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06 Aug

Yeah, the DB got into a bad state and that usually manifests as blank character selection screen, issues loading onto a character, and then trouble “saving” your character in-game like when you get loot, turn in a quest, etc.

We’ve made some initial fixes that seem to be helping, and we’ll continue to monitor and fix. If you were having problems earlier I’d recommend trying again now.

There is a problem on the database side, which we are investigating and actively working to resolve. Apologies for the problems in the meantime. If you are running into this problem we would advise to waiting on the character selection/character loading screen instead of closing and re-opening constantly.

05 Aug

The character wipe is complete, the Beta has been updated to the latest build, and testers can now resume.

Known Issues

  • On first logging in, testers will not be able to make a Death Knight, Demon Hunter, or Allied Races character.
    • Until this is fixed, you can make a level 50 template, log in to that character, and then log out. You should then have full access to create any classes or race.
  • After doing a character copy, you should begin with the quest “A Chilling Summons” to avoid potential difficulties.
  • Some Demon Hunter player-characters may have missing facial features.
    • This may be fixable by going to a barber shop and changing your tattoos.
  • Forthcoming adjustments to heirloom bonuses...
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The WoW Engineering Team would like to celebrate a special milestone with you.

First, here’s some quick background. Whenever we want to make a change, implement a feature, or fix a bug in the World of Warcraft code, we author the change on our local computer, have it reviewed by our peers, then commit the change to the World of Warcraft code repository. Each commit is given a sequential and unique ID, which allows it to be referenced and tracked as it works its way into an expansion, patch, or hotfix. These IDs have been increasing, from the number 1, since the moment the very first lines of code were committed to the fledgling game project that would eventually become World of Warcraft.

We are excited to share that we recently committed the 1,000,000th change to the WoW codebase! In addition to being an awesome decimal landmark, this puts us within striking distance (only 48,576 commits away) of being able to report WoW’s total code changes in mega-c...

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Leading into Shadowlands, the leveling experience will undertake a complete rehaul – the current max level 120 will be squished down to level 50, a new introductory excursion that will teach you the fundamentals of the new character that you created, and a new starting experience that will allow you to select an expansion to level through and experience its full story.

Heirlooms and other experience gained bonuses were originally introduced as a quick fix for alts to not have to spend over 100 hours leveling. With the revamped leveling experience, you can look forward to reaching the new max level more than twice as fast than before. With the quicker leveling experience, the fundamental problem to the long leveling process has been solved and we found that the...

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Not a Blizzard bias. :wink: It’s the priest in me. Sorry about that. It was added shortly after noticing the Paladin set was missing in the listing yesterday.

Good morning!

There are competing theories about what happened. One is that Saurfang overslept. Another has to do with the gates on Pagle having particularly stuck hinges.

Nonetheless, we think it’s now fixed and the 13 Hour War is over on Pagle.

Never forget.

C'Thun Down

    Kaivax on Forums - Thread - Direct

Congratulations to the first guilds to kill C’Thun in this region:

Guild Realm Time
Onslaught Skeram 20:08 PDT
Fusion Incendius 20:31 PDT
Rise Netherwind 20:43 PDT

Very impressive!

Hotfix time :partying_face:

August 4, 2020

Player versus Player

  • This week’s Comp Stomp Brawl has been replaced with Temple of Hotmogu.
    • Developers’ note: We’ve identified some issues with Comp Stomp and have removed it from the rotation. Comp Stomp will return to the rotation in Shadowlands.

WoW Classic

  • The Blue Scepter Shard, Green Scepter Shard, and Red Scepter Shard quest items are now Epic quality.
    • Developers’ note: We’re changing the item quality on the Scepter Shard quest items to Epic (purple) so that they’ll be easier to distribute to the correct person in raids using Group Loot or Master Looter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused C’Thun within Temple of Ahn’Qiraj to inc...
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We cought this bug as soon as we saw it on the first realm in China last night.

We deployed a hotfix for it earlier, so the first raids in the Americas and Europe will see the encounter start as intended/expected.

Here are today’s hotfixes :slightly_smiling_face:

August 4, 2020
WoW Classic

  • The Blue Scepter Shard, Green Scepter Shard, and Red Scepter Shard quest items are now Epic quality.
    • Developers’ note: We’re changing the item quality on the Scepter Shard quest items to Epic (purple) so that they’ll be easier to distribute to the correct person in raids using Group Loot or Master Looter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused C’Thun within Temple of Ahn’Qiraj to incorrectly delay casting Eye Beam when engaging in combat.

Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth and WoW Classic. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. This list will be updated as additional hotfixes are applied.


July 9, 2020


  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • The mana cost of Shadow Bolt has been reduced by 25%.
      • The mana cost of Demonbolt has been reduced by 25%.
        • Developers’ note: Demonology Warlocks are running out of mana in prolonged fights when using high levels of Haste so we’re reducing the mana costs of their most frequent rotational spells.
      • ...
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04 Aug

I can confirm that the planned connections were completed about an hour ago:

  • The Drak’thul and Skywall realms have joined the Silvermoon and Mok’Nathal realms.
  • The Cairne and Perenolde realms have joined the Cenarius realm.
  • The Grizzly Hills and Lothar realms have joined the Malfurion and Trollbane realms.
  • The Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether realms have joined Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Company.

Since the launch of WoW Classic 12 months ago, we’ve been looking forward to this day with many of you. We watched along this morning as intrepid adventurers on five realms in this region completed the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline, went to Silithus along with hundreds of others, and rang the gong, starting the 10 Hour War.

Congratulations to the first few gong ringers on each realm:

Player name Guild Realm
Souffle Amnesty Sulfuras
Flashmob Limitless Sulfuras
Danaima Benediction Sulfuras
Varkings Onslaught Skeram
Örc Unstable Skeram
Aiggaa Fusion Incendius
Vyrcee Pretty Good Ince...
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Hey all, apologies for the last minute switch. We have a few things to work out with the battleground and have removed it from the rotation until Shadowlands.

During Beta maintenance tomorrow morning (August 5), we intend to delete all test characters in the Shadowlands Beta.

Once the Beta realms are live with the new build of the Shadowlands Beta, please copy your test character(s) over and start with the quest “A Chilling Summons”.

All of the means by which content can be skipped (flaskataurs) will also be removed.

Thank you!

With the completion of the War Effort and the ringing of the gong, the 20-player Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj and 40-player Temple of Ahn’Qiraj become available, luring adventurers into their depths to face the Qiraji—and ultimately, the Old God C’Thun.

The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj is an outdoor 20-player raid dungeon located in Silithus, and players can traverse much of it while mounted.

Raid Bosses: 6
Level: 60
Location: Kalimdor – Silithus
Players: 20
Raid Reset: 3 Days

No attunement is required to enter this raid du...

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We’ve heard your feedback on Shadow Priests and spent some time performing more extensive changes to the spec – including changes to baseline skills and talents. Most importantly, we’ve taken a deeper look at Void Form.

Void Form

Along with Insanity, Void Form was introduced in Legion as a central component of a Shadow Priest redesign that explored the fantasy of tapping into dark, mind-twisting void magic for temporary power. From a gameplay standpoint, this was expressed as building up Insanity, entering Void Form, then battling against decaying Insanity to prolong your time in this powerful state. This design has not been a clear winner for several players as we often receive feedback that people do not enjoy fighting the resource decay in order to inflict reasonable damage. On the other hand, we also hear from people who enjoy Void Form but feel it is not transformative enough. Over time, the design has proved problematic and Void...

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Currently watching along on Earthfury:

Two towns clash in this week's PvP Brawl—Southshore vs. Tarren Mill running July 7– 14.

Cooking Impossible PvP Brawl
Cooking Impossible
Resource Race

Nomi is hosting a Pandaren Chili Cookoff in the Valley of the Four Winds between the Alliance and the Horde! The first to bring Nomi all of the required ingredients wins.

  • February 4–11
  • June 9–16
  • October 13–20

Teeming Islands
Temple of Hotmogu
Resource Race

Enter the Temple of Kotmogu for this f...

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