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As you might have seen on Devstream 171[http//%26quot%3Bhttps] last Friday, our next Duviri release, traditionally an “Echoes” update, felt like it needed its own name. Thus The Seven Crimes of Kullervo was born, featuring a Warframe that draws its power from a betrayal long forgotten.

Unsheathe your knives and cut your way to the truth in The Seven Crimes of Kullervo. Players can expect the following:

  • Kullervo, our 53rd Warframe, coming with his own Signature Shotgun and Customizations
  • A new “Dungeon” Island on Duviri with a time-limited event upon launch
  • The Gauss Kresnik Collection
  • New Decrees to choose from, including Corrupted Decrees
  • New Static Undercroft Portals
  • New TennoGen
    And much more!
Learn more about the upcoming The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Update in our full Devstream 171 Overview[http//%26quot%3Bhttps]!
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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