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Latest Patch NotesTennoGen & Nightwave Episode 5: Hotfix 25.7.7 (27 days ago)

Warframe | Nintendo @ 10 - 23/10/2019

about 1 hour ago - PlayWarframe on Youtube - Thread - Direct

Nintendo @ 10 w/Helen - Rap... Tap... Tap...

about 3 hours ago - Warframe on Twitch


Warframe | PS4 @ 4 - 22/10/2019

about 19 hours ago - PlayWarframe on Youtube - Thread - Direct

21 Oct

Nightwave: Intermission II

2 days ago - [DE]Helen on Forums - Thread - Direct


As Arlo’s story comes to a close, it’s time for Nightwave: Intermission to take over the airwaves.

During Intermission II, you can earn fan-favorite rewards from both Nightwave: Series 1 and the first Intermission!

Rank Rewards include:

  1. 150 Intermission II Creds
  2. 2000 Endo
  3. Weapon Slots x2
  4. 200 Ducats
  5. Arlo's Flame Decoration
  6. 50 Intermission II Creds
  7. Kuva x 20000
  8. Wolf Salute - Emote
  9. Orokin Catalyst
  10. Orokin Reactor
  11. 50 Intermission II Creds
  12. Kuva x 20000
  13. Napalm Grenades (Augment)
  14. 3-Day A...
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Xbox One @ 1 w/ Megan - Rap Tap Tap!

2 days ago - Warframe on Twitch

listed names in chat have clones

2 days ago - [DE]Megan on Forums - Thread - Direct

We have a fix for this in the next deploy!

Originally posted by Boner_Elemental

Another vid with the capsule problem and a different problem

u/DE_killerkarpfen is it in your area to ask why that stupid banner is half-collision?

I can take a look at the banners, I remember that being a heated point of discussion as we were working on that set. Survival stuff is outside my scope, I'll pass on to QA.

20 Oct

The Casual Carousel

3 days ago - [DE]Glen on Forums - Thread - Direct

Neo T2 or death today on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse

19 Oct

Originally posted by tottylicious

Summoning /u/DE_Killerkarpfen

I was trying to go in a room to open lockers when I kept falling and repsawning on today's New Loka Sabotage mission on Sao - Neptune.

/Lotus/Levels/Proc/Corpus/CorpusOutpost/EUFanahV5kjeEFGVRtQDaM3l0NmWDiIiJJECAQ4.lp Zone: /Lotus/Levels/Outpost/CrpPowerStorage P: 249, 21, 291 H:1 Log: 2165.568

Thanks for the fingerprint. I'll take a peek Monday morning.

Originally posted by Beacon_0805

u/DE_Killerkarpfen you are required in the hole patching area

Hi, you have reached the hole filling hotline. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. A hole filling representative will be with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your report.

18 Oct

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