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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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The gilded huntress, Khora Prime, enters Prime Access! Ensnare your enemies and dominate the battlefield with your loyal Kavat, Venari Prime. Get Khora Prime, exclusive Prime Accessories, Weapons, Boosters and more instantly with Prime Access or earn Relics in-game to craft Khora Prime, Hystrix Prime and Dual Keres Prime.

Khora Prime
A harmony of mistress and monster. The gilded huntress and her loyal Kavat, Venari, dominate the battlefield with their will.

Venari Prime
Khora’s will, Venari’s fangs and claws.

Hystrix Prime
Versatile weapons complement deadly hunters. Khora Prime’s signature pistol rotates through hot, cold, electric and toxic quills. When equipped on Khora, Hystrix Prime has a chance to instantly reload after headshots.

Dual Keres Prime
The hunted will meet a quick end when faced with Khora Prime's signature swords. Heavy Attack Efficiency is enhanced when wielded by Khora.

Exclusive Khora Prime Glyphs

Khora Prime Accessories includes: Kerata Prime Syandana
Khora Prime Larqum Helmet
Interalpha Prime Narta
90-Day Affinity Booster
90-Day Resource Booster Add the sadistic mistress Khora Prime to your Arsenal today!


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