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Hello, Tenno!

As many of you might be aware of, Twitch recently had a security breach. In the name of safety many users took to resetting their password. 

If you choose to reset your Twitch  password (you should!), you’ll ALSO need to RELINK your Warframe account to your Twitch account to earn Drops, as the password reset requires a reconnect.

Go to https://www.warframe.com/user to simply RELINK.  

While we’re here, we would like to offer this friendly reminder on how to claim your Twitch Drop:

Upon entering the stream while a drop is active, you’ll be greeted with a chat message at the top of the chat window which can be expanded to see more details about the drop at a glance.

By clicking your Twitch icon in the top right, you’ll see a progression bar depicting how close you are towards claiming the Twitch Drop. Clicking the drop will take you to the Drops main page where a more detailed description of the Warframe Twitch Drop can be read.

Once you have met the Twitch Drop criteria (30 minute watch time, etc) a popup in the chat window will appear for you to manually claim your Drop. 

IF you miss this popup and don’t claim it within chat, you can go into your Twitch Inventory section and it will be waiting there for you to claim: https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory   

You must manually claim the Twitch Drop for it to be delivered.

Once claimed, the Twitch Drop may take 5-10 minutes to be delivered to your linked Warframe account. Once delivered, the familiar face of Teshin will greet you in your in-game Inbox.


Thank you!