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A special forces helicopter originating from the commercial model offers mind-blowing agility and a lethal arsenal of weapons!

AH-6M, attack helicopter, USA, rank VI Features:
  • Perfect handling and speed
  • Thermal vision
  • Hellfire II missiles
  • Very vulnerable

AH-6M is a new attack helicopter that will land in the US hangars with the release of the upcoming major update. The mean Little Bird with its perfect handling and excellent armament will definitely become the new favorite of the most skilled War Thunder pilots!

The AH-6M will be one of the lightest and most compact helicopters in the game. With a take-off weight of just over 2 tons, the machine has a very powerful Allison T63-A series engine with a 650 hp thrust. The helicopter smoothly and quickly accelerates to the speed of over 240 km/h, maneuvers perfectly and is able to instantly hide behind trees and buildings or duck in the terrains.

Right out of the box, the pilot will have at their disposal, rifle-caliber “miniguns” and Hydra unguided rockets in 2x19 pods. This weapon is enough to start mastering close-range combat in mixed battles and hone any piloting skill. After several battles, pilots will be able to improve the engine and rotor, research thermal vision devices, high-caliber machine gun pods and small APKWS II missiles that can be used against light targets from distances up to 5 km. The pinnacle of the AH-6M arsenal will be the excellent Hellfire II ATGMs with a tandem warhead, capable of wiping out any tank in the battlefield. Hellfires will allow pilots to try new tactics with flanking an enemy group, hunting for enemy helicopters, and so on. All in all, Little Bird offers a really good variety of combat tactics poured with liters of adrenaline!

The disadvantages of the helicopter are obvious from its design - huge windshield and light weight with no any armor either for the pilots or for the engine and tanks. Researchable body armor might protect the brave crew only from a pair of rifle-caliber bullets. Any burst towards the helicopter from a heavy machine gun or autocannon almost always means a quick return to the hangar.

The AH-6M Little Bird and other amazing new vehicles are waiting for you in the first War Thunder major update of 2023. Follow the news and be the first to know about the most interesting content from the update! Stay tuned!

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