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Our second Devstream of the year will air on February 26th @ 2 p.m ET at twitch.tv/warframe! Don’t miss it - you can earn yourself an Umbra Forma Blueprint for watching!

This is our date announce post to allow Tenno worldwide to save-the-date!

We will have our preview thread live in our forums (and reddit) on February 24th with more information on what’s coming in the Devstream. For now, we can confirm you can ‘ride the ghoul saw’, but there’s so much more to this upcoming Devstream! We’ll be discussing all things Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii! Join us for a deeper look at Sevagoth, the plans for Railjack Revisited 2021, and much much more!


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Seems like the devs want people to tune in for this one!

We are also doing less Devstreams overall (1 per month), so why not :D

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Will there be Zephyr Deluxe?

I was hyped to see it last time, but alas we were foiled by rendering errors (I think?), but I'm so looking forward to the Birdplane

Big time, yes.

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