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That's the main point of wind chimes.... to make a pleasant sound. Quite a few other decorations make sounds, so why not this one? I think it would add a lot of nice ambiance uses to it. Returning after a bit of break to these new decorations was very nice, and I am overall very happy with them, they make great strides into giving easy low-capacity cost ways of making spaces feel lived in and not sterile. However, this one thing is a big miss for a very incredibly minor thing. A simple subtle swaying animation would also be nice but I can take or leave that.

(Also it would be really great if the decoration menu remembered where you were in it. It's pretty annoying every time you're experimenting and want to try multiple decorations from the same tab, or are just building with things from the same tab and having to scroll back to it every time you place a decoration and reopen the menu.)

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They'll make sound with Lua's Prey, chime away

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