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0s that's reason enough to bestow praise
2s you were with me from the beginning a
4s frame that was winning my heart I found
6s you attractive from the start you were
7s polarizing you were so surprising you
9s were magnetizing everyone around you and
11s you left me crushing hard and I
13s underestimated you your Frailty was
15s disarming but we were just starting to
17s understand what you could do you're
18s invisible to all but a lucky view
20s because the easiest solution sometimes
22s has to be snuck into and you at times
24s have been my strongest friend built with
26s iron skin built to never give up and
28s never give in and the role is reassuring
31s when it comes from within when it comes
33s from within my
36s [Music]
42s dreams
44s [Music]
56s you like a hidden sword I could see it
59s within you like a rising storm you were
62s never ignored seeking to settle the
63s score so open up and let those shuriken
65s soar you were a blessing to me you were
68s always so supportive I swear it was the
70s order of your energy we shared a special
72s link it was healing to me and the time
74s we spent together assuming the best I
76s think I've ever seen everyone that saw
78s you was instantly electrified the most
79s shocking frame I ever tried man I think
81s it's surprised shielded me and helped me
84s revive this chart
91s brighter than any flame that we could
93s need she was a firefighter man and we
95s had a blast but I think I was frightened
97s of getting burned again
98s [Music]
100s [Applause]
104s [Music]
122s [Applause]
124s we know the mission and we will not fail
127s against the opposition we will prevail
130s [Music]
135s against
137s [Music]
154s [Applause]
157s [Music]
164s foreign
171s [Music]
197s [Applause]
200s [Music]
210s to strike you again
217s [Music]
236s foreign
239s [Music]
261s [Music]
272s [Music]
285s hello everyone and welcome to the next
289s two hours of your Thursday evening
291s welcome to Prime Time episode
294s 328. Megan I have some very important
296s questions for you
298s I'm sorry for interrupting but I have
299s the intro when you drag your nails
302s through the metal does it hurt no okay
305s as you can see I have no Nails oh I
308s ripped them off
311s girl can't have nails because she takes
313s them right off welcome to the stream
315s Daddy's here and Dean's here I am Danny
318s is your mic on no yeah
322s [Laughter]
325s uh Dean's here he's also going to be
328s doing top 10 comics during the stream
329s Zach hope you're feeling better today in
332s the cold pots but needed a bit of a rest
334s day which don't we all because it's cold
336s season so hope you're doing well and for
338s our American us of a tenno I hope you're
341s having a thankful grateful Thanksgiving
343s with family friends doing whatever you
345s need to do uh to stay safe stay warm and
349s stay fed because yes that's my lifestyle
352s yeah I stay fed on three cups of coffee
355s I mean if you could if you guys can see
357s the beverage assortments that Megan and
359s I have in front of us Chad I want you to
360s guess how many beverages in total we
362s have absolutely oh my God yeah on this
364s table between both of us uh anyways also
367s Black Friday get your sales there's some
368s sales happening in Warframe as well so
370s Black Friday sales get just get your
372s wallets out get doing what you do
375s but let's talk about Warframe let's talk
377s about some news that's happened some
379s things that have happened some upcoming
381s things 18 that's a large number and it's
384s wrong but oh my God imagine can you
386s imagine I mean I could yeah I could too
388s I love beverages uh let's jump into what
391s is going to be our next update in
393s Warframe confirmed obviously Louis pray
395s we mentioned this on devstream but it
397s now has a official date of November 30th
400s which if we look at our calendars that's
404s next week
406s oh my gosh it is it is next week next
409s week next Wednesday Louis pray is going
411s to come all platforms and we're gonna
414s talk more about that on Monday because
417s on Monday
419s November 28th that's a Monday
423s devstream 166. last Downstream of the
426s year last episode of 2022. we're going
429s to talk all about Lewis prey we're going
431s to show a full Deep dive game play uh of
435s Louis pray you're going to get varuna in
438s all her gameplay glory and abilities
441s we're going to go through one two three
442s four her passives we're going to talk
445s all about it we're going to show off her
448s melee we're going to show off her
449s primary we're gonna show off all the
450s great stuff about her obviously there's
452s a whole bunch more in there we've got
453s Grendel rework you're really changes
455s nightwave Nora's mix vol 3 is coming
458s with that and there's a whole bunch of
459s other stuff we're gonna show you the
460s in-game uh final version of zaku deluxe
463s as well so if you look at what we showed
466s on devstream 165.
469s um a lot of it was obviously concept art
470s because we were still developing Lewis
472s prey so now Downstream 166 is going to
475s show you in full gameplay form what it
477s is exactly you're gonna expect two days
480s later on November 30th so mark your
482s calendars set your time timers make sure
485s your Fitbit tells you what to do on
488s Monday November 28th at 2 pm eastern
490s time this channel will be the last step
492s stream of the year I'm very excited to
495s sit down on the couch with my lovely
497s comrades on De and talk all about Lewis
500s prey very exciting and we're going to
502s reveal the last Prime Warframe of 2020.
507s this is a good one
508s I'm very excited it's a good one
510s nobody's guessed it uh it's gonna be
512s great it's gonna be a great day don't
514s miss it we'll have drops uh I believe
516s it's an umbra Forma is going to be our
518s last twitch drop of the year for the dev
519s stream we are still going to be doing
521s Prime Times up until December 15th I do
524s believe so we'll still be here kicking
526s on Thursday nights but it'll be the last
528s Upstream of the year on Monday and we'll
530s talk more about kind of what you can
532s expect maybe on the job stream as this
535s stream goes on if you have any questions
536s comments concerns please let us know but
539s that is happening Monday special date
541s special date don't forget don't come on
544s December third Friday I'll be here no
547s won't be here uh November 28th Monday 2
551s p.m eastern time this channel
553s special date special time and I stole
556s your line night wave okay listen it's
560s gonna be a good time uh night wave mix
563s two ended yesterday so hope you guys
564s spent your credits if not you can spend
567s them four credits there you go have some
569s extra indeed uh the movember contest
572s closed today as well the movember
575s capture a contest so if you participated
577s in that the winners will be announced
578s next prime time so tune in for that next
581s Thursday uh speaking of next prime time
583s as well
585s the Autumn 2022 Dojo showcase contest
590s will be adding ending tomorrow at 1 pm
593s ET so if you haven't submitted your
594s dojos yet to have them featured
597s in the star chart do it do it do it
600s please and if you happen to have an
602s entire room of Christmas trees and
604s snowmen bonus points for Megan send it
607s my way
608s send her all the Christmas cheer
611s there is no shortage of that there
613s really isn't I need more of it I need it
615s and then
617s um you might have seen that there are
619s some new Prime gaming goodness uh do you
622s want to come to my screen season five is
625s out
626s and it features my girl Octavia and this
631s fabulous helmet fabulous oh I know the
634s iridos mix helmet uh we also have the
637s irido skin
639s um the uh default iridos helmet here and
644s then I also did a little fashion frame
647s oh my God I leveled her up a little bit
650s but uh you can get this for yourself if
653s you have
654s uh if you have your Warframe account
656s linked to your Prime account and you can
660s claim this for yourself it also comes
662s with base Octavia and her helmet as well
664s so if you don't have Octavia yet you can
666s get her just what a great chance
667s claiming right and she'll look great in
669s game so it's a win-win for everyone you
671s can fashion frame her to death oh
673s blackhead said just got the iridos
674s bundle love it love that you love it
676s love it
678s uh and then yeah primary surgeons
680s rotation we are currently on the valkyr
682s in sarin Prime rotation
686s and uh we are going to be uh well we
690s gave you a little bit of a hint if I
692s actually just go to varsia this is true
694s and if you didn't know you can access
696s like which is oh sorry we're going
698s together I'm coming oh which is actually
701s way quicker than going through the star
703s charts so if you want a little uh quick
706s shortcut that's the way to do it yep go
709s over to your Relic segment and just hit
710s visit varzia and it will take you
712s straight to the fabulously see right
716s there right in front of it right here I
718s don't even have to walk I don't have to
719s use my legs
720s um and uh you can check out
723s the next rotation that will be coming
725s which is open on Prime and I borrow a
729s prime yes so in six days that new
732s rotation is coming through very exciting
734s exciting so if you haven't gotten your
737s Sam prime valkyr prime Goods be sure to
739s do so before that ends that's all I got
742s I mean the twist drop tonight is 10
743s corrupted Hollow keys I wonder why we
746s haven't said why no we haven't I don't
748s think we have I don't think we have have
750s we I don't think we've told them why we
752s might be
753s wanting some corrupted Hollow keys and
756s if we have then I'm embarrassed but yeah
760s we might have hold on let me double
762s check my uh
765s uh yeah yeah someone sent it
767s the new oh wait wait wait
769s can you do a platinum prize while like
774s oh my God
776s I mean people know what Hollow keys are
778s for they know what Hollow keys are for
779s but do they know what it's for for
782s you know Sybian underscore
785s congratulations you've won a thousand
787s Platinum please whisper the Warframe
788s channel that you're on right now with
789s your in-game Alias the platform you plan
790s on we will hook you up with your
792s winnings congrats to you congrats
794s congrats to you uh all right
797s it's time for some gameplay shall we yes
801s I dragged you to varsie I'm sorry that's
803s okay I'm chilling with Grimlock
806s what's up Grimlock you look great I am
808s going to leave good looking Warfare I
809s appreciate you uh all right we are going
811s to be doing a couple things today we've
813s got lots to do honestly lots to do for
815s prepping for Lewis prey in a way
819s um as you
821s can tell the drop is some corrupted
824s Hollow keys and I would also like to get
826s rid of my sister for no reason at all
829s the context of that is great I know
831s every time I say like oh I gotta go kill
833s my sister your sister's watching this
835s like I had a pretty like the
836s conversation with her earlier today and
837s that's me
840s good job Sarah
842s anyways all right we need a couple
844s people to join us on
847s um eliminating my sister I'm gonna
850s reinvent you okay
851s uh and let's see let's see what my
854s sister's up to what is she up to this is
857s Septima libus she is indifferent to me
860s which is very similar to my own sister
862s oh God damn just kidding I know two
865s requiems I don't know the third I did I
868s think I had an UL in there before and I
869s it died so we just sort of shuffling it
872s around she's got the tenet Cyclone which
874s I do uh do need and she's been chilling
877s honestly for a while she's been hanging
879s out just sending me absolute uh Shades
883s she chirping you she's been chirping me
884s for months now toxic DM I said I'm
887s busy I'm doing other things but we're
889s back she needs to go for
892s reasons unknown maybe you'll find out on
895s Monday or 2PM Eastern Time on devstream
897s 166 last for 2022. I need two people to
900s join us so if you would like to join uh
901s we're gonna do some sisters of parvosing
904s whisper me in game de Megan with
911s your favorite tenant weapon
913s so you're gonna say your favorite
914s sibling I honestly was like your
916s favorite sister but not everyone has a
918s sister no
919s um my favorite is the oh can you guess
922s what my favorite is wait sorry repeat
923s the question again favorite tenant
924s weapon
926s was I about to say it no no I don't
929s think you were
932s see that the new tenant weapons are the
933s ones that are currently on my brain so I
935s don't want to accidentally say them well
938s sorry that was really hot
939s um
940s it's definitely not a new weapon
942s the Arca Blossom or the tenant plasma
945s nintendent archa plasma second favorite
947s though the tenant Envoy good times that
951s bad boy what a briefcase that briefly I
954s love a briefcase moment I feel like a
955s spy oh my God that with the new
959s with uh nightwave Nora's mix vol 3 with
962s like the Proto call skins the little
965s tiny pistol a briefcase and a tiny
967s pistol wait that's a narrative I want to
970s be we're going to be living our Sherlock
972s Holmes fantasies uh all right he evil
975s says tenant diplos you're in I love the
977s Ten of diplos it's a disaster said the
979s tenant diplos which is still in the
980s hands of my sister let's do it let's get
983s after it
984s tiny business
990s but tiny business with them
1001s I always want to call casardis mura
1003s because mura because that is and I once
1005s called them mer on Twitter and they were
1007s like no one calls me that oh my gosh
1010s dare you can I be the only one that does
1012s I appreciate it I mean besties besties
1014s all right we're going to Phobos because
1016s that's where my sister is hanging out
1017s we're gonna do uh we're gonna do the
1020s quick capture because it's always the
1022s go-to real quick and get her done
1025s wait hold up
1028s don't worry because artists I've
1029s committed it to memory and we're still
1031s best friends in my brain all is well
1033s Lieutenant ayanga also a fabulous one I
1036s actually don't have that one
1038s wait
1040s that doesn't exist
1042s yeah
1043s we're mixing tenno or tenno we're
1046s magazine 10 year with uh Corpus I don't
1049s know how they'd feel about it don't try
1050s to trick me I've had three copies in the
1053s past one hour Megan I didn't customize
1056s my Scout it's a base Scout I'm gonna
1059s have to change that scoring I know well
1061s speaking up let's get our boys out here
1065s besties I'm sorry I should say what up
1067s fam
1068s did you experience that no last week's
1071s Prime Time the what up fam yeah did you
1073s experience it no so
1076s Taylor and I hosting we had the
1078s wonderful uh player by the name of O
1081s Prime join us and for some reason on
1085s this computer
1086s the voice was enabled in game oh I don't
1089s know when it got turned on or whatever
1091s but anyways we start hearing a voice and
1094s I'm like we've realized that the voice
1096s is enabled and in my frantic Panic to
1099s turn it off oh Prime yells what up man
1102s how are you doing and it was one of the
1104s funniest moments I've had in a long time
1107s and I was just so happy it was
1109s respectful and they were like super nice
1110s and like were laughing about it but it
1113s just okay
1115s nothing like a good respectful
1118s um if any of you are playing uh the new
1121s uh oh my goodness I I'm gonna have to
1124s I'm gonna have to get the controller
1126s again Dean I'll swap it from Megan it's
1128s on the ground here yeah Dean do you want
1130s to help bro yeah that's when you like
1131s unceremoniously last week just pulled
1133s out being like I don't need no
1134s controller well because it rumbles and
1136s it scares you yeah it is but like I can
1139s uh I'm like I'm struggling right now oh
1141s the question of what is a hollow key
1143s great question so not only do we have
1145s the sisters of parvos who carry these
1150s look great who carry the rifle version
1154s the rifle versions of the tenant weapons
1157s we also have tenant melee weapons
1161s sorry Megan's trying to explain tenant
1164s our Hollow keys and we keep interrupting
1166s with silliness uh we have the tenant uh
1169s melee weapons who are available from
1172s ergo glass which is one of our lovely
1173s syndicates and if you go to him in the
1175s relay he can sell you
1178s a tenant melee weapon I believe it is on
1182s a rotation we currently have four
1184s and he might you know he might sell more
1186s I don't know it's up to him you know
1188s it's up to his inventory and what he can
1190s what he can do but anyways uh and Hollow
1193s Keys is essentially the currency you
1195s need to purchase those from ergo glass
1197s and you get them from void storms hello
1200s you need to die if you get them from
1202s void storms which is a part of rail Jack
1204s so do void storms get yourself some
1205s corrupted Hollow keys and spend them on
1208s tenet melee weapons get your goods
1212s where is my sister didn't spawn yet no
1216s we're tilling an extraction but if you
1217s want us to uh
1219s Dean
1221s [Music]
1223s oh I think I found her
1225s oh what's up baby all right come back to
1228s you
1229s well this is your dog
1231s the dog the douche
1235s though Megan
1239s oh my Hello friends this is my call girl
1242s but brother brother oh these are you I
1245s was like what why are there grineer on
1247s this ship those are my besties friends
1249s where is he up here another dog up here
1253s unfortunately the path to getting oh I
1255s know it's a thing unfortunately the path
1256s to getting your sister to show up is to
1258s uh
1259s slay your dogs
1261s it's just a terrible
1264s please there you go there you go boys
1267s what she doesn't want to show up that's
1270s fine we'll uh we'll hold apart that's
1272s all good here we go she's all up in this
1275s planet so we got lots lots of time it's
1277s two drops of 10 holocue states correct
1279s for 45 minutes you will get 10 Hollow
1281s keys so if you watch the stream from
1283s start to finish you'll get two of those
1285s drops you need to get 20 polish it's a
1287s lot of hollow Keys guys who are your
1289s favorite Warframe content creators
1291s Rebecca Ford
1295s Megan Everett oh
1297s damn personally
1299s I got I got Rob and Megan mother in my
1303s uh YouTube recommends at all times
1305s because I make so many YouTube videos
1309s hey guys
1311s what up fam what up fans do it oh my God
1315s I'm gonna steal it I'm just kidding well
1316s I'll just have to play with o Prime
1317s every so bad I only want tenet Gregory
1320s because I have a ribbon
1322s we'll just have to just have to hang in
1324s there friend who knows maybe one day all
1327s right what do we feel like
1329s what's the vibe
1330s um say hi to the spot
1333s I'm just swapping my Scout colors here
1335s Dean's the best content creator sure
1338s super dino the man the mythology Mr
1341s roadblock he
1343s yeah is one of the funniest individuals
1345s that I have witnessed in a long time so
1348s you eat a lot of butter in October
1350s poor guy
1352s um what do you want to do what do we got
1354s we got it all uh we can do a little
1356s exterminate situation all right all
1358s right very good
1361s toxic toe oh love you toxic toe
1364s into nandra tan Andrews oh my goodness
1370s what's up neat super dino you're back at
1373s again
1374s yeah Dean what would your intro be oh
1377s God I don't know actually I'm not like
1380s cool enough to be like Smooth when I
1382s speak
1388s you know you're unique
1396s does it have purple on it yeah
1398s a little bit pink a little bit
1401s let's hold that a lot
1403s you know I can't tell if that's a
1405s compliment or a uh
1407s an appreciation for a slight fashion
1411s frame changes
1412s look at all my look at all my great
1414s looking friends oh did you call them
1416s down yeah and I got air support on mine
1418s I got air spoil I got on call no I
1421s didn't shoot all the front I'm gonna
1422s have to do that when I get back to my
1423s Arsenal I was soloing some steel packs
1425s with my boys cyanx and
1428s uh my lovely comrade so it was great
1433s I also am working my way I've been
1436s saying this for a while but I'm working
1437s my up with my into them now that I've
1440s fully done my
1441s uh latum I need some pinions to get the
1445s spell Arc and the Kratos and all that
1448s jazz so I'm on my way
1451s on your way to Greatness
1458s like frogs I'm on my way
1462s also shark musical banger
1464s yeah yeah was it good I haven't watched
1467s it but I listened to the soundtrack I
1469s thought you had hits no I haven't seen
1471s it I just got absolutely obliterated by
1473s that track by the the Box traveling on
1476s the track
1477s your word's so
1479s the camera's turn on and there's there's
1482s no there nothing is happening in between
1485s these eyeballs right now there is
1487s nothing happening in this what's the
1489s term like lights are on but no one
1494s hi Sarah hi Sarah actually she was in
1498s the office today so she was yeah
1500s Dean's like yeah I literally had here I
1504s literally had a conversation with her oh
1506s my God sorry I jumped into that oh my
1509s uncle just folded like a noodle the
1512s puppet dog okay sorry I keep I keep
1515s knocking myself back where'd she go
1518s yo sis where you at is she over here
1523s I got you Megan
1525s no no no
1527s I'm I'm defeating it survey says slowly
1530s but surely oh my God that dog blew up I
1533s couldn't even Mercy it oh my God
1535s [Applause]
1537s two days yeah step
1549s up how is it possible not the mind
1553s please no
1555s the worst thing a person could ever
1557s experience the Mind Trope is this what
1559s she's doing to my brain right now
1560s because I would explain a lot it was the
1563s it was the four tea bag London Fog
1564s listen it's messing with you pretty much
1566s fog in that London tea like we said it's
1569s the Silent Hill why can't I push the
1571s button there we go it is it was the
1574s Silent Hill of teasd you are correct
1577s yeah people are pointing out that a mind
1579s choke is basically what Darth Vader does
1580s you know I didn't want to just call him
1583s out okay
1588s okay wow okay what that's that's you're
1592s not wrong let's just not the director I
1594s would have thought you would have
1595s referenced your Star Wars
1597s like you're not wrong but
1600s I mean you and McGregor can come for me
1602s but JJ Abrams please don't
1605s don't yell at me you remember Gregory
1607s you can yell at me and Daniel's in the
1608s Discord
1609s someone in the Discord said why isn't
1611s Dan using invisibility I also have the
1613s Discord I don't want to squat
1617s I'm not into it if you were a Discord
1619s user we do have a open comms Channel
1621s Prime Time chat right now on the live
1623s streams hey
1625s I just said hi
1627s yeah the channel is open uh we are
1629s flying a little bit
1631s um solo here today I mean Dean Dean is
1633s watching for top 10 comments
1635s um Zach was going to join us originally
1637s but it's not feeling well
1641s send send all the Wishes the well wishes
1644s to Zach
1646s oh okay so we have a new individual
1648s wants to join kajiro Nash Peak uh and
1653s they have
1654s linked us the tenant Libya which is
1656s their favorite which is a melee well sir
1659s two-handed blade
1663s all right you get an invite my friend
1667s oh we got Disney on the Discord a
1669s wonderful uh dojo
1672s Creator I should say dojo
1675s a designer if that's the Disney I think
1677s it is you also just got married and I do
1679s oh congratulations
1681s [Music]
1683s awkward uh well then maybe then congrats
1686s to you for feature you if marriage is
1689s interested in oh that dizzy
1691s is that the Disney on Discord
1694s I hope it is yeah it is okay great I
1697s feel good about myself all right back to
1699s hide or back to Sister hunting but she
1702s moved she went to Jupiter
1704s that was a uh what now what game mode
1708s um we got it all Sue like a sabotage or
1711s something
1715s [Laughter]
1718s change driver oh yeah wait wait wait
1720s wait wait oh I need to put on my air
1722s support charges Chad you keep me you
1724s keep me young thank you uh okay so this
1727s wasn't it but I know it could be this
1731s one
1732s [Music]
1735s okay
1737s maybe I'll go like that because I know
1739s those two we hope oh it's only one
1741s charge left on that okay we're good
1745s are you good I'm good okay
1747s back to the navigation
1754s should we do another bottom price I
1756s think we should let's do it how do you
1758s feel about it I feel like hitting a
1760s button oh
1763s I hit the button he did thousand
1766s Platinum going to the lucky viewer with
1768s the name of a
1771s anime
1772s that's pretty good and a medley yeah oh
1776s we saw what we wanted to see okay
1781s in a medley congratulations please
1783s whisper the Warframe twitch Channel
1784s you're watching right now with your
1785s in-game Elias in the platform you play
1786s warframon and we'll get you your 1 000
1789s Platinum animism or anime medley
1795s oh my God I'm invisible someone put
1798s smoke Shadow down how can how nice they
1802s said Danielle's not crouching to go
1805s invisible yeah I will be the one I'm
1809s going to kill this dog hey
1811s with respect
1815s I'm invisible again
1817s I am also invisible
1820s I forget what controls on this oh that's
1822s that's what it is
1825s what
1828s one dog down that's a big Requiem I
1832s forgot how big the requiems actually
1834s appear in game they're like
1836s they're large pine cones no more like um
1839s what would they be like a jackfruit oh
1842s my God
1843s anyone seen a jackfruit that's kind of
1844s what they what this game is what drives
1846s me okay I was okay
1853s there's a little Johnna does that what
1856s okay okay yeah
1860s nothing like a good ad-lib ostrich egg I
1863s mean ostrich egg is more like perfect
1866s though
1867s I think like the rec room mod is a
1870s little chunky yeah it's a little Jagged
1872s it's a little imperfect but we love it
1874s all the same
1876s you know what I mean
1878s oh I fell
1879s oh my goodness these oh I Gotta Go full
1882s are we okay I guess we'll just go
1884s through with the seven two I should
1886s probably killed this stuff
1890s hello puppy
1892s can I get a big strip oh my God like a
1896s volleyball
1904s my daughter and I can't wait for varuna
1907s that is the greatest sentence I've read
1908s all day there is nothing that makes me
1911s happier than hearing about
1914s um like family members playing together
1916s play together yeah we get people sending
1918s us like messages like oh me and my son
1920s like bonded over your game and I'm like
1923s please make me cry I'm too emotional
1926s they pick up that requiem
1929s oh I'm in melee mode I was like why
1930s can't I shoot I'm coming I'm jumping in
1934s a hole I got shocked nope you know that
1937s on purpose chat not like this
1940s I tried to eat my brothers didn't like
1942s the grind hey you know to each their own
1943s yeah you know sometimes you just want to
1946s play some Harvest Moon that's okay
1949s chill gamer
1953s or you like to play games where there's
1955s proximity chat and it is a nightmare or
1959s you want to respectfully kill a dog or
1961s there's no such thing as respectfully
1963s doing anything I just respectfully
1965s killed that I respectfully disagree
1967s respectfully I'm gonna I'm gonna agree
1970s with your disagreeing I can't get no
1971s respect
1974s we just went all over the place
1978s wow it was a very musical night tonight
1980s yeah we were probably not for the good
1983s yeah the health of this VOD no one needs
1988s to hear me scream saying anything just
1990s the me and my car just screaming just or
1994s on the table in a cafeteria yeah or I
1997s remember that bumping around some food
1998s trays there's some some frozen I think
2000s it was wasn't it oh we don't need to I
2003s know we're not gonna really
2006s do not resurface that clip let it die on
2009s the internet let it go you would say oh
2012s Dean unacceptable you're on the nice yes
2017s [Applause]
2019s no I didn't read it I didn't take it
2021s back hot magma you're you're in a
2024s volcano wow I completely missed that
2026s shot how embarrassing
2029s embarrassed embarrassing what song you
2032s got on the Manda chord what song you got
2033s Danny
2034s uh uh resp I don't actually think I set
2039s anything on my walk like everyone's send
2041s Danny's Song send me songs please
2044s what song would you want what's the vibe
2047s um
2048s do you feel like like any kind of anime
2051s opening okay you know yeah or actually
2055s we were listening to I don't know if
2056s Radiohead is really like a very
2058s mandicordable song or artist I mean you
2061s would be surprised I mean honestly meta
2064s Court artists have done some incredible
2065s things but Dean was playing Radiohead
2067s before we started the stream so
2070s it is in my head Crazy Frog great choice
2077s I'm so happy you know oh do I ever I
2081s thought you're about to do the dance I
2083s don't remember the dance
2084s isn't he just like there's the two kids
2086s no they're talking about the two kids
2088s who did the Crazy Frog I'm thinking
2090s about the Frog video you're talking
2091s about the actual music yeah
2092s from the internet if anyone
2096s if anyone sends me baby shark band
2101s respect I'm joking but not
2110s I just had to make it make it be known
2112s make make it be known made it be known
2115s all right let's do the old quick capture
2117s get that one out the way
2119s I'm making a note here all right quick
2120s little dude great success
2122s I rick rolled with my mandator cord I
2124s almost thought I was about to get Rick
2125s Rolled by Marcus the other day really
2128s because he uh when we pull out a
2130s saxophone no no no on Twitter because
2133s the Warframe Channel tweeted that uh
2136s I think it was the launch date for Lewis
2138s prey which is November 30th and he just
2141s he quote retweeted it with a YouTube
2143s link and it didn't expand it because
2145s it's a quote retweet so I was just like
2147s what is this and I clicked it I'm like
2149s I'm getting Rick Rolled aren't I but it
2151s wasn't it was the
2153s um
2154s it was another song Marcus or Rick
2156s Rolling or something but yeah I was like
2158s am I about to get Rick Rolled I'm
2160s feeling a bit Rick rolly right now I
2163s mean I wouldn't put it past Mark no I
2165s wouldn't either never crawl anyone
2168s all right my metronome is active we are
2172s invisible
2173s and it's happening it's happening dude I
2175s just got Octavia all right plaid enjoy
2178s your dancing oh sorry I smacked your dog
2180s sorry I just ran backwards foreign
2184s respectfully respect yes very good
2187s nothing like a little invisible backflip
2189s oh we got a do we have a Baruch in the
2191s squad oh my God we do it's it's a
2194s disaster it's a brewer very cool
2196s gotcha a little cookbook Corpus butt
2199s head respectful respectfully
2201s respectfully
2206s sorry I didn't mean to Waypoint there
2209s we got a long way all right chat this is
2211s it no no falling
2214s zero does zero deaths
2218s oh yeah
2222s get out the way sir there we go see it's
2223s your desk
2225s s only bullet jumps only only faith in
2230s boxing boxing parkour
2232s parkour oh
2235s you can only fall respectfully oh
2239s there's a dog making do you have a
2240s companion attached to you attached to
2242s you equip right now what
2244s or do you have a bird
2245s do you have I have Helios Prime Helios
2248s Prime okay so robot bird
2250s robot camera bird
2252s [Music]
2254s the conspiracies
2257s oh my God it's so funny because everyone
2259s right now is invisible so I just see
2261s these like
2262s ghostly things this is what chat asks
2265s this is what chat wanted
2266s thank you Octavia why are you not why
2269s are you not invisible why can I see your
2272s fashion break don't look don't look chat
2273s that was too special
2276s uh I need to go back for that I don't
2278s know Requiem is kind of giving me a pine
2279s cone Vibe a little bit it's kind of like
2282s a Chris like a gory Christmas pine cone
2285s yeah it's a flush coat
2289s sorry
2290s no
2292s no no
2292s no no no no did you hear the immediate
2296s regret halfway through the whole word
2299s didn't even come out of your mouth just
2302s just think of those things as two
2304s separate things yeah but I did not say
2305s together
2306s just a naked Pine no no no it's even
2310s worse somehow respect respectively all
2313s right let me kill this dog respect oh my
2315s goodness yes I'm gonna throw this
2318s Javelin respectfully
2320s such a thing I have to be very careful
2323s when I take a drink right now
2325s you want to spit take off my sister's
2327s here
2328s all right come on sis let's battle
2333s baby
2336s nope nine
2338s Megan use it and all her sentences
2340s respectfully yes that's where I'm headed
2343s right now did I get it oh I got one oh
2345s here we go baby
2348s I'm just slapping her with my internet
2350s oh she's angry where'd she go oh oh
2353s she's up all right oh she is parkouring
2357s wow
2358s survey says here we go survey says
2363s oh
2366s my God
2370s oh my goodness
2375s gay respectfully personal space we don't
2379s know her who
2382s all right
2384s Auto fire that was not respectful on her
2387s end I was being respectful and being
2390s invisible
2391s damn Danny zero damage taken
2394s I said are you even there I said you
2397s asked for invisibility I said I'm not
2398s even gonna show up but you have four
2400s crates open I mean come on we're doing
2403s big things today big things today
2406s respectfully yes no there's no other way
2410s no other than brutally whacking your
2412s melee weapon onto them
2414s speaking of which
2416s um this is such a small
2419s part of the Grendel rework but his
2421s pulverize can now break crates oh Danny
2425s you are you're spoiling I know I'm not
2427s gonna say anything more I don't want to
2429s spoil anything it's such a tiny part of
2432s the rework because they're so it's so
2433s big I won't take anything else from your
2434s Dev stream this Monday
2438s that was like the highlight of your
2440s stream so that was all I had no I'm just
2443s kidding now I have no gameplay God damn
2445s it no we're we're going to go into depth
2447s in the Grendel rework I think uh El
2449s Pablo is gonna make a little video
2451s because he might not be able to join us
2453s because he is also Down With The
2454s Sickness unfortunately he just he just
2456s kicked the kobit but uh yeah we are
2459s we're hurting unit anyways so I know
2461s this I know it's this so it has to be
2464s Zada right
2465s tell me I own azada I do and Danny no
2469s spoilers please I'm done I promise I
2471s promise
2473s we're going to avoid show gonna pick up
2474s a marble you oh I'm not saying anything
2478s but they're okay chat if you take
2480s anything away from the dev stream
2481s anything at all
2483s oh man
2485s I cannot wait material the material that
2488s comes with Grendel void shell is it is
2491s my it is my favorite but also my most
2496s you'll understand yeah if you thought
2498s that like we toe the line with you know
2502s weird dancing emotes yeah and
2505s I don't know giant Pink rhinos you just
2508s wait mixing The Best of Both Worlds
2511s together yeah all right quick ketchup
2513s you guys will all will be revealed on
2516s Monday
2518s is it moist mashed potato textures I
2522s mean
2527s spoil me respectfully why
2532s oh sorry I just hit my mic
2534s oh my goodness oh this lumbar support it
2539s was moving up my back though and it was
2540s like in my shoulders Dean we discovered
2542s uh last prime time when it was on
2544s because I have a bad back that these
2546s shirts just simply have no lumbar
2548s support so there's these little pillows
2549s we have on the devstream couch that are
2551s just the best and now Megan and I are
2553s rocking some serious support and I feel
2556s like an idiot because we have the same
2558s chairs at oh no we don't no these ones
2560s are different
2561s yeah Amanda man
2564s doggy doggy doggy doggy oh I got this
2568s dog this dog is mine I'm gonna Foster
2570s you and then you're gonna go to a lovely
2572s family
2573s that is not exactly the energy you've
2575s been giving the rest of this stream
2577s respectfully we went from absolutely
2579s destroying the dog to fostering it and
2581s giving it to a nice family home yeah is
2585s this because the sister is not taking
2586s care of said Douglas I think so she's
2589s just going through them
2591s true uh
2593s got him
2597s I feel like I haven't put the TLC I
2600s require into my nuts does she have an
2604s actual energy tail whoopsie if um if
2607s you're asking about Verona
2610s which I don't know if you are but we're
2611s gonna segue into that
2614s um her
2615s her normally no but perhaps
2619s if there was a ephemera oh that could be
2623s yeah
2624s put on
2626s I could resemble Hotel wow it was a high
2629s pitch there can we peek a little good
2632s thing we got compressor testing the new
2633s microphones
2634s [Laughter]
2639s you're speaking to the dogs yeah
2643s did your sister probably no she didn't
2645s no did she I'm just killing her pets I
2647s mean fostering her beds
2649s I mean I'm just collecting them and
2651s fostering them all
2653s a new Pokemon game is this what this is
2656s no don't got a collection on the brain I
2658s do actually I'm collecting them all I'm
2660s a fiend
2662s fantastic game 10 out of 10. I hope they
2664s don't do anything about it I'm being
2665s actually serious it's perfect
2668s oh my God
2672s where is the sister where are you sister
2675s [Music]
2678s are you staying at Christmas time right
2681s now oh no are you gonna I mean what do
2684s you I mean oh listen God
2687s oh my goodness manx just sent me crazy
2690s frog for the mandicore do it Danny yeah
2694s we could no no we won't we won't you
2696s sure yep okay don't come for us Warner
2698s Brothers I'm loading hold on oh I gotta
2701s drop claim
2702s wait I want to claim it too what is a
2705s hollow key it is a resource used to
2706s purchase tenant melee weapons from ergo
2708s glast
2709s I'm giving them as a twitch drop
2712s um all right Danny okay hold on uh I'm
2715s just loading okay now I can
2722s I can't hear it I have a coupon hold on
2725s let me get out of let me just go to
2730s work baby shark how many Hollow keys are
2733s we getting uh the drop is 10 Hollow Keys
2735s 10 crafted Hollow keys and if you watch
2737s the stream in its entirety you'll get
2738s two of those drops meaning you'll get
2739s 20.
2742s I heard it
2745s yeah
2747s [Music]
2752s Let's Go
2754s [Music]
2756s Crazy
2758s wait what else do we have here oh my
2761s goodness it is it's more axle F than it
2762s is crazy frog but it's all right
2764s Jellyfish Jam
2766s is it SpongeBob yeah I think so
2770s oh that was this will be Marcus's Jam
2771s yeah
2773s what else we got uh that's all I got
2775s right now you guys have more Amanda cord
2776s stuff you want to send it
2778s please do oh that was good uh all right
2781s let's continue on shall we
2784s I am so close to defeating my star I'm
2787s pretty sure this is the Requiem so we
2789s need her to show up so I can
2791s respectfully
2794s to feed her eliminate her
2801s um a lot jellyfish where do we get these
2803s I seriously need to Rick Roll people
2805s I mean you can make them yeah dude your
2809s little mandicore you can make a song
2812s and whenever stranger things theme oh
2815s there was definitely a lot of that when
2817s the show first came out because very
2818s cynthy right and we have the super City
2820s pack to like make those sounds so it was
2822s yeah if you guys are if this is your
2824s first time coming across Octavia because
2826s of prime gaming that's she's a fantastic
2829s frame uh very fun to play with the added
2833s with the addition of actually creating
2835s mandator chord music which is her
2837s instrument
2838s and you can um you know make make your
2842s masterpieces
2843s for all to enjoy I keep running into
2845s this doorway this tile set it doesn't
2848s matter how many years I've played this
2849s game it doesn't matter how much
2852s parkouring I've done I will still run
2856s into every single wall in this building
2857s or this is in a building but tell us it
2860s I was doing some Lua steel path missions
2864s earlier for no reason at all and uh
2868s I got hella lost at the very beginning
2871s yeah load in because it was the one
2873s where it loads you in and it wants you
2876s to take like an outside path but there's
2878s a door right in front of you that you
2879s think you should go yup it doesn't work
2882s and I was like hello
2883s our game is broken and then I realized
2886s I'm an idiot
2887s I have bad geographical Corrections are
2890s difficulties are hard I'm a landmark
2892s kind of girl okay if you tell me
2896s uh they go to the McDonald's
2899s on
2900s between Subway and Pizza Hut I'll find
2905s you wow that's a quite the strip of
2907s restaurant let's go find you I mean
2908s that's typical London restaurants true
2910s we don't get better for that this is
2912s true I haven't been to a Subway in a
2915s while they're still rocking that tuna
2917s Megan did the gate meme yeah it was very
2919s much a let me in moment and it's not
2921s letting me in
2923s that is very rude
2926s oh
2927s it's a blinking who's here
2931s Mr stalker
2933s oh oh that sounds like soccer oh
2936s something's happening it's happening
2939s let me in
2940s oh in a year oh he's near me I think oh
2944s what is happening uh I don't know where
2946s is he
2948s I'm gonna kill this dog first
2950s of course
2951s there's a heavy duty but can stocky see
2953s us because we're invisible he is is he
2956s here
2958s oh he's dead never mind
2961s good night
2963s have a good nap
2965s is stalker showing up basically the
2967s Warframe version of getting Rick Rolled
2970s perhaps I mean he doesn't do like a song
2973s and dance situation but yeah
2977s what if if there is an Octavia on the
2979s team stalker has no choice but to dance
2982s can you imagine he just shows up to do a
2985s little dancey dance yeah right
2990s I'd be very uh when will Danny notice
2993s what excellent
2995s oh my god dude ruined thanks Fireball
2999s that is
3000s I'm surprised how many characters fit in
3001s there yeah it doesn't when we go to the
3003s other window oh really yeah it breaks it
3005s I mean that's pretty much as long as my
3007s last name actually is so
3009s and that's what it sounds like to people
3011s who can't pronounced Polish names so
3013s let's just
3015s sokolowski
3018s all right okay I'm I'm convinced we can
3021s we can do this yeah in one go we just
3023s need her to show up okay
3025s all we need
3028s all right here we go last one do a
3031s little dance make a little war
3034s I said that but that was great what
3035s mission you want Danny
3039s we got it all
3041s it's nothing we don't got can you you
3044s can give me the world
3045s I can show you uh there's a survival up
3049s there I don't think we've done survival
3050s yet have we we haven't uh the Collision
3053s unknown over to the right or yes yeah
3059s let's do it a little bit of an infested
3062s okay
3063s the stalker boat still exists heard of
3065s it uh it does not
3067s we can do it on our own we can I think
3070s it's it depends because it's not
3073s something we nor like we put bunch of
3075s attention to to keep updated so
3076s sometimes it might be broken it's
3078s probably really broken right every now
3080s and then I bother the coder who made it
3081s and I say hey I'd like to use this
3083s excuse me around Halloween let me do it
3085s but yeah uh no it is not made into a
3087s mode it's very
3089s you got to think about that one wait
3090s what just happened
3092s what do you mean are you not here we're
3094s I'm in the crystal Loop
3097s what what the heck Danny what'd you
3099s click what the heck oh you're not even
3100s in our Squad okay hold on no that was
3102s very odd I think are you alone right now
3104s nope mad white Ox is with me like what
3107s happened
3109s did I accidentally hit Danny zerman that
3113s was odd
3114s this time
3116s damn all right I'm coming
3118s [Laughter]
3124s it's moving
3127s register
3129s any okay that's like how I sit in my
3132s office Danny are you okay are you okay
3134s are you okay wait it does rotate yeah
3138s wait no this is you
3140s that's so sad
3142s [Laughter]
3145s why is there so many of us in this area
3147s they're just hanging out
3149s this is you cannot tell me this song
3151s this man is not mad chilling right now
3155s look at this he's never been more
3157s comfortable he's never he that is a post
3159s I just ate a whole bag of Hot Cheetos is
3161s that that is it what up fam yeah
3166s welcome to my globe
3171s that's like the the best gaming chair
3173s you've ever seen in your life you know
3176s those like scorpion gaming chairs it's
3178s fully articulated it just like moves
3180s around vibrating is it just like a
3182s hardcore they are so like you can tilt
3184s all the way back basically into like a
3186s resting sleep position yeah like you can
3188s lay down and it's got like a monitor
3190s mounted so it's like floating it's
3192s pretty great
3193s I don't know if that'd be too dangerous
3195s I'd be too tempted to to nap to nap yeah
3198s I mean I mean I could just lay on the
3200s floor
3201s yeah
3204s it's true you could but I have any
3206s blankets on the floor because I want a
3207s dog right yeah there's always something
3210s like a little nap with bogey
3213s oh he thinks we're playing and he's just
3214s going to party
3216s did you say he just won a party yeah as
3218s soon as you get on his level he's like
3219s wow
3221s we're playing it's time yeah
3225s Welcome to My Level I just look at him
3228s and then I sit on the ground he's like
3232s yeah he's like wow you're on my level
3237s you're wealthy I want this star
3241s all right sis where you at come on
3244s come on out give me a kiss oh Danny this
3247s is you whoops huh this is me
3251s I am all over the map I have just
3255s different chairs just different chairs
3257s yeah that's you on a different day this
3258s is this is me with at 24 hours of the
3261s day as we work 24 hours I don't sorry we
3264s don't work 24 I know we said a day but
3265s you know what I'm saying oh yeah
3267s make me invisible make me invisible
3270s metronome all right this dog is this dog
3272s is gonna be it oh someone else is
3273s respectful oh I got it I got it this is
3275s it come on sis I'm letting you take care
3277s of that and we're just gonna stick by
3279s the towers here actually I don't even
3280s know where did you go me I'm running
3283s around
3284s I'm finding other versions of you
3286s other versions of me yeah I want a
3288s mission now to find as many games as
3290s many days there has to be more
3293s show me the Danny
3298s yeah this is um
3300s this is eternalism right here
3303s different timelines
3308s I'm Lino Madam oh wait there's you're up
3310s here too you're up here too what am I
3313s doing in that one I'm not quite sure you
3314s look really comfy though okay good
3316s that's all I that's all I that's all I
3318s could ever hope for for Me's in other
3320s dimensions yeah just being comfortable
3322s that's all just being in different
3323s planes of existence all I want to be is
3325s comfortable comfortable yeah so that if
3327s our timeline's ever intersect we can all
3329s go yeah
3331s at least we comfy we might be dead
3335s we're ripping through time and space but
3338s at least we're comfortable
3341s the fabric of diamond space is ripping
3344s molecules apart but at least we were
3347s comfortable I got most weapons
3351s do those Corpus have like snacks in
3354s their hands like you look at the same
3356s one I know I am too is this
3359s uh Yes actually it's like when you get
3362s home from a long night I was gonna say
3363s it's a long day you're just like all
3365s right I'm done like how do we explain
3368s what happened here to them
3370s uh eternalism
3372s at Thanksgiving
3373s Thanksgiving they just had their big
3376s deal yeah yeah the big corporate meal
3379s corporate meal what does their corporate
3383s meal entail like not a lot because you
3385s know allergy doesn't give a also
3388s are they allowed to take their helmets
3390s off no
3391s let's put the little holes for it just
3393s like slide it in
3394s it's like a male yeah
3397s they can only fit right it's not
3399s actually their eyes that's where their
3400s mouth is oh
3406s wait let's see if
3408s you can close enough I don't because
3409s show me your mouth wait so their mouths
3411s are really yeah they just got really
3413s long necks and like that's it it's
3415s really short heads where are their eyes
3417s then are they like below their mouth no
3419s no they're right next to them
3422s they're like lizards they use their
3424s tongues to for sense of direction
3426s always sniff with their tongue yeah
3428s there you go oh my goodness I mean Alan
3432s you got some explaining to do
3434s did your sister spawn yet I don't think
3435s so no
3437s she doesn't want to come out right now
3439s that's fine she said I see you you're
3441s very comfortable right now well at chat
3443s choose the next mission and that'll be
3445s I'm
3447s sure she'll show up
3449s she'll show up I'm stuck damn now I just
3452s want to look I just want to find more
3454s Corpus friends what's happening Steve
3457s system
3459s we should get place over the next year
3461s or mass quit damn not the riot what
3466s someone interested everyone should quit
3468s the game forever
3470s um
3471s yeah we didn't do we did a rerun
3473s Flagstar this year uh just timing wise
3476s and we want to make some changes and
3477s fixes to it and it just didn't fit with
3479s the timeline and the builds we were
3480s doing so we will look to do it next year
3482s with some changes and some fixes towards
3484s it so it's in better shape for you CeCe
3487s you're welcome yep
3490s we did put
3492s um the like plague
3494s um the kawarth and the yeah Knights of
3497s naborous and among some other things
3500s yeah yeah and Happy Thanksgiving to you
3503s if you said that you know hope you're
3505s having a lovely day
3507s nice too thank you someone just said
3511s what in God's name is a blank star
3514s it is a very large boil okay wait try it
3517s describe it without using any like
3520s Warframe terms you know what I'm saying
3522s yeah
3523s um icky no I mean like like a sentence
3527s give me a sentence okay but you don't
3530s say like Deimos okay
3533s um
3538s in open landscape okay yeah yeah yeah
3541s with large energy
3543s [Laughter]
3547s oh wait these are really good I I I I
3551s need to explain things in so many words
3553s I can't do it I mean you could do a
3555s sentence or two yeah if Earth had a huge
3557s zit that would be
3559s um
3560s that's nasty Earth has large zit that
3564s spawns demon that spawns demon yeah I
3568s like it yeah demon spawning zip I'm back
3571s in the Chrysalis Danny I'm not allowed
3573s to leave you're even in our Squad listen
3575s the void is calling to me I must I must
3578s go I must leave you all so weird I'm not
3581s meant to be here pick a a game mode and
3583s it will probably be on this list so we
3585s can do it and that will be the one that
3587s my sister sponsored lunaro
3591s that's dead no
3593s Spike get out of here
3596s I mean if there is oh
3600s a giant meatball our chat for you A lot
3603s of people are saying sabotage
3604s but they said spy first it's because
3607s they're being shaky that's okay I'll be
3610s a Stein ax doing a spy I'll do it for
3612s you jack hiring it doesn't you know what
3614s we should do oh Platinum bro that
3617s correct respectfully wow hi Eric said
3621s respectful tumor
3626s it shows up it doesn't want to pop
3630s all right you guys are gonna need to get
3631s your lead speak on
3634s um Dove almost
3637s what that's an e Dove uh no d-o-v-e it's
3641s a four is an a oh three is an e
3644s doebacker
3646s Karen Dover Karen Dover carnation
3654s please whispered the Warframe twitch
3656s Channel you're watching right now with
3657s your in-game Alias and platform to play
3659s Warfare mod we'll get your thousand
3660s Platinum
3661s doverkin
3667s it's an Elder Scrolls reference is it
3670s you can you know that yes
3674s dude I didn't know you played those dude
3676s it's from Skyrim I don't know you play
3678s this guy
3681s my name's Dean I was like
3684s nice to meet you I was looking up what
3686s do you mean nothing I thought you were
3688s gonna say I didn't know your name oh
3689s okay
3690s I wasn't paying attention while I was
3692s squatting because I was listening to you
3694s guys and it took me way too long to go
3696s invisible
3697s embarrassing
3699s I won't call you later
3706s I just got the last comment that I
3709s needed for top 10. it's so early oh
3712s there's been some good ones
3715s um
3722s [Laughter]
3729s yeah we're all together everyone's
3732s joining in and on it sorry I'll go to B
3735s oh I'll go to B
3739s crossplay is fun thanks for adding it I
3741s mean currently it's a PC Xbox but you're
3743s welcome in our future tests shall be
3745s silent and they'll happen when they
3748s happen so just keep your little eyes on
3750s we'll talk more about on the depth
3751s string but that's happening Monday at
3753s November 28th 2PM eastern time on this
3755s channel that's this Monday at 2PM did I
3758s get it yes I did okay we're good sorry
3761s okay had a moment of Terror there
3763s the chair I got a how is B already
3766s purging is someone in there all right
3768s I'm leaving
3777s Let's Race I'm gonna throw a dog on the
3780s way respectfully
3782s because that's I forgot that's why
3786s let me just get this puppy dog real
3788s quick oh I just walk by you
3792s where you going dog
3795s oh my Goblin doesn't work on you
3797s whatever my shield which way are we
3799s going
3800s oh my God not the knock down wait can I
3804s use my iPhone oh
3807s power of stone
3809s oh
3810s all right come on oh my God no one saw
3813s that
3814s ah I feel so slow I don't help
3817s sister sister
3819s please come
3821s oh stocky another stalker wow
3826s oh my goodness someone's in bed
3831s oh I should have saved that Cipher for
3833s the actual like
3834s oh oh actually it was uh
3841s it's been a while since I've done these
3844s disable these damn lasers and I can take
3846s these all on with my little dagger
3849s the answer is yes
3855s oh nice I got an auto breach
3863s baby you better buy a lottery ticket I
3866s mean
3868s oh
3870s I'm still let me out I don't
3873s know oops wrong way
3876s so what is this she had just said
3878s cheating
3879s it's my it's my my uh your mind's online
3884s yeah
3886s that's not right oh wait there's a dog
3888s on the ground oh puppy
3892s no sister
3895s it's my sister there should be a couple
3898s more dogs in this world
3902s I I will I will Patrol oh God
3905s let me do a little bit of backtracking
3906s okay oh there's a Amber I attend star oh
3912s wow oh there's no doors down here
3916s let's
3919s oh here oh no nevermind
3922s whoa I'm so fast she's got the speed
3926s boost no sister for me you just wait
3930s wait where is the oh this door does open
3932s oops she's behind here
3941s I literally
3944s someone clipped that oh my God that's my
3946s greatest accomplishment of 2022. oh my
3948s goodness oh my God I'm about to get my
3951s ass
3951s locking her down
3955s killing her dog
3957s all right this is it kit
3965s where were you hold on this is it
3970s oh my God here we go here we go yeah
3973s baby yeah get in that wall you deserve
3975s it
3976s I'm gonna break you oh my
3979s God oh my goodness
3980s I don't feel safe
3983s oh she's whiny yeah that was a very so
3987s whiny
3989s time out because she's getting her ass
3991s kicked yeah yeah no respect here
3996s oh baby you're good
3998s you're getting it
4000s sorry I don't want no
4002s Atlas wall get that garbage out here
4006s what is happening
4010s is this a dog
4013s this dog yeah she's almost there Megan
4018s did you get the second Requiem oh
4023s oh yeah yeah oh you got it oh baby now
4026s she's going to rail Jack one final final
4030s showdown
4033s on you yes
4036s fine no no
4040s respectfully
4042s all right one Showdown and the sister is
4046s Gone Going
4048s steal my money
4053s oh you do that
4056s why isn't Megan done any armor stripping
4058s the steinx too I was busy
4062s I was just trying to do some in a dim in
4066s a slippy slappy
4071s did Megan just suddenly become Owen
4073s Wilson wait wow
4076s oh wow good ciao oh
4081s wait is he voice that no oh does he
4085s Lightning McQueen
4087s wait Dean you can't say that then go
4089s silent I don't back in the Chrysalis
4092s baby
4094s yeah Lightning McQueen it is he voices
4097s like a queen
4100s yeah
4102s he's Lightning McQueen oh wait I don't
4105s think you guys can come with me
4106s uh wait is that a connection you've
4109s never made before Owen Wilson
4111s he does yes I didn't know that I did not
4115s know that I did not know that I did not
4118s know I had to do it you made me question
4119s myself when you asked but yes oh yeah I
4123s don't have a sister so
4124s I'm just gonna hang out I always thought
4127s you guys knew that because you guys
4128s would make that joke all the time the
4129s Katra no it just sounds fun yeah I did
4132s not know that that was Owen Wilson I'm
4134s gonna hang out with my wife
4136s yeah
4138s we're just gonna hang out here while you
4140s guys uh do that Dean you don't have to
4141s show my screen anymore oh fine whatever
4144s you can use your face it's just me and
4146s Diddy backlack oh no we're still doing
4148s gameplay
4150s look at my guy wait are you just oh no
4153s you got the rest of the squad oh no
4155s that's just your nose sorry
4157s it's because you have to have a sister
4159s to go right right so
4161s which I do not
4163s that's okay solemish
4168s wow
4169s oh
4179s wow does Owen Wilson do the real Jack
4182s voices
4184s why are we like an Owen Wilson uh
4187s cephalon a sound pack yeah yeah
4195s oh man
4199s oh
4201s what does happen there what I don't know
4203s microphone went crazy oh I'm probably
4205s it's because I'm crossing my arms I
4206s think sorry are you all ready to see me
4208s solo some cruise ships y'all ready for
4210s this cause she's up Daddy
4213s oh my God why are you zooming like snow
4216s tomorrow
4218s I gotta get these little Shields out of
4220s here
4221s get those little Shields out of here I
4223s think I'm all Frozen you gotta kick his
4224s engines out yeah buddy Auto fire says we
4226s need a Megan sound effect sound pack
4228s that's uh valkyr that's Owen Wilson what
4231s they're doing the same
4235s there you go yeah yeah oh
4239s said absolutely not there it is there it
4241s is
4242s [Music]
4244s oh the cannon
4247s okay
4249s no don't you don't move don't do it yay
4253s [Applause]
4256s one down unbelievable one more to go I'm
4260s so Sparky
4264s This is highly I'm just basically chat
4268s at this point
4269s I'm one with chat Mr Sportsman
4272s uh Discord is saying firing the wave
4275s motion gun
4277s yanta is cool but hombask is cooler oh
4280s no we're about to have a disagree
4282s a husband though
4285s giraffe
4288s he's not wrong though
4291s if I'm chat right now I can just say
4293s thing like just
4295s say manga s
4299s yes you could that's how we drive w
4302s ow that's an L am I right
4307s all right we're going in
4310s we're gonna get our little booties
4312s kicked
4314s common w
4316s ing I'm injecting
4321s all right he didn't want to use the
4322s cannon from there nah she's so close
4326s through the entire ship
4331s let's go
4336s I'm gonna skip all y'all
4339s can I get my oh is it still a friendship
4341s door when there's only one of you
4342s speaking of friendship you're just
4344s looking at my boys
4347s you're just handshaking yourself
4349s basically basically I do that all the
4352s time
4353s you've got disrespectful ah on a bridge
4356s yes a social distancing door so yeah
4360s that's the cover door yeah foreign
4387s what are you doing down there
4390s she's so crouched wait but not the
4394s portal
4395s oh wow
4398s I
4400s got this i got this don't worry oh my
4403s God
4404s oh let's call
4406s is that Taylor playing Nova
4409s she hacked in I can't see
4414s my contacts are so dry so many judges is
4418s a dual flip yo yo flip it'll solve all
4422s your problems
4423s I love how you're uh
4426s uh your call is just kind of just
4429s imagine
4431s get that doggy
4436s canopy damn the dog is strong as hell
4440s oh God
4442s where'd he go all right is it this is a
4446s dead dog respectfully
4448s there we go
4449s what propagated your um
4452s your sister what frame was it I don't
4454s see that I don't see the helmet was it
4456s yours I believe it's Mesa you're Mesa my
4458s major crying hey we're not Banshee what
4460s are you squatting the fire for like that
4461s that's hot
4463s literally
4467s respectful oh you're all right you're
4469s also using nothing
4472s the nutter rocks
4475s oh my God there's so many projectiles
4478s oh damn
4482s just no respect
4483s hi nebula
4485s who
4487s a someone Enchanted said goodbye
4493s oh you Leandro we don't speak that that
4496s is a sad conversation
4500s or we go
4502s oh no oh no
4505s no
4506s oh my God nobody's got haikus
4513s [Laughter]
4517s get her
4521s melee melee melee I'm very dedicated to
4524s my internet yeah there we go
4527s that's hot
4528s you're still not dead
4530s here wow we fighting fire we're fire
4534s D oh wow one shot in
4539s it's okay I got it literally put your
4541s put your cyanex on his butt there we go
4544s okay okay okay okay
4547s that's good let's get to business he's
4550s awake
4554s let's go call where are my boys
4559s he said we out of here are we
4563s do you ever wonder if like when you call
4566s them in if you have the Scout if you
4569s have a scout in your inventory and they
4570s come into the mission and they're like
4572s what oh I forgot I could use my neck oh
4574s there you go it's a long time
4577s you may be too strong you shouldn't have
4580s told me
4582s this is like this is just like insult to
4584s injury it's like yeah what's up sister
4588s oh I just pressed wrong button oh
4592s we're in
4594s we're in Center mode now baby
4598s that you already you regret that now oh
4601s oh
4604s like it's like imagine being on the
4607s receiving end of this no I don't want to
4609s I don't want to imagine that Dean don't
4612s mind me I'll just be here
4617s wait are people putting haikus yeah they
4619s are oh I like that wait Trav said Stars
4622s not hot but cold brings death
4624s expeditiously they kill like a poem a
4627s haiku about Haiku damn it's very meta
4634s yo dog I heard you like haikus so put a
4637s haiku in your haiku
4639s h
4642s oh and my
4643s oh oh oh oh oh oh that's happening I
4647s know
4653s because you're going out of your
4655s operator and then transferring back to
4657s get away from your Necromancer get away
4658s from your neck there we go please oh
4662s more
4665s he's respectfully he's hiding under the
4667s stairs
4673s respectfully they oh well you say wow oh
4676s my God we're under the stairs oh no
4678s please don't fall again it's a good fan
4681s idiot
4683s I'm out of here
4685s oh guessing extraction is this way
4689s Justin sick cutscene
4693s are we playing Pokemon
4696s no we don't bad mouth other games no it
4699s wasn't
4699s that game is incredible I don't care
4701s what anyone says
4702s TG Megan
4704s oh my goodness get me out of here
4709s self-deprecation is one of the serious
4711s forms of flattery yeah brother
4718s oh the Haiku Haiku Haiku was from Reddit
4720s is get the hell out of here baby it's a
4724s classic haikus are fun but sometimes do
4726s not make sense refrigerator right
4729s all right next congrats it's done sister
4734s is this your real dog's name
4737s get her
4739s it is a jiu jitsu cartoon reference it
4742s is aged
4744s love me oh and I got myself a cryptic
4746s hello key
4747s for no reason oh speaking of which did I
4749s get my second
4750s you wouldn't have gotten a second one
4752s but you would have gotta won one oh yeah
4753s true I did get a one one otherwise known
4756s as first all right
4758s it's time for art it is it is the art
4762s time let's start off with some fan art
4766s oh I forgot about that that's a nice
4769s brush stroke it's also a river oh I
4773s didn't even know just a little river
4774s touch that's a good one that's a nice
4777s River that's
4779s all right we're starting fan off strong
4781s which by the way this is our one of our
4784s first episodes since tanocon 2022 that
4787s we are doing right at the end of the
4789s year we're at the end of the year up
4791s until now we've been doing uh tunnelcon
4793s 2022 community art show fan art that was
4796s submitted that we weren't able to show
4797s on tenocon we decided to show them on
4799s the Prime Times
4800s and we went through all of them so we
4802s officially have shown all of these
4803s submitted art to telecon 2022. it's
4805s almost December uh so now we're back on
4808s me having the Joy or any of the hosts
4811s having the joy of finding a fan art out
4813s in the wild and I'm sure not surprised
4815s that this is the fan art the type of fan
4817s art that I picked for this kind of
4819s stream this is by uh tamiru this is
4822s vahek is waiting I wish this art existed
4825s before you did my makeup as they had
4828s because I would have replicated this at
4830s all
4831s I mean it's never too late we still got
4833s that face paint I got a lot of pain in
4835s my house um Snapchat is cursed but this
4838s is just this is a career saying cursing
4840s this is a curse and a blessing I love it
4842s the angle angle the blue is everything
4845s okay just his face it's so perfect wait
4849s Blue Lips indicate that you're not
4850s getting enough air so
4853s because we're breathing all of his air
4854s we're taking the air from him
4857s yeah damn it's blursed what okay uh
4862s moving along next we have from the
4864s always wonderful duster creations and
4867s they did a chibi Verona if you don't
4870s know Verona is our next Warframe our
4872s 51st Warframe uh that will be coming
4875s with Lewis prey next week on all
4877s platforms and we have her and her
4879s Companions and by that I mean her four
4881s wolf yeah her four Wolfies they're cute
4884s very cute love the chibi uh genre that
4887s dastor does and I'm glad that varuna has
4889s been added to the mix so I love her
4892s next up this is
4894s I'm very excited about this one
4896s backstory I one of my all-time favorite
4899s video games in the world is Jet Set
4902s Radio Future any of you played it yes
4904s you have what do you think
4909s okay great I love it I'm obsessed with
4911s it it's got one of the greatest
4913s soundtracks of all time in my personal
4916s opinion uh Jessup Radio Future has a lot
4920s of memory for me and the wonderful cozen
4924s art did a Jet Set Radio and Warframe
4927s anaros not very favorite Warframe and
4929s also not my favorite one I did not ask
4931s for this I was just blessed with this uh
4934s thank you Universe for my favorite
4936s Warframe and one of my all-time favorite
4938s video games love Jet Set Radio Future
4941s and uh I just this the style and anaros
4945s the king he's the king and I loved it
4948s that's fantastic put that on a
4950s skateboard yeah I mean not a skateboard
4953s rollerblades am I right just to read our
4956s future anyways
4958s uh next up is a incredible cosplay this
4962s comes to us from heidelon they did an
4965s entire manic cosplay and it's in Korea
4970s like I thought this was some kind of
4972s like Machinima yeah
4975s yeah
4976s and I was like that's not real and then
4979s they have like a video of them in it and
4981s I was like okay that is so insanely
4983s impressive you can see the craftsmanship
4985s in the little details like around the
4988s arms drops and the like textures that
4992s were used this is really impressive oh
4994s it's so good it's incredible weathering
4996s that was typical of green I must ask
4998s though yeah do you have a sound pack
5001s that does
5002s get close I mean
5005s it is I mean if you don't then are you
5007s really a manic are you really a manic
5009s either or this is incredible eidolon
5011s Outpost incredible job I think they're
5013s also they might have also been making
5015s currently I think an era mask like a
5018s little like owl looking mask I'm pretty
5020s sure I saw that on there on their
5021s Tweeter so I can't wait to see what else
5023s you do this is incredible thank you for
5026s taking the time to do this I can only
5028s imagine the many hours that it took to
5031s do that so incredible next up
5034s again back to my style of art this comes
5038s to us from Alexis draws and it's General
5040s Tsar Goose wreck circus rock is just
5044s getting some air time yeah I mean
5049s what mortgage you want nothing and a
5052s piece of fan art this is all I need
5054s um Goose crossovers this is
5056s somebody should do they honk
5061s like as another goose Warframe enemy I
5063s want all the greenier enemies
5064s represented as geese
5068s every every enemy and character can be a
5071s goose a version of a goose can we get
5073s this skin made as a skin in the Untitled
5076s Goose game yes we'll contact Nintendo
5079s yeah um also geese are just generally
5081s like vicious yeah they call them like
5084s snakes what do they call them
5087s [Music]
5089s yeah I don't know I can't remember what
5091s they call them but uh yeah Canada uh
5093s yeah Canadian Cobra Canadian Cobra
5096s because they're like yeah yeah you pass
5098s by them you can't have a picnic without
5100s a goose coming out yeah probably because
5102s people wear down jackets and they're
5104s like how dare you
5106s that was my family that is true yeah
5108s don't love that but I love this
5111s circus
5113s classic next up Danny you actually
5115s posted this in our Discord in our slack
5118s this is from ibumik and this is I
5120s actually think this was Marcus oh was it
5121s Marcus sorry sorry uh
5124s this is the NBA the Narmer Basketball
5127s Association literally Space Jam yes
5131s exactly it's such Space Jam Vibes yeah
5133s but I know space I know
5136s uh I'm obsessed imagine fighting that
5140s archon team how destroyed it's not fair
5143s that is not fair I mean but and then you
5145s look at Space Jam and it's like
5147s John monsters or not yeah like era is
5151s look at those arms look at the limbs
5154s yeah and balance has an entirely
5156s elongated arm he can dunk just standing
5159s underneath the hoop so I don't
5160s understand so I don't know why they
5162s picked caliban I find that just so out
5164s of all the other warframes I got Umbra
5166s and Calvin maybe because he's just like
5168s a skinny Legend maybe but I feel like I
5170s mean at least with Umbra if you if you
5172s transference out you technically have an
5174s extra teammate that's correct right I
5177s like your stuff
5180s I also love that the scarf is still
5183s there yeah you got to keep the neck warm
5185s when you're fine
5186s yeah yeah and also Lotus kept her helmet
5189s on because you know who needs eyes
5192s you can't yeah you gotta you gotta feel
5195s the game of basketball you gotta feel
5197s everyone should just play it with their
5199s eyes closed yeah that's where the
5201s passion really comes through I agree uh
5204s next up I had a lovely little laugh from
5207s this this morning uh this is from Encore
5211s and this is a seven goth piece and they
5213s said hey seven goth come check this out
5214s and it's just what happens when you have
5216s a very long nose and a tight hallway
5219s I thought someone was throwing a paper
5221s plane
5222s oh no oh does he fix I don't know let's
5226s put it back he's like he's a ghost boy
5228s I'm gonna just put it back on I just
5229s like it's so true like Oliver not all
5231s but like 90 of our warframes just have
5234s the most outrageous like ligaments and
5238s expenditures that like you can't you
5240s can't safely go through a room of
5243s balloons no anymore or doorways or yeah
5246s bulls and China shops no one owns a
5248s waterbed in Warframe because other than
5251s your rally other other than you other
5253s than you really she's pure Softail yes I
5256s agree and Alina has a little hydrated
5258s waterbed hydride is a waterbed hydride
5260s is very hydroid is the waterbed well not
5263s but uh waterbed sharp sharp angles you'd
5266s be surprised oh yeah because we can go
5267s in puddle mode it really is a puddle
5269s speaking of hydroid
5271s we have from Vivid void4 and what really
5275s really took this home for me was the
5277s caption was Swiggity Swooty we were
5279s coming for that archon looty that's hey
5282s those archon shards are there you gotta
5284s get the shards and then what really
5285s really put it over the top to me was
5288s when we zoom in hydroid has some
5291s eyeballs
5292s oh he sure does it looks like a dragon
5297s he looks like a monster hunter he's
5299s giving me like Narnia Vibes yeah
5301s definitely Narnia Narnia Vibes look at
5303s the details this is fantastic it's so
5305s good love the operator
5309s beautiful also one of my absolute
5311s favorite Deluxe skins is oh the hydrated
5314s skin it is just it has a jacket kaiju
5317s for another Warframe other than Zephyr
5318s has a jacket right a water jacket a
5321s water oh I mean
5323s one more doesn't limbo kind of have his
5325s he's a tuxedo tuxedo still a jacket very
5328s different
5329s next up savager we have from free Loy
5333s Ali and Knight is peace adorable wait or
5337s is that is that minus or nausea sorry
5340s a fire and fire and water and they have
5343s uh they're both those Speedy because you
5344s get a little Speedy with your hot feet
5346s and your Marilyn purple fire and purple
5349s water purple it could be purple water
5352s yeah oh this is my favorite detail about
5354s this piece is that the bubbles are not
5355s all perfectly round yes oh my sheep and
5358s Bubbles accurate accurate real life
5360s bubbles
5362s um yeah you're really getting some
5363s changes soon
5366s again on Dempster 166 this Monday
5369s November 28th at 2 pm eastern time on
5371s this channel uh we'll be talking more
5373s about that I believe Pablo also has a
5374s video on here really changes to show it
5376s in Action a little bit more we talked
5378s about it really briefly on the last step
5379s stream and now we're going to have maybe
5381s a little video to show you so tune into
5383s that and next up we have the wonderful
5386s gideo drawer and they did their classic
5390s classic uh archons and they said the
5395s true Terrors of the lens flare effect I
5398s mean not wrong so they if he's lifting
5400s away I just love how they're like uh
5404s they're like stitched together they're
5405s like plushies right like the snake is
5407s just a little tongue out it's so cute
5409s absolutely adorable painfully adorable
5412s speaking of JJ Abrams sorry I said
5414s speaking of JJ Abrams
5418s I don't understand that it's fine
5420s very good other people will get it very
5422s good Travis Travis is about to be like I
5424s get you we have from
5426s GAO X Kaiser they did a wonderful piece
5430s with all the Equinox primes well equal
5433s rocks Prime and all of its many uh
5435s versions and they said you triggered the
5438s alarm March of the Moa plays in the
5439s background oh I can hear it and I see it
5442s and it looks incredible this is just top
5445s tier the posing in the day form is
5449s incredible I love it if only we could
5451s have all three out at once I know what
5453s what a world that would be the augment
5455s still isn't enough it's not it's not
5458s enough I need three I need all of them I
5460s need them all uh and next up we have
5463s from France teacher they do I love this
5467s style of art yes it just like I don't
5469s know why it's just it's so cute we got
5471s volt and we got operator that is also
5473s like decked out in the vault look so
5475s it's like they match they're all Sparky
5478s see some sparks fly in between them okay
5481s cute very cute and last but not least on
5483s my list of fan art we have from Kerdi I
5487s saw this love a Kerdi piece and I just
5490s didn't realize it until I saw it that we
5492s just have a bunch of animals we do as
5495s warframes we do and it makes sense I
5498s love them all adding wolf to the
5500s collection as of next week yeah I also
5502s love spider and Cat and valkyr and uh
5506s Cora are together I also like I like how
5508s like eloquent maggot is spelled it's so
5512s like oh it's like and look how happy
5513s nice looks I love that the maggots are
5516s included in the animals no they are so
5519s cute so cute very cute very cute this
5521s elephant right there we have today yay
5523s but Danny's got catch I do I do indeed
5527s um I do also have a capture video but
5529s we'll get to that in a minute
5532s um this first one here was a special
5534s request by Megan
5539s dude
5539s uh reiken's
5542s um Grendel and Goss yeah very similar to
5545s this last one they did the more uh
5548s logical version of it where it was
5551s Grendel running and Goss was on top on
5554s his shoulder like that made sense but in
5557s my
5558s unlogistical mind I said I needed to see
5560s this the other way around with fast Goss
5563s with brendel on the shoulder I mean
5565s listen
5566s um if you guys have played Elden ring
5568s you know which boss this reminds you of
5570s oh wreck
5571s um
5575s but I mean this makes sense to me
5578s because Goss
5580s and he's fast he's fast he's like a
5582s horse we're done we're done
5585s I'm kidding yeah this makes sense to me
5588s just and it brings me joy to think of
5590s Grant just being like this pose is so
5592s good I'm always just so impressed at the
5594s level of craftsmanship that goes into
5596s making sure everything happens next
5598s level yeah thank you for
5600s um
5601s uh you know
5603s what's the terminology
5605s for following through with your requests
5607s or like entertaining entertaining you're
5610s entertaining my requests to see this and
5612s I appreciate it yep
5614s um I've been obsessed with this series
5616s of fashion frame captura by Fenris demon
5621s um this one's demon in the flesh nidus
5623s fashion frame if you are on the Discord
5624s I do apologize
5626s um we're not uh we're kind of
5628s multitasking right now so we'll be able
5629s to get the links to you right away but
5631s I'll do a post at the end of the stream
5633s and give you guys all the links oh I can
5634s do it oh you can just don't go to my
5636s gameplay thing okay
5638s um and then uh I love this I love that I
5642s can like find a way to replicate cool
5643s fashion frame and I get all the details
5646s um then uh this next one here
5650s I think it'll play oh yes oh uh this is
5653s called four sister sisters of the month
5656s by shinling I hope I'm pronouncing that
5659s right um this is giving me very much
5662s like okay I'm just gonna let it oh there
5664s is music in the original one or we just
5666s obviously can't play it
5678s obsessed with this one
5680s oh cute oh let it play again but yeah
5683s this was great um again Megan will will
5685s provide the Twitter Link in there if you
5687s guys want to listen to it with uh with
5689s music but this is just so fun
5692s feeling like it's just and the fashion
5694s framing is so on point very Sailor Moon
5698s Vibes I mean the cherry blossoms hit
5701s right how could you not oh love it
5705s um all right
5706s what else do we have here up next we
5710s have oh I really love this because it
5712s the coloring gives me very much Metal
5713s Gear Solid kind of great grading
5717s um this one's by Fusion Avion and it's
5719s called stay with me this one's from the
5721s Discord oh we love a Discord it was part
5724s of like a three series set so you can
5726s definitely you can go back in the
5728s captura
5729s um Channel and check it out in the
5730s Discord but I'm very much a fan of this
5734s um also the use of the
5737s Proto skin unexcalibur it just yeah
5740s makes it very like uh
5742s like grimy I don't know the word to say
5745s but yeah all I could think it was Metal
5746s Gear grimy grimy
5749s um
5750s this wonderful poster for uh by Kaylee
5754s Emerald of the new Octavia iridos with
5757s prime gaming skin uh they even have the
5760s little available Prime gaming that's
5762s it's perfect yeah with the tagline and
5764s all yeah it was in tune with functions
5766s yes form is in tune with function and I
5769s love the curly cursive used because it's
5772s giving me very like a jazzy kind of uh
5775s kind of vibe to it which is so lovely
5779s uh this next one here is by Deuce
5782s Eternal lovers Oberon on titanium oh no
5784s we've seen this this combo oh and this
5787s was a duo captura with tiny whoosh Penny
5790s whoosh
5791s they are just I mean if anyone fits
5794s perfectly it's over and entertaining
5798s Chinese
5803s she used the horned helmet oh so they're
5807s matching match the best Oberon helmets
5808s they're like in matching couples outfits
5810s they're beautiful so cute just in the
5812s water in the plains having a nice sunny
5814s day yup love to see it
5816s um this one I actually I just love
5818s because the caption was um this is by
5820s gray
5821s xu1551 and it said Octavia who is she
5824s waiting for I can mysterious I can just
5827s picture her like tapping her toe you
5828s know what I mean waiting it kind of
5830s looks like she's maybe out of like a bus
5832s stop almost 3 A.M on a fall evening
5834s right a little a little smoggio yeah
5836s just cold enough where you can see your
5838s breath but not cold enough where it's
5840s bothering you such a fan of this I love
5842s it loved it maybe someone said the music
5844s dealer
5846s oh yeah you got mandicords goods for
5849s sales uh
5852s um this next one
5854s um I feel like Marcus would love because
5856s his favorite Warframe Zephyr Zippy this
5859s is by zappin underscore King and it is
5862s titled braverly and I also just love the
5864s effects around uh the what is that like
5868s I know it's not but it looks like a
5870s paint over like it's so smooth I know
5872s right
5873s cool it is that and also that capture a
5876s tile is very underused oh I agree
5878s Mountain pie I love it I love if you go
5880s an operator or if you go on anyone and
5881s you sit you just gotta completely sit in
5883s the snow and I think it's so great yeah
5885s somebody's mic is going nuts oh my mine
5888s yeah I think it's because you're
5889s blocking the antenna
5891s uh yeah and the color scheme on this is
5894s just so I think it just makes everything
5896s pop
5898s yeah I love that Zephyr skin so do I uh
5900s this is a two-parter such a fan of this
5904s um by zesty underscore 99 and it is
5906s which dentist would you prefer would you
5910s prefer nidis as your dauntiest
5913s or Titania as you're done now here's the
5917s thing with Titania okay wait hold on
5919s let's let's dissect this nidus has
5921s maggots that are assistants so would you
5924s want maggots around your mouth is the
5926s question Titania has razor wings and she
5929s can also become a razor Wing herself I
5931s would say Titania because she could get
5933s right in there yeah right in between the
5934s two feet right in there right but then
5937s I'd be afraid of accidentally swallowing
5939s my dentist so or like I mean you're
5942s technically like those are some sharp
5944s razors that's what I'm concerned about
5945s so those are sharp maggots are nice and
5947s Squishy this is this is I mean chat what
5950s are you chat saying Titania Medusa and
5953s draconis in uh Discord both say Titania
5955s is a tooth fairy so oh the Tooth Fairy
5958s makes it senses taking it like the
5962s Precision that she could get when she's
5964s small yeah is probably a benefit imagine
5966s her with a little
5972s Titania drilling your cavity with the
5974s Dex pixius there you go there you go or
5977s she brings in a mining tool
5979s oh my God okay she misses the nodes and
5984s you get a cavity yeah this is very cute
5986s I really I really thought this was
5988s creative the helmet's chair is obviously
5990s the as if people don't there's a lot of
5992s people that really dislike the dentist
5994s this is not helping no not at all no I
5996s always think of a Little Shop of Horrors
5998s yeah Steve Martin yeah
6003s this next one here is just so stunning
6006s the pose is incredible this is by Medusa
6009s captors and it is titled Imperial Guard
6013s fantastic choice of colors it's
6017s beautiful it really makes every part of
6019s the skin stand out
6021s in all all of its Glory Medusa's in
6023s Discord says thank you Medusa thank you
6027s no thank you the colors the positioning
6030s looking strong yep big fan big fan
6035s you're looking good um this next one is
6036s by ji gatsu and it's called drifterzap
6040s and I am oh
6042s yeah such a fan of this this edit
6045s it's uh it's kind of um
6051s that's exactly what I was gonna say yeah
6053s the mat the little
6056s yeah fantastic work
6059s fantastic work and then uh it's kind of
6061s staying in cyberpunk kind of zone or
6064s literally entering it uh great oh great
6068s great great poster Recreation using like
6071s Fortuna stylings and whatnot the digital
6074s extremes X host right oh my God Ralph
6078s hosman's uh void Runners poster which is
6082s so good so so good so so good
6086s um I can't I don't remember what it says
6088s like just above Warframe I can't see it
6091s not that good
6092s I can't see it either yeah but uh this
6095s is an incredible piece uh I mean I am
6098s such a big I love loved the anime
6101s cosplayed as Lucy oh it says a Ralph
6104s Hoffman Warframe capture of that's what
6106s it says and uh that it is yeah and
6109s that's all I got for captured today
6110s thank you everyone for making great
6112s capturas so we can showcase them on
6114s Prime Time amazing it's been so long
6115s since I've I know gone through the
6118s internet and like I went I've scrolled
6120s far back for Fantasy I can go somewhere
6122s that's true I was so excited since um
6125s since tuttlecon it's true it's been a
6127s while yeah uh all right we're gonna go
6129s well we're gonna tour together in the
6133s form of a video uh the Xbox storm Dojo
6138s Dean if you want to see that video up
6140s this oh oh my intross and it's so good
6146s as there is
6149s all right this video comes to us from
6152s the Xbox storm Clan at least we forget
6154s we start off with a cathedral Cathedral
6160s a cathedral oh beautiful wedding time oh
6164s marriage
6165s this is oh
6168s no oh no
6170s oh we trade in marriage oh all right
6172s maybe I mean marriage is a trade really
6174s because I mean be honest this is
6176s beautiful mine is yours I guess
6179s unless you have a prenup
6182s this is King Kong that's great made out
6186s of trees ah look at the teeth this is
6188s fantastic are you kidding me and the
6191s plane wow with fire buildings that's
6193s awesome a hot air balloon oh
6201s is she on the tippity top of the tower
6204s yeah uh this is the dragon room oh we're
6207s holding a dragon captive it seems wow
6210s respectfully
6213s respectfully respectfully drilling into
6215s the dragon right on the Achilles tendon
6217s too
6218s it's needed surgery
6231s Spot It
6233s it's very cool nonetheless
6234s amazing I would uh I'd base up here
6238s so much Dimension I like the levels and
6241s next up we have the tank maintenance
6243s Workshop amazing just a couple tanks
6246s needing some maintenance different kinds
6248s of Tanks track you know
6251s got to fix them up oh they're so cool
6253s this is awesome and there you go that's
6255s the Xbox storm plan least we forget at
6259s least we forget at least we forget all
6261s right
6262s we still got some time left so we can do
6264s a little bit of gameplay Danny let's do
6266s it we're gonna do a little bit of
6267s gameplay and then we'll do our top 10
6269s comments and then we'll do our Revenant
6271s Prime accents and we'll kick the stream
6273s off to a wonderful Warframe I know we've
6275s already done three but you know should
6277s we do another Platinum I think we should
6278s all right why not because are you Santa
6280s Claus
6285s now I have some Platinum too oh very
6288s good one thousand planet has gone to
6290s Danny what's that word ah Zoo wrote
6294s as you wrote as you wrote
6297s congratulations you won a thousand
6299s Platinum please whisper the working
6300s channel that you're on right now with
6302s your in-game Alias and the platform you
6304s play on and we will hook you up with
6305s your thousand plots congrats good very
6308s good congrats congrats you did it just
6310s by being here and watching the stream
6312s and being logged in all right I think we
6315s can do oh I almost invited myself
6318s we can do a quick why don't we do a Lua
6321s steel path for fun oh a little Lua SP
6326s you say and just bunsies if you like to
6330s join you can all all primes Whispering
6332s me
6333s hey yo what's good fam
6336s you should invite me respectfully of a
6339s free spot opens up oh Prime you know
6342s it's a spot for you my friend there's
6344s always a spot for you uh whisper older
6346s offline whisper me in game if you'd like
6349s to join we're gonna do a quick um I
6351s think I have I might have been a
6353s sabotage I'm just going around my little
6355s my moon here
6357s I've done a few oh wait that's not so
6360s bad super yeah we're gonna oh we're
6362s gonna do a rescue oh
6364s we're gonna do rescue steel path on Lua
6367s if you'd like to join we got crossbones
6369s Jones it would be epic if you invited me
6372s a horse you said it someone in chat says
6375s I keep doing the duck duck Clips I can't
6378s I can't change the way my face well
6381s they're saying you you're saying I'm
6382s doing this
6388s is that called resting duck face resting
6391s duck face yeah maybe and that guy too
6393s says hi I don't know if you want to join
6394s but I'll send you
6397s do it Danny wait wait wait wait wait
6400s where it's twerking do your best blue
6402s steel Danny
6403s do you remember no I do I wait I know
6406s there's
6411s it was perfect that was great can you
6413s turn left though is the question can I
6415s turn
6417s I haven't seen the movie until oh wait
6419s wait wait wait
6424s LOL how do you get banned Megan uh how
6428s do I get who how do you get banned
6430s someone else from twitch yet I guess uh
6433s you keep it up and you'll find it yeah
6435s you say that Santa Claus isn't real and
6438s you get automatically banned Nightfall
6441s like respectfully respectfully
6443s respectfully I forgot I don't have a
6445s steel path that's okay
6448s uh if you like to join we need one more
6450s person for a rescue on steel pan Chad's
6453s popping off now with Santa
6455s chat you also get an in-game band which
6458s I don't think you want you're gonna ban
6461s them in game yeah I'm gonna ban you in
6462s game I'm gonna ban them off every
6464s platform yeah you're gonna ban them off
6465s Twitter too yep I'm gonna damn finding
6468s your like we're only oh we're only 13
6470s years away from 2035 like the closer we
6475s get the shorter your band will be right
6477s oh we're getting evil back okay let's go
6480s wake up Squad still respectfully doesn't
6482s exist
6483s oh
6485s oh my goodness all right we're in here
6488s we go quick rescue steel path will
6492s will the rescue Target need a weapon oh
6495s yeah
6496s a weapon I definitely need to be rescued
6503s oh my goodness from what
6505s I promise
6509s sheesh just kidding
6512s eternalism
6513s eternalism
6514s eternalism steel path would you call any
6517s of our moderators Banta Claus oh I mean
6521s dean now we must yeah
6523s yeah I made that joke at Discord and I
6525s felt I needed to make it on voice
6526s audibly yeah this was that was a good
6529s call
6530s you made the right call you made the
6532s right call
6532s all right we run in boys and girls
6535s everyone in the world oh this tells
6538s silence
6542s looks like something will be showing on
6544s the Dead Oh Come Monday on November 28th
6548s at 2 p.m people are listening to this
6550s like how do you expect us to understand
6551s the information I'm trying to tell us
6554s just come to the dab stream on Monday
6557s this channel Monday
6562s turkey
6564s whatever microwave zap you know get
6567s coffee
6568s who did that who let a bird in the
6571s office
6574s let this damn bird in this office
6578s 2PM eastern time on this channel will be
6582s here we'll be on the couch yeah we have
6584s umber form a twitch drop we'll have gift
6586s of the lotus alerts the huge and it's
6588s the last Upstream of the Year we're
6590s gonna go full Deep dive gameplay
6594s in to Lewis prey we're going to show you
6597s varuna in her folks
6600s in her full Glory her full kit we're
6603s going to talk you through how she works
6605s how she functions
6606s oh my God
6608s thank you oh Auto breach coming through
6611s again real clutch oh and another wait
6614s I'm gonna get one damn it
6617s wait oh gotta rank up that mod
6620s oh wait we all got to do it we all gotta
6623s hold on hold on we're doing it we're
6625s doing it the wrong way hostage has died
6628s oh I fell off we're in ah
6632s wait did we get him
6634s I went I went I went I went oh my God
6637s they're dying sorry I went through the
6639s portal so did I I went through the
6641s portal wait where am I I'm coming wait
6643s we're on the other side I went to the
6644s portal I was resmi wait where are you
6647s I'm oh I found you can I help
6651s oh wait I have lost gas what am I doing
6653s it's not how star games oh thank you all
6656s right we better
6657s um run
6660s oh my goodness
6662s I got lost sorry let's run before Austin
6665s guys
6667s I'm stuck
6668s let me let's hope this is on me I think
6671s it is I'm the host
6674s yeah come with me hostage I'll show you
6678s look at the world
6681s yay we made it
6684s come here get our very Matthew Berry uh
6687s Cadence there he's from uh what we do in
6691s the shadows and and the IT Crowd and
6695s he enunciates words very very uniquely
6697s oh well
6699s shout out to him
6701s run Daniel Santa Claus is going to eat
6702s me
6708s all right
6709s I think we could do one more mission
6712s one more I think we can squeeze in this
6714s squeeze away depends on what it is I
6716s can't remember what's next for me
6717s we're about to find out I'm gonna swap
6721s my Warframe out actually
6723s I don't want to be 100 accuracy
6726s did you shoot one weapon probably
6731s Yeah clean my second drop and not
6732s getting in-game what I do you want to
6734s unlink and relink if you go to
6735s warframe.com Twitch you can unlink your
6738s account and then re-link it and you
6739s should see your inbox in game uh oh
6742s what's a survival that's the sake of the
6744s long defense all for the long one you
6747s can play a little zaku let's is there a
6750s quick
6751s um
6754s [Music]
6755s I
6758s got time
6761s we've got 10 minutes I need one more and
6763s of course it's The Relic I don't know
6765s wait what are you looking for I need the
6767s tattoo Prime blade oh wait oh wait hold
6769s on I might need do you have a Neo T6 uh
6772s let's find out
6774s please oh what's that I just kicked
6777s something Oh I thought that was I have
6778s four Danny would you be willing I would
6781s be willing but I only have uh 90 boy
6783s choices so I can't
6785s I'll take a Flawless you'll take a
6786s Flawless take a Flawless all right I
6788s Believe in a Thing Called Love I too
6790s believe in that
6792s foreign
6794s all right all right we're doing a Neo
6796s because that's what it was and our
6797s choices are
6800s spy and Mobile Defense Mobile
6803s all right we got time we got time we can
6805s speed it we can speed it oh this is the
6807s one I don't have uh is there a fantastic
6809s one nope uh uh I'm just gonna close my
6812s eyes and click this one
6814s what is it what is it called steel path
6817s hold on let's not do something
6819s because we want to be quick we'll be
6820s quick we want to be fast
6822s oh that's intersection
6824s oh we're in our our attempts to be fast
6827s we are in fact taking very slow oh oh
6830s okay got it I got it Daddy this one not
6834s the destination it's the journey we made
6837s it we got it
6839s oh next thing they said full review
6840s abilities and such that is correct on
6842s Monday November 28th at 2PM eastern time
6844s on this channel we will be doing Dexter
6847s 166 Last Dance stream of the Year we're
6850s gonna be doing a full Deep dive of Lewis
6852s prey we're gonna show you varuna all her
6854s abilities talk to you about her
6856s louvyrian some of the Cosmetics coming
6858s alongside of that we're gonna go into
6859s the Grendel rework the yearly changes we
6863s are going to talk about the we showed
6865s her on the last Dev stream but the two
6867s new uh nodes coming to Lua
6871s in the form of a conjunction survival
6873s which uh is a little bit different than
6876s your normal survival and you'll see I
6879s mean we showed a little bit of it on the
6880s dim screen last time it's changed a
6881s little bit since then and we want to
6883s talk to you about it I'll walk you
6885s through it so please attend
6888s um so we'll show you that show some more
6890s gameplay there
6892s um and we're going to go into the full
6895s in-game version of soccer Deluxe and
6897s Lotus Skin and some other stuff that
6898s comes with that conjunction Junction
6901s what's your function
6904s oh my brothers are with me
6907s Brothers well you got your brothers I'm
6909s on my brother of course the one time I
6910s remember to bring them is when we're not
6912s doing steel baths or anything that's
6914s intense but that's all right okay oh my
6916s gosh
6918s I'm gonna throw a javelin oh are you
6920s going to get corrupted oh no he did oh
6923s but he did I was waiting for him to go
6924s corrupted but he's dead just got all my
6926s crafted policies thank you very much you
6928s are so very welcome thank you for
6929s hanging out with us for
6933s we're having a wonderful Thursday I hope
6935s everyone has a fantastic weekend with
6938s their family friends if you're by
6940s yourself you know play play a nice cozy
6943s video game read a nice book get yourself
6946s a nice little
6947s coffee beverage tea
6950s do you like cold drinks um I could
6953s recommend a Lacroix those are nice
6956s bubbly uh
6961s if eggnog is your thing which it is not
6964s mine by all means and it's basically the
6967s holidays it is the holidays it is the
6969s holidays eggnog is a plentiful I see it
6971s everywhere I go not for me but if it's
6974s for you it's cloudy yeah I'm proud of
6977s you I'll be buying that dog with Deluxe
6978s skin it will be there for you it is
6980s November 30th it's on all platforms oh
6983s my goodness oh my controller is losing
6985s oh that's my own
6991s eggnog rocks I mean to each their own
6993s yep I disagree
7002s I fell
7005s oh I have fallen oh I followed around
7010s I'm saved I'm saved got I saved myself
7014s everything's fine everything is fine I'm
7017s uh oh I'm playing soccer yeah
7022s it'll be very very very exciting time to
7025s get that skin
7027s be a beauty yes among other very
7030s actually lots of other things coming in
7032s there was gray patch notes are looking
7035s juicy just saying you're out like
7038s I think 30 no 24 34 pages I could tell
7043s you right now one of that number's in my
7044s brain
7046s um we have written
7048s currently we are at
7051s no we're at 30 pages of passion was it
7054s dirty yeah 30 pages
7057s um Louis pray is a Mainline update
7060s um so there's actually a surprising
7062s amount of stuff in this update
7064s um that Megan and Co will definitely go
7067s and cover but there's only so much time
7070s in the day so you'll just have to read
7072s the patch notes when Lewis Prairie comes
7074s out that is true we'll try to you know
7076s show you as much as we can on devstream
7078s talk about it and do a nice little
7081s gameplay demonstration obviously varuna
7084s is
7085s top priority to show off really show off
7087s her kit to you talk about how her
7089s passives
7091s [Music]
7092s and all that great stuff and don't don't
7095s let me forget to show you Grendel's void
7097s shell material one of his materials it
7100s is a must show it is a maybe I'll end
7103s the streak with it
7105s good call you could just take a
7107s screenshot of what my operator and my
7109s Grendel look like right now that's true
7110s on the test build could it is it is a
7113s sight to be to
7119s as a skeleton
7121s we're going this way I have run away I'm
7123s buying Grending you don't even know you
7124s don't even know what it looks like and
7125s you're already gonna purchase it
7127s I like your style go into it blind I
7130s like it hey if you're a zaku fan I mean
7133s why not you know oh Grendel sorry well
7137s if you're also a zaku fan there is the
7139s Bullocks coming so there you go and if
7141s you want to get another Lotus Skin if
7143s you know you know we got the beautiful
7145s Lotus amaga Skin yeah and if you don't
7148s know play the war within and then you'll
7150s know and then you'll know you'll be in
7152s it okay I have my little I have a Dev
7154s stream document that I can look at oh
7156s cool things uh oh there as well there's
7159s some new arcanes coming in Lewis prey
7162s that we're going to talk about there is
7164s indeed Nora Smith's volume three Grendel
7167s you're really uh we're gonna go through
7169s the uh finale part three of the Warframe
7173s augment Buffs uh that the team has done
7176s yeah so we'll talk you through which
7177s ones we have buffed there
7180s um and reveal the next prime which is
7182s very very exciting no one's guessed it
7184s like I said
7186s not one single thing
7189s they have no idea
7191s they'll never know they'll never know
7193s you'll never guess
7194s oh this is a friend I know I keep doing
7197s the same thing it's hard to turn your
7199s brain off from like no always
7202s beaten we need to add like a glow or
7205s something
7207s because I'm blind little friendly friend
7209s I have poor vision and I just like to
7212s throw my Javelin at things
7216s is it Excalibur Prime
7219s no no no no don't be silly
7224s all right here we go
7228s good stuff here we're having good stuff
7230s sorry Megan I failed you two are still a
7233s prime receivers that's pretty that was
7235s two chances at the blade it's true we'll
7238s all go for scorch Prime
7240s wow we're a minute away from me damn it
7243s all right let's do oh so we've got top
7245s 10.
7246s I'm so sorry screams we gotta fly
7249s through it Dean bam oh shoot I forgot
7253s logged into the Warframe account to be
7256s able to do the raid and I didn't do that
7257s oh I couldn't do it are you gonna be
7259s able to do it yeah all right I'll let
7261s you do it all right DDO oh already
7264s number 10 comes from Volta gexv says
7270s Danny do your Mr test it hurts me to see
7272s it sitting there now it will stay that
7275s way forever I like it I mean
7278s yeah yeah I did maybe you just really
7281s like your I love what number am I being
7284s reminded being reminded hey you have a
7286s test to do I love the number 22 guys
7289s honestly even numbers are the best yeah
7292s and then a duplicate even number you
7294s can't go wrong this is listen we don't
7296s have 33 so 22s listen my PlayStation
7299s account is my baby my PC account is is
7302s uh not that it is my not favorite child
7306s when cross plans yes this is what I'm
7309s waiting for well multiply the players
7312s alrighty then uh Crusader Marquette says
7315s favorite tenant David of course can't go
7317s wrong with one of those I saw that way
7319s at the beginning of the stream so that's
7320s so funny David Tennant okay and how did
7324s I know you pick a doctor who reference
7325s how did I know no
7331s says I want to kiss call on his wrinkly
7334s bald forehead to each their own that's
7337s right you know everybody's got their
7338s thing some people like eggnog some
7340s people want to kiss girls
7342s respectfully that's your choice I mean
7344s Carl Need Love Too call Disney love oh
7347s my little kiss good night you know he
7349s sleeps outside in that camp he needs oh
7351s it's a little warm yeah give him a
7354s blanket yeah uh lady Pudge in Discord
7357s says if we heat up the necromech hot
7360s enough could we make Mecha corn
7363s get a little pop pop going guys you have
7365s no idea how much I'm I'm fighting for
7368s some form of corn in Warframe I'm
7371s surprised cetus doesn't have corn like a
7373s corn on the cob vendor yeah
7378s I mean oh so good I mean Reb's in charge
7381s now she can make it happen mag you just
7383s need to pull on that string I'm gonna
7385s I'm gonna drop everything you're doing
7387s rib add corn tositas yeah all right manx
7392s on Discord says Corpus built like Sid
7394s from Ice Age when we were talking about
7397s that's good okay oh no I love it yeah I
7403s mean we love it but I mean now I can't
7405s unsee it
7406s now I cannot see it I think it was
7407s because he was all like crumpled up
7409s right right yeah yeah Dean do you want
7411s to go to my screen real quick so
7413s basically the little this is not the
7415s eyeballs this is the mouth that's right
7417s so his eyes are on either these little
7418s things
7421s yeah yeah okay I see vibes okay continue
7424s okay it's lower now it's it's official
7426s oh where am I what is number five all
7428s right number five from darn Zig is
7431s helmuth technically a gaming chair yes
7435s it's so smart right yeah except it stabs
7440s you so I don't know if that's well it's
7441s haptic feedback it's how it keeps you
7443s away
7447s listen if you're in if you're in a
7449s hardcore raid sometimes you need a
7451s little you know
7452s you know well wake up yep okay okay yeah
7455s all right Travis in the Discord surprise
7457s Megan didn't recognize the name of an
7460s actor what do you mean uh we were
7462s talking about there's a lot tonight
7464s there was a lot Dean has a lot to be
7466s disappointed about today from us
7469s is it because I didn't know that
7471s Lightning McQueen was Owen Wilson that
7472s was one of them and I think there was a
7474s whole bunch of other ones too I had no
7476s idea
7476s I mean it I guess I could see it but I'm
7478s I'm more surprised than yeah
7484s all right enough of that uh number three
7487s from slum monkey you keep using that
7490s word I do not think it means what you
7492s think it means which respectful
7495s respectfully yeah I respectfully decline
7497s find that respectfully disagree I
7500s respectfully disagree with that though
7502s all right full on Wizard and Discord
7504s says dova Karen she would like to see
7507s your Elder Dragon
7511s I don't understand it's because like
7514s Nova can like see Amanda I get it
7519s um
7524s [Laughter]
7528s like they call me a dragon
7531s yeah you're fiery Megan you're fiery
7535s no number one this one's just for you
7539s Megan from dark insights on Twitch Megan
7542s why are you wearing a Boston Bruins cap
7545s um get out of here what are you Martian
7548s get that garbage out of here
7551s and that is your time and comments of
7554s the weekend we're gonna run the Revenant
7556s Prime access let's give a Revenant Prime
7558s access and then who are we rating
7560s tonight Danielle we are rating can of
7564s Craig pop that open pop pop pop can of
7568s Craig is going to be uh taking you guys
7570s off for the rest of the night on a
7572s Warframe Journey Warframe Journey uh so
7574s join can of Craig from 8 p.m tonight
7576s well it is 805 now but sorry we're late
7579s a little bit late but that's okay we'll
7581s uh get the raid going I think I'm not
7584s logged into the war for me that's gonna
7585s be me I got the power Megan's gonna fire
7587s that up so you can go hang out with
7588s candle Craig great Warframe Creator and
7591s uh yeah thank you guys so much for today
7593s we got a winner see oh
7595s pd3
7596s CPD the
7599s um lesser known
7602s cp3po C3PO CW Revelation cpd3 please
7607s whisper the Warframe twitch Channel
7608s you're watching right now with your
7609s in-game Alias and the platform you play
7610s Warfare months we can get you your
7612s Revenant Prime access congratulations
7614s come Monday we'll know who the new Prime
7617s Max is oh my tune in to the dab stream
7619s this Monday at 2 p.m eastern time on
7622s this channel we will see you there for
7623s the last step stream of 2022 Dexter 166
7627s will join you over there on the couch
7629s talk all about Lewis Prairie that is
7631s launching on all platforms November 30th
7633s and talk to you about and reveal the
7636s next prime Warframe lots to show you and
7639s excited to do the last demo stream of
7641s the year we'll still have more Prime
7642s Times up until middle of December so
7645s we'll see you on these chairs uh for a
7648s couple more weeks uh but yes Danny thank
7651s you for being here thanks for having me
7652s Dean thank you for being here no problem
7654s and Happy Thanksgiving tour
7656s viewing American friends stay safe out
7659s there stay warm be kind be kind to
7662s yourself and work your stick on the ice
7664s who keep your stick on the ice it's a
7667s red green reference your Canadian you
7669s should know these things no you just
7670s automatically think I don't know
7671s anything anyways have a wonderful night
7673s everyone stay safe go hang out with kind
7675s of Craig hang out with can of Craig
7677s stand over the love that you showed us
7679s here and we will see you Monday 2 p.m
7681s eastern time on this channel for
7682s devstream 166 last one of the Year okay
7684s bye-bye
7687s 37
7699s .
7708s [Music]