one of the targets disappeared from the radar’s visibility range or when the target uses a missile or bomb has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Pantsir-S1 — a bug that caused the tracking radar to search for additional targets only in the narrow sector around the tracked target has been fixed. Now the search for additional targets is conducted across all of the operational sectors of the tracking radar. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Pantsir-S1 — a bug that caused the radar tracking frame to spontaneously move away from the target has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • A bug where turning the engine off in a test drive using the Realistic Battles mode and leaving the battery to drain caused the drained state of the battery to appear in Arcade Battles afterwards for all vehicles has been fixed.
  • ZSU-23-4M4 — a bug that caused the inability to replenish missiles in Arcade battles has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Tiger II (P) — incorrect ammo loading order and amount has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • A bug where selecting a machine gun prevented the driver’s NVG from working has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • A bug that caused a message to display saying that the control system was broken and required repair when the battery charge was depleted in sniper scope has been fixed.
  • Now, wings don’t tear off instantly after reaching the maximum allowed overload, but rather after it has been exceeded for some time. Damage not does not accumulate during the flight and is reset when normal overloads are reached.
  • A bug with the disabled “Constant elevation of radar antenna” setting that caused the required antenna elevation angle to change when the aircraft’s nose was raised/lowered beyond the radar gimbal limits has been fixed. Now, if the player did not move the antenna in elevation themselves, as soon as the aircraft’s orientation allows it, the antenna will return to its previous required position relative to the horizon. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Target markers in TWS mode or in the single target track mode are no longer restricted by radar antenna gimbal limits (in the memory tracking mode) so missiles with a datalink will receive mid-course updates for correct extrapolated target position even if it is outside of these limits. At the same time, illuminating a target outside the antenna gimbal limits is still impossible at medium to long ranges greater than 5 km.
  • A bug where the activation of the “Sight Stabilization” and “Activate target point” functions disrupted radar target tracking in the TWS mode has been fixed.
  • A bug where the radar in TWS tracking mode might spontaneously switch the selected target when some other target disappeared from the radar screen has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • The operating range of the optical target tracker in aircraft no longer decreases when switching to 3rd person view. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • In Simulator Battles, RWR will now detect all radars and ARH with overlapping frequency ranges, regardless of the type of signal, as in Realistic Battles. For example, SPO-10 previously could not detect radiation in PD modes, but now can. The Friend or Foe (IFF) function will also work for RWRs capable of identifying exact radars, which means the detected radiation from allies will not be shown on the indicator of affected RWRs.
  • Su-25SM3 — a bug that caused the frame showing the seeker gimbal limits of the Kh-38ML missile to appear only when rolling has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Su-25T, Su-39 — a bug that caused the weight of the Mercury targeting pod to display in pounds has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • F-16A (France) — a bug where the PIDS pylons were incorrectly displayed has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]). Ballistic computers for missiles and bombs have been added.
  • F-16AM (France) — a bug that caused the AIM-120 missile to clip through the left inner pylon has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]). A bug that caused the 500 lb bomb to be missing visually on the right wing has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]). Ballistic computers for missiles and bombs have been added.
  • AV-8B Plus — the ability to display RWR information has been added to the left MFD in the c*ckpit. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • F-5E — a bug that caused the drop tanks to constantly be displayed in X-ray mode has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Hunter F.6 (France) — a bug that made it impossible to make a combined weapon preset with a drop tank and AIM-9B missiles has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Bf 109 F-4 — a bug that caused the additional MG 151 wing cannons to display in X-ray mode when using 4 x SC50 bombs has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Mirage F1CT — the number of countermeasures in the underwing pods have been increased. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • MiG-29SMT — a bug where the countermeasures in the pods under the rudders were not counted as high caliber has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Nesher, Kfir Canard, Shahak — a bug where the drop tank dropped instantly to the ground has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Tornado IDS ASSTA1, Tornado IDS MFG, Tornado GR.1, Tornado IDS WTD61, Tornado IDS (1995), AJ37, AJS37 — BOZ countermeasure pods have received additional chaff.
  • Tu-2 (all variants) — a bug where it was not possible to create custom camouflages has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
Naval Vessels
  • Vautour — the fuse sensitivity on the 75 mm OPF Mle 1917 SAP shell has been changed and a delay has been added. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • HMS Queen Mary — incorrect description of the torpedoes in X-ray mode have been corrected. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Leopard, Luchs — incorrect description of the anti-aircraft weapons in X-ray mode have been corrected. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Syonan — the displayed amount of 120 mm gun ammunition in X-ray mode has been corrected. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • IJN Kuma — the maximum speed of the ship has been increased from 61 km/h to 62 km/h. (Report[community.gaijin.net]). Displacement has been increased from 6970 tonnes to 7104 tonnes. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • Performance degradation when using chaff has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused ejection seats to remain floating in the air during the second and subsequent ejections in the same session has been fixed.
Game Mechanics
  • The maximum range for setting target designation markers for squadmates has been increased: for naval vessels, helicopters, reconnaissance UAVs and scout hydroplanes, the range has been increased to 30 km, and for aircraft and attack UAVs to 50 km. For ground vehicles, the range remains the same at 10 km.
  • In Ground Realistic battles, the spawn point cost of AAMs now depends only on the seeker type and does not take the combined mass of missiles into account. ARH missiles now cost 37% of the carrier cost, other types of AAMs cost 10%.
  • In Ground Realistic battles, the spawn point cost of guided bombs is now calculated separately from the unguided ones. The minimal increase in spawn points cost now depends on the combined mass of equipped guided bombs: with a mass of 500 kg and less the increase is 20% of the carrying aircraft cost, with a mass of 2000 kg and more the increase is 40%, with a mass from 500 to 2000 kg the increase is calculated linearly from 20% to 40%.
  • Background images for the daily reward window have been updated.
  • The ability to change the order of crews in the hangar by dragging them with the cursor has been addd. To do this, simply drag the crewslot by the crew information block.
  • The window for placing vehicles into a crew slot has been changed:
    • The size of the block with crew information under a crew slot has been increased, since this information is more important in this window.
    • The flag of the current country has been removed.
    • The block with backups above the vehicle has been removed.
    • The background under the crew slots has been made darker so that the slots stand out better.
    • The legend block (vehicle name and qualification status) has been moved above the crew slots bar.
    • The cost of placing a vehicle into a crew slot during drag and drop has been moved under the slot bar, where the buttons are located when placing a vehicle into a slot normally.
  • The logic for notifying the player about the opportunity to upgrade crew skills has been changed. Now the notification will only appear if the player can upgrade the most expensive available skill by half a bar.
  • The reset of a selected spawn point when clicking on the map in the spawn window has been removed.
  • In battle in the spawn window, the style of the “Battle” button for vehicles that use a backup for respawning has been changed.
  • The player ground vehicle destruction replay no longer shows the incoming shot and the entire trajectory of the shell. Now, after losing a vehicle, the player only sees their destroyed vehicle and the hit that led to its loss.
  • The camera in the player vehicle destruction replay is now directed towards the player’s lost vehicle.
  • In the spawn window, the color of the crew information (crew position number and crew level) has been made more transparent and less bright.
  • It is now possible to drag a vehicle from the research window to a crew slot even if that vehicle is already in a crew slot. A message describing that the vehicle is already in a crew slot and that it can be moved or removed will appear when doing this.
  • A bug where the crew index was not displayed in the window for placing vehicles into an available crewslot has been fixed.
  • A bug where the backup icon was not shown in the spawn window on the battle button if the player activated a universal backup and cancelled the respawn has been fixed.
  • A bug where there was no button for collapsing the action panel in battle for aircraft if the only action in the slotbar was the visual selector of secondary weapons has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the list of secondary weapons to go beyond the screen size when making a preset in the Secondary weapons menu has been fixed.
  • A bug where it was impossible to move the camera while spectating after being destroyed in a plane or helicopter as the last vehicle has been fixed.
  • A bug where it was not possible to press on the remove vehicle from crew slot button on a controller has been fixed.
  • In replays in Sensor view mode, the display range of markers has been increased to 100 km. Marker detail ranges have also been increased.
  • A hint has been added when trying to launch an ATGM or AGM outside of the launch zone on aircraft.
  • Carpathians — a bug that caused some bushes to keep reappearing after falling has been fixed. (Report[community.gaijin.net]).
  • In air conquest missions, the spawn height for aircraft has been increased, taking into account the mission landscape.
Appearance and Achievements
  • The Brown camouflage for modern German vehicles is now automatically selected only for urban locations. Only the Tricolor desert camouflage will remain tied to desert locations.
Patch notes reflect only key changes, meaning they may not include a complete list of all improvements made. Additionally, War Thunder is constantly being updated and some changes may not require an update. Changes reflected in patch notes are formed by taking reactions and requests of the community from the bug reporting service[//], forums and other official platforms into account. Bug fixes and changes are implemented in order of importance, for example a game-breaking bug will be worked on and implemented sooner.