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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Awash in crimson and shimmering gold, Garuda Prime emerges on March 28! Add Garuda Prime, exclusive Prime Accessories, Weapons, Boosters and more with Prime Access, or earn Relics in-game to craft Garuda Prime, Nagantaka Prime and Corvas Prime in your Foundry.

Garuda Prime and her signature Prime gear tear through the battlefield with razor-sharp talons and sanguine bloodletting. Experience Garuda’s reworked abilities and witness the queen of gore get deadlier the more blood is spilled.

Garuda Prime
White, gold and deepest scarlet, the queen of gore in full regalia.

Nagantaka Prime
A golden version of Garuda’s versatile crossbow, as fashioned by the Orokin’s finest weaponsmiths. Alt-fire to let loose a barrage of bolts. All bolts have a chance to cause Bleeding, and Headshots have a chance to increase Reload Speed. When wielded by Garuda the Nagantaka gains a slight Punch Through effect.

Corvas Prime
Flaunting ceremonial beauty, this arch-gun flak-cannon is even more devastating than its standard issue counterpart.

Exclusive Garuda Prime Glyphs


When Garuda Prime enters Prime Access, the following items will be added to the Prime Vault. If you have Relics that contain these items they will remain in your Inventory.
  • Titania Prime
  • Corinth Prime
  • Pangolin Prime

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