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We have a fix in the works for this! Thank you for reporting 😀


A fix will be incoming for this.


Thanks for the report, we will look into this.


(X) bug closed as by design


25 Oct

12 hours ago, YouDontCB_87 said:

Was running Mercury Crossfire mission to collect some plants, which in this mission type (i.e. Crossfire) enemies' alertness within the mission should be pre-defined in Alarm Triggered states.

So unexpectedly, I get lock down by Grineer, which seems like Grineer is able to trigger area close down within the mission.

(Note: Lock Down function by enemy is only available after enemy triggered alarm)



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Originally posted by FabulouslE

Grendel is SP viable if not the best frame in all cases. He's the easiest frame to shield-gate with in the game and can easily helminth his 4th ability for something like roar to be about as unkillable as rhino, buff the squad with both huge toxin damage and total damage, self-heal, and put out as much damage as double-buffed weapons allow.

Mind that I just subsume nourish on rhino and feel like he does almost the same thing a bit better, but grendel isn't useless

I'm on my 10th day straight of playing nothing but Grendel and pretty much this, but I've been filling as much as my brain as possible with the version of Grendel players often give feedback on for tweaks, but I feel like I need much more time in a bigger breadth of content to really maximize everything he offers... I am super enjoying him.


Ordis is happ-angry!


Are you stuck / was this a 'seen once' issue? Looks a bit jank and we need to chase down a fix!