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6s [Music]
16s who have you become
18s [Music]
26s my own daughter the last of my own
30s [Music]
48s [Music]
53s health and their touch I now see the
57s womb of the sky the sky will be as it
60s should be the moon will be crushed by
63s the weight of the Void
65s [Music]
71s thank you
74s foreign
82s [Music]
102s [Music]
114s thank you
125s Lotus join with me
128s destroy your shame
130s become the one I love
132s become not all vegetation
139s [Music]
145s [Music]
161s thank you
163s [Music]
189s foreign
197s [Music]
218s [Music]
233s foreign
242s [Music]
248s [Music]
258s [Music]
271s hello everyone happy prize happy Pride
274s happy Pride welcome to Pride time
279s 352 it is June 1st and uh yeah warm
284s welcome to everyone joining us today
285s we're so happy to be celebrating Pride
288s with the old Megan sunshine Hi Megan
292s um yeah we have some fun stuff planned
293s for tonight obviously we're going to
295s talk about the uh lovely Pride things
297s you can participate this year in
298s Warframe
299s um but June is a time for us to
301s recognize our lovely
303s lgbtqia2s plus tenno and the wonderful
306s people who work here at De so we're
309s showing our love and support for them
310s and also just you know keeping in mind
312s that efforts uh to make gaming spaces a
315s Haven for all is a year-round effort but
318s that said I do want to shine some light
320s on our wonderful
323s rainbow railroad who we had the lovely
326s opportunity to chat with again and we're
329s so happy to be supporting them again
331s this year and honestly I can't really
333s say much more than our the wonderful
335s director of partnership Scott Ferguson
338s so I'm just going to hand that over to
340s Scott to let you guys know what rainbow
342s railroad does for the world for the
344s greater good go ahead Scott hi
346s warframers my name's Scott Ferguson I'm
348s director of Partnerships at Rainbow
350s railroad rainbow railroad is an
353s international non-profit founded in 2006
355s here in Canada with a mission to support
358s lgbtqi plus people around the world who
361s are facing violence and persecution and
363s help them get to safety we do this
365s primarily through our emergency travel
367s Support Program which works with the
369s individual to determine a pathway out of
371s their current location and help them
373s resettle to a country where they can
375s live openly authentically and without
378s fear in addition we provide additional
380s services such as legal counseling mental
384s health support and short-term financial
386s assistance when leaving their current
388s country isn't a viable solution or the
390s best option
392s last year thanks in part to the support
394s of digital extremes we were able to help
397s over 4 400 people this was more than
400s double the number of people we were able
402s to help in 2021 and this included
405s helping 161 people resettled to Canada
409s this year we're excited to partner again
412s with digital extremes and that support
414s will have even greater impact our goal
417s is to provide assistance to more than 5
419s 500 people and in part of our largest
422s ever evacuation and resettlement
424s initiative we are helping 627 lgbtqi
429s plus Afghans resettled to Canada this
432s year thanks in Partnership to the
434s Canadian government we couldn't do this
436s without the support of digital extremes
438s and without the support of you so thanks
440s so much have an amazing live stream
443s today and happy pride month
446s oh he's just the best thank you Scott
449s and uh obviously it's no small task what
452s they're doing this year and as they've
454s done for years
455s um passed and obviously we want to do
457s our part in supporting the kind of
459s life-changing work that they do so de is
461s making a twenty thousand dollar Canadian
463s a little Monopoly money out there a
466s donation to Rainbow Railroad and if
468s you'd like to learn more about rainbow
469s railroad they're actually just like in
471s our backyard they operate out of Toronto
474s which is just two years two years two
477s hours oh my God like light years away
480s they're two hours away from us here um
482s and they just do incredible things so if
484s you'd like to learn more about them do
485s exclamation point RR in chat and it will
488s take you to their website where you can
490s learn everything about them but
493s um also the way that you can participate
495s this year Marcus we've got some in-game
497s goodies so we can if you take a look at
499s your love for pride in game uh we have
502s some new Pride items this year thanks I
504s had to announce we have our new Pride
506s display designed by Viper Menace there
509s is no limit to your purchase quantity
511s earlier today
513s they're in your demons one and they
515s purchase wait Marcus is I mean you could
517s 17 million is that right it caps out it
520s oh okay so I think you can do two
523s batches yeah yeah um you could I'll grab
525s I'll grab 100 for good measure nice
528s I love it so there is no limit on these
530s uh you can also grab the pride glyph
532s 2023 this is designed by our Warframe
534s Creator Iris it's fantastic super super
536s cute children Danny and I are both
538s supporting it rocking a baby uh and then
541s of course we have the return of the
542s Pride Celebration palette I've already
544s purchased this so I couldn't purchase it
545s again you can check that out in here and
548s as well the tattoo has pride in the
550s description which is why it appears
552s however if you'd like to rename your
553s tattoo to the to practice was that
555s someone in the description
563s that collection you may do so but these
566s items will be in game for the next 30
568s days yeah you can grab those and uh
570s similar to like what we've done last
572s year and obviously like we said before
574s pride is something that we get to
576s celebrate all year round and should and
578s we will have a code at the end of June
582s so that you can still get these items
585s um after June has ended so don't fret if
588s you're aren't able to get them now if
589s you're like traveling somewhere and
591s you're not you don't have access to
592s Warframe you don't have your switch with
593s you maybe and you're like I really love
595s to get these don't worry there will be a
596s year-long code
598s um that you can claim after the fact
600s also I just realized hi hello Helen is
604s here oh yeah Helen is running the show
607s hi obviously I'm right here with Marcus
610s and you heard Zach already but Zach is
612s here tonight as well as we celebrate
615s pride and play some Warframe
618s um we also have some featured Creator
622s streets happening throughout the month
624s of June we'll be featuring a different
625s Warframe Creator each week so you can
627s watch these Creator streams we have the
629s times posted uh on an article on
631s warframe.com we also have this lovely
632s yeah set here to show you so you can
634s check out Sedro Umbra you can check out
636s tenandra Jamie voiceover and Lady the
638s lady each week to get some fantastic
641s drops and help support our Warframe
643s creators so throughout the month of June
644s you can pop into these streams catch
646s some Warframe catch your drops and have
648s an answer excellent time supporting all
649s things Pride also it was so funny so
652s Gabe on our team was making the art
654s which by the way gave if you want your
657s new favorite drag queen Canadian drag
659s queen Brazilian also Avidia look her up
662s she's a stunner
664s um but uh Gabe was putting together this
666s asset and was like what is a maggot
669s because I just had written in the task
671s Megan and he was like what is this yeah
675s he's like we have that in a game is it a
677s decoration I was like yeah it's a little
680s creepy crawly that like walks around and
682s you know has fun danger for that one yep
685s we're going with the maggots thank you
686s we appreciate you for this so yes you
689s can claim those touch drops by watching
691s these lovely individuals um over there
694s on their time slots as you see on here
695s and then if you're in twitch chat hi if
699s you're in Discord hi there are new Pride
703s emotes you guys uh probably saw the
706s little pride Clem from last last year
708s and this year these are designed by
712s Lizella fantastic oh so much great art
715s and they created this fantastic pride
719s hildren pride Rhino and pride Vault and
721s I believe Zach is pinning them right now
724s um
725s shout it from the rooftop so also I
729s should probably specify these are
731s available if you have bttv enabled so
735s these will be available for you to use
737s and twitch chat if you have that super
740s cute good fantastic yes they're awesome
743s so cute and then we also have a tiltify
747s campaign up and ready for you guys if
750s you feel compelled to if you're able to
752s and you'd like to contribute to Rainbow
754s railroads efforts you can do exclamation
757s point donate in chat if you were a
760s Creator or a streamer and you'd also
762s like to join the campaign with your own
764s community that is the place to do it as
766s well we have instructions actually on
768s how to participate in that if you're
771s interested in taking part in the tiltify
772s campaign optional totally optional this
775s is totally up to you if you'd like to
777s participate in this but you can do
778s exclamation point pride in order to read
781s all of the details on that and
782s everything else for this year
785s and that's what we got for Pride so
787s happy Pride everybody
789s so glad to be celebrating with you guys
791s uh tonight and non-pride news
795s um we are we just posted a PSA that
799s covers um the kind of code fixes quality
802s of life changes and some of the things
804s that we have under review for the seven
806s crimes of cool cooler though did I say
811s it right hello nailed it I did okay okay
814s there's a specific pronunciation that
816s I'm trying to remember but yes we're all
818s good fins here now love it so if you do
820s exclamation point PSA in chat it will
823s take you to this list we're still
826s actively obviously watching for other
828s bugs and issues that we'll want to get
830s fixed for the launch of that update but
834s this is just a really good way to kind
835s of like give you a bite-sized view of
839s um the important things that you're
840s invested in and knowing that are getting
842s fixed and that are getting reviewed
843s based on your feedback in your bug
845s reports so thank you very much for
847s sharing that we also wrote up a
850s Warframe Update lexicon so good to have
854s it obviously like because listen
857s Warframe in game is already like
858s confusing enough in how we word things
861s in the best way possible we just warm up
863s and wormify
864s warframify the uh link the language used
868s so if you're ever wondering like what
870s the heck is a cert build what's a cert
872s what's a cert why is it a hop you know
874s how long ago before I knew the
875s difference in a hotfix in an update oh
877s really oh yeah well Hey listen we
879s explained that and it is linked in that
882s PSA as well so if you're ever curious
884s about like what a Mainline update is or
886s what a hotfix is we explain it there
888s um Marcus it's fantastic yeah tennocon
891s speaking of a main line a main line of
893s Warframe content straight to you
895s 2023 uh we have sold out all of our
899s tickets it is happening in August 26
901s 2023. beautiful sunny London Ontario
903s let's go however still up for grabs is
905s the tunnelcon 2023 digital pack you can
907s get your glyph you get your sign done
908s and you get your lotus floof in game and
911s get access to that sweet sweet Barrel
912s relay for all of his goodies from all
915s time so if you'd like to check it out uh
917s the tonacon digital pack is still
919s available if you'd like to grab that and
921s grab your plot and all the goodies and
923s gain yeah unreal we also still have our
926s 10 years of Warframe celebration if you
928s have not yet played a week 9 and 10
930s alerts they are ending tomorrow at 10 59
933s a.m eastern time so be sure to check
936s those out and grab your wisp deck skin
938s and your companion slots because those
940s are a great way to celebrate 10 years of
942s Warframe and you can stay tuned for a
944s post tomorrow on our next Community
946s contest to celebrate and continue
948s celebrating our 10 years of Warframe so
950s be sure to check out those alerts and
952s check out our contest
954s it's a good time you could win some
955s goodies and then for tonight's uh stream
958s we have the noggle grab bag and it
962s features bolt Octavia Rhino Excalibur
965s Banshee and the Eros Oro decoration
969s which I've been obsessed with so good it
971s is excellent I just want to like have my
974s whole Orbiter covered with sparkly
976s Hearts you know that whole thing where
979s hold on I'm going off script here you
981s know actually Helen do you want to come
984s to my
985s um my ass or my Arsenal to my gameplay
987s very quickly here sorry okay so you see
990s how I have the wings set up like this do
992s you remember how people would like once
994s you go into Your Arsenal yeah the
996s decoration would be like the perfect
997s background I want to do that with this
1000s arrows wait wait I have one right here
1001s wait wait wait okay listen this all
1004s feels very familiar this is exactly do
1006s you notice look at the placement of
1007s these things I've tried I've attempted
1010s to try and get it so that it like
1012s appears in the backdrop but I am so bad
1014s at it I've seen so many creators do it I
1017s can't do it I know Taylor Taylor got the
1019s placement oh okay well anyways
1022s all that to say you could do some fun
1023s things with this thing
1025s um but to go back to drops uh Zach we've
1028s got some Community drops as well
1029s happening tomorrow always do every week
1032s we've got our Friday Community drops
1034s we've got the lovely panda
1037s a lovely French the German palm plant so
1041s get your nice uh succulents we also have
1045s Azure attention who will be streaming so
1048s you guys can get the Hessian Community
1049s display personal favorite I will be
1052s attending the stream I get my tension
1054s drop and speaking of creators we have
1057s some lovely new faces in the Creator
1059s program so I'd love to announce that we
1061s have uh some new creators here we've got
1063s telemaica's Road I'm sorry if I
1065s mispronounced that a new twitch streamer
1067s we have pnx Vector another twitch
1069s streamer to the program we have Ki a
1072s YouTuber we have vashka a capture artist
1075s Auto fire a capture artist rickens a
1078s capture artist and Rick and Prime as a
1080s contributor capture artist and a big
1082s hearty welcome back to rittens who is a
1084s fan artist who we've featured many times
1086s on on prime time as well as everyone
1087s else but we have some fresh welcome back
1089s in the program and also welcome
1091s everybody yeah congratulations
1094s Applause all around people congrats
1095s congrats and uh yeah that kind of covers
1098s it for our housekeeping today uh as
1101s you've heard Zach is here and we're
1102s going to be doing some top 10 commentary
1105s later on in the Stream but okay Marcus
1108s what are we what are we doing today
1110s we're spiraling in the best way possible
1113s we are we're hitting that salad spiral
1116s the salad spiral yeah the sound spiral
1119s sound spinner so we're soggy sounds the
1123s spiral salad spinner
1126s a whirlwind of emotions yeah because we
1128s gotta craft the Eden we do
1132s um now this is a follow-up from last
1133s week because there was chaos last week
1136s of you yeah have you watched the stream
1139s last week you know it was very chaotic
1140s absolutely um Helen you can come to our
1143s gameplay
1144s so I I have the okay so I have the
1147s azothane as well that I'd like to craft
1149s and but we both have the Eden so we need
1151s some conless Sprout we do so if you
1154s would like to join us for some spiraling
1156s and some side objective hunting and
1158s resource hunting
1160s um
1161s what should they message us uh favorite
1163s kind of salad oh that's a good one
1166s um you can either message uh de Marcus
1168s on well it doesn't matter where you're
1170s messaging because there's cross plays
1172s um there's our aliases at the top there
1174s if you'd uh send us your favorite salad
1177s favorite salad what is yours
1183s [Music]
1184s yeah my favorite salad okay
1188s I think is oh this is tough probably I'm
1192s thinking a good berry salad it's like a
1195s raspberry blueberry yeah it's like a
1197s light with a pecan in it oh actually no
1200s it's scratch that scratch no my favorite
1202s salad is a grilled Peach salad with
1205s honey balsamic glaze keep that good
1207s prosciutto uh-huh
1210s did I say goat cheese really thinking
1212s about it no but yeah goat cheese
1214s prosciutto grilled peaches
1216s oh my God what really good barbecue
1219s Pizza is gonna say it's Caesar
1221s [Laughter]
1229s Ceviche is delicious so you get an
1232s invite it's a great salad and then
1233s floofy said chocolate salad I don't know
1236s I don't eat salad that's okay floofy
1238s don't have to play time with don't have
1241s time to play with you just want to say
1242s that Caesar is defo 100 the best
1245s a Caesar
1247s s
1250s oh my God all right all right we've got
1254s our crew with us so we're gonna do the
1256s very experience oh it's an enemy spiral
1259s ooh Steam
1262s salty actually has anchovies in it
1266s because that's the best kind of Caesar
1267s salad dressing yeah I don't think I feel
1269s like it's a a System Shock when people
1272s find out that Caesar salad dressing
1274s actually has anchovies in it yeah
1275s because you're like but I don't like it
1277s it's like but you might yeah they're
1279s like salty little fishy goodness but boy
1282s have you ever had Andrew's gun Pizza
1285s I have not is
1287s so determined ever since that Futurama
1289s episode I was so determined that
1291s anchovies would be good on pizza yeah
1293s and it was not not the case damn I could
1296s have told you that before yeah
1298s and I think it was one of those
1300s decisions that I just didn't tell
1301s anybody else about because I knew they'd
1303s talk me out of it fair enough yeah
1306s um also we should do our first Platinum
1308s prize we are going to do some extra
1309s Platinum prizes because it's Pride we
1312s want to share the love so we're going to
1314s do our first one here
1317s what do we got who do we got a piston
1319s devil congratulations to you you've won
1321s a thousand Platinum please whisper the
1323s Warframe Channel with your in-game Alias
1324s the platform plan we will hook you up
1326s with your winnings congrats to you
1329s um I nicely though what do I have I okay
1332s what are we feeling here I've got
1334s hydroid Prime I've got Banshee Prime
1336s I've got Oberon and I've got citrine I
1339s don't actually own citrine yet
1341s citrine yeah it seems pretty sweet okay
1343s she's fun she's so naked I'm taking I
1347s don't have any customizations because I
1349s don't own her she's so look at how big
1351s the Sinta looks the center look how
1354s massive the center looks
1358s um actually fun fact about it I didn't
1360s know this is when we were still making
1362s yeah and I published a bug report saying
1364s that the bow was too big like it was
1366s size too big in the cave I didn't know
1368s what it was it was like no that's the
1370s new bow it's gigantic hell yeah no
1374s problem no then I will be taking this
1376s now disregard man you gotta go do I get
1379s this I feel like I'm just not the
1381s prismas
1384s it's just so much easier to shoot than
1386s an oral worm race
1388s High fire rate weapons you know I mean
1392s you can always lean on the earth gun
1393s that's true
1402s we might not even in the Earl worm I
1404s mean we could just like
1405s we could we we're just running around
1407s looking for resources ultimately so
1410s um let's see
1412s um okay so I need Yao shrub but we also
1415s we both need conless sprouts sprout and
1418s did I write down the other ingredients
1419s that I needed I don't know I bet I
1422s didn't oh why am I stuck let me Release
1425s Me
1425s [Music]
1428s I needed one other random shrub there's
1430s this is just mini a shrubs Soma extract
1434s if I needed to Soma extract oh I've got
1436s an arrow with me
1445s [Laughter]
1450s hold on
1453s nobody can see me I'm invisible
1455s wait hello sir
1458s another weird interaction yeah
1461s there's so many archers here this is
1464s what I'm saying there's arrows
1466s everywhere there's raining from above
1468s yeah
1473s and I no
1476s preparing I parried an arrow in the
1478s tutorial I'm like I don't know
1484s awesomeness that I felt
1488s I fell to uh not unable to I'm
1490s definitely parried at some points but uh
1492s nice thank you
1495s prepare me again do it not do it swing
1497s oh my
1500s God
1502s even
1504s Walmart oh no I did
1508s help
1509s help
1511s oh we got my legs oh no not the legs
1516s occupied
1517s guys there's so many of them here is
1519s this a patrol this has to be a patrol
1520s Patrol we finished the objective right
1523s yeah
1524s there's a lot of them okay yeah right
1527s that was done no there's no oh my guys
1529s come on
1530s wait let me get on my horse hold on let
1533s me let me stomp him oh
1535s nope that's not what I wanted to do
1540s all right hold on it's just we're coming
1542s in on it where are they oh the wind up
1545s is so intense
1548s I wonder how my horse feels
1550s um
1551s you think I'm like I am throwing its
1555s body into a pile of enemies like I don't
1558s know Kates are real good steeds they are
1560s indeed oh whose reflection are we
1562s guiding whose is it it's not mine is it
1566s mine
1566s no that's not mine I got it oh we got it
1569s all right we got it nice wait is it open
1571s oh London it's a little Invisibles
1575s I can't see you sneaky
1578s um okay oh Fleet footed
1583s classic
1584s in honor of Megan who's watching the
1586s stream I must
1588s Megan
1590s OH Close contingent is also just very
1592s good okay um let's um I'm gonna walk
1596s away from the main objectives and go see
1598s if I can find some calmless Sprouts
1600s first of all I'm gonna come with you
1601s because that's the shared one we ate
1602s yeah and I'll go off on my own little
1603s side quest
1604s um so I think from what I remember
1608s the best place to look okay so it's
1610s usually like in near water but also I
1614s think the neighbor's Outlook is the best
1615s place if you go to Waypoint two there
1617s might be stuff there
1618s if you want to follow along
1621s um
1624s Helen do you want to do another Platinum
1626s price sure okay
1628s for pride
1631s Pride fries
1636s Mr Sarah oh my congratulations
1641s you've won a thousand Platinum please
1644s whisper the Warfare channel that you're
1645s on right now with your in-game melee
1647s support from play on and we will hook
1648s you up with your platinum rooneys
1650s congratulations to you all right calm
1652s the Sprout oops I just tried to attack a
1654s harmless plant that is not a resource
1657s it's gonna be
1658s okay so it should be
1664s okay so near bodies of water but I think
1667s it's also they're also in caves right I
1670s think so but they like dark oh nice
1674s um I think I need to find you actually
1675s five oh do you know
1678s so how many you need uh oh I think I
1682s need 20.
1684s I think I oh you found it oh oh 10. oh
1688s my okay wait a minute I think I might
1689s actually open it off already
1691s hold on hold on we I let's find some
1694s more of the other spot that I pre or
1696s maybe there's some up here I also found
1698s a fragment oh you found a fragment you
1700s didn't already have oh give me give me
1702s give me give me if you want I want oh I
1705s might try see if oh it's so precarious
1708s is
1711s Lake
1712s verula fragment found nice nothing they
1716s travel you to well we can make a call do
1719s we want in-game music or do we want the
1721s tenno tunes uh maybe chat can decide
1724s yeah
1726s music oh Zach's gonna do before
1731s piano tunes
1733s oh wait I think I found some more Marcus
1734s yes
1736s um real yeah I found some I'm just gonna
1738s Mark the
1739s is that still gonna that's still gonna
1741s show up for you yeah there's a marker
1743s there for you oh I guess not where we
1745s are oh yeah yeah right there
1748s that's so hard are you okay
1751s start pool hold now okay now vote now oh
1756s when you
1758s um I'm just gonna like go super fast
1761s oh my gosh tenno Tunes sweeping really
1764s all right kind of tunes Helen a fluffy
1767s floofy booper in the squad just said
1768s sisters
1772s yeah well Danielle and Marcus can I get
1775s you both to mute your in-game music then
1778s absolutely 83 damn that's a weep
1783s they're too good oh my music's already
1785s off oh perfect it might just be
1787s marketing
1788s Problem Child
1791s I like my music okay oh I think I found
1795s some more yeah did you get that too
1797s Marcus uh uh I marked it for you yes I
1800s have was that Essentials wait where are
1802s the little
1804s it spits out sunflower seeds no
1810s uh I guess I killed it so maybe it won't
1812s anymore
1813s whoopsies
1814s [Laughter]
1818s um okay oh and I got the Selfies nice
1822s uh
1824s I think the next best spot for it is the
1827s lunarrow court I'm pretty sure that's
1830s fine let's see let's look lunarrow Court
1832s oh it's like literally like up the hill
1834s from here is this mine is it 1.3 no
1836s that's not mine I think you're Waypoint
1837s too I think I am white Point too Steve
1840s hosting you are hosting I am hosting
1843s from the hostess house God damn it
1846s beat me to it
1849s I knew it was on its way oh we got my
1852s fangs who's fishing right now I was
1854s being a little fishy
1857s um and a chest oh my goodness
1860s oh hello someone just staggered me that
1862s was rude oh it's the tracks excuse me
1864s get out of here Hollow three we're
1867s trying to harvest we're just being rude
1869s wow
1871s um floofy and I just absolutely
1873s demolished that threat it's like there's
1875s no he cannot come back from that he just
1878s heated himself away out of the Dewberry
1880s and it's literally never coming back
1881s because that was so embarrassing it goes
1883s back to the locker room like guys that
1885s was a rough one today
1886s oh my God so embarrassing for you you
1890s know I banished into the shadow
1895s oh my God
1896s amazing uh exclamation point Marcus
1899s pride in chat won't do anything but I'm
1901s happy you did it oh it's sweet maybe you
1904s should do something delightful maybe it
1906s should
1907s maybe it'll just like bring up a bunch
1908s of Clem Pride anymore
1911s or
1913s encourage us to do another Platinum bro
1916s actually no I should have said that
1918s number we're just gonna spam it and it
1920s doesn't work okay
1922s it's part time so that means a platinum
1925s I found some more Marcus wait this is
1928s like a hot spot I think it is did you
1930s get mine by the bridge uh oh did you
1933s Waypoint it I think I might have missed
1934s it yeah we have a wiener a winner
1937s wandering or wander underscore in
1940s congratulations to you you've won a
1941s thousand Platinum please whisper more
1943s from Channel you're on right now with
1944s your in-game analyst operating plan we
1945s will hook you up I'm at 1.3 you said it
1948s was by the bridge yep Where Art Thou
1951s Bridge
1952s oh this thing here to the right to the
1956s right down to the right oh wait this
1957s here yeah nice yeah okay love it
1963s 1.3 is my third that's okay
1965s all good all right um
1970s decrees right now are out of this world
1973s we have to put those to the test
1977s critical hit gain plus three
1979s speed oh critical steel I really love
1983s cold and Dewberry
1985s I'm a cold gal oh but there's now
1987s there's also heat so what do I do
1989s Paradise oh 20 damage for every enemy
1992s affected by status within 20 meters what
1994s kind of status do fearsome Bonanza is
1995s really good what kind of status stuff
1996s ooh and I have status effect steel
1998s double damage
2001s yeah all right we're gonna just do that
2004s and then
2008s let's see I'm gonna re-roll
2010s [Music]
2014s I know the gold is good strips were
2017s really cool down I don't gotta build up
2019s your Underground
2020s true yeah
2022s pure status and then I just don't even
2024s look at which that's kind of like how
2026s I've been rolling too but you know what
2029s I I should I'm going to switch it up a
2031s bit let me switch it up a bit okay we're
2033s hurting Tim do you think you have enough
2035s calmness bro I think so how much did you
2037s need uh no I did not that's that's okay
2041s yeah I will I'm gonna try and grab some
2043s to Soma extract that well
2046s head into the caves oh hello
2048s oh I'm fighting by myself this was a
2051s mistake
2054s summer wow this cave has been replaced
2059s that heavy attack is so satisfying the
2062s Sun and Moon's oh wait I just realized I
2063s have my sun and moon on I do have other
2066s weapons
2068s yeah the OG is great like look at that
2072s the animators popped off on these melee
2076s weapons I love you have to say
2078s um as a fan so much
2081s so cool so satisfying
2085s all right uh where are these damn Tans
2087s at
2089s least where's these sheepies
2093s damn dams
2096s these are Southern Accents of duberian
2098s citizens
2102s it is true I mean
2106s so guys how does sheep keep getting out
2109s this has got to be inventor system why
2111s are they so rebellious
2113s stinky little buggers I've stumbled my
2116s way back over to the Tampa oh all right
2118s don't underestimate the damn says loopy
2121s trust me I'm not there why is there so
2124s many yeah
2132s just lost like a hundred times
2136s this is your this is your livelihoods
2139s sir or ma'am
2142s I mean if you ever see ranchers IRL they
2144s got a lot of they got a lot going on
2146s yeah a big flock yeah true yeah so we
2149s gotta keep them together but just
2150s imagine every morning you wake up and
2151s you're like oh God like okay let's just
2154s let's just take a moment to realize
2155s probably why this is happening does this
2158s look like a secure fence line to you the
2161s one I approaches maybe they're just
2164s stuck in like bureaucratic paperwork for
2166s like a new gate you know look how big
2168s this entrances Tam's got to breathe if I
2172s was a tam I'd be like goodbye as soon as
2174s you're gonna say yeah
2178s Marcus I remember when we were
2180s um in the process of like still prepping
2183s dubiri and I think it was you had that
2185s realization where you're like I didn't
2186s know I could hurt with the cave with the
2188s case yeah I was hurting
2190s yeah hurting on foot it was nuts it took
2194s me so long and then I was in like we
2196s were we were playing through devere and
2197s someone jumped on their cake and I was
2199s like you're like oh that's gonna go much
2202s faster that is going to be a much better
2204s imagine that like if I was a tam and I
2206s saw someone running at me on foot I'd be
2208s like what yeah like what do you
2213s [Applause]
2214s you heard it that way look look at me
2216s yeah I don't think
2217s it was a revelation I was like Wow Tim
2219s Hardy's gonna buy way faster yeah also I
2221s think I did it a few times solo as well
2224s so it just was like really really oh
2227s solo too I think because the amount like
2231s scales based on um yes uh so there's
2235s like there's different feeling we gotta
2236s do in a while yeah this is true it's not
2238s as uh it's not like a communal thing
2240s alone Shepherd unless you're like a
2243s sweet Corgi or a great hurting hurting
2246s dog Corgi corgis are hurting those yeah
2248s are they they were bred to be short
2250s because the Hooves can't the trajectory
2252s of the food no they're too low they
2254s can't get really yeah so because they're
2256s so low to the ground ground that's uh
2259s for them to be to be hurting dogs I
2261s learned so much about dog breeds I uh
2264s recently learned about
2265s Dash Hounds and how the reason why their
2269s sausages is because they are hunting
2272s dogs and they have to fit in into tiny
2275s tunnels
2277s like for rodents who burrow underground
2279s no way yeah they are rodent Hunters
2284s I'm just I'm chilling in the undercroft
2286s I should have maybe waited oh yeah here
2288s I'll come to you
2289s I've jumped in I was like I'll pass by
2291s another cave on my way okay you just
2293s needed your down time yeah recollect in
2296s the in the absolute terrifying limbo I
2299s would love to be there just put on a
2300s lawn chair and just enjoy it I feel like
2302s the underground is a place that you'd be
2304s like I hope I'm not here for eternity
2306s yeah here it's very much like if you
2309s have glass that's kind of I mean what is
2311s that saying I'm here for a good time not
2313s a long time yeah that's how I feel about
2316s them
2317s I'm here for the time I need to pop some
2319s decrees oh yeah how many do you got
2322s seven uh
2327s all right it's like doing multiple
2328s choice exams a b c d yeah
2335s um
2336s who seen us uh assinia's suffering is
2339s good too anamorph just screamed I'm free
2342s I'm free from what it might have been
2344s stuck in the underground oh that were
2346s you with me it's with me oh I fell off
2348s oh he at least you got some room at
2351s least I got it
2353s oh cats I'm free they were stuck in
2356s there
2356s time works differently it does it really
2360s truly does
2362s um bye Danielle buy a fluvino at back
2366s um oh one of the things that was listed
2368s in the oh god oh Brax one of the things
2371s that was listed
2373s um and the PSA that we posted for like
2375s known issues and things that we're
2376s looking at for the seven crimes of
2379s cooler though update thank you Helen
2383s um uh is that uh the boosters not
2387s working on Rune marrow yes so uh that is
2391s underway for that update among various
2394s other things and I think I'm not sure if
2397s this got updated in the PSA prior to us
2399s posting
2401s um but the uh alt fire or sorry the
2406s incarnate fire on the oh I'm playing on
2410s this now
2411s I'm I'm also trying to remember what
2414s you're remembering but I wrote about it
2415s I reported on
2417s I know I am blanking Let Me Close My
2419s Eyes First
2420s everybody very still everyone
2424s quiet
2431s you know what Marcus why don't we pull
2432s up the foreign
2440s [Laughter]
2460s PSA and chat and it will take you to
2463s that full write-up if you can learn
2464s everything that we're working on there
2467s yes you also struggle with retrieval
2471s check out the posts check out the post
2473s Alexis and Discord chat said Marcus we
2475s can see the smoke
2477s um really
2479s the gears were turning oh yeah
2485s was confused
2488s it's okay we got there eventually
2491s listen I can read something and then
2494s walk away for two seconds and and within
2496s those two seconds be like what did I
2498s just dream that's why we have written
2500s language right
2502s okay
2505s um where are we at here all right last
2507s one no we still have two more left yeah
2509s okay I love void floods I don't know
2512s what it is it's great it's a procession
2514s to say staunch the wounds of a comrade
2516s right yeah I think it's just because
2518s tessions around tonight he missed Tashan
2520s and I love that shit's good pal
2522s tension's a good guy
2524s questionable in the Newberry quest for I
2527s mean he's been going through it you know
2530s you know if we can't let people at their
2532s lowest point then we don't deserve them
2534s imagine we wrote that into the script
2537s that's what the Drifter breaks the
2540s fourth wall and looks at the screen when
2542s that's happening it's okay I know you've
2544s been going through a rough badge I would
2546s love a fourth wall break yes
2548s there's kind of there's no coming back
2550s from a fourth wall break no there's not
2552s though no entered into a new territory
2554s you know when you're watching a show and
2556s it seems like they're looking at the
2558s camera have you ever witnessed that
2559s where it's like their eyesight is so
2561s like I feel like you're looking into my
2563s soul but I don't think it's intended so
2565s they're like talking to the camera but
2567s not and there's just moments where I'm
2569s like am I am I supposed to be addressed
2571s right now it's like the character is the
2573s character actually looking at me or or
2576s am I just picturing things because I
2577s want them to talk to me
2580s because we have parasocial relationships
2582s now you know I don't always your friends
2584s this is the thing right
2587s um okay so okay I think we have the
2590s enough countless routes yep
2592s so the other thing I needed was the Yao
2595s shrub which
2596s um is at various destinations I think
2598s it's at the snowy points in the map
2600s which is what I'm gonna pop up to
2604s Febreze farberies
2618s that's hilarious
2622s hours over that word obliterated
2625s um where is Titan's rest oh there it is
2631s [Music]
2632s here we go
2634s I wonder if the case is like
2637s concerned about being launched through
2639s time and space when it fast travels you
2642s know
2643s um these are things I mean I'm sure we'd
2646s like I'm sure we've exercised them like
2648s do they go through like the NASA Space
2650s Program yeah I think they get warmed up
2652s to it
2654s drop the case into like a gyrate or
2656s whatever you call those things the uh
2659s yeah it's like a uh yeah it's like a
2662s giant yeah a gyroscope
2670s yeah oh no I gotta pick myself up
2675s um imagine
2677s or instead of things
2683s we're armed in the development of
2685s dubious no no no no no no sir no okay
2688s now I'm going down to throne guard
2690s barracks
2692s hahaha
2693s I'm gonna ensure that I pronounce all
2696s these correctly
2698s every vowel every consonant
2704s dang and dangerous and twitch I said
2706s yeah horses gotta train in the gyrators
2708s so they know how to dance when they get
2710s to space
2718s we're going full uh full equestrians
2733s we'll table it whoa Chad we need a
2737s reminder to return to this investment
2742s can't explain what it is
2744s um
2745s [Music]
2749s he said oh no Danny not the Mirage case
2752s don't let it hurt you
2756s okay so there was a I don't remember I
2758s don't know how this bug happened but it
2761s was really
2763s Follow That video
2765s if anyone has been on Reddit lately or
2768s Twitter you've seen a video yeah you
2770s know what it is
2772s of a horse not so horse running around
2774s yeah
2776s pulled in anamorphs yeah
2781s you know what it runs like devil man cry
2788s ing if you want to see it I I think it's
2791s worth it oh I do I mean we could show I
2795s don't know if we feel comfortable
2796s showing a bug on stream but like
2799s it is so absurd you know what the post
2802s has 3.7 K up both on Reddit I think the
2806s cat's out of the bag yeah
2808s it is so I was laughing so hard
2813s look look at these little guys having a
2815s grand old time here she's having a
2817s little chat oh no maybe are they angry
2819s oh they're stomping oh oh right they oh
2821s they oh can we hear what they're saying
2823s Helen can we hear them oh yes are they
2825s singing oh my gosh Danny I can't even
2827s tell you how happy I am that you went
2828s here the kids animations yes
2833s they do like a a little rhyme
2835s they might can you hear them oh
2839s are they humming they sure are saying
2842s again maybe if I dance with them they'll
2843s sing wait oh no
2847s [Music]
2848s also terrified
2851s imagine you're laying in bed
2854s it's three in the morning nope that's
2857s what you hear
2859s oh they're wonderful yeah they're so fun
2862s um
2864s sorry I must depart dude it's beautiful
2868s but I must go I must go great singing
2870s kids peace peace
2873s I want to make sure I'm getting their
2875s names right but Mike and Susie the boys
2876s Mike and Susie who did those kid lines
2879s are incredible the way they switch into
2881s those modes yes when they're voice
2883s acting they do not sound like that in
2885s real life folks no
2888s there's so many little like little
2891s Easter eggs I love it and with crimes of
2894s cooler though there's gonna be even more
2895s Easter eggs added yes
2898s lots of that's why we um rep explained
2902s it on the dev stream but you know in
2904s usual fashion after a big update like
2906s Dewberry we would do like an Echoes of
2908s duviri like what we've done with like
2909s Echoes of the serum and after the angels
2911s of Zara men but this update coming up is
2913s just too Hefty to consider it just
2916s simply an echo of Dewberry it truly is
2919s like rightfully needs its own title
2923s um for the level of content that's
2925s coming in it which is very exciting
2928s all right I'm going to fight with rocks
2930s now oh my gosh no I'm not I'm scared
2934s it's okay I have heavy attack wow
2940s okay I should probably pick my decrees
2942s before chat has a conniption fit because
2947s yeah I can't let mine I can't yeah they
2949s took the stack and then
2953s okay
2956s Morocco with a lot of style oh my God I
2958s have more
2960s um sure tell Marcus to pick
2963s floofy said tell Marcus to pick his
2967s while you're happy
2969s [Laughter]
2972s to attend to
2975s oh my gosh this is oh who's doing side
2978s objectives I so appreciate you
2982s funny
2984s they're great they're great great great
2989s um okay
2991s let's see let's visit a matter lith I
2995s just want to be in its nice warm Aura
2996s like a warm bath like a warm but it is
2999s like a warm bath of Health it heals me
3001s well I'm at full health but you know we
3003s appreciate the matter list it's look at
3005s that
3006s look kind of cozy in there oh no I mean
3009s not not in there in there maybe not so
3012s much but being biased yeah
3016s it's not giving me Fleet footed it fears
3019s my Powers as anamorph the game won't
3021s give you flea footage I love a good
3023s sleep I love a good sleep foot too okay
3025s um I think I don't know if I have enough
3028s um Yao shrub or not yet
3032s I'm just gonna keep looking
3036s I also have Fleet footage on right now
3038s if you if you wouldn't if you're gonna
3040s Zoom baby Zoom
3042s um two go fast oh wait this is this is a
3046s good point this is a good motivator okay
3048s I have oh this is interesting
3051s oh I can gain 60 damage for every enemy
3053s affected let's do that
3056s let's do that oh and shadowing Frost I
3059s love cool damage
3060s cold damage is nice especially for
3063s Drifter melee this is this is what I
3065s like because it allows me to like Pace
3066s out my attacks properly
3069s um but I also love toxin or toxic damage
3072s you know it's just so satisfying cold is
3074s like all right we can obviously slow
3075s things down right like take it easy okay
3078s I've tried to pull a Dean here I can't
3080s promise it works I'll have the Mirage
3082s video all right okay
3091s it is
3093s like it's what it's something else
3100s [Laughter]
3106s oh got the friends
3116s wow oh gosh that's nicely done yeah
3120s listen hey there's just some bugs that
3123s happen that oh remember that gives me
3125s the same energy remember when you could
3128s um
3130s um breed kavats and kubrows together oh
3133s yep do you remember that yep that was
3135s the thing we make a pixelated
3138s you can make a very you can make we
3139s called it uh Post-It note kuva or uh
3142s yeah I am so fast I I like I I shot
3148s right past them
3153s well I'm gonna check out one more cave
3156s I'm a little welcome to Soma okay
3159s um ah to Summer hey I honestly think I
3162s have enough I might actually even have
3164s enough yautra but I'm gonna look for
3165s some more
3167s oh and that video was by Icy gaming
3169s rules okay you're gaining rules on
3172s Reddit yup thank you IC games very very
3175s funny yeah I was oh my God I was crying
3177s at that today
3179s yeah because I think I saw it in a
3182s it's cropped it's hot it's crop up in a
3185s couple different ways yeah it's not it
3186s has a fan art no it does have fan art
3189s well that's where I saw it yeah that's
3191s where I saw I saw it on Twitter and um
3193s oh I can't remember their name but
3195s um a fan artist had posted their like
3198s basically rendition of that exact bug
3201s and it had me in tears because I was
3203s like what is this and then I saw the
3205s video they attached below and I was like
3206s this is the funniest thing I've ever
3208s seen um I found some more yoshrubs
3211s okay I'm gonna go get that quickly
3213s because
3216s uh what are we working with here
3219s fire damage I guess I still have like so
3221s I have 25 degrees
3224s sure you're not doing that dragon fight
3226s okay I mean yeah honestly what time is
3229s it we've got like 10 minutes
3232s yeah let's um let's finish up the main
3235s uh stages here
3238s if you find any more Yao shroud let me
3240s know speed run the dragon let's go
3243s don't wait
3245s though um Helen let's do another
3246s Platinum prize
3248s if you if you can Zach do you have a
3252s favorite decree oh my gosh how am I
3255s supposed to bring my children
3258s um
3259s oh okay
3261s it's kind of like I have like a bunch
3263s because when I get sarin oh yeah and
3267s then you can get the heels on enemies
3269s that are affected by size you get healed
3271s that's a good one oh my goodness just
3273s love it so Immortal but just a God I
3277s love the fire rate one that I think is
3279s my favorite one of them I love it dearly
3283s oh
3294s yeah how about irresistible platforms
3298s we got ourselves a winner We've Got
3301s Crystal underscore imitator Crystal
3304s imitators
3306s it's an imitator
3308s congratulations to you you've won a
3311s thousand Platinum please for the
3312s Warframe Channel with your in-game Alias
3313s apart from your plan and we will hook
3314s you up with your winnings I found some
3316s more yeah
3320s um just tell me I also found a chest oh
3323s oh no not the Shadows the Luminous oh
3325s finding a chest and having it just be
3327s the puzzle and like oh yep thank you
3330s just the hacking puzzle
3333s I did I um yeah I did the hacking mini
3335s game oh God that scared me the hacking
3337s mini game the other day
3339s and it was so satisfying and it was
3341s doubly satisfying because Nora uh Knight
3344s came up and she was like you hacked this
3347s counts towards this act and I was like
3349s yes
3350s thank you Nora
3352s okay where are we going here oh God I'm
3355s gonna fall off Nora's always oh we did
3357s it wait no we didn't are we missing oh
3359s it's down below
3360s someone else
3362s how far down oh it's all the way down
3364s here oh my goodness
3367s what's that sorry someone else is
3370s singing
3371s we know why your eyes are green someone
3375s else had a suite of voice someone else
3378s was the King's new Choice what a drama
3385s spilling the tea
3389s oh Helen it's so good I love it
3393s um what are we what am I not doing right
3395s here I think I'm not going down far
3396s enough oh
3398s we finished we killed the Shadows right
3400s we have to energize we're energizing the
3402s shrine right now Susie Rye Susie Rye
3404s that's the girl
3406s Johnston does the boy oh amazing
3409s excellent stuff shout out to them so
3411s cool
3413s rejoining you too they're not children
3415s they are adults oh yeah yeah
3420s um where is the okay oh there we go oh I
3424s see I see I see oh this is okay we're
3426s doing
3427s Okay so we've hit this one yes we put it
3430s let's go nice
3434s did we get it
3436s uh yes is that was that the main one oh
3440s hold on I'm lost
3444s I'm lost oh no we did get it we did get
3446s it okay okay cool I was so oh the chest
3449s was as separate was a side objective
3452s I see okay that's why I was confused I
3455s was like what are we doing right now
3458s I've acquired fast oh Majestic strike is
3461s also so good
3463s oh
3465s [Music]
3490s no the most dangerous pets to be had
3494s I'll bet you nothing bad will happen
3496s Marcus I like your fashion I just
3498s realized
3504s come on what is happening
3514s words are hard today yeah well you know
3520s um all right I think this is yeah enter
3523s the interview okay so undercroft and
3524s then Dragon time nice a little more
3527s toxin why not
3529s promising's my favorite Dragon oh is he
3532s he's so fun when he's upsetting
3535s spaghetti about being envious
3538s oh another fearsome Bonanza I'm at Max
3541s Stacks wow words are hard today
3544s Max Stat one thing that I had a really
3547s hard time saying over and over again is
3549s Rainbow railroad rainbows I I was I was
3552s I would trip over the word
3556s rainbow Railroad in the rainbow railroad
3558s rainbow railroad
3560s exactly
3562s oddly shaped feet good save Daniel
3564s thanks Helen welcome just using a little
3568s ability oh my God wait we're not doing
3571s this oh no there was this there was a
3574s trigger point there hold on
3577s that's embarrassing I want that dang
3579s room Merrell
3581s rainbow
3583s that's what I kept that's what ended up
3585s happening I can't start on that because
3587s I won't stop no I don't don't get me on
3591s the inquiry train inquiries
3600s because even if I say
3603s if I say cooler vo the other way I am so
3606s oh my God there's a vault on her team I
3608s didn't even realize with all of the
3610s decrees yeah we are very fast right now
3613s oh Speedy gang somebody
3617s stop me I'm a big sprinting team
3622s um oh my God I can't even aim oh we have
3625s a vault and a ghost and a ghost I
3628s mention that irresistible bombardment
3629s makes certain weapons go crazy crazy
3631s this is yes it does indeed uh the velox
3635s is one of those the absolute most insane
3638s I've seen is Twin uh yeah
3643s imagine that with also a fire rate
3645s ribbon
3647s after work
3650s time to do some research
3655s no get off of that I also just
3658s controller yeah my controller is going
3660s like wild right now
3664s um okay be excavator where's B uh there
3668s you are
3668s it would be like it's on the south
3670s region
3671s we just don't know if there's any
3673s Compass Direction yeah
3675s do you guys want a gym I've given you a
3678s gym thank you
3680s [Laughter]
3684s oh my goodness not a fake Crystal it's a
3687s real gem it is a real gem yeah not in
3689s not those have you seen those um videos
3692s of like those candy crystals like those
3694s ASMR artists nope they are fake candy
3698s crystals they look like crystals but you
3700s can Chomp on them and I've never wanted
3703s to sink my teeth into something more so
3705s bad they look so delicious I don't know
3707s how to explain it because it's like
3709s crunchy on the outside but like dummy on
3711s the inside you know you know nothing
3714s like a little gelatin you know to really
3718s hit the spot yeah no it's a perfect
3721s afternoon snack very not vegan friendly
3724s but you know you think citrine would
3725s sell raw candy
3727s is that like wait she could make she
3730s could do gangbusters she can create
3732s crystals yeah so hey do you think you
3735s can make the edible kind of is that like
3737s the one that like sizzles on your tongue
3738s oh you're talking about like talking
3741s wait so citrine just could just cheat a
3744s little eat some sugar right pop off a
3747s little a little Crystal this is hey look
3749s like I put out you know put out the gems
3751s see right 100 it looks good it looks
3754s like popsicle right
3756s look at this Hyundai delicious spicy Pop
3760s Rocks sound like hell and I would
3761s totally eat them yeah it definitely
3763s sounds like another like cinnamon
3765s challenge situation you know
3768s um have you seen those videos of people
3770s giving their dogs carbonated water
3773s oh yeah but they're like oh look it's
3777s the most
3778s I wonder what goes through their brain
3780s when that happens well I don't know how
3782s you wouldn't think that
3783s yeah do you think it's the water or you
3785s like something is going on I mean
3788s I I would be cons I mean okay
3792s put yourself in the shoes of a dog
3796s I mean I don't even like carbonated
3798s water
3807s I'm excited what it's done for our
3809s culture and our society because clearly
3811s people have taken to it but it's just
3812s it's not my cup of tea that's totally
3814s fine it's not my kind of carbonation hey
3816s but I'm also yeah I'm not I'm also not
3818s the biggest carbonation person just like
3819s not a pop fan or just yeah well no I
3822s like I do like but I can't talk bad
3824s sodium no we're not talking about Taylor
3828s Swift
3829s uh sounds like you've talked to me about
3832s this before no we are not talking about
3835s nope no no no no no no no
3838s give me the meanest not now yeah
3843s not today I'm sorry not on stream
3847s um
3850s I've reached the point where the using
3852s the case where what we're using the hold
3855s on anything the case is putting on the
3857s brakes because they're running so fast
3859s fair enough which I will say I saw a
3862s post on the subreddit I think it was
3863s last week where someone mounted the yeah
3865s Worm by running off a ledge and they
3867s were going so fast they just fell away I
3871s was like yeah that is as good that's
3873s incredible that is super he did the
3876s dream wait oh wait I wonder did someone
3878s do you guys want to race Let's Race
3881s Let's Race to that okay so let's start
3884s here by the matter list okay okay
3886s everyone get in line okay but where are
3889s we we're racing to Waypoint two raising
3892s the ray point two wait I'm just gonna
3893s make sure my Sprint is on okay yeah so
3895s uh they'll have a stream delay so you'll
3896s have to shoot in game to like like a
3899s race
3902s can't wait okay do like a uh uh like a
3906s three two one
3907s yeah okay I'm gonna shoot
3912s okay ready okay
3916s okay let's I'm just gonna wait for the
3917s delay to come okay I'm gonna wait for
3919s them to say that they're ready in chat
3920s in our Squad chat
3922s [Laughter]
3960s you guys head over there
3966s wait a platinum fries okay so wait if
3970s Marcus if Marcus
3972s is this is Danny watching I'm watching
3975s I'm I'm refereeing so I'm gonna cut to
3978s you okay if Marcus wins ooh two plant
3981s prizes okay if anyone else
3985s sure all right okay so same rules I'm
3988s gonna shoot three times
3993s yes okay
4001s okay all right I'm gonna shoot three
4003s times on the third shot we we race okay
4007s ready
4008s one
4009s two
4010s three
4014s my goodness
4021s well maybe they couldn't hear me could
4023s they maybe not hear me shoot at me you
4024s know what let's do a bladder breath
4029s did they not hear me shoot maybe that's
4031s what happened let's have let's have
4032s anamorph and fluffy booper racing all
4034s right all right Nero 3303
4036s congratulations you won a thousand
4038s Platinum please whisper the Warfare
4039s Channel with your in-game Alias the plot
4040s from you play on congrats and one more
4044s speed run to dragons
4048s Oh Marcus what are you beeping for no
4051s babies no beeps all right oh I guess
4053s we're doing the shrine okay and then we
4055s do dragon we got some other things to
4057s give you storming the racetrack we have
4059s our second Platinum winner we've got
4061s Rogue Weasel oh one congratulations to
4064s you Rogue weasel 01 you have won a
4067s thousand Platinum please whisper the
4068s boyfriend channels your in-game Alias
4069s the platform you play on and we will
4070s hook you up okay oh all right let's get
4073s through this last thorax
4075s yeah goodbye okay good to see you later
4079s that is a satisfying yep launch all
4081s right here we go Dragon time
4085s Dragon Tales
4088s um
4091s okay all right we're ready
4096s can you hear the calling rumbling
4099s um sorry wow I can't I hear the call
4102s where's where's the Dragon
4106s is
4108s oh
4109s there she blows zombies
4115s God it's such a good such a good track
4117s validation come and load in oh wait no
4119s this is bomba scene because we're an
4121s Envy right yeah yeah oh my dragon
4126s today
4129s are you running to the dragon right now
4132s where is it
4133s I don't know if I can wait
4140s [Laughter]
4143s launch point yeah
4147s Perkins she's got a Traverse he's the
4149s best of us okay
4150s I'm so invested in what what's happening
4152s with Mark is I'm not paying attention
4155s look at those Corners F1 Corner
4157s get the chicane
4163s is there a launch point oh there might
4166s be way market oh my gosh
4171s no
4172s way Marcus oh damn wait my ankles
4180s what's on the screen okay
4183s Oh Marcus you're so close
4188s fluffy bloopers on the sacrifice the
4191s bodies
4195s oh nice drive
4198s I think floofy's about to control yeah
4201s that was a that was fun yeah that was
4204s fun to watch
4207s good all right floofy do you got it man
4210s fleet-footed you're the best oh no more
4213s oh no oh
4219s I got you I'm following the dragon wait
4221s I want to ride the dragon
4224s no
4228s a mangled dead animal if I'm sorry yeah
4230s all right I'm just a passenger
4233s Chillin passenger princess yeah
4238s I'm in a world where I'm passenger
4240s princess
4243s cotton my feet on the dash
4246s I'm just chilling
4248s are we there yet
4251s a terrible Navigator go laugh laugh now
4253s that was your exit
4260s wormling friend
4261s look at them Bob and weaving oh wow he's
4264s got Tricks damn
4267s all right
4269s we're going into the the portal
4272s off we go nobody skipped the scene okay
4274s we're not skipping
4276s no more prizes no more
4282s Helen this is your favorite right it's
4283s my favorite here comes the bombing yeah
4287s I love the behind the scenes yeah
4290s uh
4293s the behind the scenes oh the animation
4295s the Tim did
4302s I'll do my best sure
4305s first
4309s it's really bad breaches
4311s it's gonna cost so much to repair
4316s um I watched Akira again the other night
4318s yeah and
4320s yes
4322s ah no because because all of the memes
4325s because all of the memes Akira
4330s lots of like my realizing what my taste
4333s in women are and it's all Goth animated
4336s girls and I was like bags let's be real
4339s but yeah I was re-watching Akira and the
4343s fact that they like their Olympic
4344s Stadium gets like completely demolished
4347s again as they're like in the middle of
4348s construction this is giving me the same
4350s energy like this whole place was so
4352s pristine and beautiful it was real nice
4354s yeah and then the aura worm just comes
4356s in like Bam Bam I'm doing some I'm doing
4360s some damage if you like a hero I highly
4362s recommend Tech on King Creek
4364s okay okay I'm very into that
4368s is it a similar feel Helen
4370s is the day in the world
4372s or is this an opportune time to
4374s recommend checkup yeah
4376s I'm pretty sure the um what is the
4379s Zephyr Deluxe skin called again the
4381s Harrier or yeah right
4384s um I'm pretty sure liger was inspired it
4387s was at Akira Aspire inspired well that
4391s motorcycle yeah yeah very much that yeah
4394s the motorcycle game I once not a license
4396s plate that was tetsuo and there was like
4398s several O's really yeah I think it's
4401s gotta be so good oh the kickback on the
4404s velox right now
4407s I can't control her
4411s oh
4413s all right last ring yep
4416s where are you
4418s I just want to say if we ever get a
4419s frame name Optimus we could never have a
4421s prime version no that's pink
4426s we've peaked at that point after we make
4428s an Optimus Prime Warframe we can't make
4430s any others right like that's where this
4432s stops there not even like our own design
4438s oh we give a kiss
4441s oh my friend
4445s sleep oh sleep sleep it's so easy
4450s don't be so envious
4452s yeah come on
4454s you good guy
4456s goodbye
4458s sir
4460s goodbye wow
4463s all right Mama
4465s bye-bye all right sweet sweet Affinity
4469s yep give me those pathos clams oh thank
4472s you all right let's go craft our weapons
4475s there yeah Marcos let's rope I got
4478s enough GG team GG teams good stuff
4482s that was fun fleet-footed really is a
4485s good session we are gonna
4487s what's that
4490s um for the whole like 53 minutes wow we
4495s roamed free yeah
4496s mission complete
4502s oh man
4503s how far can I run away oh no I can't run
4505s anymore
4506s okay we got a lot of resources I think
4508s I'd put a former onto my Viper wraith so
4511s it actually ranked up
4513s amazing you get so oh steel path
4518s circuit oh the focus and the Affinity
4521s you get is so good all right well thank
4525s you so much to our Squad in a more of an
4526s end movie you guys are hilarious that
4529s was so fun thank you for participating
4531s in the shenanigans super appreciate it
4534s um we're gonna take off from the squats
4535s that we can um
4537s uh craft are Goods
4541s I think I hope I got enough
4544s oh I didn't get oh I'm I'm six short
4548s six short but that's okay that's okay I
4551s can get the Eden I think you can get the
4552s Eden too Marcus I can't let's go buy a
4557s thin
4559s margins wow
4562s every Waypoint let's go yeah so good it
4565s was a long way a good teammate in
4567s Waypoint yes are you done yeah you're
4571s done right I do oh
4575s well you know what time it is
4578s actually speaking of which now that
4579s we've got the Eden crafting right now
4581s which is super exciting
4583s um we have a Creator feature tonight uh
4587s no sympathy of course Clark coming in
4590s clutch with a
4592s um all new daviri Paradox melees video
4595s we're just going to show you a little
4596s snippet but honestly
4598s great like I learned so much about the
4601s new melees like builds and how to play
4604s them they're it's a One-Stop shop it's
4606s great yeah so we're going to show you a
4608s little snippet now and then you can go
4609s check out the rest of the video over at
4611s uh no sympathies YouTube go ahead and
4613s roll it Helen
4615s Theory Paradox brings us five new melee
4618s weapons to choose from and oh boy there
4620s is gonna be some timestamps for this
4622s video if you just want to check out a
4624s particular weapon search beneath click
4627s on the point of your choice other than
4629s that we're lining these weapons up
4630s alphabetical order starting off with
4632s Drifter first and then what it looks
4635s like on Warframe melee seconds and
4638s trying to keep the information as short
4640s and as sweet as possible to get just
4642s straight to the plane ultimately how you
4645s use the weapon as your choice up first
4647s the two-handed nakana as a thing on
4650s Drifter as the theme actually looks
4652s really good it feels good and it even
4654s sounds good it should go without saying
4656s that the craze that you earn throughout
4658s the very Paradox runs are going to give
4660s you a lot of melee selections to enhance
4662s all of these weapons so they scale great
4665s even in steel path the power fantasy is
4668s real as the things power Spike the
4671s special heavy attack it sends out a few
4673s ways of cold which can proc onto enemies
4676s slowing them down giving it some nice
4678s AOE in combat on Warframe as a feign
4681s special heavy attack creates an AOE
4683s around you it stands out like a shock
4685s wave that if it hits anything within
4687s line of sight its combo counter to your
4689s weapon overall it's a decent weapon the
4692s current slash matter within Warframe
4694s focusing on a build with this weapon for
4696s heavy attack really gives off that one
4698s powerful shot connection modded for
4701s damage criticals wind-up mods faction
4704s mods for double dipping and an elemental
4707s combination of your choice this is what
4708s I would lean towards
4711s you if our mics were on you'd hear us be
4714s like yeah
4717s group them up yeah it's so good yeah so
4720s definitely if you want to check out
4721s obviously more of what Clark has to say
4724s and educate you guys on on those new uh
4726s duviri Paradox melee weapons I highly
4729s highly recommend checking out the rest
4730s of the video and you could do so over
4732s after there's going to be links uh to no
4734s sympathy's channel in the YouTube
4736s description for this stream I think we
4739s can go into fan art we go right into go
4741s into banner and let's go
4747s down
4748s [Laughter]
4750s [Music]
4752s all right all right so kicking us off
4757s fantastic art done by the lovely Sarah
4760s yeah we love our van art I'm a fan of
4764s Sarah Sarah did some excellent art
4769s are you having a hard time oh I can do
4771s it for you yeah uh kick off yeah cool
4781s uh absolutely delightful piece by
4783s actually writings uh welcome back to the
4785s program uh delightful delightful this is
4788s a stunning piece we love Pride we love
4791s love we love love colors in this are
4793s beautiful it is delightful and
4796s resplendent and perfect way to kick off
4797s yeah our fan art for the month yeah next
4801s up next we have from daster creation
4803s this is the brutalist quite a creation
4805s very uh very interfering fused uh it is
4809s uh
4810s yeah
4811s uh what was it the flight alone oh no
4814s that ended up being the Hydra list yeah
4816s excellent stuff from dasters uh this is
4818s a very spooky very ethereal take on a
4822s avian creature don't so don't show this
4824s to Sheldon no don't do that and also
4827s if you're Canadian like us I this is
4831s giving me like what I feel like geese
4833s feel when they walk around the cobra
4836s snakes in this country walk around
4838s feeling like they are of this thing you
4841s know what I mean like that's the energy
4842s they give you like they know in their
4844s heads they're like this is what I look
4846s like this and when they do when they do
4848s rear up like back you back up yeah you
4850s don't you don't you need to give them no
4852s the hissing starts and you run you get
4854s out of there you get out of there and I
4856s would give this bird some space too yes
4857s excellent stuff to ask her so good on a
4859s very different note from
4863s this is the kind of squad you want to
4865s approach you know Rhino's got his arms
4868s up almost in the same kind of way but in
4870s a much more powerful version so uh drill
4873s their caption for this was uh I didn't
4875s help you guys because I like you all or
4877s anything stalker probably their app play
4880s Warframe I wrote the script for your
4881s next Quest where stalker finally becomes
4882s friends with us no need to think oh I
4885s also just
4886s like The Drifter clothing yeah
4889s um also the little like thumbs up
4891s Domino's
4898s actually it makes sense it's the Joyce
4901s spiral it's all purpley and cute and
4903s stalkers they're not having fun at all
4904s I'm not enjoying myself yeah the
4906s absolute begrudgingness of it oh my
4908s goodness that's so funny love it next up
4910s from Vera's we have this uh delightful I
4914s saw this
4915s valkyr and Verona yeah and down the wolf
4920s two cats going after the dock
4922s so they are going after the wolf in
4925s Fortuna and yeah this would be an
4927s assassin squad for sure oh terrifying
4929s very sweet Fair Ozzy brought the
4931s tenacity alvaruna's wolves hovering
4933s around is that it packs there
4935s five thousand and a bounty
4938s [Music]
4942s that's a hefty Bounty that's a good
4944s price
4945s here's a comment on Twitch who let dinar
4948s smoke bad dog I didn't even notice oh
4951s yeah
4953s we have a rebel in the pack we do
4958s um they don't have hands
4962s does varuna have yeah
4966s not the ash for Wolf I mean oh no once
4970s you're done like Helen you can attest
4971s this I'm sure once you hear your dogs
4972s bark often enough you kind of know what
4974s they want yeah like so you'd say you'd
4977s like her dogs would be barking and be
4979s like you want to sing if you want a
4982s cigarette it's time for the cigarette
4984s could you like a treat I mean Mark of
4987s Death is pointing out that they don't
4988s actually have lungs either so it's not
4991s so bad it's just so they're vaping yeah
4993s so just it's just for this it's just for
4996s this yeah right it's like uh it's like
4999s when they drink in parts of the
5000s Caribbean it just goes through the
5001s little skeleton it's just like going out
5002s in the back
5003s okay that's so fun okay keep dissecting
5007s this but I know you've got more oh yeah
5009s there's a lot and wait what is this
5011s there's a touch
5012s what is this next one where it gets in
5015s our five yeah there's nothing it's great
5017s it's a watercolor oh okay okay it's a
5020s watercolor it's so small in my window I
5022s thought it was a banana I guess from I
5026s can see it now it does look like I
5028s thought it was a banana peel that's like
5030s this is actually from Iris
5032s who created uh watercolor too yeah it's
5035s watercolor you can do digital and they
5037s can do it Iris you were so talented you
5039s did pixel art for pride and your a
5042s watercolor artist too yeah this is the
5045s also mysterious man of Guerra uh
5048s garethought like what is your wisdom
5051s what is your wisdom clearly I don't have
5053s any because because I find you very
5055s appealing oh
5056s wow
5058s also Iris
5060s want to clarify does not look like a
5062s banana
5064s absolutely not this is a stunning piece
5066s of art in a very small pixel
5069s format yeah but I love the way you got
5073s the watercolor to look like the
5075s etherealness of revenant around yeah
5077s like during the um the um uh what is
5081s that question for Revenant masculine
5083s mask of the Revenant yeah that's exactly
5085s like when you get near the bodies of
5087s water yeah yeah love it the idol on
5090s energy
5092s next up wiggly worm on Twitter
5097s 100 the prettiest design I've ever seen
5100s look at her I want those tattoos I know
5104s that's not they're not meant to be
5105s tattoos but like that'd be a pretty
5108s sweet tattoo right at all
5112s you're gonna say I want those tattoos
5115s I want her
5117s this is
5119s Zach I mean well it's just like
5122s listening
5124s you just you just literally wake oh I'm
5127s not going to read what you have written
5128s here but literally wiggly worm says yeah
5131s she has 100 the prettiest design I've
5132s ever seen it's the prettiest thing I've
5134s ever seen
5135s you know I'm just saying Zach you're too
5138s far off look how beautiful she is she is
5141s beautiful hello hello
5146s having those yeah tattoos would be
5149s fantastic
5150s what do they call that it's like the
5152s sleeves yeah the sleeves but there's got
5154s to be when it comes across the uh the
5155s top two yep so so stunning so stunning
5159s oh such a fan incredible wiggly worm
5162s wiggly worm stuff what is this now this
5165s is an excellent one this is a mine
5166s creation from mid this is the fan
5168s fantasma
5177s but have you heard of the phantasma
5181s the Fanta small Phantom small dot it
5184s would be a sticky mess you know they
5186s were like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
5188s this is something this is something what
5190s would it actually do like it's just a
5192s water gun of fanta right or does it like
5194s actually pack an orangey punch that is
5197s undeniably dangerous that was delicious
5199s and delicious that would that would
5201s sting or does it just cure scurvy
5205s one thousand two ten thousand percent of
5208s your daily vitamins if you're the fan is
5210s small
5211s phantasma the phantasma
5213s um I love this that is incredible she's
5215s got it it's just got a hint of orange
5217s just a hint just a hint just Just a
5219s Touch just to touch it this is so like
5222s 90s
5224s crossover yeah the Phantom but enough
5228s carbonation to probably Keel over
5229s grineer oh it would go yeah it would
5232s guess for sure they did not adapt to
5234s handle the carbonation
5236s they did not they did not
5239s uh
5240s another great actually I think this
5243s might have been like this might have
5244s been the fan artist that also did the
5245s Mirage K third oh really
5248s I mean IBU muc on Tumblr this is
5253s in jail well do you have anything to say
5255s for yourself it's cool over
5275s this is so good
5278s oh my god oh I also just love the shot
5281s at the top of him sitting there like
5284s it's he's been he's been baking this
5286s thing in all afternoon he's like I'm
5287s gonna get I'm gonna get this guy so good
5290s can't wait just just heat up forever hey
5294s man I wanted in my orbiters oh my gosh
5297s it's Clover yep it's also like really
5299s good dimensions for a phone background
5300s so I might have to pick that up
5304s pure luck of disdain oh
5308s my gosh my stuff this is oh what's up
5311s next here this looks this also looks
5313s interesting this is from zlai okay
5321s did I number them wrong
5323s did I delete this oh I hope not because
5326s it's another Adrian left oh it is
5329s another Adrian love
5331s um I will I will check I know I have
5333s this saved because I don't think I have
5335s the link oh no it is Sanderson it is
5337s Anderson yeah oh yeah yeah yeah you're
5338s good we're in the right order yeah so
5340s this is the caption is can I get you a
5342s ladder to get off my back Maria can you
5345s have me in your book please I can't even
5347s got an idea for it so there's this guy
5348s cooler though committed so many crimes
5351s he's in prison now and the war in it is
5353s me and cool number has like 20 knives
5357s me and there's a little arrow and a
5361s smiley face
5365s honestly that is so cute yeah I another
5369s writer approved fan
5372s amazing stuff amazing stuff the look of
5375s just more looks of disdain are so good
5377s yup
5379s she's making wardens making their best
5380s pitch possible like the really really
5382s believing in it
5384s just couldn't yeah not just not have it
5387s it's not a pitch yeah you got to read
5388s the room euleria isn't happening
5391s back to the drawing board on your
5393s elevator pitch for this one it worked
5394s out but it worked out oh gosh love it
5396s Sanderson next one is from slide this is
5399s a mission they did what or is not a
5402s commission this is an incredible piece
5405s of fan art are you kidding me as a huge
5407s natural fan
5409s wow we
5411s in Spain the measure in Korean skin
5413s always delivers
5417s Zach needs a moment
5420s slide it's uh
5424s like the the the blue energy the
5428s textures is it infested enemies behind
5432s him am I seeing or is that just I think
5434s that's just it's hard to tell
5437s is very Intel okay
5440s is that your PS4
5442s sorry something just like ignite not
5444s ignited no that's not what happens
5448s I don't know yeah Hey listen they're
5452s just heating things
5454s I said here's to another day of not
5457s feeding the spiral yeah my all-time
5459s favorite frames and skins couldn't agree
5461s more honestly
5463s nice love it and finally uh created by
5467s Layla animator for the Spectrum
5468s syndicate
5469s which is an lgbtqia plus focused
5473s Warframe Discord human PC Clan this is
5474s your new Banner it's so is incredible he
5478s knocked it out of the park Layla
5479s animator yep did a fantastic amazing job
5484s very cute beautiful beautiful and an
5486s excellent way to round out our fan art
5488s yeah for our pride month on Friday
5490s all right thank you all to all our
5493s Warframe amazing Warframe Founders that
5495s was such uh that's awesome thank you so
5496s much Marcus
5498s um all right capture time here we go
5501s we've got battle sisters in Mesa Prime
5504s and Mesa Prime this is officially my
5507s first collab um this is by uh Brandon
5510s Sito underscore PS and they did a collab
5513s with the amazing uh X human who taught
5518s them how collaborative captura works and
5520s they can't be more happy about it
5523s rendezvous listen the capture Partners
5526s Community are like so wholesome just
5529s they just know how to get it done and
5531s make cool stuff like this love it it's
5533s the arena is the perfect place for a
5534s high nude shooter yeah yeah true yeah
5538s um this next one here is by Cloverfield
5541s 0 22 and they titled it contemplating
5544s emotions I've been seeing a lot of these
5547s close-up capture shots and it just it
5551s makes me appreciate the fine detail of
5554s each character absolutely every
5556s character in duvary has some unique
5558s traits to them and if you spend some
5560s time and they're really looking at it
5561s like what we were doing today with the
5563s with the kiddos it's so fun they uh yeah
5567s like the especially even seeing the
5569s reflections on them like you don't often
5570s get it I feel like sometimes in the
5571s caves unless you get the light really
5573s right so I feel like being able to
5574s manipulate capture true nice textures
5577s nice glossy yep uh Reflections yeah even
5580s just seeing which parts of the face
5582s actually do reflect uh colors in The
5584s Gleam also the eyes are so haunting
5587s right so like the void of
5589s really anything you have any color yeah
5591s reflection empty canvas Eyes true oh
5595s this one's so pretty
5597s um also holistic Hiatus said this spot
5600s is really pretty and I agree I also just
5603s love the color palette chosen for the
5606s case and the Warframe it's
5610s um uh what does it remind me of it
5612s reminds me of baruch's deluxe yes okay
5616s yeah shout out Karu um it reminds me of
5619s uh the Baruch Deluxe um the dowan Darwin
5622s Deluxe yeah the default Doan Doan yeah
5626s yeah that one very uh very Carnival s
5630s colors yeah I love it oh this one's also
5633s super pretty
5635s um this is by Des underscore Aina I have
5638s a lot of captura by the way so I'm sorry
5640s you guys were just on 2025 Donna and uh
5644s that's exactly what they said power of
5645s ketocon 2023 it is the Revenant Mephisto
5649s with the digital pack uh ketocon 2023
5652s signed Donna
5654s um ethereal stunning
5657s um
5658s it's just it's like a hot shower it is
5660s oh I was thinking I was thinking in
5662s every movie when they have the like uh
5664s Purgatory scene where it's like don't go
5666s into the light it's like this is exactly
5668s it yep
5670s um beautifully framed uh I love it love
5673s it love it all right this next one oh
5675s also oh my favorite girl sarin
5679s um right and this is by Mr underscore
5682s julino and uh they titled this the love
5685s of poison
5688s uh Britney Spears is in my head right
5690s now it's very cool yeah
5692s it's yeah it's very Britney Spears it's
5694s like a very pop star very pop star uh
5697s the hearts the the ireli animations are
5699s so good really really cool very very
5701s cute you got a really soft texture to
5703s her skin as well I think they added like
5705s a very soft glow like a gosh okay maybe
5711s um I'm such a fan also that's like one
5713s of my favorite old helmets of all time I
5715s don't know warframes with like hair it's
5717s just it's very satisfying
5719s um it's a cool concert because you don't
5720s see it too often no you don't
5723s um this next one here is by flirty Jewel
5727s war or WF come on
5730s I mean yeah
5734s um they captioned it farewell to thee
5736s but not farewell to all my fondest
5738s thoughts of thee within my heart they
5739s shall still dwell oh my God beautiful
5743s uh I also just love the I think they're
5746s doing the the like slight bow uh emote
5750s so it's like I'm paying respects to my
5752s former self because I think that's Meg
5754s Prime right yeah yeah
5757s oh that's incredible I feel like I never
5760s also check out the prime so close side
5761s by side with her uh I'm pretty sure it's
5764s also mag primes default colors yep I
5766s think so white it's like yeah white and
5768s gray it is just cool to see that
5770s Evolution the lighting yeah the the very
5774s lightning yeah just a little just little
5777s splash yeah splishy Splash just the the
5779s right kind of Spotlight you need for it
5781s um this next one is varuna on K this is
5785s an incredible action shot by orange fell
5788s mile uh from the Discord and like I mean
5792s isn't that so sick I I feel like it's a
5795s very tasteful blur yeah it portrays the
5797s motion really really cool it really
5799s makes you feel like this is a cinematic
5801s shot that was taken in like a trailer or
5804s something right you can see the
5805s continuation even the pose of like
5807s varuna and like her arm up like
5810s so good it uh it's making me appreciate
5814s like varuna's animalistic qualities even
5816s more just like them combined with the
5818s case yeah
5820s yeah one really really really oh another
5821s great Dewberry one here hildren in
5824s dubiri
5826s there's a new sheriff in town
5828s I was just about to say this looks like
5831s like this is the queen of Dewberry yep
5834s like but but like not the queen that's
5836s just gonna sit around and not do
5838s anything you're approaching your hoping
5839s the health bar does not pop up as you
5841s approach you know it's like a thousand
5843s percent yeah and it kind of turns you're
5845s like a thousand percent oh come on yeah
5849s this is by Genji seven also on Discord
5852s um I'm a huge fan of this also just like
5855s the attachments like the the I think
5858s they're using the um the um
5860s the not the necklace oh my goodness what
5863s am I trying to say the necromic necromic
5865s um armor attachments I order those the
5868s kuva ones I thought it might have been
5870s the Edo leg plates yeah and then the
5874s chess piece I think is the oh yeah it
5877s does look very much like the next yeah
5879s but it is just like armor on armor on
5881s top of armor and I'm digging it and I
5883s love it
5884s oh this one's also very fun real
5887s Force protector yes uh by Paladin Kasai
5891s I feel like we need some more Oberon low
5893s here right big time yep and uh is that
5897s is that this the symptom it is the
5899s center yeah yeah ginormous yup it's a
5902s huge bow but so appropriate for Oberon
5904s it's a druid character with a bow come
5907s on is Forest domain
5909s get out of here an elephant Archer
5912s through an elephant Archer uh oh this
5914s one is so sweet okay so this was uh
5917s aimless's first time trying captura and
5919s I want to say oh my God if you wouldn't
5922s have said anything like this was in
5924s Discord so they said like it's my first
5926s time trying capture and I looked at it
5927s and I was like is it because this looks
5929s incredible so you're already starting
5932s off on an incredible foot because I am a
5934s huge fan the fashion of The Drifter yeah
5937s um the the the the fact that it's like
5939s blue but then The Drifter has like that
5941s such like contrast red color yeah so
5945s impressive for your first capture are
5946s you kidding me uh so thank you for
5949s sharing that aimless I hope to see more
5951s very tasteful off-kilterness yeah I'm a
5954s big fan of balance to it yeah I'm a big
5955s fan of the tilting but it just makes it
5957s feel more more action yeah something's
5960s not right here I feel like something's
5962s gonna spawn at the tree right like I'm
5964s waiting for I'm waiting for something to
5967s show up yeah there's a sense of
5968s foreboding yeah
5971s exactly is she done I think she's not
5973s aimless oh okay so this one next one by
5975s ND Freezy
5977s is called combustion
5980s wow right another amazing yeah another
5984s incredible the Titania it's the Dome Man
5987s collection
5989s this one's so beautiful also great use
5992s of attachments and they're with the
5995s environment too yeah yeah I think this
5997s is the Wisp
5999s um animation set I think whisk does that
6001s right because she has her soul right
6002s Powers so uh yeah this looks so cool
6007s and it almost looks like the the halo
6010s effect like what is that
6012s you see that kind of like above it just
6014s looks so techy and cool and they picked
6016s the best pounds like on the on the
6018s shoulders yeah yeah yeah oh it's the
6020s it's the um
6023s oh it is it's our it's our Quest To
6026s Conquer Cancer FM era brilliant oh my
6028s gosh even more of a fan for use oh oh
6031s this next set of photos are is just like
6033s cotton candy deliciousness it is um this
6036s is by fuhan avaron and there's a set of
6039s three here and it's called dream of
6041s Venus
6043s whoa how are you riding that there
6047s but they're little
6048s friend of ours yeah it is it is I
6051s believe it's edited it must be it must
6053s be but the Shadows are so it almost
6055s looks not evident right
6057s just having a little seat like wow nice
6062s and it is about that on an ultra wide
6064s yeah right
6067s um I feel like I'm such a fan of like
6069s environment capturers because
6072s the environment team and the Skybox team
6075s and there's so many departments that
6077s like there's so much that goes into a
6079s landscape like this and for capture
6081s artists to like take a shot of it and be
6084s like yeah look look at all the work that
6085s was done here we need to go to landscape
6087s shots yeah or like different environment
6089s shots and towel sets for for capture
6090s they're so fun they're so fun yeah
6093s because you're often you're zooming
6094s through so fast you forget to stop and
6096s appreciate yeah yeah stop and smell the
6098s flowers you know
6100s um so good also here we have
6103s um this piece here by Anna Rose
6107s or Ann Rose pardon me bow down yeah also
6111s another queen instance here yep uh NYX I
6114s believe
6116s uh with the arrow swings also a fan
6120s so cool I wonder where that is it might
6123s be all the way on the tippy top of
6125s dominus's Palace true yep I think you're
6127s right tippy top yep I think you're 100
6129s right out there we had a really cool use
6131s of like those energy waves are on top
6133s like to have it blend into the back
6134s right it almost looks like you've
6136s created yourself perfect creative use of
6138s the environment unreal oh this one's so
6141s fun too this is a lazy afternoon by one
6144s of our uh fantastic Chinese capture
6147s artist uh
6150s yeah
6152s you go Helen I got you I followed them
6154s on Tick Tock amazing that's awesome they
6157s are so fantastic
6159s um like come on this is so cute it's so
6162s great it's so Regal let's have it a
6164s little sip at the water fountain just a
6167s relaxing Lazy Afternoon it's got It's
6170s packing a ton of atmosphere yes
6173s I want to hang out with I want to hang
6174s out with I want to hang out there right
6176s sunny afternoon right it's it's the
6178s perfect like it's the classic eating
6180s grapes yeah 100 100
6184s um oh this one's so great so um
6187s poor cycle got a new protector maybe our
6191s feel fearful conspirator will be less
6193s afraid now
6195s um also this is by um Tori and Tori
6198s tagged me and said I told Danny that I
6200s would go and visit her and they did and
6202s they made this incredible kept her a
6204s shot so it's so well done it
6208s the fact that they could get Cycles like
6210s ambient animations yeah so perfectly
6213s with shooting Scirocco like like what
6216s are you what are you defending against
6217s here I'm curious I think they're
6219s shooting cans before the big Showdown oh
6220s fair enough immediately I thought this
6223s is like this is the target practice okay
6224s I love this recycle's like giving like
6226s advice but like a little bit too much
6228s advice I also love how they use the
6230s Visage ink to kind of make it look like
6232s a like a classic like battle scar
6234s situation yeah this Drifter seen some
6237s stuff also the color choices for The
6239s Drifter like the kind of toned down
6241s earthy fits really well into the
6243s environment yeah it's like it's uh
6245s bringing back to the original Drifter
6247s that we met at the beginning of the new
6249s award yes
6252s lady novita
6255s message to them
6256s on Twitter because I was like I need
6257s this video and uh here you go it is
6261s incredible so they okay so Lotus floof
6264s is here right the queen has arrived and
6267s this is the calvary right the knives are
6271s out holy protect mother at all costs
6274s look at her throne
6277s we're so stinking cute it's so cute oh I
6282s love it so much
6284s you guys are so creative thank you so
6286s much lady for sending me the video yeah
6289s Mama is here now
6291s Mama's here now yeah super super cute
6295s um and then to top it off this is by
6297s sephalon okay that is so good happy
6299s Friday
6301s I look so beautiful the lighting the
6304s hands over the heart I recently added
6307s creators yes there you go
6309s congratulations and just really starting
6311s off your Creator and career like yeah
6315s it's such a beautiful piece
6317s um so Pride God yes all right so that's
6320s all of our captura for today unreal and
6324s Fan Art thank you all your submissions
6326s bring much light to our days absolutely
6330s um we should do another Platinum prize
6331s and we're gonna um we're gonna hop into
6333s some dojos
6335s um I guess we could Marcus or yeah you
6338s want to kick it off yeah
6339s so last last week we announced the
6343s spring 2023 winners and
6346s um this is the last this is the final
6348s week of the winter showcase submissions
6351s that are currently in the star chart
6352s right now so we're gonna go visit some
6354s of them
6356s um living underscore
6363s please whisper the boyfriend Channel
6365s with your in-game Alias the platform you
6367s plan on we will hook you up with your
6368s winnings
6369s um so we're gonna go visit the PC
6371s All-Star clan of violet Church let's
6375s check it out oh my God that scared me
6385s marriage was fell out my butt that was
6387s scary
6392s I left
6394s I said goodbye you being kidnapped
6395s goodbye
6400s so thank you uh Ronnie for putting
6402s together a list rooms to visit
6406s Ronnie
6407s oh all right starting off with
6409s Providence Gundam my gosh
6413s yeah that's where we start welcome
6416s absolutely incredible so let's see if I
6418s can make it this is enormous
6423s bam okay
6427s all the way from the feets
6431s wow absolutely massive wow look at the
6434s jet pack
6438s is floofy climbing look at it was close
6443s Okay uh unreal insane excellent start
6447s all right let's pop over to
6450s the Elden ring storm Veil oh I feel like
6454s I'm gonna love wow no way oh yeah so
6458s cool oh yeah guys I've died here so many
6461s times so many times a little stretch
6462s many times that damn stretch a bridge
6465s yeah the first encounter well maybe I
6470s mean unless you did the other mini
6472s bosses and
6477s oh yeah
6479s Zachary just walk on right on through if
6481s you don't yeah so it's so much easier
6483s this way wow the scale of this like just
6486s as soon as you get in here the scale is
6488s absolutely massive you just feel dwarfed
6491s by the way I don't understand like this
6493s is so incredible it's so cool
6497s it's so so cool
6498s you nailed stormfield wow wow
6502s even just yeah just the sheer size of it
6506s excuse me this is Stormville Castle but
6509s Anor Londo proportions yeah it's
6512s definitely giving me memories memories
6514s is a good thing yeah nightmares
6516s nightmares the times I've sat in that
6519s time this time
6521s wait is that just summon your it is
6525s oh it's a shame I think this uh I can't
6528s remember what language this plan is but
6531s we're not in it so we get Stars instead
6533s of their texts oh I see I see okay
6536s Chinese yeah
6542s because this is like the you know
6545s Stormville first encounter and so you
6547s can spawn your little it's your
6548s jellyfish Zach has to sneeze I think
6550s father
6557s the chair yeah but very cool but yeah I
6562s love her also yep and that is just so
6565s cool did they make her oh what's me yeah
6570s that is amazing I don't get the tusks in
6574s too oh my gosh even the environment
6575s looks like one-to-one with the game
6581s this is unreal this is something else oh
6585s my goodness what a showdown a showdown
6587s for the ages yeah Millennia and famous
6589s incredible all right backtrack wow
6592s wow wow wow
6596s Oh
6597s wrong one wrong way made our way back
6602s driving oh
6605s whoa hello hello
6609s are you
6611s oh
6613s let's see if I can stick The Landing can
6614s you oh Helen can you read that no I
6618s cannot I'm not Korean you know the
6621s Creator's day well I've seen it several
6624s times yeah that was my fault
6626s you guys are calling me out I
6628s immediately thought you'd read so fine
6630s look how beautiful she is too all the
6633s tail
6634s wow
6636s Trident I love it tasteful Trident I
6639s tasteful Trident and jump up on the tail
6643s wow very cool
6646s this is oh is it her eggs are those
6649s little dragon eggs they just might be it
6651s might be a little Catchings treats oh no
6654s a snack a snack snack
6656s it's so freaking cool so cool
6660s oh my goodness all the passion the eyes
6662s too all right now I gotta I actually did
6665s check out where I would need to get oh
6667s did you find the hidden uh
6669s it's important Oh Marcus I gotta
6672s backtrack a bit thank you uh to
6674s whichever Dojo architect
6678s as you can say put the scaffolding as
6680s I'm gonna run right off I was gonna say
6681s I was gonna say the world
6684s the like the ladder there it is
6687s back in the transporter all right little
6689s Shaw's inflamed yep
6701s oh my goodness yeah I remember this room
6704s the I love how it's an inaction shot
6707s with the piece like the floating around
6710s shrapnel
6712s it's so sick yeah this is
6715s um like
6721s oh yeah
6723s helping support it oh right in the heart
6727s right in the hot
6729s wow wow
6731s yeah is that O2
6733s uh it's stabbing I think so I'm not sure
6736s tonight oh is that their blade
6739s oh no oh is it broken up yeah
6742s so so cool oh my gosh oh I'm such a fan
6746s oh my God amazing while at church you
6749s absolutely brought it yeah nailed it so
6751s sick and you guys can still visit Violet
6754s Church on PC
6756s um for the next week uh I think June 5th
6759s which is the Monday
6761s what day is it today the first so yeah
6764s Monday next week is when our new winners
6767s will be featured in the star chart
6770s feature Dojo unreal um but let's go to a
6773s Playstation uh
6776s udemonia the storm featured Clan I'm
6780s gonna load into this bad boy Danny on
6782s Playstation 2. I just okay
6786s listen I'm so excited we get to like do
6789s a live Dojo door
6791s um
6792s sorry were you gonna say Helen I'm just
6793s excited too I know I'm so excited okay
6797s um let's find a isn't it not right here
6799s Marcus before before practice started
6802s did did the due diligence of looking for
6804s the teleporters okay lost before finding
6807s teleporters and it's not a fun place to
6809s be I have two tricks for you the first
6810s is your mini map we'll have it even if
6813s they've hidden it on under decorations
6815s so you can see yes and the other one is
6818s if you use your fast travel to go to a
6820s vault I I find that people usually have
6823s transported that's a good that's a good
6825s call but I also just love this use
6828s teleport thank you for that but also
6830s this is so sick oh like even just this
6833s room is incredible yeah
6837s wait I wish I could use my volt oh uh
6840s Lorenzo plakuzi and twitch chat is
6843s saying that this is their Dojo
6846s look how fun this is we okay
6850s that was electricity
6857s the next person oh it's gonna be a
6859s nightmare in there okay so I think we
6862s want this first one here yes
6865s um I feel like I don't know I don't know
6867s if Reb is watching but I feel like yes
6871s it is a shadow art like Final Fantasy
6875s Museum okay let's what does this say
6877s listen to my story this may oh is maybe
6881s our last chance okay
6883s I mean whoa
6886s a man's worth is not measured by a hype
6887s but by the purity of his heart
6892s if everything is a dream please don't
6894s wake me up wow
6896s oh
6898s squall
6900s I don't need you to understand me
6902s amazing so
6904s so good incredible oh and it's a gap of
6906s course it's a gallery
6909s of all the boys absolutely delightful um
6912s and then we also have another one
6913s there's a second room
6916s okay oh okay okay
6919s features oh
6922s what do we got here lightning it's not a
6925s question of can or can't there are just
6926s some things in life
6928s you just do inspiration inspiration is
6931s this
6934s okay these are so fun it's fantastic
6939s now I'm not this is my kind of Museum
6940s we're the gamer museums
6944s [Music]
6948s that is so cute I'm so glad I have
6950s looped back around because I feel like
6952s what oh my gosh that is so fun okay
6955s regime that rewards you from attention
6956s we've got Eden
6958s it's so hard for me not to go to other
6960s rooms that aren't on the list
6962s I'll remind you this is a Playstation
6965s Clan so
6967s this is incredible
6971s um
6971s hello okay hold on I'm gonna go get it
6977s damn okay oh so this is the okay yes I'm
6981s I'm I'm picking up what they're what
6983s they're putting down here hold on let me
6984s get a better View
6986s this is a huge room
6988s all right wow
6991s oh they've created steps for us how kind
6994s oh there's theme
6997s wow the uh sentient yeah oh like the
7002s whole thing in a bowl of light
7004s that's so cool okay
7006s I think oh oh wait is that like a throne
7010s up there hold on we must explore
7012s fighting for
7023s okay hold on
7025s wow
7029s [Music]
7034s look at the use of the kuva ribbons
7037s wow so cool okay what's next we have
7043s Leviathan
7044s um
7045s where is leviathan there it is
7051s oh my God I don't understand you guys
7054s are on you're doing this with a
7055s controller oh my and with a limited
7058s resource or decoration count right
7061s compared to PC compared to PC true
7065s like look at this it goes all the way
7067s down
7075s wow very cool oh hold on it's hard to
7078s see
7079s this go wow also ah incredible beautiful
7083s oh look at the way that they even like
7086s even just like the the fine details of
7088s all of this
7090s what what is that notification what what
7094s hello the license can be verified I work
7097s here hello
7101s [Music]
7109s I mean I don't know
7111s apparently is this Taylor's PS5 no
7118s um all right uh Danielle the first
7121s person to Pirate a free game
7125s [Applause]
7127s all right guys I've got 15 minutes to
7130s like speed around the rest of these
7132s rooms oh what are these little Cliffs
7135s are these little displays okay
7137s um okay I want my mini map to find
7141s oh wait no my mini map will show
7143s where the in the mid map we trust in the
7147s mini map We Trust okay hold on my sense
7149s of direction is so horrendous wait we're
7151s just gonna go see is this one of the one
7153s by one no we're just gonna go in a
7154s little casual tour oh there's one yeah
7156s yeah okay nice okay uh leviath oh no I
7160s just saw the little fine then we want
7161s the ship of Destiny ship of Destiny man
7163s there's so many rooms
7169s oh my goodness
7172s wait like
7174s is it a destiny reference I don't know
7176s oh maybe twitch chat is it wait oh I can
7181s go into the belly of the ship prison
7183s prison
7187s um this is where I'm gonna be in 15
7188s minutes I guess with this whole license
7190s situation rum
7193s [Laughter]
7197s here yes definitely a random reference
7199s twitch chat confirmed and also Pirates
7201s okay and also Pirates where's the poop
7203s deck motor ship yeah where's the
7205s treasures I also just love like imagine
7207s you're raiding a ship and you come down
7210s here and you're like where the trip
7213s yeah they've labeled it yeah perfect oh
7217s my goodness the artifacts
7219s crew dormitory oh a little
7223s original
7225s Captain's Room
7227s luxury yep we've got the fishes of
7231s course got the fish on the wall
7233s what have we got over here oh the chair
7235s captain's chair
7237s the front the command center oh you know
7241s what those even look like instruments
7243s that you use for seafaring this is so
7247s sick
7249s um oh I can see from the inside out
7251s there all right what other what other
7253s little secrets does this ship hold oh
7255s tortoises tortoises
7257s uh potentially harvested from the
7259s Galapagos Islands oh brought back for a
7261s reason
7262s ually
7264s okay that is so fun
7267s it's like it's like the I'm guessing
7270s it's the Wake that a ship would leave
7271s behind yeah is that what that is
7274s oh
7275s okay
7277s that's amazing
7278s it was fun
7281s awesome all right I think that covers it
7283s for this room and for this Dojo oh wait
7287s there's something in here
7293s wait wait
7297s I think there's one more there's more
7299s there's more yes there's more crimes
7301s there's always
7302s yeah the shot um
7308s Vault of the castle wow wow
7313s maybe if you had Fleet footed Maybe
7317s I think you'll make it goodbye goodbye
7319s oh no all right amazing that's so
7324s awesome all right we've got to do top
7326s 10.
7329s oh interesting
7333s every time at three time
7336s all rolly already starting us off at
7339s number 10 we have it's King cash they
7341s say I haven't played this game in ages
7342s and currently re-downloading on my Xbox
7346s just a little bit yeah just a couple
7350s things here and there but welcome how
7351s much to catch up on yeah at number nine
7354s uh ragna uh two-part I said Three's a
7357s Crowd ragna said and Four's tuna
7360s boom
7362s boom
7365s respectfully we love our pets uh at
7369s number eight uh digressive says bug
7371s reporter the dams
7373s this is what I'm saying this is a
7375s problem okay do you shut the gate
7380s wait you needed me too
7382s it's like I put the Tams away and then
7384s the next session
7386s please oh my goodness uh at number seven
7390s um from Robo Mythos they say imagine
7391s being the aura worm in the air watching
7393s this one guy just booking towards you on
7395s the ground honestly terrifying that
7398s would be horrifying
7403s no thank you I would worm away so fast
7406s yeah I would wiggle away as fast as I
7409s could this guy means yeah I don't think
7415s um okay this one just made me laugh and
7417s at number six from cursed uh Asylum I'm
7421s sorry I named my cave cooker it
7425s translates to Sugar bite believe me it
7427s makes sense
7429s that's really good I read it and I had
7432s to like bite my finger I was like
7435s I don't know what language actually if
7437s someone knows what language
7441s that is amazing yeah I don't know wait
7444s I'm adorable man hold on it's a Google
7446s translate yeah
7447s oh you must chat and let's chat can get
7450s it first it's Hungarian
7451s Hungarian
7454s Danny confirmed
7456s um I don't know how to use Google
7457s machine hold on give me a second
7464s it means like candy bar yeah sugar bite
7467s in Hungarian awesome oh there you go
7470s Hungarian uh adorable uh at number five
7472s from Wolfie oh sorry this is the salad
7475s segment of top 10.
7479s so uh at number five from Wolfie fruit
7482s salad Superior to all others rejected
7484s bitter green plant and very sweet yeah
7499s [Laughter]
7522s I know slightly dressier yellow shrubs
7527s that you just have to go and make your
7529s own salad be sure to remove the stems
7531s from your canola
7534s people go wrong yeah right maybe that's
7537s why Alexis listen we know we know
7540s ourselves gotta trust me there's some
7542s good salads out there yeah some good
7543s salads at uh number two just your
7546s average Hornet wow impressive
7548s um devs how does ERA wear pants I need
7551s to know
7552s [Music]
7554s chaps yours chops
7560s Eric suspenders because he's got crazy
7563s bends in the knees like full flamingos
7565s yeah those are some custom or some
7568s custom pants they need like crazy bell
7570s bottoms to make that worse just solution
7574s around
7575s slide beverages or just a sundress what
7597s [Laughter]
7606s yeah I guess even just yeah it would be
7609s skirts and uh and dresses there you go
7611s there's your answer there's your answer
7612s you're asking yourself
7615s and at number one Helen this will be the
7617s fan art after everything all righty um
7620s I'm sorry I probably understood they
7622s said bow and coolervo yes yes
7631s amazing fan art oh my gosh
7636s wow
7643s I'm so grateful wow that was amazing
7646s thanks guys for your top 10 comments
7649s thank you Zach for that amazing
7652s um in honor of pride month here uh let's
7656s do two uh hildren Prime access giveaways
7660s your pride I just saw someone I feel
7662s like we haven't oh yeah t-shirts
7671s um also I said someone in the comments
7672s be like it's so creased I want to steam
7675s it someone said de a steamer listen I
7678s think this would melt it would it
7679s probably melts but I know someone say
7683s it's part of the experience there you go
7685s it's cutting its tradition to never iron
7688s it yeah it kind of looks like a
7689s pixelated yeah a little pixel situation
7691s it's just like how the glyph displays
7693s kind of Shimmer yeah there you go we'll
7694s go with that children Prime Max is going
7696s to the Crimson fox six congratulations
7697s to you and we'll run one more
7701s and then we're gonna hand this off to a
7703s Warframe Creator yes
7706s yes yes
7709s all right
7714s congratulations you've won a hildren
7716s prime access please whisper the war from
7718s Channel that you're on right now with
7718s your in-game Alias the platform you play
7720s on and we will hook you up with your
7721s winnings congrats all right well this is
7733s screw you and thank you Helen for
7736s running the show and
7738s um happy pride month to everybody and
7740s don't forget to get your pride items in
7742s game and um also if you're interested in
7746s learning more about
7747s um the charity organization that we are
7750s supporting ourselves this year rainbow
7751s railroad you can do exclamation point RR
7754s in chat and uh nothing but love nothing
7757s but support for this month and all year
7759s round and we're gonna send off the love
7761s over to Angela said yes
7766s so uh go ahead and um
7769s hello to Angie maybe continue the solid
7772s conversation over there you know all the
7774s delicious all the deliciousness but have
7776s a great night everybody and we will
7778s check in with you next week or actually
7781s tomorrow Creator or uh Saturday we have
7784s our featured creators as well so again
7787s for pride month we have
7789s um featured creators that have special
7790s drops so be sure to tune in um this
7793s Saturday yeah so your Umbra is going to
7795s be there with a special drop and there's
7797s going to be a special Saturday streams
7799s for the rest of this month so yeah so
7801s much to celebrate all right thanks
7802s everybody have a good one and we'll see
7805s you soon
7806s bye-bye happy Pride all right

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