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I also shot @(NSW)Cephalon_Voicer a DM for these details, but if anyone else on this thread is able to share the following info and any additional information that may help with snagging this bug that'd be grand!

  • What are your MicroSD card specs
  • Were you playing your Switch handheld or docked?
  • Were you playing the mission solo or in a squad? 
  • What was your play style? 
    • For example, did you aggressively fight enemies or try to rush past them? Did you and your squad mates destroy crew ships with the Tunguska Cannon or by boarding them? Did you go for points of interest during the heat of battle or were you waiting for the main objective to be completed? 

Thanks for all of your help in advance! 

18 days ago - [DE]Marcus - Direct link

Thanks for the details @(NSW)blackbird13m @(NSW)Lolo @(NSW)XeR0zim @Muxailo

I'm happy to report we've actually just fixed this in the latest Hotfix! Should be happy hunting from here on out. Happy Tennocon!