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Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix 31.5.6

Zariman Mission Changes & Fixes: 

  • Extraction is no longer forced after completing all Bounty objectives in Void Flood missions, the mission can continue indefinitely if players decide to stay. 
  • Improved the spawning consistency of large Vitoplast orbs in relation to their distance from Void Ruptures. 
  • Updated Armaments UI to use seconds instead of percentage in Void Armageddon missions. 
  • Added more tutorial messages in the Angels of the Zariman quest Void Flood mission in regards to the Corruption level:
    • “Closing ruptures lowers the corruption meter.” 
    • “Keep the corruption meter low to avoid negative void complications.” 
  • Fixed infinite loading screen when entering the Zariman elevator as Operator during Zariman Bounty. 
    • This resulted in having to abort the mission in order to escape the confines of the Elevator. 
  • Fixed Void Flood missions missing UI pop ups to indicate a reward has been given. 
  • Fixed Void Manifestation HUD not showing to players who join a fight in progress. 
  • Fixed the ‘Minimize Void Contamination’ Bounty for Cascade (Use 4 Exolizers while keeping the corruption bar from going above 50%) failing instantly upon mission start on older PCs.  


  • Added a scaling spawn cap to Eximus units in Endless mission types (this includes Survival, Void Flood, Void Armageddon, Void Cascade, Disruption, Zealoid Prelate, The Deadlock Protocol quest, and Rising Tide quest).
    • Previously, spawn scaling was uncapped. Now it scales by squad size to take into account solo players vs. squads. In other words, Eximus have the same % to spawn for each enemy, but once you hit the simultaneous Eximus cap no more will spawn until they are killed. Here is the breakdown for scaling spawn cap based on squad #s: 
      • Solo player = No more than 2 Eximus at a time (this is consistent with non-endless mission caps)
      • 2 player squad = 2 Eximus max at a time 
      • 3 player squad = 3 Eximus max at a time
      • 4 player squad = 4 Eximus max at a time
  • Changed the final Angels of the Zariman quest objective description. 


  • Made several systemic optimizations to memory usage to save over 2MB of RAM.
  • Made several insignificant optimizations to frame-rate.


  • Fixed Ghoul Purge Bounties (and potentially others) failing at start. As originally PSA’d here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1308870-psa-pc-ghoul-purge-disabled-temporarily/
    • We will be restoring the Bounty sometime tomorrow once we have deployed the fix on all platforms. 
  • Fixed Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm, Nekros Desecrate, and Khora's Pilfering Strangledome affecting Vitoplast drop amounts from enemies in Void Flood missions. 
    • This was the original design intention, as was mentioned in the pre-launch sponsored videos on Void Flood missions. Its core design encourages the use of your parkour skills as the primary way to collect scattered Vitoplast around the tileset, with enemy drops being secondary. 
  • Fixed Cascadia Overcharge’s Critical Chance buff applying to all weapons instead of just the Secondary, as intended. 
  • Fixed a noticeable seam in the torso/arm area of the Valkyr Carnivex Skin. 
  • Fixed the Vasero Sehkara badges shifting position in an asymmetric way when equipped with shoulder armor. 
  • Fixed some duplicated Blitz/Volatile Eximus effects on Clients.
  • Fixed being able to sell Aeolak components for Ducats. 
  • Fixed Zariman ghosts standing still indefinitely after Host migration. 
  • Fixed Operator missing facial customizations in the first cinematic of the Angels of the Zariman quest. 
  • Fixed anti-Warframe bubble not working on Clients in Void Cascade missions. 
  • Fixed the key binding screen tabs in Options overlapping with the top key to bind when resolution is set to 1920x1200 and the game is in windowed mode. 
  • Fixed certain mentions of the ‘Void’ not being capitalized. 
  • Fixed an issue with the reload sound FX for the Oscira skin.
  • Fixing Wisp and Titania’s animation sets not floating while having the Hespar equipped. 
  • Fixed [PH] tags in the Customize HUD Color settings. 
  • Fixed crash when opening up the ‘Hire Railjack Crew Members’ window at Ticker in Fortuna. 
  • Fixed script error related to special Incarnon weapon reticle. 
  • Fixed script error while killing a Hound right before Host migration. 
  • Fixed script error related to the Conclave team select interface. 
  • Fixed script error related to Volt’s Shock ability. 

Missed note from Hotfix 31.5.5: 

  • Added Focus node Modifiers to the Ability screen descriptions. 


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Clarified Eximus Cap
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16 hours ago, freakazoid5000 said:

Please fix not properly teleporting to the void after downing an Angel and having to try several times.

And in some cases not being able to enter the void at all resulting in the Angel fight breaking and cannot be finished. 

Edit: Yeah Angels are more broken than before now. You can kill their first and second health bars together now and they may not let you into the void or does and it's already with the globes out.

We've got a fix for this being tested out. As a workaround until the next hotfix, it should work if you do not attack the angel before its big health bar appears.  (Turns out Tenno are super great at taking these down quickly)

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17 hours ago, RecklessCarnage said:

Any information when we will be able to aquire the Steel path trophy for the zariman?
The dormizone keeps being unfinished for me.

Still working on this! 

12 hours ago, PhiZero said:

This is a great change! But will this apply to Steel Path as well for solo players?

As I kind of enjoy the challenge as is, and the eximus Rework turned out to be a buff to focus farming as well.

Pre-rework I could casually reach the 350k focus cap in just about 2 hours, mass killing eximus with a convergence orb without any boosters.

Post-Rework the same method can cap out at 1 hour, with no changes to convergence orb usage.

With the new cap, it sounds like it's back up to 2 hours of SP survival for the daily focus cap. At this point, I'd rather just do Void Cascade and Void Exterminate for much less efficient focus gains at about 3-4 hours, as I can at least get standing for decorations as well.

It does yes, but only to the missions that are listed in the fix. But we appreciated the well written feedback, I am bringing this to the team for consideration. 

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17 hours ago, XHADgaming said:

Is that list a comprehensive list or just an example of some of the endless missions it applies to? Defection and Excavation are endless missions and I do not see them on that list.

That is the full list of affected missions, yes! 

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17 hours ago, xYOURMAMAx said:

Anything to mention regarding the Zenurik ability "Inner Might" messing up ability costs when using mods that modify efficiency/cost?

We have this logged and are looking into a fix, it looks to be a UI only issue at the moment. 

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For all those who have been asking and might have missed our other mentions elsewhere, we are actively looking at some changes to Void Sling based on feedback - Nothing to share at the moment as we are taking into consideration all things Void Sling. 

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7 hours ago, N309 said:

Does the Eximus spawn limit affect syndicate spawns? Red veil for example spawns Eximus chargers. Do those get affected by the limit or they spawn all of them?

It does not get affected no :)