about 1 month ago - [DE]Zach - Direct link
Hi Tenno!

October is coming to a close and all eyes are on our Quest to Conquer Cancer livestream Wrap-Up! [www.warframe.com] We won’t have any Devstreams in October, but we have been putting together some plans for what will be our last one before we enter the era of all things The New War!

We want to pick a date for our final pre-New War Devstream that works with our schedule and also gives you all some concrete information on what to look forward to. It’s no secret that it’s pretty challenging to run a Devstream when all our in-development content is top-secret and spoiler-heavy, so we’re trying to adjust!

You can expect our next Devstream to air in the month of November, and we’ll have our usual posts up with the date announcement well in advance.

Thanks for understanding - until then, let’s wrap up our Quest to Conquer Cancer event in style!