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Thanks for the detailed report. Could you clarify which iPhone SE you are attempting to play on? Note that iPhone SE gen 2 (2020) & gen 3 (2022) are officially supported, but gen 1 (2016) is not.

Even though you said you crash after hitting "Play" you can actually send us game logs directly from the launcher screen! Please tap the top centre of the screen. You'll get a prompt to save or send the logs. Tap your email app and send those to [email protected] -- please include a short description of your issue in the email title or description so we know it's you! We'll take a look asap!

Received, thank you! Logs shared with the team so that we can investigate. 

4 hours ago, jsj0520 said:

I realized I hadn't updated my IOS in a few months

Thanks for the update jsj0520! it looks like running iOS 15 is causing issues like the one you've described.