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Hello everyone. :blush: Here are today’s hotfixes for Shadowlands:

NOVEMBER 15, 2021


  • Creating a class trial character on an account without the Shadowlands expansion will now correctly place the character on the tutorial airship.


  • Hunter
    • Fixed an issue where Death Chakram (Necrolord Ability) was not generating Focus or increasing damage per bounce.
    • Survival
      • Muzzle no longer requires a melee weapon to be used.
  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • Fixed an issue that allowed Vile Taint (Talent) to slow enemies that are immune to slow effects.


  • Soulbinds
    • Fixed an issue where Fatal Flaw (Nadjia the Mistblade) was not appropriately granting Critical Strike.

Items and Rewards

  • Korthian Accessory will now contain trinkets more often.

Korthia and the Maw

  • The Tormentors of Torghast bosses Algel the Haunter, Sentinel Shakorzeth, and Zul’gath the Flayer can now appear when the forces of Mort’regar assault the Tremaculum.


  • The Weathered Supply Crate for the quest “Light Camera Action” no longer has a level requirement to open.
  • Removed the level requirement on collecting Pet Supplies for “The Coast is Clear.”
  • Fixed an issue where Horde players were unable to reliably skip “The Battle for Broken Shore.”

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