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Looking to add a little more color to your Arsenal? Watch any Warframe Partner on Twitch or Mixer and get your very own Transmission Color Palette, featuring a beautiful selection of purples and blues!

WHEN: Starting Friday, August 30 at 2pm ET, until Friday, September 6 at 2pm ET!
HOW: Watch any Warframe Partner on Twitch or Mixer for 30 minutes!
WHO: You can see a full list of our Warframe Partners at our Partner index here: https://www.warframe.com/community/partners#partnerIndex 
WHAT: The new Transmission Color Palette



Are you having issues receiving Twitch Drops, please refer to our Twitch Drops guide here: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003353712-Twitch-Drop-Guide 

Since this is our first time running a Mixer Rewards campaign for our Partners, we’ll be keeping an eye on this thread and other social channels for any hiccups that may occur!

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27 minutes ago, DennyPhantom said:

Colors are nice.
But when will you fix ALL of the lighting that you messes up with the new update?

Unrelated, but Steve was tweeting about these issues earlier today -- we're aware and are looking to fix. 🙂



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Hi Tenno,

Thank you for your patience this weekend -- the Drops issues should hopefully be resolved now on our end. If you successfully linked your accounts and watched a Partner for 30 minutes over the weekend, you should have a palette now in your inbox! If not, it is possible that your accounts are not linked correctly.

The main cause of this is having multiple Warframe accounts linked to the same Twitch account. My recommendation? Log in to each Warframe account you have and go to warframe.com/user -- it'll tell you what Twitch account it is linked to. You should not have the same Twitch account show up for multiple Warframe accounts.

If you do, here's how to fix it:

  1. Unlink all Warframe accounts from Twitch at warframe.com/user (this involves logging in to each account and unlinking them)
  2. Relink your intended Warframe account to our Twitch using warframe.com/twitch/link

We have had a few Partners who had improperly linked accounts, resulting in Drops not working for their channels. I recommend seeing confirmed Drops Partners in this thread once you have completed the troubleshooting steps above. 

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1 hour ago, -----x----- said:

When I get my palette? I'm watching all day, no drop 😞

It appears you have multiple accounts linked to your Twitch -- please use the troubleshooting tips in this comment: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1124360-transmission-palette-twitch-drops-and-mixer-rewards-campaign/?do=findComment&comment=11013067

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20 hours ago, DaftMeat said:

Still buggy. Watched various streams for over an hour each yesterday and today, some viewers said they got Twitch drops, some like me did not.

I unlinked and relinked my Warframe and Twitch accounts, but still no luck afterwards.

Twitch was not silenced or muted while I was watching, I was even interacting with chat. My activity was set to "Online", and I had "Share my activity" enabled as well.

I also tried watching streams on Mixer, but even there did not receive the palette.

It appears you have multiple accounts linked to your Twitch -- please use the troubleshooting tips in this comment:  https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1124360-transmission-palette-twitch-drops-and-mixer-rewards-campaign/?do=findComment&comment=11013067

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