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Dear players,

Now that you have been able to put your hands on Underground, we would be happy to hear your feedback.

Here is a quick survey: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/5744311/WF-BR-NPS

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Originally posted by ShadowRunner2149

When I initially started playing Breakout I found the Counter-Strike look and feel refreshing amongst the other games that attempt to copy Call of Duty. I felt there was enough difference between Breakout and CoD that they could coexist. I had a lot of hope the game would progress in the CSGO direction (which I still feel is the right direction) and hit registration would be addressed. I understand that there’s no magic drop down menu in the engine programming to make this a quick fix and will most likely take time (if not a complete overhaul) to fully address.

After a month or so I stopped playing due to just my personal frustrations with the game. I recently played a few matches and while I can say the game is markedly better than when it released, there’s still a long way to go. My worry is the players will not stick around to see the improvements.

As I said at the start, way back in my first post in this community, the game has a solid framework that just needs to be refined and built upon. I know the Seasons are being implemented to keep the community engaged, but unless you have enough team members to actively create new cosmetics AND work on stabilizing the engine, please forego the frivolous stuff for now and get elbows deep in fixing the fundamentals. We need to hang on to what ever players we can at this point and having a solid game that I wouldn’t hesitate recommending to others is paramount.

As before, no malice or hate towards the team. In this instant gratification era and “give me now” attitudes, you’re all doing the best you can considering the circumstance. And your interactions and communication with the players has been great. As a fan I’m behind your efforts 100%. Hope to see you on the other side of all this and be able to enjoy Breakout to its fullest.

Hello, thank you for your constructive feedback, the game is indeed in a better state and still needs more fixes to be flawless, our team is doing its best to bring you these updates as soon as we can. Regarding the cosmetics, they are created by a different team so releasing new ones doesn't affect our development process. We hope more marketing, a free weekend and some sales will help in bringing you more people to play against.