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Hey Tenno! 

With Prime Resurgence launching tomorrow, we wanted to answer your requests to (a) add Platinum to the packs and (b) add Accessories Packs with Platinum. 

A. The reality is that for this inaugural launch we are unable at this time (right before launch) to add Platinum to the packs due to technical and compliance limitations across all Warframe’s platforms. We want to avoid doing any changes midway through the event as well, with it becoming a logistical challenge on the backend setup and unfair to the players who were early participants. While it is not possible for this first run, we have pages upon pages of feedback here that will be considered alongside the data we’ll be reviewing once the event has finished. Rest assured the importance of bonus Platinum in the value proposition is noted for next time. 

B. The same reasoning from A applies to adding Accessories Packs - there is still much to consider for an event that has yet to run, but being the biggest discussed point here we know it is desired. But since we are unable to add a Pack at this point, there is no way for us to add Platinum to a pack that doesn’t exist. 

We really want to stress again that this is our first attempt at running an event like this. It has been 8 years of the same Prime Access system and 7 years of Prime Vault, we aren’t reinventing the wheel but we are venturing into an entirely new way to make Prime items available in ways we’ve never attempted before. And this is why player feedback is so vital, we know what your top concerns are and will take it into consideration if we look at a future run of Prime Resurgence. 

We just simply cannot commit to any major systematic changes at this time, because of the reasons listed above and because we need performance data to make educated and informed decisions if we run the event again. These may not be the answers you were hoping for, but for the sake of transparency they are the answers we have to give at this time. We also want to make a point of saying that you as a player have the freedom to participate in any form that is most comfortable to you. With far more avenues of access to free-path Primed items with Aya, you can dedicate your time to building up that Prime inventory that you’ve been dreaming of. 

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you for tomorrow’s launch! 

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Originally posted by The_Starfighter

If only there was a way to delay the release of the event to fit in these changes...

Seriously, the excuse sucks, if they really cared and were being held back by technical limitations, they would delay the event to fix it.

The New War launches in December and that is right around the corner... the technical limitations are there and diverting any of the teams attention at this time unfortunately just isn't an option

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Originally posted by HavokSupremacy

what's stopping you from delaying the event and reuse the old style of prime vaults instead for now while you fix it? It's not like both the new war and prime vault are related as far as i know code wise and even if it was, you still have access to the previous game builds?

Beside, might i add, but if resources are that tight for the new war release that there is no leeway available to fix something like that, i'm a bit afraid of the state in which new war will drop. Is it going to be the same as the past years where we get a broken content drop right before Christmas and then we have radio silence for like 1 week until some stuff gets fixed?

Like i'm sorry you're the one i drop this on and i'm not trying to get accusatory, but that sounds like utter bullshit considering what other game studios are able to pull off and what i know of working in software development. That just sounds like a simple pushed additional monetization attempt by management.

A major focus of Prime Resurgence (Re: original Dev Workshop) is to free up Dev resources so we can fully focus on updates like the New War. We don't want major updates be the reason why Prime Vault continually has to take a backseat, which is exactly what happened this year

"\Prime Vault in 2020 was affected by the throes of a packed development cycle that had us defaulting to the previous Prime Vault set ups, which required far less pressure on the Dev team. While we understand these were very real reasons for such repetition, it was not ideal and something we’d like to continue to avoid in the future."*