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Originally posted by GoldenRain99

Aha, I'm finally able to get the man himself to appear! May I ask if tomorrow you are dropping notes, or will the updates be on Thursdays? As always, I'm looking forward to seeing the progression of the game right before our eyes, as it is one of the few that actually fuel my competitive fire. Best of luck to you guys! Keep grinding

The update is expected to land tomorrow, once we're done with the testing, we'll announce it openly :)

I hope tomorrow you won't be disappointed :)

Instead of making weeekly updates on what we are planning to do, we are making weekly updates of the game, as actions speak louder than words. Or should, at least.

06 Jul

Sorry for not responding earlier. Thank you so much for these suggestions, we will take them all into consideration and implement some of them (you'll see soon which ones :D)

03 Jul

Since its launch Warface: Breakout has gathered together players from all over the world. We appreciate that and work on ensuring that such a vast community has stable connection and low ping. Deploying regional servers helps us to reach that goal.

Currently our list of regional servers includes several regions:

  • North America (Chicago, Dallas, Miami, San Jose, Washington);
  • South America (São Paulo);
  • Europe (Amsterdam, Moscow);
  • Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore);
  • Oceania (Sydney).

How do I choose a server?

When you log into the game for the first time, a server with the lowest ping is chosen automatically.

If you want to change a server, you can do it on the start screen of Warface: Breakout. The list of servers contains all the necessary information, including region names and ping that you will have on a server.

Note that players from the same city may have di...

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02 Jul

Dear players,

We see that some of you get confused why we deliver the updates with only a couple of small fixes in the changelog and hesitate to address the mass issues affecting many of those who are currently playing the game.

Here are some things we wanted to share with you.

Internal changes

Some of the changes we introduce with each update are purely technical and are deeply rooted in the game code. They happen every update and their aim is to ensure optimized performance, mitigate freezes, increase FPS (i.e. address most of the things that are currently considered major issues of the game).

That being said, we’d like to confirm once again that we gradually make things better. Even though performance changes with every single update might remain unnoticeable, the difference between the final result and the initial performance will be hard to miss.

Every little helps

Small QoL changes introduced in each update are aimed...

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01 Jul

Dear players,

We have successfully installed today's update for both consoles.

Please share your feedback here on how the game feels after the update.


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Unfortunately, the main problems that most of you are experiencing now were exhibited after the release. As we said before, in our testing environments everything was smooth and fine, and we fixed a vast majority of problems that occurred during the playtests.

However, in the course of time, it turned out that we need to expand our testing environment to ensure a better QA, as some previously unregistered problems started to occur. That is what we are fixing at the moment.

Although it is always pleasant for us to see people supporting us and our game, we will never "relax" until the main issues are fixed, as we want to make the game enjoyable for everyone.

So, I can only say that "white knighting" does not affect our performance or the perception of the gravity of the problems we currently have.

Thanks :)

29 Jun

Dear players,

We are planning to install our next update on Wednesday, July 1. Please take a look at its preliminary patch notes.



  • Killing teammates in Free Fire mode no longer applies a penalty

Sound improvements

  • Knife hit sound has been added
  • Reduced the volume of faraway combat sounds
  • “Time left” phrase is no longer played when the bomb is planted
  • “Wardens/Reapers have taken the lead” phrase has been removed
  • “Change sides” announcement is now played at the beginning of a new round

Interface improvements

  • C4 indicator is now better visible for players carrying a bomb
  • Improved the grenade throw visual
  • It is now possible to preview the scope in the Customize menu
  • Server ping can now be browsed in the scoreboard interface
  • Players with voice chat switched o...
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26 Jun

Dear players,

We would like to tell you that our next update is going to be installed early next week.

As we promised before, we don't want to rush with updates and would like to test them properly first. That is why, even having the patch ready now, we would like to test it thoroughly before we install it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Warface: Breakout Team

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It's sad that you think we don't read Reddit. I mean yeah, we don't comment much here, but I can totally assure you that we read every single post that appears here.

We take into consideration all the problems and suggestions, as well as the overall sentiment. In fact, Reddit gives us a very good overview of our audience, mainly of those of you who are dedicated to our game.

On a personal note, I just love Reddit myself :D I think it's one of the best social platforms ever created.

Still, thanks for bringing this up! I'll try to comment here more often :)

25 Jun

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