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The ‘National Day’ of the People's Republic of China is one of the main national holidays celebrated in China annually on the 1st October.

We heartily celebrate our Chinese players and wish you good luck both in life and in the game!

From October 1st (09:00 GMT) till October 4th (07:00 GMT)

play 3 battles in Chinese vehicles (from rank II, activity 70% and above) to get the unique «Huabiao» decal.

«Huabiao» decal

Monitor your progress by clicking Nickname → Achievements → National Day, China.

M4A4 (1st PTG) hits the shelves!

Download Wallpaper: 1920x1080

The Premium
M4A4 (1st PTG)
medium tank from the Chinese tech tree is now available for Golden Eagles!

Learn more about the design, battle usage and tips in the article on our War Thunder Wiki.

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