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2s [Music]
4s [Applause]
12s thank you
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17s hello everybody and welcome to devstream
22s 167. really quickly let's address the
25s Utica in the room Rebecca Ford yeah just
30s uh sometimes you got to stay home it's
32s just that simple that's all good she'd
34s want a color coordinate with Pablo and I
37s and our yeah our pink and red but that's
39s fine get the memo you didn't need the
40s memo it's fine I ignored the memo
42s welcome to the stream I know it's the
44s end almost the end of January but I'm
46s gonna say it anyways happy New Year guys
48s Happy New Year I hope everyone had a
51s wonderful end to their 2022 and a great
55s beginning to their 2023. this is our
58s first Dev stream back
60s we're back
64s yeah it's uh I'm sweating already that's
66s why I couldn't forget you I mean if you
69s don't have Windows in that box do you
71s I do actually oh very good oh it's about
74s Windows all right let's get into a bit
76s of housekeeping and of course introduce
78s who is on this couch we're gonna start
80s down there with introduce yourself I'm
83s Greg
85s um
85s it feels good to be called up from the
88s minor leagues again oh stop so uh yeah
92s Eric concept director wow wow happy New
96s Years oh happy to be here happy to be
98s here it's also the new Lunar New Year as
100s well so this is the first
102s the first uh the new Lumineers yep
104s you're the rabbit we have in-game stuff
106s for that
107s spoilers no it's out my name is Megan
111s and I'm the community director at
113s digital experience and Apollo I'm the
116s lead designer
120s here to creatively direct some things
123s you know it's almost been a year since
125s since that happened they followed
127s February 1st the change it's been uh
129s it's been a while yeah yeah
133s and you guys can't see it on the other
135s screen there's a screenshot of my
136s failures right there no no no no no no
139s no no no no no no we'll get to that no
141s no no uh before we jump into everything
144s we're going to show obviously tonight uh
147s we do have twitch drops happening right
148s now we have a Riven grab bag if you're
151s all Linked UP watch for 30 minutes to
153s get yourself I threw a rifle ribbon a
155s shotgun ribbon a pistol ribbon a melee
157s Ribbon or a Riven Cipher
160s ain't that it riveting riveting a lot of
163s ribbons wow what a contribution uh 30
166s minutes make sure you're linked
167s warframe.com twitch if you're not just
169s check yourself out and then we do have a
171s gift of the lotus alerts happening at 3
173s P.M eastern time when this stream will
175s conclude of a orokin reactor blueprint
178s and a Oregon Catalyst blueprint up for
180s 24 hours don't miss it if you need some
182s potatoes in your life
186s all right obviously I mean maybe not
189s obviously but I'm sure there are some
191s people who have seen as they were
192s waiting for this stream the announcement
195s image
196s um and also maybe even the description
198s of
199s citrine's Last Wish what does that even
201s mean tough to say what is that you've
205s never heard that in your life we're
206s going to tell you but we wanted to start
209s the stream off with a bit of a update on
212s the development of duviri over to you
215s yudico
217s indeed before I say important things I'm
220s going to say not important things
221s because apparently I have some Reverb
223s issues so I'm gonna talk until chat
225s either tells Dean that we're good to go
227s or whatnot because I think there are
229s some audio issues I'm trying to fix this
231s he's fixing it now so I'm going to say
234s not important things in the meantime
236s which is that within every game
238s Community
239s you'll find passionate people that are
242s really good at oh oh
244s now we can hear the economics
250s I just want to talk about how grateful I
252s am for the Cod piece detectives in the
254s community that we're able to discern
256s from an image what they were looking at
258s you have you know you have forensic
261s cyber experts that were really able to
263s focus in and do Cod piece comparisons
265s and I think warframe's unique in the Cod
267s piece unique Market that we're able to
269s set ourselves apart uh in the gaming
271s industry games of service Synergy space
274s with our pronounced Cod pieces and yes
278s congrats I'm really glad that uh but we
283s are in such a unique position
285s um so you know our Market position is
287s cod piece adjacent and I'm just really
289s excited about
293s oh now we lost her she's gone she gone
297s Dean's fiddling around over there he's
299s figuring it out uh sorry Rob we can't
302s hear you anymore
305s oh no he's phantomiming it yeah
308s okay she's talking about the cups
311s blink if you're safe very good okay
314s she's in a safe place don't worry about
316s it do a giveaway we got her oh Dean
320s Dean's a little busy so okay we're gonna
323s we're just gonna let him know we're
324s gonna look at chat chat how are you how
326s was your New Year uh tell us uh how your
330s January has started how was your
331s januaries great great yeah went
335s snowboarding oh yeah we had a little
337s vacation until Christmas we went out
339s west yeah
340s uh it's only cool people hey
343s vacations January that might be related
345s to why this isn't the duviri dev stream
347s but you know we needed Eric here all of
350s January what concept we were way ahead
351s of it so it's not our fault we were done
354s two years ago so
355s okay
356s no but until the reverbs fixed I don't
359s want to say anything important so you
360s guys can just talk I don't know
368s uh my January is great
373s apparently it's fixed according to the
375s chat so we're good this is good yeah I'm
377s looking at Denio
379s tell me because I can't tell when you're
381s not talking okay yeah hey everyone so
384s anyway about you
387s well I guess we didn't do a December
388s devstream last year we did a November
390s one right and we said see y'all on
392s either side so we wanted to do a du very
394s devstream rate at in January and
396s honestly we just didn't want to do it
398s because we wanted more time to give you
400s a presentation since tenocon that puts
403s into context our next open world and I I
405s certainly owe everyone an apology that
407s was looking forward to the degree Dev
408s stream to start their year off but it
410s will be worth the wait it will be in
411s February and duviri is just a very like
415s beautifully Wild
422s everything you can enter the back she's
424s back oh she's back she tried to escape
426s but she's walking sorry we lost your rib
428s continue but I did bring some
430s screenshots as good as it's gonna get
432s sorry to interrupt it's because you guys
434s have speakers in the room hearing her
435s that's where the low Echo is coming from
437s so that's probably as good so Dean's
440s fault
441s Eric's muted for the rest of us
444s continue I think this is as good as it's
446s gonna get that's okay go on right did
448s people hear me I don't know but anyway
450s the point is there will be the February
453s Deep dive DVD Dev streamer we'll walk
455s you through everything but I did bring
457s some screenshots I just wanted to talk
458s to everyone a little bit about uh so the
461s first one whatever one you want to pull
462s up I'll do a little a little look at the
465s open worlds I don't know if it's gonna
467s okay so the oh maybe a keen eyed player
471s will
473s but this is underneath duvery there will
476s be some beautiful and quite peculiar
479s caves for you to explore and there will
481s be some information about perhaps the
484s truth of dubiri and uh yeah so you can
486s see me on my cave there in the cave uh
489s under duviri you can take a look this is
492s uh this is I took this moments ago just
494s before the stream so this was I was
495s running around Dewberry today and you'll
498s get a closer look at this in February
499s and then another one
501s I have is just a little bit more of a
505s look of the landscape itself Davie's
507s unlike any other open world we've done
508s it's going to be very strange very
510s beautiful the team is putting together
512s some incredible ways for you to explore
515s and play and you will get a full
517s gameplay uh breakdown in our next step
520s stream but it's coming along wonderfully
521s we're very excited about zubiri it's our
523s priority for the start of the year but
525s with all that said it is something that
528s we are not ready to show today because
530s we have something else to show which is
531s citrine's Last Wish so again apologize
533s for people that wanted to see duperior
535s gameplay today it will be our February
537s Dev stream dedicated to putting
538s everything you just saw into the context
540s because it's truly One of a Kind
543s Warframe update so thanks for your
545s patience and yeah hope you're excited
547s because it sure as hell am
550s and those were some Ultra wide pictures
552s might I add Rebecca Ford someone might
555s be bragging about her new model
558s s
561s it wouldn't be me could it be me
565s um yeah I think in general like I mean I
567s don't know if you you guys agree with
569s this but I think this is
571s by quite a length our most ambitious
573s update ever it's uh it's very very
577s ambitious it's coming along really good
579s and it's it has a lot of really cool
581s stuff but uh you know I think we like
585s our first tease for dubiri was so long
588s ago that we rather wait a little bit
590s more and get it right than than rush it
592s and have issues you know so that's
595s basically where
596s where we're at yes but you will in the
599s meantime we got a surprise we do we have
601s an update you've literally never heard
603s of which we're going to get into very
604s shortly first let's do a platinum prize
606s Dean appreciate yeah I know I'm sorry no
610s I appreciate you trying to figure that
612s out but we we shall Prevail I'm quiet
616s sorry oh Stan Lee underscore ores has
619s won a thousand plot I can read it
621s perfectly because I'm uh wow
623s widescreen wide eyes
626s [Laughter]
638s congrats please whisper thank you all
640s right before we talk about citrine's
643s update and what's coming in the near
646s future we're gonna take one step
648s backwards back to 2022 and uh over the
653s past couple years I want to say 2020 and
655s 2021 we have released a year in review
659s stats web page where you can take a look
662s at you should stats for warframes for
664s weapons per platform and we have done
667s that again this year for anyone who is
669s interested in that and wants to peruse
671s you can do exclamation points stats in
673s the twitch chat or you can go to
675s warframe.com
676s 2022 stats Dean if you can go to my
678s gameplay which is not gameplay
681s [Laughter]
686s used do you remember how well that went
689s I mean this is maybe a smaller number
692s than what it used to be I don't know
693s about there
695s I mean he's a starter we all know he'd
698s be up there but anyway these are like I
700s said stats for the weapons warframes
703s themselves you can see a little heat map
705s if you're a visual individual like
707s myself wowie wow red am I right you can
711s go through it what do you what do you
712s think the primary weapon we we tried to
714s guess earlier what do you think uh yeah
716s my guess I mean some some Cuba probably
718s the Brahma
723s that wasn't that far yeah so something
726s somebody to consider about this is
727s obviously when stuff happened in 2022
730s when we had updates when we had reworks
732s you know obviously varuna isn't going to
733s be the highest one here because she came
735s out in December like you got to take all
737s that stuff into consideration but there
740s are some fun stats here for the entire
741s year of 2022 so obviously you know these
744s stuff at the top as we know about Wukong
747s crime especially you know those were
748s things that we saw at the top near the
751s beginning you know q1 Q2 of the year and
754s did some some changes and some rework so
756s they're still reflected here in the top
758s because we did those later on in the
759s year so it didn't even come out until
762s the end of April so it's um yeah very
765s cool yeah
767s yeah so you can check that out
768s warframe.com 2022 stats oh the zorus
772s coming in hot almost like combo is good
777s almost like you want to keep your combo
780s who would have thought infinite combo uh
783s all right Danny you can go with my
784s gameplay if you would like
787s thanks Dean all right now speaking of
791s this year
792s obviously we have what we're going to
794s talk about soon citrine's Last Wish
796s we'll get there very soon duviri
798s obviously on Deck but also one big
801s anniversary
802s of 2023
805s is there 10-year anniversary guys
807s returning 10. double digits
811s no
813s um if you don't know or if you're new
814s here just unfamiliar March 25th is our
817s 10-year anniversary of Warframe being
820s birthed if you will through the mind of
823s Steven Sinclair and many others and
826s we're going to be celebrating our
827s 10-year anniversary we're you know it's
829s a big milestone so we will have more
832s information about what you can expect
833s for the year of 10-year leading up to
837s that I don't have anything right now
839s other than just stay tuned for more
841s information about what could possibly
843s happen during I don't know
846s cool stuff fun stuff who knows that's
849s insane a decade decade it's my 10 year
852s anniversary in August
853s we're just talking about that I know and
855s you guys were bragging about yourself
856s for me
858s but Eric wanted to one up well we were
861s talking about anniversaries now it's
863s called 13 13 years 13 years you were
866s here for the Inception of Warframe yeah
868s and a little bit before as well the
870s first Concepts were in 11 years ago
873s basically so and you were there yeah
876s concepting basically you made the game
879s okay
882s that's a lot wow yeah
886s yeah there's a Lots planned for the
889s 10-year anniversary this year so very
891s very exciting to be you know kicking
893s things off and yeah
896s yeah so just stay tuned for more
897s information on that but please rest
899s assured that we are going to be
901s celebrating 10 years because it's a huge
903s milestone for de for the players there
906s there are players here who have
907s literally stuck around since day one
909s which is insane so shout out to you and
912s also if you're new or you know a year
914s old two-year-old thank you for being I
917s mean you're not two years old
918s are you a baby watching this
933s 10 years is a nice like big date where
936s for a lot of people it's like like
938s coming of age sort of thing right if
939s anyone started when they were a kid and
941s then they're basically grown up adults
942s which is kind of crazy to think about
943s right it's actually really true like if
945s you were a teenager you're basically in
946s your 20s now and you if you stuck with
948s it so yeah it's it's kind of crazy to
950s think about that's been that long like I
952s got glasses when I was 10 years old now
954s look at me oh my God
957s you worked as decency
961s I'm well over 20. anyways
964s um we're gonna move on to not citrine's
968s Last Wish just yet uh something that's
970s coming before citrine's last wish and
973s that is star days star days is coming
976s back ticker ticker's gonna be back in
979s Fortuna starting February very first and
983s she's going to bring some new glyphs and
985s a new emote which Dean if you'd like to
987s go to my screen my gameplay so I'm here
990s visiting ticker this is the test build
992s so obviously and there's a Miss Rebecca
994s Ford uh before you do it red I'm just
997s going to show ticker's manifest here so
999s star days affections will appear
1001s February 1st and ticker will have
1003s everything from previous star days and
1006s some newer stuff like the glyphs this
1009s one being the most K-pop thing I think
1011s I've ever seen in Warframe thus far love
1015s it and then one newer Edition is an
1020s emote and it comes in two parts left
1022s hand and the right hand and if you can
1024s coordinate it with the bestie or a new
1027s friend you can come together and make
1029s yourself a heart and because rev and I
1031s are besties for life we're going to show
1034s it off here so I'm going to be left
1036s all right I'll be right
1040s oh okay oh
1048s that's what real life and in game isn't
1052s that fun uh so yeah star days is really
1054s just a you know celebration of love I
1057s just love when tooker you know really
1059s gases me up gives me affirmation so I
1062s love hanging out with ticker during this
1063s time and it's just a fun way to get some
1065s nice little festive themed items uh from
1068s previous years and also a couple new
1070s things so if that's up your alley get
1071s yourself some debt bonds and ticker will
1073s give you some really cute stuff and in
1075s February 1st is when Star days will
1077s start
1078s yay thanks web interact you actually
1082s left me hanging I'm standing there like
1085s this and there's nothing happening
1086s there's no thank you there you go sir
1089s you were just grabbing my shoulder
1091s oh
1096s I tried I tried I tried uh all right you
1098s can uh move away with my gameplay now
1100s Danielle appreciate you all right shall
1104s we finally talk about citrine's Last
1107s Wish
1108s we're at your we're at your mercy here
1110s Megan this is you you guys you're
1113s hostages this is my show if only Dean no
1116s I'm just kidding I'm just gonna say if
1117s you implemented I put the shutter down
1120s on a rep
1128s all right we're going to talk about
1130s citrine's Last Wish Reb what's the scoop
1133s yeah so we as we were looking at you
1136s know even as recently as Lewis prey
1138s which we released in December it felt
1140s really good to do a very traditional
1142s Warframe Update where you do a game mode
1144s or adjacent game mode a frame and a
1147s whole bunch of cool so we were like
1149s let's start the year off with that
1150s because a we want to you know give
1151s ourselves some more time with duviri so
1154s we came up with citrine citrine's Last
1156s Wish which is an update that is very
1158s classic Warframe and importantly to me
1160s it brings a very beautiful theme and
1163s also some characters that I love and I'm
1165s I'm sure the community loves as well so
1167s what we are doing with citrine's Last
1169s Wish is we're bringing a Warframe we're
1171s bringing a variant game mode and we're
1173s bringing some characters into the
1175s spotlight that a might love minerals and
1178s B might uh be looking for ways to
1181s improve the tube men and for that reason
1184s this update as a package is going to
1185s have some themes of love some themes of
1187s loss within a story uh that you'll play
1190s in this variant game mode now citrine is
1193s a Warframe that Pablo and the art team
1196s have been putting together and I don't
1197s know if we want to start with citrine
1199s maybe start with some characters uh I'm
1201s not sure how you want to go from there
1202s but generally speaking it's an update
1204s that we are going to get out in February
1206s on all platforms and it's going to have
1208s a brand new Warframe for everyone to
1210s play a mirror defense game mode and
1213s because it's our 10-year anniversary
1214s it's going to be bringing back something
1216s with a Twist that is very near and dear
1218s to my heart uh I actually brought a
1221s screenshot and we'll see how much
1222s Nostalgia there is for this let's see
1225s let's see if they can guess Dean it's
1226s titled zinny which I just spoiled
1242s I'm so stupid okay
1248s yeah yeah yeah I want to be very clear
1252s there is much more to the game mode than
1254s just this map this is only one third of
1257s everything you're gonna see with
1259s citrine's Last Wish uh and it's if we're
1262s doing something we've never done before
1263s with the game mode and this is just a
1266s small like 10 year anniversary detail
1269s but uh this is not
1272s the only thing that you'll see with this
1274s game mode but it is coming back for it
1276s so I'm very excited
1278s they're speaking of not the only thing
1280s but also in line Dean there's another
1282s piece of fan art called fan art or sorry
1286s not fan art sorry I'm in a Primetime
1287s mode
1288s so like rev said this is uh oh sorry
1292s good catch that's some good reflexes
1295s um part of this new uh part of the
1299s update and these are going to be uh did
1302s you say defense rep I just want to make
1304s sure yeah so yeah um Megan has this art
1307s for this is us one of our environment
1309s artists has put something together for
1310s citrine's Last Wish and it's going to be
1312s a mirror defense and like I said that
1314s tile you saw the throwback is only going
1317s to be one part of the mission and these
1319s characters that are perhaps encased in
1321s minerals are critical to the the story
1324s of citrine's Last Wish so these would be
1326s very important for you and your
1328s objectives in the mission you may see
1329s something a little tragic and
1331s heartbreaking happening but you know
1332s you'll have to wait and see maybe a
1334s certain mineral loving character will
1335s tell you a little bit more about what's
1337s going on here
1338s well I'm going to spoil what that
1339s mineral loving character is currently uh
1341s can you go to my gameplay
1343s thank you so like Rob said uh there's
1346s going to be a new Mission and it's going
1348s to be on Mars Mirror defense as you can
1351s see this will be locked if you haven't
1353s done heart of demo so that will be the
1355s prerequisite uh to access this node once
1358s you have uh oh talk is gonna I want to
1362s chat with you a little bit we're gonna
1363s go see him just really quickly
1365s um and one of the things that this
1367s update and this kind of story are going
1370s to bring very similar to Lewis prey
1372s where like Reb said you know really
1374s classic mission acquisition of getting
1377s the Warframe the weapons which we're
1379s going to talk about but as well we are
1382s doing a vendor style acquisition as well
1385s so not only can you get the citrine
1388s Parts in this new Mission and the
1389s weapons but also otak is going to play a
1392s part here in being the vendor and he
1394s will also have all the goodies for a
1396s currency that you can acquire in game as
1398s well similar to the Lewis thorax plasm I
1401s won't go too far but you'll see down
1403s here we have a little bit of an option
1404s to check out his Wares so he will play a
1407s part and he'll greet you with a lovely
1410s inbox if you've already played the heart
1411s of demos when you log into the into the
1413s game and you can check that out
1416s and yeah is there anything else rub on
1417s that yeah I think just generally
1419s speaking the update is going to give you
1422s that new game mode that is that mirror
1424s defense you'll be able to play it and
1426s earn everything that the updates
1427s bringing which I hope that you are going
1429s to be showing some of the weapons coming
1430s uh and of course the frame and yeah if
1433s it recall I guess the community has kind
1434s of latched on to the idea of a Pity
1436s system with some of our new frame and
1438s updates and that's exactly it if you
1440s don't get lucky in the game mode you can
1443s go to otako to Citrine and you can use
1445s uh the currency to sort of guarantee
1448s that you're going to get the content
1449s that we're releasing which will be a new
1451s frame and two signature weapons which we
1453s can probably talk about Arena
1454s we could or we could talk about citrine
1458s yeah the new frame it's a dream let's go
1460s I'm ready citrine
1462s um let's do it we're we're gonna go from
1465s a art perspective first and then we'll
1468s go into a design perspective of what
1471s citrine is
1473s um but we have a whole bunch of Concepts
1475s to show you from the Inception with the
1477s ever wonderful Keith Thompson
1479s um and then going into you know our high
1481s poly versions our thoughts on the what
1484s the color scheme is going to be so we'll
1485s jump into the first one Dean has it
1487s armed and ready to go
1488s so this is the iconic Keith Thompson
1492s style Warframe and this was where
1496s citrine was concepted I want to say it
1498s was stalactus
1500s I think so select types stalactus so
1504s we've taken this and she will be the
1506s star of the show for us a train's Last
1508s Wish obviously so we obviously took this
1510s concept and what'd we do with it
1514s what'd you do with it Greg what do we do
1516s with it nothing nothing
1519s yeah so
1521s I think this is yeah I think uh that's
1524s really you guys and Marco just kind of
1526s going back and forth yeah I think we uh
1531s um I think we roughed it roughed in the
1533s um
1534s the mesh a little bit and then we had
1536s Marco and your team yeah kind of refine
1539s them a little bit is it good Dean
1542s you can go to the next one
1546s so you knew yeah you knew the theme off
1548s the gate right Pablo you wanted geode
1551s crystals all that fun stuff
1553s yeah I think uh pretty early on when uh
1556s just generally how it is we look at a
1559s lot of Keith Thompson has like a bunch
1561s of uh concepts for us and literally have
1564s like 20 plus there and I was looking
1566s through them and I was looking at this
1568s one and I always liked this design it I
1570s think he did it several years 2019. yeah
1573s a long time ago on every now and then I
1575s would look at it I was like um what
1577s could that would be
1579s um
1580s and I've been wanting to do a support
1583s frame for a while you know it's
1585s something that obviously we have a few
1587s but it's generally we tend to do more
1588s like
1589s uh all our all-rounders nowadays so I
1593s want to do a sport one and at the moment
1596s it's actually more all rather than
1598s supportive I mean honestly but it's
1601s coming along really well uh I will we
1604s are doing a lot of play testing at the
1605s moment pretty exciting
1607s so from art perspective and now we have
1610s kind of the imagination of what her
1612s color is going to be and I had no part
1613s in this okay these colors were not yeah
1616s I'm just gonna say I think people are
1617s inspired by me no I'm kidding yeah so I
1619s think these are some work on progress
1621s what's actually interesting in
1622s particular with this one is this is a uh
1624s kind of a combination of multiple team
1628s members working on one Warframe so we
1630s don't usually do it that way but I think
1632s this is a case where we had to leverage
1633s some like really cool Tech stuff with
1635s how we're going to render and generate
1637s all the the you know the the mineral
1640s innards
1643s um and when we were designing the
1644s original sculpts it was kind of
1646s important for us to I think capture some
1648s of that almost violent way that the
1650s Warframe is being torn apart in in
1652s sections and kind of in in his exposed
1655s and stuff like that so so
1657s um and also actually this is an
1658s opportunity for some of these new
1660s members of our our team to have joined
1662s us in the past year to really kind of
1664s flex their muscles and sort of like
1666s breathe you know fresh blood into into
1669s the way we make content so this is I
1673s want to shout out Frederick and Bento
1675s and Isaias and so they've been kind of
1679s steadily working through it problem
1681s solving this is a bit of a collaborative
1682s process because this took some pretty
1685s creative
1686s um you know overcoming some creative
1689s challenges and Technical technical
1690s challenges as far as generating
1692s the final high resolution mesh and how
1695s we're gonna how we're gonna handle the
1697s materials so um you know I'm looking
1700s forward to the final polished piece but
1702s these are these early looks kind of the
1704s prototypes in the early looks of it were
1706s pretty were very very promising this is
1708s a bit of an inside look into how the
1710s sausage gets made so this is this is an
1712s exciting one this is kind of uh
1715s um
1715s uh you know Warframe is weird in all the
1718s best ways this is another one of those
1720s real weird ones and it's kind of awesome
1723s so yeah and we also have a alternate
1726s helmet for her that will be coming oh
1728s yeah Marco worked on this it's a great
1731s job this is I believe called the kalite
1733s helmet maybe we can speak to it yeah
1735s yeah actually you know speaking with
1737s Marco about it
1738s um this goes back to what I mentioned
1740s previously with you know he had some
1741s sketches and we looked at we were
1743s developing to look for the Warframe and
1745s again this it's almost like a violent
1746s way in which parts of our exposed right
1749s so
1751s um I thought I remember talking to him
1752s about you know capturing a bit more of
1754s that and it felt a lot more Dynamic and
1756s um you know weird again weird in all the
1758s best ways right so alien and it's it's
1762s seems like it's organic but also of
1764s course it seems like we're emulating a
1767s lot of that like cracked geode look and
1769s you're looking in into this collection
1770s of minerals inside so
1773s um out of all of the kind of early
1775s sketches I think we kind of narrowed it
1777s down to this alternate helmet because it
1778s looked so different from the original
1779s and that's how we usually do it we kind
1781s of make sure that the alternate helmet
1783s is really different take
1785s um and so this really uh
1788s was was the one that that everyone was
1790s happy with so that's cool it's very cool
1793s like I said very different from
1795s what the year
1796s OG is going to be that's right yeah and
1799s we also have a couple animations now
1801s keep in mind that the mesh used in this
1803s animation
1804s is not it's not her and it's not gonna
1808s come to your game so don't get excited
1811s about it it's just me you'll never see
1813s this
1814s our animators need our animators need
1817s shapes to work with so they make kit
1819s bashed frames to Every Idle animation
1822s starts like this in their respective
1824s shape so enjoy the curse enjoy beautiful
1827s and Innovative animations so this is
1829s going to be citrine's Idol animation for
1832s when she has a rifle she's what did you
1834s say crystal sweating or something like
1836s wiping that crystals life in the crystal
1838s sweat yeah Crystal sweat in Warframe TVD
1842s I don't know uh so this is gonna be the
1845s rifle one I think the next one is a bow
1847s yep so we have a bow idle
1851s oh yeah
1853s oh my goodness Loki is absolutely
1857s serving Loki please uh and I think the
1861s next one is a pistol Idol or she's
1863s telling us to shush can we believe what
1866s a Savage
1867s she's having none of you put it over
1869s there none of yours stop requesting
1871s lucky feeling okay
1874s oh the chat
1876s was that coming
1894s um yeah so that is the currently the
1896s process that we're going through with
1897s citrine we're getting her you know her
1899s mesh in game working with the materials
1902s and everything making her look
1903s fantastically geode
1906s um and then yeah design wise like you
1908s said play testing the abilities making
1909s sure that you know she's kind of support
1911s for you at this point maybe not they can
1914s kind of going back and forth you know
1916s that all kind of
1920s yeah she's a lot of fun right now she's
1922s uh very very powerful me a little too
1925s much and then we just kind of go back
1927s and forth until she's ready to go yeah
1929s so that's Karma we're out right now but
1931s citrine will be coming obviously in
1933s citrine's Last Wish so that is the
1935s Warframe you're not going to share my
1936s screenshot
1937s oh right there's a screenshot that's
1939s right sorry
1940s she has a wide screenshot she'd like
1943s everyone to see it's in there it's
1946s concentrate
1949s come on it's just so wide it can't fit
1953s yeah world's widest screen I promise you
1956s I Promise You Dean
1959s what's in there it's in there
1963s rev might have added it real close to
1966s the choir I would use
1968s no she would not
1970s positive but I did
1972s it's like just dying to show off those
1975s wide screenshots I just want everyone to
1978s see the dream she so you saw the
1980s wonderful development from the modeling
1983s and all the work going into the geode
1985s innards I believe we call those these
1987s days the crystal innards that's right
1990s yeah and now I want to show you in game
1993s she was uh the team daughter hooked up
1996s and in um before the stream so I thought
1997s people would like to take a look at her
1998s in game but I've ruined Dean's life once
2001s more so I don't know what to do
2004s he's got it here yes there it is yay wow
2008s wide feel very early lips with whips
2012s yeah just to be clear literally the
2014s literally those materials went in like
2016s an hour before yeah yeah it's like not
2019s final mesh it's all kind of just to get
2021s some proxies in and really
2023s test the the rendering of the materials
2025s and stuff so yeah but yeah it's looking
2028s pretty good already yeah same day none
2031s of this is final I just wanted players
2032s to get a look at her in context
2035s this is literally whips but she looks so
2038s beautiful I couldn't resist so wide
2040s whips crystals and geodes you can see
2043s previous of her powers there there will
2045s be floating gems around her and there
2047s will be giant Little Gems cheap giant
2050s Little Gems giant Little Gym I love it I
2052s love giant Little Gems uh so yeah
2055s she'll be coming and maybe we'll
2057s sprinkle some more information about her
2060s as the days go on because like we said
2061s this will be coming in February so you
2063s don't have to wait too too long but
2065s there's still some days ahead so we'll
2067s update you as we can I think we should
2069s do another Platinum prize because it's
2070s already congratulations
2074s no Greg please I insist I insist
2078s it's all you Greg the pressure
2086s not crazy nuts not too TV crazy Natsu TV
2092s crazy man crazy nut some of these names
2096s are real you guys are real tricky out
2097s there oh I know you guys make me say a
2099s lot of weird stuff so um
2102s please whisper the Warframe push down
2103s and watch it right now at their in-game
2104s Alias and platform and play Warframe on
2106s and we will get you your thousand
2108s Platinum crazy Natsu TV
2111s all right now before we move on uh away
2113s from citrine herself we do have we are
2117s working we you are working on a prax
2120s card yes but we kind of wanted to shine
2123s a light on the fact that you've worked
2125s on all of the Pricks cards so we have a
2127s little bit of the showings of the
2129s process behind your mind and how yeah
2132s this is mine so we have some some roughs
2137s crack it open crack it up uh yes so this
2141s is kind of how I start the prex process
2146s Praxis nope
2148s this is protea by the way this isn't
2150s protein yeah we're just going to show a
2152s few of the ones
2154s um and so that's kind of how I usually
2156s start just kind of sketch out some ideas
2157s try and catch the attitude of the
2160s Warframe
2162s um and I believe this is one we have not
2165s really we have not released this to
2167s chainia one but perhaps you will find a
2169s place some way somehow but it's like you
2172s were saying that these are some of the
2173s your favorite ones that you've done yeah
2175s I think also there's a good example of
2177s kind of some of them had a lot more
2179s sketches I wanted to show as many as
2180s possible and then some some I got two of
2183s them pretty quick
2184s um but yeah so these are this is
2186s um
2187s uh Titania and then I think the next one
2190s is uh
2192s really using that hoop eh yeah it's a
2194s good uh element I think a design element
2196s to play in there so and I think we went
2198s with the second one but yeah so that's
2199s kind of how I it's funny everyone is
2201s calling different ones to pick but uh
2203s sorry
2205s but uh these are back when Jeff was
2209s still on the project that you know that
2210s guy tall guy yeah
2214s um yeah and
2217s um him and I go back and forth kind of
2218s playing with some of the poses and stuff
2220s and then from this stage I start
2222s tightening him up and start cleaning up
2225s the roughs and stuff and get the line
2227s art down
2228s look at uh usually by then there's like
2230s a model a rough model like you saw some
2232s of the citrine stuff sorry yeah citrine
2235s stuff
2236s I think it's stalactus sorry yes yeah
2239s that's right anyway so and then I lay in
2241s the kind of just basic colors and start
2243s thinking about
2245s um
2246s yeah just any tweaks at this stage like
2249s last minute fixes and stuff I try to get
2251s all the details too like I get a little
2253s crazy I think and I think you're gonna
2254s see the next shots I get right in there
2256s and I don't know how high res your TV is
2259s with the the rendering takes me forever
2262s because I'm a maniac but uh
2264s it I think it gives it a nice texture to
2267s it
2268s um
2269s and my my my take on kind of the uh
2274s Art Nouveau approach like the Alphonse I
2278s think that's how you say like the r
2279s Nouveau styles of those kind of uh card
2282s art uh post art that he did back in the
2284s 20s
2286s um anyway so yeah kind of and then so
2288s this is kind of the final of all three
2289s of them so and then uh we have some whip
2293s of well no there's another one that's
2295s kind of someone so as you can see
2296s they've kind of been changing I've added
2298s more darks and kind of tried to play
2300s with some of the contrast more the
2301s glowing on The Stylist one yeah yeah it
2304s was wild I remember seeing that one I
2306s was like yeah some of that stuff works
2308s sometimes it's a little more difficult
2309s to achieve but I have a lot of fun
2311s because there's I'm super blessed and
2314s thankful to De that they let me do these
2316s because uh I have a great time doing
2318s them so and they still want more so I'm
2321s like okay so this is so to go from there
2324s to this rough stuff so this is a really
2326s really really rough I Just Whipped this
2328s up yesterday quick was she doing the
2330s shush so yeah
2332s and I might put a weapon in her hand but
2335s we I'm not sure yet I will have to see
2337s so wow that's a great segue you're about
2339s to do that's great what a great segue
2342s did you know no I did not
2345s so yeah she's going to be coming with a
2347s prex card she's not going to have a
2348s levirian but the prex card we are going
2351s to put in with otak so if you're
2353s interested in getting yourself her Plex
2355s card otak will be the one to go to for
2357s that uh an incredible job oh thanks guys
2360s appreciate it everyone love it love it
2362s vid thank you please let me do more
2367s uh all right as you alluded to and as we
2370s alluded to there are some weapons coming
2372s in this update and I'm going to do my
2376s best
2377s best in the world to show it and it's
2381s should I give a little context are you
2382s gonna do melee or shotgun first
2384s what would you like
2386s I want to talk I want to talk uh let's
2388s do shotgun and then we'll talk mainly
2389s all right let's do shotgun I'm going
2391s into the simulacrum so we're gonna
2393s go to the ballroom because we're what
2395s classy
2396s [Laughter]
2399s are you talking to yourself I mean I
2400s looked apocalypse
2405s she will be coming citrine will have two
2408s signature weapons uh she is going to
2410s have a shotgun the stealth stefos which
2414s is gonna be uh pack quite a punch
2416s wouldn't you say what is that
2419s you're an artist
2422s off the Lotus pod amazing internal name
2426s Lotus pod as you can see very pod like
2429s um but yeah this one as you can see in
2430s the description energy projectile bursts
2433s forth from the steflos and grows as it
2436s rushes towards enemies I'll show it off
2438s duration increases when it hits an enemy
2440s and then obviously with citrine being
2442s her signature Weapon It's projectile
2444s speed increases do you want to play at
2446s this one first rep yeah yeah and then
2448s we'll talk about the chord
2450s you'll learn all right or red pick the
2452s enemy what do you feel like yeah but uh
2455s give me a kuva butcher
2458s you want a butcher yeah yeah
2463s how many you want this one and their
2467s miserable life I need like I need like
2469s 10.
2472s what do you want the level rev huh give
2475s me a solid I don't know did you mod the
2476s the stuff she's got a couple mods
2479s give me 80. oh damn what the she's got
2483s 80. we're gonna keep them slow for a
2485s second oh brain dead one Brain Cell mode
2491s [Laughter]
2496s no it's not gonna shoot bees um so we're
2499s gonna notice and we're kind of the
2500s description is alluding to is that your
2502s first shot is essentially going to have
2503s a little bit of a shorter range but as
2506s you hit enemies that projectile is going
2509s to basically gain life and grow and grow
2511s so what you're going to notice is I'm
2513s going to shoot my first enemy and it
2514s kind of hits that second one a little
2516s bit in the third but as I keep hitting
2517s them it's going to go farther and
2519s farther and farther so you're going to
2520s want to try and obviously group enemies
2522s up as much as you can and this
2524s projectile is going to grow as you hit
2527s your enemies
2528s yeah line them up
2533s and these are options this isn't the
2535s actual colors of the weapons
2536s thank God Megan made a choice today now
2540s we think goes for your callers of course
2542s thank you thank you I'd really like to
2544s so as you can see it just it's just
2546s going to keep keep on going back there
2547s as I'm hitting his enemy so oh he died
2550s yeah so you'll be able to get the stuff
2552s loss in the new game mode or from otak
2555s using the citrine vendor there so this
2558s will be a brand new shotgun for all you
2559s uh all you hell's chamber enjoyers
2562s oh God that guy went flying
2565s all right so that's one of them okay I
2567s need to calm down for the melee all
2569s right calm down
2570s since the dawn of time man has yearned
2573s to wield the power of the sun no uh the
2575s korufel is very very very very beautiful
2579s in the angels of the zarmint update we
2582s added a two-handed scythe grip weapon
2584s and we have you know over the course of
2588s the years we we've made content you know
2591s for Arc Wing we have archwing melee but
2592s then we realized that we had potential
2594s to do a second two-handed Scythe weapon
2598s um with a Twist so I am very very happy
2601s that we were able to make the two-headed
2603s site last year um with the hesbar and
2605s now we have a two-handed scythe once
2607s more but because this is Warframe the
2612s heavy attack in particular uh is just
2615s explosive so you'll use your your normal
2618s um you know two-handed Scythe melee
2620s attacks but Megan I don't know if you
2622s can do a uh a heavy attack so we pick a
2625s victim
2626s you're a victim anyone anyone will do
2628s how about this this Joker anything about
2631s him yeah again work here no okay okay it
2635s transforms into a gun blade and does a
2638s projectile attack on heavy so if you hit
2640s your heavy attack button it transforms
2642s into a gun blade and the whole uh site
2646s is animated and breaks yeah it's rigged
2649s to collapse into a gun blade um and they
2652s did this custom animation for it so that
2654s it can transform for that attack I
2656s screamed and was so excited that we were
2659s able to do this and so it's a two-handed
2662s scythe you can swing it around and then
2663s when you want to unload the heavy attack
2665s it turns into uh the most incredible
2669s yeah yeah it's just uh so that'll be
2672s citrine's signature melee weapon this is
2674s the koru fell and it's uh coming in
2677s February
2678s Joker
2681s you're having too much fun and classic
2683s if you double it you can double tap
2686s that's pretty rad I like that so much
2689s drama with the swing and the
2691s transformation yeah so those are the two
2694s new weapons it's coming with citrine
2696s super cool delicious
2698s delicious yeah
2701s all right
2702s I think what's on everyone's mind
2705s is what the hell was that Warframe in
2708s that announcement image am I right well
2711s if you measure the Cod piece curve and
2713s you prepare the Cod piece to Rhino's Cod
2716s piece you can actually
2718s using cyber Cod piece technology you can
2721s collapse the god piece uh measurements
2725s to deduce none other than it being a
2728s rhino de lexicon none other all right
2730s Dean back to my screen if you shout oh
2732s that's wild we have the Rhino Death
2736s Watch skin now I should have prefaced
2739s this if you don't like bugs I'm sorry
2740s very buggy Vibes and I don't I mean that
2744s visually sorry sorry I'm gonna get
2747s clicked frames the joke of oh they're
2750s riding impossible
2752s he's a book he is a beetle we are going
2756s to show some concept art and talk about
2758s that in a second but um this is him he
2761s also has Deluxe animations as well so
2764s that was one of them him being or I'll
2766s get out of the Arsenal here this is one
2768s of his I believe this is his Noble so
2771s you can see him and these are his
2772s obviously True Colors the wings these
2775s little buggy wings are actually going to
2777s be in the auxiliary slots so if you're
2778s not into the wings
2779s you can take those off or put them on oh
2783s my goodness you're flying around I can't
2785s even look at them and then as well we
2787s have I love how the material came
2789s together with like the iridescence and
2791s oh yeah there's a little bit of like
2794s I don't know like almost like a scaly
2796s pattern to it on top of it it's great
2798s it's really cool it has so many little
2800s extra arms sorry
2803s it'll do the it'll do the idols in the
2805s Arsenal if you just stay there and then
2806s you can get a full screen
2809s yeah he's uh he's incredible uh the art
2812s team killed it with the materials and
2814s the texture work yeah and the concept of
2816s course
2817s and I thought he was hilarious as a bug
2819s with a tiny pistol
2821s and he's got little claw hands he's a
2823s tiny real-life pistol on a mission
2827s double Little Beetle double Beetle and
2829s then of course if you were curious he
2830s also looks great in my colors
2833s were you wondering it's not that bad
2836s actually you see I took the Wings off
2838s here so he can see him okay
2842s it almost saves it yeah it's making
2845s proof
2848s I'm insulted
2850s thank you one of those for that so he'll
2854s be coming in citrine's Last Wish but we
2857s like I said we do have a couple Concepts
2858s to show kind of the process of where
2861s this even came about from the mind of
2864s our artists
2870s he joined the team a couple years ago
2872s and he I think he was working on this in
2876s 2021 already he was doing some concept
2878s sketches and so these are some early
2880s looks at it and uh I really like the
2884s exploration he did on all this this is
2886s really cool he really got into it and
2889s yeah and then you start seeing the color
2891s passes he's an amazing artist his color
2894s passes are always so cool to look at so
2897s and now you can see the bottom right
2898s that was the one that got check marked
2900s so and then I think the next one is
2904s um yeah the final art and then his
2906s weapon those is tiny little arms
2908s yeah I think so
2911s um and then yeah then then turn around
2913s so yes yeah I think he's turned out
2916s great Vadim did a great job and the
2918s modeling team everybody on that side
2920s they did an amazing job and you were
2922s saying that he's he's been kind of like
2924s you know chipping away at it yeah for a
2926s while yep yeah we're sometimes in
2928s between tasks uh we have some time and
2931s I'm always encouraging the team to play
2932s with as many Deluxe skins as possible so
2934s because yeah they're a lot of fun right
2936s so especially you see your idea make it
2938s to the to the game yeah and have it look
2940s that great so that's that's pretty wild
2942s I think what's I love about Deluxe skins
2944s is we kind of experiment with like going
2947s really obscure with you know Rhino not
2951s being a bug but now he a bug so it's
2953s like you can go different ways like
2954s nidus frike is probably the one of the
2957s craziest Deluxe skins I think in terms
2959s of doing just like super far out from
2961s what he is so if you're into bugs hey I
2965s mean sorry anyways it's really wild and
2969s I think that's really what's with it is
2971s very cool yeah I don't even want to do
2973s the sign with uh bobbin and the
2975s steampunk yeah yeah oh yeah yeah that
2978s was a lot of fun too yeah that was that
2980s anything far from the fiction but uh
2981s Deluxe is allows that flexibility to
2984s explore and have fun you know yeah we
2987s got a lot of cool ones in the pipe so uh
2990s maybe you'll see him maybe
2994s um one thing also coming in citrine's
2996s Last Wish is another void shell skin
2998s Dean back to my gameplay if you will we
3001s have the Ember void shell skin coming in
3004s hot and she has the I don't know this
3007s what's that well done well coming in hot
3009s yeah coming in oh I didn't I mean yes I
3012s meant that
3014s um can I pronounce this no the fanarius
3018s bark will be her uh void shell material
3021s it's basically burnt wood-esque inspired
3024s obviously because she is a fire goddess
3026s herself so this is going to be her void
3027s shell skin with her material structure
3030s you can get Wiz citrine's Last Wish
3033s actually if I can add a little bit to
3035s sleep kind of deluxe it's plain you say
3038s that it was the deems one of the team's
3039s early projects on um on Warframe because
3042s Marlin Marlin because he
3047s um he taken away at this actually a
3050s while as well so this is was kind of in
3052s a back burner until we kind of had
3055s capacity to make it properly happen and
3057s we had to go back and like Pablo
3059s mentioned we're really took a look and
3062s at it and it was already in a really
3063s good state but then you know we started
3065s leveraging the some of the extra
3067s rendering
3068s um stuff that was added into the um our
3071s shaders to get that really uh sort of
3073s like uh color shifting look kind of kind
3076s of like Automotive commercial automotive
3077s paint sort of look so um and playing a
3080s bit more with our Shader to get a bit of
3082s that like Blended carapace look with the
3084s with the patterning so I think I think
3085s it came out great
3087s um again one of I think it's one of the
3089s earliest things Marlon um worked on when
3092s he joined our team so I think it was I
3095s hope this is really
3097s um fun for him to finally see it come to
3099s life
3100s um and you know all the best ways
3103s um but yeah okay here we go
3109s all right
3112s so I think that that effect really um
3116s lends itself well to that really yeah it
3118s looks so sharp
3119s that look so I think I think it looks
3121s awesome I think it came out really
3123s really good I mean that's that's great
3126s so I stopped right there is everybody
3127s yeah there you go
3131s okay here we go
3135s right all right
3137s the citrine's last wish update has a new
3140s frame it has a new game mode it has uh
3143s Rhino Deluxe it has two new weapons it
3146s also has more quality of life and some
3148s other design and gameplay things and I
3150s got I don't know what oh what else are
3152s you spoiling
3154s but she's too early
3156s utico you're too early
3158s you're spoiled me that's coming for
3162s Drifters
3164s hmm a little Drifter cosmetic if you
3167s will uh so obviously working on duviri
3170s it's a very Drifter centered update but
3173s we wanted to give you a little something
3175s something in citrine's Last Wish and
3177s that would be what we're calling Visage
3179s Inc
3181s and if you know what that means face
3184s stats
3186s yes the art team were able to um we
3190s wanted to do a new uh area for players
3192s to customize their Drifters
3194s um you know as we're working on some
3195s content to give Drifters more Cosmetics
3197s uh this itself was a new systems felt
3200s like a little bit of a no-brainer um
3202s because you can really push the way your
3204s Drifter looks with these uh essentially
3206s Visage inks a lot of them will be
3209s completely movable scalable some of them
3211s won't some of them will but you can go
3213s pretty wild with uh making your Drifter
3216s your own
3217s very cool mm-hmm
3220s I believe liger did these yeah oh yeah
3224s yeah I think that yeah there's a lot of
3226s the team were able to push these to get
3228s them
3229s um different faction style designs just
3231s straight up aesthetic designs and yeah
3233s they're incredible
3235s they are incredible those are becoming
3237s in citrine's Last Wish as well children
3240s are not allowed to get tattoos in
3242s Warframe so Drifters only
3246s uh all right a couple other things that
3248s are coming in citrine's Last Wish are
3251s some augments and some arcanes true true
3254s uh yeah we have uh four are you gonna go
3257s through I could
3259s if you want sure sure
3262s we've got four augments four augments
3264s Garuda
3266s dryer
3267s revenant
3268s you're ready
3273s it's not coming yet uh your belly yeah
3276s so for gruda we have for her shattered
3278s lash uh a shattered storm movement
3281s and that you want me to go into the
3283s specifics please do when Garuda breaks
3286s her Mass firing with a shadow Gara
3288s sorry gar yeah Gara sorry when Gara
3291s breaks her master I was like wait that's
3292s wrong breaks her Mass vitrify ring with
3295s shattered lash enemies struck by the
3296s glass suffer a splinter Swarm at a
3298s percent strength yeah we're also going
3301s to make a base change to Gara with this
3303s basically right now is different like
3306s you create your your little glass with a
3308s four and then you hit it with your one
3309s and it's different if you hit it from
3311s inside or from outside so we're actually
3314s flipping that so it now always works
3316s like if you hit it from outside which
3317s you know as if you're familiar with Yara
3320s you know that that's more convenient so
3322s we're changing with that and that
3324s synergizes better with uh with this and
3327s then for jire for her cathode Grace a
3329s shock releases when dryer eliminates an
3331s enemy while cathode Grace is active the
3333s shock has a percent strength from Roto
3336s rotor swell and its duration extends by
3340s the same amount
3342s yeah just basically try to do some some
3344s Synergy between the two there and for
3347s Revenant for his Mesmer skin Revenant
3349s receives a percent strength Mesmer skin
3351s strength and nearby alleys are granted
3353s Mesmer skin stacks yeah so kind of this
3357s one honestly is the one that we were a
3358s little bit scared about just because uh
3361s obviously the Mesmer stack are so
3363s powerful because you're essentially not
3365s only negating the damage but also with
3368s recent well recently I guess it's almost
3370s six months now or something we buffed it
3372s to give like a second of invulnerability
3374s after
3375s um and also she sees the enemies that
3378s attack so actually sharing that with the
3380s rest of your team is kind of scary and
3382s we're still thinking the percentages are
3383s not and also it has like a more is not
3386s only support because we know often
3388s arguments that are support only don't
3390s really don't really work out as well
3392s this one also has a bit of a gritty side
3394s which is it also increases the power
3396s strength just for that ability so you
3398s can get both things at once yep and then
3401s finally for eurelli for her marolina
3404s enemies affected by sea snares heal
3407s marolina for a percent of their health
3408s upon healing you'll gain reload speed
3410s and fire rate on secondary weapons for a
3412s duration yeah so this one also comes
3414s with a base change to generally which is
3416s basically merlina absorbs right now
3419s online with a source 75 of damage that
3422s you take goes to merlina we're changing
3425s that well I don't want to lie but I'm
3427s pretty sure we changed it to 90 now so
3429s it's now 90 that's base without the
3432s augment and in the augment on top of
3434s that now makes it so you can basically
3436s synergize with uh with your bubbles to
3439s basically Keep On Healing it so you
3441s don't have to recast it we love Bubble
3443s Synergy here I like it so those are the
3446s four augments that are coming and then
3447s we also have four arcanes perhaps the
3450s fifth one TBD but we're gonna have a
3453s primary Arcane a secondary Arcane and
3455s two Warframe arcanes so look forward to
3458s those I don't know and those will also
3460s be in the mission and in uh otak's store
3463s so you can go either way cool either way
3466s so now we can go to that uh citrine
3469s slide sorry Dean just to recap what
3472s we've it's a lot of what we've talked
3474s about in terms of uh so far citrine's
3477s Last Wish coming February 2023 very soon
3480s uh new Warframe citrine defense Mission
3483s with a little bit of a Twist Mission
3486s drops and vendor acquisition with otalk
3488s and then the heart of Deimos being the
3490s prerequisite to access that node there's
3492s a new Gun Site the core fell the new
3495s shotgun stuff blows both of those are
3496s signatures for citrine she has an
3498s alternate helmet she will be coming with
3500s accessories as well stay tuned on those
3502s and Ember void shell skin for new
3504s arcanes new Warframe augments Rhino
3507s Deluxe and some Drifter Visage ink so
3511s those are just kind of some
3513s nice beautiful fun things we also have
3517s some quality of life stuff coming in
3520s citrine's Last Wish one of them being
3523s towel forged archon shards oh tough for
3526s Jeff yeah um
3528s reading the chat and I was not seeing
3531s anyone talk about that first I was like
3532s listen this is what they asked me what
3534s they want yeah
3536s um yeah so Forge we're changing
3539s um actually you can see it there yeah so
3541s on my screen oh right you cannot see it
3543s I think now they can see it so in there
3545s you can see 20 for talforge which is how
3548s it works on on live right now we're
3550s basically adding what is essentially
3552s amounts to a Pity system so if you don't
3554s get it one week the next week it will
3556s actually be 20 higher so it'll be 40
3558s percent and then next week it will be 60
3561s so on and so forth the math basically
3563s averages for you will get about twice as
3567s many uh Arcane shots so basically it
3569s goes from 20 all the way to 40 if you
3571s don't get in one week then you go 60 80
3573s and obviously a hundred and I can't wait
3576s for all the screenshots I'm gonna get
3578s for like I got all the way to 100 before
3580s it drops yeah
3583s other problem we were having is that and
3585s the community pointed out was someone
3587s could in theory never get one just bad
3590s luck so this is the highly requested
3592s pity system which is coming in citrine's
3594s Last Wish and it's important keep in
3596s mind that this is individual so if you
3598s go into you know a public archon hunt
3600s and you have a hundred percent and
3602s someone else says 20 your 100 doesn't
3605s affect the other people they have their
3607s own individual archon pity system if you
3610s will so it's for yourself and you'll be
3612s able to see it here in the UI where
3614s you're at if you forget you miss a week
3615s you're like what percent am I at you can
3616s check out the UI right here and it'll
3618s tell you what probability you have for
3621s your R contract being teleforged
3624s and then as well we have some nice new
3626s tech coming in citrine's Last Wish one
3629s of them being a change to open World
3632s Lighting now if I may speak and if I may
3635s speak in terms of uh coder technology
3639s lingo we've improved encoding technology
3643s material data in the enhanced renderer
3645s that makes Reflections intensity match
3647s the lighting environment better we do
3649s have a little reference image here
3653s I'm wearing pink shorts pants
3656s technically so this
3662s keep that in mind uh here we have if you
3666s look at the shadows and how the Sun is
3669s bouncing off of these caves and
3670s obviously the before and after you'll
3673s see a much more clear brighter version
3676s of the after the Shadows aren't so dense
3678s and you can really kind of see that
3680s detail of the cave RAB I don't know what
3682s you're about to say uh well what
3683s happened was uh in dubiri because it's
3686s our fourth open world they were pushing
3689s how to make it look as beautiful as
3691s possible and since the dawn of time our
3693s open worlds have used monochrome
3695s lighting and we were able to get uh the
3698s color of the actual content that was
3700s being lit bounced around better so that
3702s you can see uh in and this is one of
3704s those things that it came for diviri and
3706s then obviously the graphics team and the
3707s lighting team and our team are like wow
3709s every open world would look so much
3710s better if we had
3712s um color in the the lighting that was
3714s going around the environment so we did
3716s and now all the old open world so it
3720s doesn't look better because of the
3721s lighting details that we added to daviri
3723s uh you know hopefully nothing broke too
3725s much but you can see that the actual
3727s sand color the pigments the tints seem
3730s to appear in the shadows a lot more
3732s naturally than the before picture
3735s there you go so I'll be coming into
3737s trains Last Wish and then another tech
3739s related change is what we're calling
3741s cloth smoothing Tech but to be even more
3745s hype about it this actually also fixes a
3747s Jitter issue on cloth so sign Dana's
3750s very popular
3752s but if we compare the before and after
3755s there's just a little bit of you know a
3758s crick or a crease or you know a little a
3763s little Jagged Edge in what would
3765s preferably be a nice smooth sign Dana so
3768s while this is a stagnant image of the
3770s signed in and you can see the before and
3771s after how it's smoothing out it's a nice
3773s more rounded shape of how assigned Anna
3775s should be with movement of it is also
3779s changing in terms of it being more of a
3781s cloth-like movement instead of it being
3783s a little bit jittery with how it works
3786s right now so we're fixing the Jitter
3787s which is great more flow more flow
3790s there's actually there's actually two
3792s fixes there there's just straight up
3794s vertex smoothing and the gym editor is
3796s how the cloth was frame over frame it
3799s was jittering so there's two fixes there
3801s and two fixes yeah there's the actual
3804s like appearance of vertex is on the
3805s cloths and then there's the actual
3807s Jitter itself which both of them have
3809s been you know improved because why not
3812s because why not
3814s and then another quality of life thing
3816s that is changing is cold status effects
3818s oh co-stars yeah so
3821s you know this cool let's see
3824s um old so obviously throughout time we
3827s have a lot of different statuses and
3829s players you guys value them at different
3831s uh rates but cold has always been one of
3835s the lower ones especially if you compare
3837s like it gives like I think a base is it
3840s 40 25 so 25 for one stack which you
3846s don't really feel it right away it's not
3848s really
3848s um something that you notice as much
3850s especially if you compare it with
3852s something like uh the proc that you get
3854s from uh from fire where they immediately
3856s start swinging their arms or you know
3858s from both which is like absolute
3860s immediate CC so anyways we're increasing
3863s the value so now instead of 25 I think
3866s the base is what 50. 50 at base and the
3869s cap which before ended up at 70. now
3873s when it's at 85 yeah and the max Stacks
3875s from ten to eight so there's a little
3876s bit of a change Yeah so basically
3878s because we're pushing the bottom and
3880s we're gonna pushing the top but we're
3883s making it take less tax to get to the
3886s top so hopefully with that it'll um
3889s it'll make kind of the cold proc on its
3891s own uh a little more valuable and a
3894s little more felt when you're actually
3896s freezing someone
3897s very good and then we have just again a
3899s little slide to sum up the couple
3901s quality of life things that are coming
3902s in this update dania's got it on hot
3905s again Tau forged archon probability
3907s changes you'll see that right away they
3910s signed in a smoothing plus the Jitter
3911s twofer two for one uh the open world
3914s Skylight changes that we showed and then
3916s the cold status effect changes as well
3919s so that is kind of a
3921s longer version I went over an hour I'm
3924s sorry I did it again I'm bad at that so
3928s we have some quality of life and then
3929s obviously all of the bigger things to
3932s train Mission all that stuff coming in
3934s citrine's Last Wish
3936s and that's
3940s what do you mean oh no no let's do it
3942s again let's start all right that means I
3944s have two only two minutes over uh let's
3947s do a platinum prize shall we very good
3950s and also keep in mind that this updates
3952s to treat Last Wish is a Mainline update
3954s so there's a lot of fixes in there over
3957s time that we needed a code build to do
3960s insert build to do so this will be a
3962s Mainline update that will fix a lot of
3963s code required issues uh one thousand
3966s Platinum who is it Eric oh
3977s congratulations you won a thousand
3979s flight and please whisper the Warframe
3980s twitch Channel you're watching right now
3981s through in-game melee's platform play
3982s orpherman we'll get you your thousand
3985s Platinum
3986s all right and then before we go I just
3989s wanted to do a little update on mobile
3991s and a cross-play cross save because it
3994s kind of ended the year with cross plays
3997s here for everyone we also have a mobile
3999s beta that's happening right now uh and
4002s if you're just kind of curious what our
4003s next steps are for those things for
4005s mobile we're actually at our Max
4007s Capacity of iOS close beta users so
4010s appreciate everyone
4012s that signed up for that and is
4014s participating in that we're going to be
4016s looking to get more spots in there if
4019s you were unable to get yourself a spot
4021s and we're planning on doing another
4023s invite wave
4025s and we're going to be running this iOS
4026s close beta for a couple more months
4028s probably throughout the spring we're
4030s going to be adding things here and there
4031s additional planets maybe some quests
4033s into that mobile build so if you were
4036s looking to expand your gameplay on that
4039s we will be working on that and adding to
4040s it we'll be updating of course the
4042s forums and everything that we have for
4044s there if you want to check that out if
4046s you are a iOS user
4048s and then for cross play cross save
4050s obviously the next step is cross save
4052s that's what our goal is we are avidly
4055s working on that for 2023 we don't have
4057s too too much to share on it because
4059s we're trying to you know get it all to
4060s work functionally we are working on VoIP
4063s as well and of course internally we're
4066s solving trying to solve some issues or
4068s just things that we haven't been able to
4070s do with cross play in terms of Clan Tech
4072s what trading is going to look like all
4075s that things we are considering and we
4077s are you know looking into from a tech
4079s perspective for cross save so you just
4082s have to kind of stay tuned for more
4084s information on that as we develop it
4086s we'll let you know most likely we'll let
4089s you know on dev streams that's usually
4091s where we give you that kind of
4092s information so you have to stay tuned
4094s for that but when we give you more
4095s information it'll be here
4098s indeed yeah that's that's a kick kickoff
4101s to the Year we're focusing on zviri
4103s Cross save
4104s um we got Mobile coming citrine's last
4106s wish comes in February so you'll get it
4108s soon so you'll have something to play
4110s very very very soon in daviri you will
4112s get a full experience Deep dive at the
4114s February Dev stream where we're going to
4116s walk you through our fourth open world
4118s and the way in which Warframe is being
4121s re-contextualized for players to enjoy
4124s which is very exciting it's going to be
4125s weird
4126s speaking of weird let's do brute Prime
4128s access giveaway
4131s he didn't do anything except for I still
4133s haven't got him in game yet I'm trying
4134s really hard uh Brook Prime access coming
4137s at you lucky twitch viewer who is it
4140s Bucky 88 Bucky 88 hopefully your lease
4143s fan uh please whisper the Warframe to
4146s which channel you're watching right now
4147s with your in-game Alias platform you
4148s play Warframe on and we will get you
4150s your Baruch Prime access and maybe in
4153s the next step stream you'll learn about
4155s the next prime
4157s [Music]
4160s uh did I did I miss any assets Dean no I
4164s finally didn't miss any no
4166s no even though I gave you like the 20.
4170s uh all right we did it we did it then we
4173s should probably do like a we should do
4175s like a
4176s can we connect across yes
4187s thank you very much for much for
4187s watching stream 167. Greg thanks for
4191s being here thanks so much everyone Eric
4193s thanks for your problem Pablo thank you
4195s for being here pleasure resolution
4202s thank you for being here for our first
4204s step stream back uh like revs mentioned
4207s uh our February Dev stream is going to
4209s be our big duviri Dev stream we're also
4211s going to have more information about
4212s 10-year anniversary what that's going to
4215s look like some exciting things that you
4217s can expect RAM for 2023 so please stay
4220s tuned for that and then between you know
4223s in February you're gonna get citrine's
4225s Last Wish so you're gonna see more of
4227s this Warframe you're going to experience
4228s that defense Mission with a Twist uh
4231s buggy Rhino I mean that aesthetically uh
4233s it's going to be a great time so thank
4235s you so much for watching again thank you
4237s guys for being here appreciate you
4239s thanks thanks for the Cod piece
4240s detectives for all your hard work yes
4242s thank you all right have a wonderful
4245s Thursday and we'll see you you later
4248s [Music]