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Insert Disc 2.

Hey there, Dreamers!

It’s time for Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 to come to an end! The current Nightwave will end on Sunday, July 10th at 7pm E.T. - be sure to spend your remaining Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 credits before then. Any remaining Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 Creds can be sold for Credits afterwards.

What’s Next?
"It's that time again, Dreamers."

While Nora may like change in the System, she’s not one to stop the party when things are going her way. Introducing Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 - launching on all platforms on July 17th!

Similar to Vol. 1, Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 will continue our design goals for Nightwave. We still want to add new weekly goals for Tenno to complete, while being able to focus on our 2022 development goals! You can read more about our Nightwave philosophy in our post earlier this year![forums.warframe.com]

Like previous editions of Nightwave, we will be including duplicate protection for rewards that you have already unlocked. Identical to Nora’s Mix Vol. 1, Tenno can expect to be compensated with Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Creds instead of the previous unlocked reward.

New Acts!

We are including new Acts for those returning home. If you know... you know.

**Please note that the names/descriptions are subject to change.

New weekly Acts include...

Eternal Guardian
Complete 3 Void Armageddon missions.

High Ground
Complete 3 Void Flood Missions.

Zariman Bounty Hunter
Complete 4 different Bounties in the Zariman.

And for the skillful, an Elite Weekly Act...

Fallen Angel
Defeat a Void Angel in the Zariman

For any Tenno that have not yet completed Angels of the Zariman, these challenges will be hidden to prevent any potential spoilers! We have removed the Elite Weekly Act ‘Silent Eliminator’ which required you to complete a level 30 Exterminate without triggering alarms.

New Rewards
"If there's one thing I've learned, Dreamers, it's this: Just when you think you've had it all, seen it all, done it all... there's always more."

Nightwave Ship Decoration
A mini-decoration of the Nightwave Landing Craft.

Noggle Statue - Nora Night
A small statue of a person larger than life.

Nora Night Glyph Pack
Complete your profile with a pair of Nora Night Glyphs - “Style baby!”

Nightwave Ornament (Cred Offering)
A decoration for all you Dreamers out there.

Weapon Augments (x2)
Stay powerful with a pair of weapon augments. More details to come!

Gyre Automaton Helmet Blueprint (Cred Offering)
Electrifying style coming in hotter than lighting!

Nora Night Spoiler Suit
A Nightwave-inspired Spoiler Suit. Nora provides for listeners of all ages!

Nora Night Spoiler Earpiece
A fashionable accessory only a Tenno could adorn.

Also included is a hand-picked selection of rewards from previous Nightwave Series! Stay tuned for the full list of offerings. **All rewards listed above are subject to change or removal.

Nora will see you on July 17th when Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 launches on all platforms! Once again, remember to spend your remaining Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 Cred before July 10th at 7pm ET when Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 1 will end! Please keep in mind that everything listed above is subject to change!

"Ain't no stoppin' someone who knows their worth. Nora's feelin' good about the state of things, yes she is."
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Originally posted by «Wodan»: "We have removed the Elite Weekly Act ‘Silent Eliminator’ which required you to complete a level 30 Exterminate without triggering alarms."

But why? This is probably one of the easiest Weekly Acts in the game for people who are properly geared.

This mission could be easily completed by selecting a tileset with no alarms! Nightwave aims to lightly challenge Tenno to try something new, which with this tactic, took away from the spirit of Nightwave.