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10s g'day it's been a while since I've done
13s it's been a while since I've done a
15s World of Warcraft video but I feel
17s inclined to put one together just a bit
20s of a for people who all-time subscribers
24s to this channel you might have
25s remembered way back in the day I used to
28s do something called musings videos which
30s is me just rambling about my thoughts of
32s some aspect of wow and I thought this is
35s an appropriate time to maybe talk about
37s what it's been like coming back to wow
39s because yes I have bought dragonflight I
44s am currently playing the pre-patch to
46s dragon fight having not played well for
49s probably coming up on two years now
52s and this is officially the longest time
54s that I have actually not played wow so
57s since vanilla since 2004 and yeah last
61s sort of one to two years I stopped
63s playing so I won't go into too much
65s detail about why I didn't play it it's
67s just it boils down to the essence of
71s shadowlands didn't gel with me and
73s that's all it is you know I mean gaming
76s is not always going to hit every single
78s button that you have and that you
81s require from a from a gaming experience
83s so that's just all it was
85s so I've been thinking a long time about
88s coming back to well because I do miss it
91s you know I've played other games I've
93s been playing a lot of new world lately
95s and there is that Nostalgia I will say
99s I played a little bit of the classic
102s wow and it wasn't what I remembered and
105s that sort of soured me a little bit to
109s the other the other classic expansions
112s so I I don't think I'm gonna go and play
114s rather than Lich King because that was
116s my favorite expansion very closely
118s followed by burning Crusade
121s and I don't think I want to Sully those
123s memories so I think we'll leave those
125s alone and I'm gonna we'll see how
127s dragonflight goes uh there's some things
130s that I'm very hopeful about but coming
133s back to well before the expansion during
136s the pre-patch where it's still
138s shadowlands content was probably in all
141s honesty a bit of a mistake I played for
143s a couple of days and I leveled in evoka
147s uh we'll talk about the evoker a little
149s bit in a second but it's still
153s shadowlands content
155s and I'm coming back thinking Hmm maybe I
159s should have waited I could have you know
162s I'm basically I've got a month of
164s subscription I only bought one month I
166s didn't I didn't sign up for a sub I
168s bought one month and that's it so it's
170s gonna end in December which is the first
173s time that I've only yeah it's the first
175s time I've done that like I've always had
177s a subscription I've I've bought
179s year-long subscriptions you know or
181s whatever the longest was back in the day
182s but now I'm less inclined to commit
186s myself to the game so
189s I feel like I'm going to waste a week of
191s my four weeks that I've got to play but
193s we'll see how it goes maybe I don't need
196s four weeks we'll see what happens
199s but generally speaking the the changes
203s that have come in
204s into the game are definitely uh
207s improvements there are quality of life
209s improvements still things missing
211s um things like some of the add-ons are
215s still required of course add-ons are
217s very much broken
219s a lot of them and a lot of the ones that
222s I really enjoyed using uh but I've
225s noticed that the user interface Now the
228s default user interface is highly
230s customizable there's a lot of
233s obviously add-on inspired changes that
236s have been brought in which are great and
239s we might actually have a reason to maybe
241s not
243s you know 100 use the default UI but
246s certainly to reduce the number of
249s add-ons which is great in terms of the
252s the load on on your loading screen
254s because the more add-ons you have of
257s course the slower your loading screen is
258s going to be so that's a plus I guess
262s the customization
264s for the character creation the DirecTV
267s is I think fantastic it's something that
270s I wish wow had had
273s much earlier
275s like far far sooner to now this is this
280s is one of the 10th expansion
282s is that right in patch 10.0 and it's
285s taken us this long to get to this point
288s of customization for characters but it
291s is great and I'm thankful to to see it
293s finally it's uh it's great great detail
297s and there's a lot of time to be wasted
300s not only at the character creation
303s screen but also when you inevitably
306s return to the barber for free
309s alterations thank you very much so not
312s only have they given us
313s immense customization with the track
316s there at least
317s it's also free so I have spent of my two
322s days that I was playing I've spent
324s um probably equivalent of maybe two or
327s three hours
328s like that long it probably took me
330s nearly
332s I've got to be at least 30 to 45 minutes
334s just creating my drug there and then I
338s have been a couple of times to the
341s barber since then and it's just good fun
343s you can save your customizations
346s the interface a little bit weird with
349s the the layout I probably would have
350s done maybe a a grid layout instead of
354s having this scrolling because I plan to
356s have a lot of variations and to have to
359s scroll through a massive list of them
360s all I really need to see is a picture of
363s the face I think so
364s maybe in one of the future patches they
366s might alter that a little bit but it's
368s nice to be able to save these
370s appearances for sure and did I mention
372s it's free
374s the challenge trees
376s can I just say
378s finally ah
382s I have missed quality talent trees you
386s know well I really have a choice and
388s what I like about these talent trees
390s which we didn't have in the early days
392s the the OG talent trees is there's more
397s options for avoiding cookie cutter
400s cookie cutter builds you know where back
403s in vanilla it was definitely you had to
405s have it was a 230 42 or whatever the the
408s three numbers were back in the day and
410s this time
412s it depends on the situation so I might
415s want just looking at the Avoca one which
417s is the only talent tree I've looked at
418s I'm saving my druid for the actual
420s release of dragonflight
423s um but just looking at some of the end
425s talents in the bass evoker
428s tree not the specialization tree but the
432s the base tree that both of them get
434s is is great if I want to have a little
439s bit more healing versatility I can
441s choose those if I want to have more
445s opportunity to troll my fellow Raiders
448s so I can definitely pick up a few spells
451s and have some fun that way but it's it's
454s nice it's not just this is the build
457s that 99 of the population is going to be
460s using if you're going to see I think I
463s reckon that you're going to see evocus
465s with different builds and builds that
467s complement each other
469s I also noticed in these trees there's a
471s lot of inspiration from other classes as
474s well so I'm noticing spells and
476s abilities and passives that remind me of
480s you know Paladin wings or remind me of a
486s druid Swift meant
489s so it's it's nice to see
492s potentially moving toward classes that
496s have more versatility which is a bit
498s questionable because there's you know
500s back in the day when you always used to
503s have to bring a shaman for the bloodlust
508s you know you just had to have one
509s because nobody had one and then
511s everybody got heroism and everybody got
513s bloodlust well I see everybody very
515s Loosely but
517s it was nice to have that option that you
520s didn't have to bring the class you had
522s to bring the player any long-term
525s well players have probably heard that
528s have said across multiple content
531s creators and by multiple raid leaders
533s it's nice to bring the player instead of
535s the class you know you've got a player
537s who's just really good but they just
539s want to play this one character they
541s really gel with that character instead
543s of shoehorning them into a class that
546s they really don't enjoy playing and then
549s then potentially then either not
552s performing as well or perhaps not
554s wanting to play at all making excuses to
557s not turn up to raids and stuff like that
559s it's a nice to say bring what you want
562s to bring you know you have everything
564s that we need
566s so that's kind of nice to see to see it
568s moving in that direction
572s the other things that I probably
577s I'd like to see some changes in
579s dragonfly and I guess probably not going
581s to change but we'll see what happens but
583s LFR is one thing that I especially as a
588s returning player coming back in I
591s remember when lfi used to be
593s an opportunity for you to play with a
596s lot of people
598s and there was
602s no consequence to not knowing the fights
604s shall we say and it's great at the end
607s of the day you've had a really hard day
609s at work you just want to de-stress
612s you know you're done with obligations
614s for the day and you just want to hang
617s out with a bunch of nerds that you don't
618s even know shoot the breeze kill some
620s bosses get some Loot and log off right
623s lfr's not like that anymore and I'm sure
626s it hasn't been for quite a while but
627s like I said it's been one to two years
629s since I've been playing this game but uh
631s certainly coming back to it and having a
633s look at the the latest read which I have
636s absolutely no experience with I went in
638s there and the LFR raid that I was in
641s wiped on trash which I think is probably
643s unlike unusual I don't think that's a
646s common occurrence but the fact that it
647s even happened back when lfi used to be
651s where you would never see any mechanics
655s because everything was dead and you go
658s into a normal raid and we're like what
659s is this mechanic I've never seen this
661s before but that was the beauty of LFR
663s you know it was a rating experience
665s without the
667s the the need to look at the dungeon
671s Journal you know you don't need to know
673s the fights you just go in there and look
675s at the pretty pretty lights and
677s then log off for the night so I missed
680s that LFR is definitely harder
682s and I think
684s maybe in dragonflight uh if
688s if you are coming back for dragonflight
690s and you do not have a guild you're
693s planning on playing solo which is
695s something I'm considering doing I I
698s don't really want to commit to a raid
699s schedule
700s but I think
704s you might need to put in some effort to
707s learn some fights for LFR
710s pugging
711s normal heroic Mythic kind of things
714s that's obviously something we definitely
716s it's expected that you've looked at the
718s fights and you understand the mechanics
719s but I think you also need to do the same
721s for LFR at this point hopefully you know
725s maybe they'll change that maybe they'll
726s introduce difficulty levels for lfi who
729s knows that'd be a thing but yeah I don't
732s know I think I'm guessing there's been
734s some pushback from players wanting to
737s get a more
740s or more in-depth raid experience with
743s LFR
745s so that when they go into a guild group
748s they feel like they at least know things
750s but I feel like that is more an onus on
754s the player themselves if you want to do
755s an organized
758s non-lfr rage
760s it's incumbent upon you to actually look
763s up the mechanics and to to look at
764s guides
766s but I I don't see why LFR needs to be in
770s the way anyway that's just my two
772s dollars
775s apart from that
776s I am hopeful
779s for dragonfly I will say especially I
782s mean just the talent trees alone I'm
784s really interested to see what the other
786s classes are doing and I'm kind of keen
788s to see what they're going to do with my
789s my little baby do it
791s and to see how those come together in
795s you know groups where you have
797s four evokers and one tank
803s I've already done already I had it
805s undergrip with four burgers in one tank
807s there was an LF LFR group that had I
810s think like 14 evokers in it and the rest
812s were just you know the classes but it's
816s yeah it's definitely it's a hero class
818s so of course everybody's going to be
820s playing it while it's coming out now I
822s know that the dragonflight launcher is
824s going to look like that too so you're
825s going to see a lot of teal official
828s and that's okay and then eventually you
830s know we'll move on to something else
832s the evoca itself
835s I am
837s I'm not sure how I feel about it to be
839s honest
840s it's
841s interesting
844s um
845s I'm not I I don't know why but I'm not
849s excited by it
851s when the when the DK came out I was
855s excited like that was really fun class
857s especially having you know a tank that
860s could do all this damage it was a
862s two-handed
864s uh weapon wielding tank that could just
868s heal itself and the whole theme around
871s all the gross you know pustules and
873s blood and oils it was just a really well
876s put together class I thought
879s and then the when our lovely monks came
883s out when the demon hunters came out
886s demon Hunters with their double jump
889s monks with a I guess Panda
892s and the whole keg theme I don't know it
896s was just something that was exciting
897s about those ones when they came out the
899s evoker for me the thing I'm most excited
901s by is the customization
903s so maybe if we didn't have the
906s customization maybe there'd be something
907s else that would excite me about it but
909s I'm not um yeah the sore sore thing is
913s is interesting I haven't got the hang of
915s it yet so maybe that's something
917s that
919s will be more enticing when I do actually
922s use it more often and I become more
924s fluent with with how the Mechanics Work
927s the moment it feels it's a little bit
928s weird I sometimes can figure out how to
930s use it and other times it doesn't seem
931s to respond in the way I would expect
934s I don't know if that's just a pre-patch
935s bug thing or if that's an intended
938s mechanic I'm not sure
941s but
943s other than that there's some nice spills
947s there's a lot of cool Downs
950s there's a bit of a rotation that feels
953s quite balanced between a single Target
956s rotation and an AOE rotation
958s which is nice I I like
962s knowing that I've got AOE dedicated
964s spells that are going to give me a lot
967s of AOE damage when I use them as opposed
969s to you know using
972s single Target spells in an AOE
975s environment that always feels a little
976s bit weird you've also got some some of
979s the talent trees give you a little bit
982s more of maybe a pendulum feel like
985s Druids Luna solar kind of thing
989s so I feel like there's some flexibility
992s for changing the gameplay maybe that's
994s something that I need to look into
996s one stratified comes out and I've
998s leveled my druid
1000s yeah I'm not sure it's that
1003s would I say it's a pending opinion but
1008s the the one to begin with the the
1010s initial
1011s general feeling is
1015s I I'm not excited but I hope I will be
1020s about the Avoca and likewise about
1022s dragonflies
1025s so that's it I'm done that's my rambling
1028s thanks for listening if you made it all
1029s the way through to here
1031s if you did make it through this long
1034s rambling video please let me know your
1036s thoughts
1037s are you playing dragon fight
1040s are you intending to stay away from Wow
1043s have you played Wow have you not played
1045s well
1045s what other random questions can I ask
1048s tell me about yourself and your Social
1050s Security number
1051s anyway thanks for the company
1054s whatever it is that you're doing I hope
1055s it goes well and you are taking care of
1058s yourself and those around you
1061s I will see you when I see you
1063s and not a second before