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Prime Resurgence: Hotfix 30.9.3 


  • Made a micro-optimization to some AI code.

Decoration Fixes Part 1:
Our original PSA is here:

  • Fixed an issue with the scale of player’s Dojo Decorations that were already placed prior to Update 30.9. We have a lot more work to do to square away issues with new and existing things - apologies, and thanks for your patience.
    • A technical post mortem for the interested, previously we would only save the object scale of a decoration if it was not 1. In the 30.9 update, this changed to saving the scale of an object if it was not default. The problem is that some (about half a dozen that we’ve found)  decorations have a default size that is not 1. So their scale in old Dojos was never saved, and was now incorrectly assumed to be default. The Dojo’s actual decoration data never changed, we were just reading it in a new way that was logically incorrect.
  • Fixed the following decorations not scaling correctly: 
    • Alloy Plate
    • Argon Crystal
    • Circuits
    • Control Module
    • Ferrite
    • Gallium
    • Morphics
    • Nano Spores
    • Neural Sensor
    • Neurodes
    • Orokin Cell
    • Plastids
    • Polymer Bundle
    • Rubedo
    • Salvage
    • Vitus Essence
  • Improvements toward an issue with the new Dojo Arrival Gate item that caused players using it to fall through the floor due to load order (this only occurred in busy dojos).
    • May still happen in rare cases, we will continue to fine tune
  • The Arrival Gate now has an immediate build time. 


  • Fixed the context menu text being blurry when Chat Text size is set to small.
  • Fixed inability to roll while using Nyx’s Assimilate Augment on controller or a custom roll keybind. 
  • Fixed an issue that could break a player’s Railjack HUD. 
  • Fixed wonky Female Operator faces when using certain Animation Stances.
  • Fixed Convergence Orbs spawning when you didn’t have a Lens equipped. 
  • Fixed a script error related to Kuva Liches doing Finishers. 
  • Fixed further issues with Kuva LIches and certain power combinations when cast on player Companions. 
  • Fixed a script error related to Operators gaining Affinity.
  • Fixed an issue where Domestik Drones weren’t maintaining their placed Size while moving. 
  • Fixed an issue with hovering over certain colour buttons causing game hangs and issues. 
  • Fixed a script error related to Nezha’s Blazing Chakram.
  • Fixed potential crash as Client when Host is stabbing Kuva Lich.
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On 2021-11-12 at 11:28 PM, XHADgaming said:



Is there a fix in the works to fix profit taker leg regen? What is the current ETA? This is super frustrating to run into since I just finished up two runs back to back with no bounty rewards due to unintentionally phase skipping due to leg regen. 

There is currently no investigation into this, the issue was presumed to be fixed.

Do you have a up-to-date video of this problem?  Ideally one that's slow enough and high enough quality that we can see what's happening and follow along 😅