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May 16, 2024

Non-Player Characters

  • Jenafur has managed to wash off the strange grey paint that also changed her eye color. Jenafur is now once again a properly striped feline, allegedly.
  • Melsysra fell back asleep and found their way back to the Central Encampment in the Emerald Dream, allowing players to continue with their Renown quests.
  • Newsy was slow retrieving mail but has had a successful trip to the postmaster in Dalaran, allowing players to return to Loamm and continue with their Renown quests.
  • Alleria and Umbric are now always present as expected for quest completion.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Trolls from unlocking the “Loa’s Blade-Blessing” cosmetic sword appearance if they finished the heritage questline with a character who couldn’t use it. Players will find the sword in their collection after logging into the character who completed the questline.

Trading Post

  • Fixed an issue where multiple completions of a Timewalking dungeon would not count toward the associated Trading Post activity.

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