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Known Bugs

New vehicles in update may have inaccuracies in characteristics, armour and weaponry settings.

The armour model for new ground vehicles in update is “work in progress” for adjustment and improvement.

Some new aircraft lack c*ckpits.

Some ground vehicles lack a visible crew.

There may be a lack of localization for some equipment.

No sound played on some events.

Some aircraft may have inaccuracies in the Damage Model, missing fuel, oil and water leaks, armour materials

Su-25T - incorrect green highlight mode remains in the Mercury targeting pod.

Radars of the new aircraft are work in progress.

French ships use Late 298 as the scout plane placeholder.

VBCI-2/MCT30 - the scheme of armour and internal modules isn’t final.

New vehicles

Ground vehicles






Pz.38(t) n.A.



Object 435

Great Britain




Type 87 RCV (P)



Object 211




AMX-30 Au F1



Sherman III/IV

CV 9030 FIN


Magach Hydra

Magach 6B Gal










Great Britain

Wirraway - model has been updated




Tornado ADV


Mirage 2000 5F

Lancaster MR.7

PBY-5A Late (premium)





AH-1G — c*ckpit has been updated


BO 105 CB-2 — c*ckpit has been updated


Kа-50, Kа-52 —
crew ejection feature has been added


AH-1S Early — model has been replaced by the AH-1E model.


HKP9A — c*ckpit has been updated

HKP9A (FC) — c*ckpit has been updated


Tzefa A — c*ckpit has been updated

Tzefa B — c*ckpit has been updated






Great Britain

HMS Daring




Closed Beta Testing of the French Navy has begun






Le Malin

Jeanne d'Arc




New locations and missions

New location for combined battles “Iberian Castle”.

New location for naval battles “Franz Josef Land”.

Snowy trees in winter versions of the Poland, Maginot Line, and Bulge locations have been fixed.

The behaviour of bushes when they’re being trampled or shot through has been fixed.

Air AB:

Two missions of the new type, Air Conquest, have been added on two locations: Israel and Smolensk. Mission rules:

There are three capture zones in the mission: a small central air zone and two airfield zones on the sides of the central zone

There is ground support in the mission as in the “assault” missions and the models and placing of the ground vehicles depend on the battle rank.

There are bases for bombing in the mission which spawn 15 seconds after being destroyed.

Player aircraft respawns are not as high as in Assault missions and the number of respawns has been reduced.

Bomber respawns are higher than respawns for fighters and closer to the centre of the mission (in normal assault missions bomber respawns are further from the centre of the mission than fighters).

Location and mission updates

Single missions and historical campaign

Multiple bug fixes in single missions and historical campaigns.

In the historical campaign, naval vessel models have been replaced with more detailed ones. In this regard some edits have been made to the mission balance.

Enduring Confrontation

Transferred some of the missions that remained in the old format to the new one (changing the mission grid from 7x7 to 8x8 cells, increasing the total mission space by expanding the grid, new positions for airfields to make the distances between them larger):



Khalkhin Gol




Winter Stalingrad

Tunis. Also increased the number of possible positions of airfields.

Port Moresby. Also the mission has been rotated by 45 degrees relative to the previous version to make the ratio of sea to land squares for each team about the same.

In all missions for aircraft “Enduring Confrontation” low, medium and pre-top ranks will now use WWII aircraft carrier models. German aircraft carriers will now use Japanese aircraft carriers. For top ranks all nations still use the Forrestal.

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

The formula for the interaction of tracked and wheeled chassis with surfaces has been refined. In practice, this refinement will mainly affect the lateral grip of a chassis on strongly inclined surfaces and will make it difficult to occupy positions that were not meant to be reached by design.

Challenger 2 (2F) - Small gaps in hull roof armour at the join of armour plates has been fixed.

Chieftain Marksman - A bug of radar antenna not pointing vertically has been fixed (report).

Comet I (All versions) - A bug due to which fragments and bullets could pierce the sides of the gun mantlet has been fixed (report).

Ferdinand, Elefant - A bug which consisted in damage of stern ammo if armour was not pierced has been fixed (report).

Flakpanzer 341 - The breech sections of the guns have been divided into separate modules (report).

Leopard 2A4 (All versions) - A bug due to which shrapnel and bullets could pierce under the gun mantlet has been fixed (report).

M47 - The Incorrect placement of ammo racks in the turret has been fixed. Source: TM 9-2350-200-12

M60 AMBT - A bug where one of the ammo racks could be damaged without breaking through the armour has been fixed (report).

Merkava Mk.4 LIC - A bug that caused a grid to be displayed in commanders sight camera has been fixed.

Pz.III N - The commander's DM protruding through the roof of the commander's cupola has been fixed (report)

QN506 - Discrepancy between the visual model and armour of the lower front part of the hull has been fixed.

Sd.Kfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41) - A bug due to which the commander's DM did not match the visual model has been fixed (report).

TAM 2IP - A gap in the armour above the gun mantlet has been fixed (report).

Type 59 - A gap in the armour between the gun mantlet and the turret has been fixed (report)

Type 90, Type 90 (B) - A bug due to which shrapnel and bullets could pierce the turret has been fixed (report).

Vickers Mk.7 - A bug due to which shrapnel and bullets could pierce the turret has been fixed.

BM-31-12 - A bug due to which a high launcher elevation view in the camera of the gunner’s historical sight could be blocked by the vehicle’s structural elements has been fixed (report)

IS-1, IS-2 - The design angle of the armour of the lower frontal part of the hull has been changed from 24 to 30 degrees (report).

T-28, Т-28E - A bug due to which some of the ammo racks could be damaged without breaking through the armour has been fixed (report).

T-28 (all modifications) - A bug due to which fragments and bullets could pierce the turret ring of small towers has been fixed.

T-34-85, T-34-85E, T-34-85 Gai, Phòng không T-34, Т-34-100 - The structure of the fuel tanks has been adjusted. Sources: Руководство по материальной части танка Т-34. 1949. // Engineering Analysis of the Russian T34/85 Tank (report).

WZ1001(E) LCT - A gap in the armour under the gun mantlet has been fixed.

ZTZ96A, ZTZ96A (P) — A bug due to which shrapnel and bullets could pierce the turret ring has been fixed (report).

Jagdtiger - a bug in protection of the lower front hull plate has been fixed that made it possible to pierce the bottom part of the plate with shells of low armour penetration.

9М112, 9М113, 9М117, 9М117M1, 9М119, 9М119M1, 9М133, 9М133FM3, 9M114, 9M120, 9M120F-1, 9M220O, 3М7, MGM-51B, MGM-51C, MP ACRA, MIM-146, TOW, I-TOW, TOW-2, TOW-2A, MILAN, MILAN-2, HOT, HOT-2, 302 ATGM, HJ-9, GP105, GP125, HJ-73E, Type-79, ZT3A1, ZT3A2, Roland-1, Roland-2, Roland-3, RB-70, RB 70 Mk.2, BOLIDE — switched to a new physical aiming model.

SU-152 — A gap in the armour between the roof and the front part of the combat compartment has been fixed (report).

Т-80 — Colour of modules in X-Ray view has been corrected (report).

КВ-1E, KV-IB, Object 248 — Colour of shells in X-Ray view has been fixed.

L3/33 CC — A bug because of which the gunner's sight was absent in X-Ray view has been fixed.

AMX-30, AMX-30 (1972) — armour element covering gunner’s sight aperture has been added (report).

ZTZ99A — A bug where the front fuel tank could receive damage without armour penetration has been fixed (report).

Tiran 4S — A bug where fragments and bullets could pierce the turret ring has been fixed (report).

Churchill NA75 — Armour gaps in the area of machine gun nest have been fixed (report).

Type 4 Ho-Ro - The order of ammunition consumption has been clarified. Number of shots has been changed from 28 to 24. Source: Report.

BMD-4, BMP-3 - A bug with lack of jamming of the 30 mm automatic cannons on overheating has been fixed.

Skink - Vertical guidance angles have been changed from -4,5/+77 to -5/+80 degrees. The weight has been changed from 28600 to 27600 kg. Source.

M19A1 (all) - The weight has been changed from 17500 to 18670 kg. Source.

M50 - Reverse speed has been changed from 7,88 to 16,2 km/h. Source.

XM803 - Traverse speed has been changed from 36 to 42 and vertical guidance speed has been changed from 20 to 42. Source: Operator’s Instruction Manual, Tank, Combat, Full Tracked: 152 mm Gun/Launcher XM803

Object 268 - The order of ammunition consumption has been clarified.

Centurion Mk.I - Maximum speed has been changed from 37 to 38 km/h. Source.

SARC Mk VI (all) - armour scheme has been clarified. Thickness has been revised.

Turret front: 30 - > 20

Hull rear: 10 -> 14

Hull sides: 8 - > 16

Hull top: 5 - > 10


OTOMATIC - Engine power value has been changed from 830 to 1100 hp. Source.

Type 64 - Weight of the vehicle has been changed from 24000 to 22000 kg. Source.

ST-A3 - A gap in the armor of the commander's cupola has been removed (report).

StuG III F - A bug because of which the left side ammo could be damaged without armor penetration has been fixed (report).

Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:


25mm ADEN 25 cannon —
The weight of the cannon has been changed from 198 to 130 kg.

30mm ADEN Mk.4 cannon — The weight of the cannon has been changed from 150 to 87 kg.

bomb — The weight of the bomb has been changed from 10 to 7 kg. Source: “German explosive ordnance (bombs, fuzes, rockets, land mines, grenades and igniters)”.

SLAP and SLAP-T ammo—
Ammo belt icons have been fixed.

НАР FFAR Mighty Mouse — Missile weight has been changed from 8 to 8.98 kg and explosive weight has been changed from 0.89 to 0.91 kg. Source: “TM-43-0001-30 Rockets, Rocket Systems, Rocket Fuzes, Rocket Motors (December 1981)”.

3000 lbs M118 Demolition
bomb — Tritonal explosive weight has been changed from 856.4 to 898.8 kg. Source: “TM-9-1325-200/TO 11-1-28”.

bomb — Weight of explosives has been changed from 36.02 to 49.93 kg.

Separate bomb drop has been added for the aircraft using the following bombs: 100pn AN-M30A1 bomb, 250pn AN-M57 bomb, 10kg SD10C bomb, 50kg SC50JA bomb, 50kg D.T. No.2 bomb, 50kg G.A. MMN bomb, 100kg No.1 bomb, 100kg 100/50 G.P , GP 50T bomb, 100kg SAP 100M bomb, 100kg GP 100T bomb, 160kg A.P 160 bomb, 60kg Type 97 Number 6 HEbomb, 100kg Army Type 94 HE bomb, 100kg FAB-100M-43 bomb, 50kg FAB-50 bomb, 100kg FAB-100 bomb, 50-kg mb m/37AT bomb, 50kg sb m/42 bomb. G.P. 250 lb Mk.IV bomb, M.C. 250 lb Mk.I bomb.

QJK99 machine gun — Information displayed on the ammunition “AP incendiary bullet with bursting shell” has been fixed.

9M127, 9M114, 9M120, 9M14-2, 9М17M, 9M17P, 9M123, I-TOW, TOW-2, HJ-8A, HJ-8C, HJ-8E, HJ-8H, HOT, HOT-2, HOT-3, AS-12 — switched to a new physical aiming model.

Kh-25, Kh-25ML, Kh-29L, Kh-29T, AS.34, AS-30L Nord, PARS 3 LR, AGM-62A, AGM-62A ER, GBU-8, GBU-15(V)1/B, KAB-500Kr, KAB-500L, LS-500J, TS250, BGL-400, BGL-1000, Mk.13, Mk.18, GBU-24 Paveway III, GBU-10 Paveway II, GBU-12 Paveway II, GBU-16 Paveway II — flight model has been corrected, autopilot has been improved.

CCRP display has been added for guided bombs.

Assault bombs have been added for the following aircraft:

Mk 82 Snakeye:

A-10A, A-10A Late, F-16A, F-5A, F-5C, F-5E, F-4C Phantom II, F-4E Phantom II, F-100D, F-4F Early, F-4F, F-16AJ, F-4EJ, F-4EJ ADTW, F-4EJ Kai, F-16 MLU, F-5A (China), F-5E (China), SAAB-105G, Netz, Kurnass, Kurnass 2000, F-105D,

Mk 81 Snakeye, Mk 82 Snakeye:

A-6E Tram, F-8E, A-7D, A-7E, A-7K, F-4J Phantom II, F-4S Phantom II, A-4B, A-4E Early, AV-8A, AV-8C, A-1H, A-4E (Israel), Ayit

OFAB-250SH, FAB-500SH:

MiG-29 (Germany), Su-22UM3K (Germany), Su-25, Su-25K, MiG-29, MiG-27M, MiG-27K, Su-17M2, Su-17M4, Su-22M3, Yak-141

1000pn Mk.13 №117:

Tornado GR.1,Harrier GR.1,
Harrier GR.3, Sea
Harrier FRS.1,
Harrier GR.7, Phantom FGR.2, Phantom FG.1, F-4J(UK) Phantom II, Jaguar GR.1, Jaguar GR.1A, Buccaneer S.1, Buccaneer S.2


J-8B, Q-5A, A-5C

250-4, 500-4:

J-7E, J-7D, Q-5L

Mk 83 AIR:

Tornado IDS, Tornado IDS ASSATA1

Mk 82 AIR, Mk 83 AIR:

F-14A Early

Mk 83 AIR:

Tornado IDS

250 kg Type 25 200, SAMP Mk 82 250 Snakeye:

Mirage 2000D-R1

250 kg Type 25 200:

Mirage 2000C-S5

250 kg Type 25 200, 400 kg Type 21 200:

Mirage IIIC, Mirage IIIE, Shahak, Mirage 5F, Mirage F1C, Mirage F1CT, Mirage F1C-200, Milan, Jaguar A, Jaguar E

SAMP Mk 82 250 Snakeye:

Nesher, Kfir C.2, Kfir Canard, Kfir C.7, A-4H, A-4E Early (M)

Su-25 (all modifications), Su-17 (all modifications)
, Su-22 (all modifications), MiG-27 (all modifications), MiG-23 (all modifications) — Suspended fuel tank has been added to the armament nomenclature.

Tornado GR.1 — PGM-500 and PGM-2000 bombs have been added to the armament nomenclature.


A-6M - sight magnification has been corrected from 3.0х-126.0х to 10х-19х, FOV has been increased from 120 to 180 degree.

AH-1F, AH-1S - targeting angles of the 20mm M197 cannon have been corrected from +/- 115 horizontal and -50/+25 vertical to +/-110 horizontal and -50/+21 vertical. Source: TM 55-1520-236-10 - 1990 - Operator's Manual Army Model AH-1S (PROD), AS-1S (ECAS), AS-1S (Modernized Cobra) Helicopters )

F-4 Phantom II (all modifications) - launch limit for missiles and bombs has been corrected from Mach 1.01 to Mach 1.1. A bug has been fixed where the landing gear wheels went through the Zuni rocket pods.

FJ-4B, FJ-4B VMF-232 - Zuni rocket pods have been added.

F-16AJ - pilot model has been changed to Japanese.

Lancaster (all modifications) - the number of gunners in the info cards and in the crew skill list has been fixed.

Tornado (all modifications), Buccaneer S.2, SAAB AJ37, MiG-21 SPS-K, AV-8A - a bug has been fixed that allowed disabling of flares as a modification, while the flare pod is installed in the secondary weapons menu.

TBF-1C, Avenger Mk.I - the belt of the forward .50 Browning machine guns has been changed to have the M8 round. The 2,000 lb AN-M66 and 1,600 lb AN-MK1 armour piercing bombs have been added.

Pe-2 - starting from series 110, bombs have been changed to M-43.

P-51A Mustang - 100 lb AN-M30A1, 250 lb AN-M57, 300 lb H.E. M31, and 500 lb AN-M64A1 bombs have been added.

TBF-1C - the crew number has been corrected from 3 to 4.

TBD-1 - 1,000 lb bomb has been added.

SBD-3 - 500 lb bomb has been added.

SB2C-5 - 2,000 lb AN-M66A2 bomb has been added.

F9F-2, F9F-5 - 250 lb AN-M57 bomb has been added.

Hunter F.6, Hunter FGA.9 - the HVAR, 60 lb S.A.P, 25lb AP rockets have been added.

A-7K - position of the 250 and 500 lb bombs on the outermost pylons has been fixed.

S.O.4050 Vautour IIN - the odd fuel tank has been removed in xray mode.

Z-19 (all modifications) / Z-10 - “Flares/chaff” modification has been changed to “MAW”.

I-153 - order of the bomb drop has been corrected.

A21A-3 - the aircraft can no longer have rockets alongside bombs (report). Separate rocket launch has been revoked. Source: Förarinstruktion 21A (1948), Kungliga Flygförvaltningen, N. Söderberg/Claes Sparre, стр.102)

IL-2M (1943) - FAB-100 and FAB-250 bombs have been changed to FAB-100M-43b and FAB-250M-43

Bf 109G-6, Bf 109G-10 - a bug has been fixed where the selected 30mm MK 108 cannon was not displayed in xray mode.

Lahatut - cyclic pitch control lever of the gunner has been removed in xray mode.

F-100A — AIM-9E missile has been added.

Mi-35M — free setup of 9М114 х2 missiles has been added.

Kа-52, AH-64D, AH Mk.1 — added the selection of moving targets mode to the radar.

Tornado F.3 — Radar has been changed to the AI.24 Foxhunter Stage 2G.

AJ37 — CCRP mode for the bomb armament has been added.

Etendard IVM - 250 kg Type 25, SAMP 400 kg Type 21 bombs have been added to the suspended weaponry types.

Mirage 2000D-R1, Mirage 2000C-S5 - Night vision goggles have been added

Su-25 (all modifications) — Crew ejection system has been added.

MiG-27M — Crew ejection system has been added.

MiG-23 (all modifications) — Crew ejection system has been added.

T-2, T-2 Early, F-1 - Separate bomb drop has been added.

Resolution of the second generation night vision device has been improved.

Secondary weapon customization added to aircraft:

A.109EOA-2, A21A-3, Bf 110 C-7, Bf 110 F-2, Bf 110 G-2, Bf 110 G-4, BO 105 CB-2, BO 105 PAH-1, BO 105 PAH-1A1, IAR 316B, F3H-2, F4U-7, F7F-3, F11F-1, F-100A (China), F-100D, F-100D (France), FJ-4B, FJ-4B VMF-232, G.91 pre-serie, G.91 R/1, G.91 R/3 (Germany), G.91 R/4, J-6A, Mystere IVA, Hornet Mk.I, Hornet Mk.III, Hunter F.6, Hunter FGA.9, M.D.450B Barougan, M.D.450B Ouragan, M.D.450B Ouragan (Israel), P-51D-5, P-51D-10, P-51D-20 (China), P-51D-20-NA (Israel), P-51D-30, P-51H-5-NA, P-51K (China), SA.341F Gazelle, SA.342M Gazelle, Sa'ar, Sambad, Scimitar F Mk.1, Super Mystere B2, TBD-1, Wyvern S.4, Be-6, IL-2 (Germany), IL-2 (1941), IL-2 (1942), IL-2М (1943), IL-2 M-82, IL-2M “Avenger”, IL-2М Type 3, Mi-4AV, MiG-19PT, MiG-19S, Pe-2-1, Pe-2-31, Pe-2-83, Pe-2-110, Pe-2-205, Pe-2-359, Pe-3 (early), Pe-3, Pe-3bis, Su-7B, Su-7BKL, Su-7BMK,
Etendard IVM

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

Naval weaponry:

Reloading on a captured point has been reworked. — ammunition of the non automatic artillery now replenishes in batches, instead of shell after shell. The number of rounds in a batch depends on the maximum capacity of the ammo stowage.

USS Candid — a bug has been fixed due to which the mortars were unable to reload.

USS Nevada — a bug with incorrect catapult launch of the scout plane has been fixed.

HMS Abdiel — a bug with overestimated gun spread has been fixed.

Duguay-Trouin — 75mm HE round with a base fuse has been added.

Mark 108 Weapon Alpha — engine characteristics and the drag have been adjusted to correct the trajectory.

Saetta P-494 — fixed an error when launching the Nettuno missile with a high elevation angle against distant targets that caused the missile to collide with the water surface soon after launch.

Nettuno — Rocket engine operation mode parameters and air resistance have been specified. The weight of explosives in the missile’s warhead has been reduced to 6 kg.

Naval modifications and crew skills:

HMS Norfolk — smokescreen modification has been added.

RN Dante Alighieri — smokescreen modification has been revoked, spent RP points and game currency will be refunded.

RN Attilio Regolo — “Anto-Air Targeting” modification has been removed, since the ship lacks this weapon group. Spent RP points and game currency will be refunded. “Auxiliary Guns Targeting” modification has been added instead.

Freccia P-493 — a bug has been fixed that prevented torpedo depth setup in RB mode. Also, switching between torpedo tubes and 40mm guns now available in the armament selector, i.e. player is able to choose between them both in the hangar and in battle.

Naval characteristics, physics and damage model:

Propeller shafts are separated into independent modules. Now they have their own functionality and damage model: the propeller shaft pairs with the specific engine room and operates as a part of it. If the shaft is damaged, the ship loses speed in proportion to the force generated by this shaft. If there is no damage to the engine room, the maximum speed will still drop until the shaft is repaired. For now, shafts are separated only on battleships. With each new upcoming update, other vessels will also receive separate shafts.

The damage model for battleships has been improved - the crew of a battleship is now distributed mainly in the citadel. Modules covered with armour are now of great value. A situation where significant losses might be inflicted on the crew located outside the armour protected area in auxiliary calibre mounts, on or below the upper deck has been fixed. Now another battleship or battlecruiser can deal serious one-time damage to a battleship if it successfully penetrates its armour and hits the most important internal modules. Note that this approach more clearly demonstrates the tactics of battle on battleships: choosing the distance to the enemy, choosing the angle by which the ship's hull is turned, etc. And let us recall that the losses in the ship's crew show not only and not so much the "killed and wounded", but, mainly, people who have lost the opportunity to perform their combat duties. The crew is always tied to a specific module, such as a boiler room, gun, or gun mount. A disabled mount is conditionally equal to the loss of its entire crew, before replenishment and repair.

Damage models of the torpedo bulges have been fixed — a bug fixed that allowed a bulge to take multiple torpedo hits.

IJN Tone — a bug has been fixed where the internal anti-torpedo bulkhead was displayed in front of the external one. Position of the engines has been corrected in xray mode. A bug has been fixed that prevented highlighting of the rudder armour.

HMS Daring — a bug has been fixed where torpedo tubes did not rotate in xray mode.

Dugauy-Trouin — position of the plotting room has been corrected, also the position of ammo and fuse magazines. The shape of the magazines and rudder room armour has been corrected.

IJN Mogami — size of the stern magazines for the main guns has been corrected.

HMS Tiger — size and position of magazines have been corrected, central director rooms have been added.

USS Arizona — thinning-out gradient of the main armour belt has been widened.

MN Aigle — interference of the torpedoes with torpedo tube doors has been fixed.

IJN Fuso — interference of the conning tower with its own armour has been fixed where it was possible to damage it with any weapon without penetration.

USS Newport News (CA-148) — ammo stowages of the auxiliary and AA guns have been redistributed. 76mm and 20mm ammo are grouped into separate ammo stowage.

SMS Bayern — shape and thickness of the lower part of the main turret barbettes, as well as protection of the duct under the stern main turret have been corrected.

SKR-7 — interaction of shells with the stern air duct hoods has been corrected.

HMS Diana — a bug has been fixed where the fire control turret crew remain stationary while the turret rotates.

IJN Hyuga — interference of the conning tower with its own armour has been fixed. Radio room is now smaller and located in one area in the bow superstructure.

HMS Southampton (C83) — fixed the type of armour of the deck part above the aft main stowage.

Krasniy Kavkaz — heeling of the ship in a turn has been adjusted.

MS-53 — a bug has been fixed where the torpedo stabilisers protruded from the rear doors of the torpedo tubes.

Type T-51a, Type T-51b — hull material has been changed from steel to wood.

Pfeil — fixed a bug that caused incorrect averaging of the boat's maximum speed in Arcade naval battles.


HMS Nepal - the country affiliation of the ship has been changed (HMS -> HMAS)

Z47 - year of construction has been changed to “project”.

Missed numbers have been added to Royal Navy vessels.


The lead point calculation indicator has been shifted to the side so as not to block the distance to the target in binoculars at certain angles and in zoom.

Operation of multiple tooltips has been reworked:

Battle tooltips for survivability, ammo, etc. have been moved to the left side of the screen (toward the game chat window) and made smaller. Almost all hints on the purpose of the keys have been moved from the battle to the loading screen and to the hangar.

Battle tooltips about repairs and floods with the assigned key have been added. They also appear more remote from the main interface and disappear over time or by pressing the appropriate key.

All battle tooltips which had a long wording have been rephrased into more concise form.

A situation where the screen could display many hints on the same topic at the same time has been fixed. For example about critical roll, caulking and ship sinking. Now they are sorted according to their importance. The clue that includes other processes of the same order will be demonstrated.

All hints that can be seen on the loading screen will be now duplicated in the hangar, in the search window of the game session.

The training system for new players have been reworked:

Help for assigned keys, events, and abilities has been added, It will be shown more proportionally, no more than two or three tips/hints per battle. Displayed will be only the information which a new player needs and the function has not been used yet.

The loading screens for the first naval battles have been redesigned to include up-to-date and visual information on targets and missions.

The control help window (F1) has been redesigned - all information has been updated.

Help on the orientation in the hangar between the first battles has been added.

Help for modifications and ammo has been added.

Dynamic training for blue water ships control has been integrated in the first sea battle.

Economy and research

PT-76 (China) - The tank will be hidden (in two weeks from the major update release) from the Chinese ground vehicles tree and will be not available for research. Vehicle will be added to the group with the new unit from this update - the Object 211 and will remain with players who have researched and purchased this unit.

Changes after the first iteration of the DEV server:

Type 87 RCV (P) — Stabiliser has been added. DM63 shell has been added. BR has been changed from 5.7 to 7.3 in all game modes and vehicle rank has been changed from IV to V.
BTR-80A - Belt with APDS shells has been added to the ammo. BR has been changed from 5.7 to 7.0 in all game modes and vehicle rank has been changed from IV to V.


Camouflage presets for the coastal fleet for all nations available for completing tasks and for purchase with GE have been added.


Control window for keyboard shortcuts, text symbols have been replaced with icons.

The visual style for showing keyboard buttons in tooltips has been updated.

Some of the tips above the action panel have been reduced in size and moved to the damage indicator in the ship’s HUD, so as not to block the view in the centre.

The server selection system has been improved. It now takes into account the user's ping to determine the best server cluster.

Game mechanics

The mechanics of the prohibited zones and detection zones near respawn points has been improved:

Highlighting of these zones on the minimap has been separated. Now when approaching any prohibited zone, only prohibited zones will be displayed on the minimap; and when approaching any detection zone, only detection zones.

The distance at which prohibited zones will be displayed has been changed from 100 to 50 m.

The distance at which detection zones will be displayed has been changed from 150 to 100 m.

A bug that caused the detection zone to be shown to the player 50m later than it was detected by that zone has been fixed.

A tooltip when being in the detection zone has been added.

New fortification mechanics — fortifications with different sets of guns have been added in the mission [Domination] “Franz Josef Land” that will provide cover for bases, fire at the enemy and give extra points when they are destroyed.


Flare effects have been updated.

The effect of exploding air-to-air missiles in the air has been updated.

The visual effect of oil leakage has been added.


All voice localizations of ground vehicle crews have been re-worked and also received a new command system.

Feature based on the dependence of the degree of tension of the situation around the vehicle: calm, medium tension, high tension. This change doesn’t apply to Israeli vehicles yet, but work is in progress. Also a separate voice localization for US vehicles is coming.

4 new voice localizations for ground vehicle crews have been added: Hungarian, English (Australia), Finnish and English (South Africa).

If a crew belongs to a sub-vehicle tree, for example Finnish, Vietnamese or any other and if the crew voice language in the settings is set to the country of the vehicle, it will be voiced accordingly.

Guns of ground vehicles now sound correctly when switching views from first and 3rd person. That is when firing from the first person view sounds an internal shot and external one which is muffled by the hull of the vehicle. Or not muffled in case of an open turret.

Sound of flying artillery shells (whistling, hissing) are now tied directly to the shells. Previously it was a backing sound for the duration of the artillery strike for those who received it.

The positioning of the engine sounds of ground vehicles has been improved and the range of their audibility to the players has been increased.


The internal data storage format of the control presets supplied with the game has been optimised. Presets themselves haven’t changed at this time. Please report possible issues or unexpected changes in control settings by attaching a machine.blk file or a settings backup created through the control settings menu.

12 months ago - Stona_WT - Direct link

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder in the website special section.

This time the list of improvements is smaller than usual: we’re very busy preparing the upcoming major update!

Please note that we are currently in the middle of testing the next major update La Royale. It will last until June 1st, 7:00 GMT. Learn more about participating on it on our forums.

Naval Hit Camera

We intended to release this improvement in the La Royale major update, but decided to hurry up with it to make your naval battles more comfortable ASAP. Now when you damage an enemy, the hit camera will display a dynamic water line, showing the depth, trim, and heel of the opposing ship. And then you’ll make your next volley based on that information. Knowledge is power!

Incognito Mode

We added an option to hide the players’ nicknames that will likely prove useful to the streamers and vloggers. The necessity for such an option arose due to the game’s cross-platform multiplayer that allows people with Gaijin.Net accounts to participate in the same battles with Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live users. Our partner platforms have their own rules regarding what’s acceptable in nicknames, and sometimes the players’ nicknames contain words that streaming services might have an issue with.

Now if you choose to replace other players’ nicknames with numerical UserIDs or automatically generated names, such an issue won’t even be a possibility. You can do that by going into the “Main Parameters” menu and then “Privacy and Confidentiality”.

Note that this renames the players only for you: our moderators and GMs will be able to find violators of the rules even with their nicknames changed.

Hold Your Fire

We disabled automatic fire for the main calibre guns of blue water ships. This decision was made for two reasons.

First, the automatic behaviour of the main calibre sometimes got in the way of players who switched temporarily to another weaponry group: after they returned to the main calibre, they were disappointed to see that it was turned in a direction they didn’t expect. WIth AI disabled, the main calibre should always point in the same direction as you left it.

Second, some unscrupulous players used the AI to take over the main calibre permanently, effectively putting the ship on autopilot while they were idling on the secondary calibre. That was unsportsmanlike, and unfair to the players who actively participated in the naval battles.

That’s Not All

You’ll find the full list of improvements in the separate changelogs that we have released during the past couple of weeks — there are many interesting things there. Animation of depth bomb replenishment should now work correctly, the errors that prevented players from choosing countermeasures on aircrafts were fixed, as well as several button conflicts on gamepads, and finally, battle tasks will now be displayed in the correct order: from easy to special ones.

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.