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Seriously, I’m having a ludicrous amount of fun using the Phenmor, Laetum and Praedos together. Alternating their forms feels really good, and I’m farming everything I need for the Felarx and Immodem now too.

With Duviri and more Void lore central to the story now, it’s the perfect time to capitalise on making more of these bad boys. If possible, how about one for every weapon class? We could have an incarnon Nikana that transforms into two Void-touched blades, or a sniper rifle that turns into an alien RPG launcher. The possibilities for these weapons are truly endless.

And they aren’t a cakewalk to get either- farming Holdfasts Standing, farming materials, challenges etc. All of these factors really sell the worth of these weapons and make them feel EARNED.

All I’m saying is: DE, please please please don’t leave Incarnons to the wayside. They have so much potential. Maybe I missed something and DE have already confirmed more Incarnons in the works, or maybe I’m just out of the loop.


I like my transforming weapons.

And I desperately want more.

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I fully expect my Phenmor Praedos to unseat the Rubico Prime as my top used primary any of these days
edit: I am jam donut

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Praedos are the tonfa’s

lol caught in 4k.