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About an hour or two ago my warframe crashed and blackscreened my pc. After restarting the pc and warframe i was greeted with all my setting being reset, so far, so managable. I redid the settings but now i have the problem of the game crashing after finishing a mission. This happens most mission that are longer than maybe two minutes or so. Does anyone know why this is happening/what to do against this?
I do have all drivers updated and verified warframes download cache, dont know what else to do now tho. All help is appreciated :3

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Yesterday, we found a possible cause for a lot of seemlingly random crashes. The issue is covered here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1405008-instability-on-recent-intel-processors/

Should your PC have one of the listed processors, could you see if the described fix works for you?

If not, could you share your WAR-number from the crash reporter?