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Greetings Tenno! We've released a small update meant to tackle some communication and connection issues with the launcher, as well as other in-app fixes. 

While we are calling this a hotfix, it is actually a small CERT update. Depending on your Automatic App Update preferences, you may need to manually update the app. If you see "Unable to connect, please ensure you have the latest Warframe update installed" on the launcher, head to the App Store, search for Warframe and select "Update"


  • Fixed an issue where having Traditional Chinese selected in your iOS System language would show Simplified Chinese instead. 
  • Fixed the issue mentioned in Hotfix #4, where players performing a Heavy Melee attack by pressing “Aim” and “Melee” on touch controls would get caught in a Melee attack loop. 
  • Fixed placeholder text appearing under Account settings 
  • Fixed iCloud backup being enabled for Warframe’s bulk assets. 
    • Warframe was automatically saving to players’ iCloud accounts. Understandably some players do not want this data taking up their iCloud storage. Players who had installed Warframe prior to today’s hotfix and who have automatic iCloud backup may need to manually remove Warframe. See Apple’s “Manage your iCloud storage” resource for instructions. 


  • Improved communication on the opening launcher screen. 
    • Upon immediate launch, players will see “Connecting…” just above the progress bar by default, rather than it being blank during initializing. 
  • Added the ability for players to save log files via the Launcher.
    • How to access: On the launcher, tap the top centre of the screen (in landscape mode) to reveal & save logs. These are primarily used to send to support.warframe.com for technical support. 
      • Players can already “Send Error Logs” under Account Settings, but this invisible button method is for players who can’t access the Options menu. Read our “How to Share Log Files” post here! 

Stay updated on the known iOS issues that we are investigating in the Warframe iOS Launch Build post.

about 2 months ago - [DE]CoreyOnline - Direct link
12 minutes ago, daniel_the_cloud said:

So it’s saying I hafe to update before logging in but it’s not giving me the option to update rite now ?

Hello Tenno! While we are calling this a hotfix, it is technically a small CERT update -- therefore you may need to visit the App Store and hit Update on Warframe if you disable Automatic Updates on iOS.

about 2 months ago - [DE]CoreyOnline - Direct link
Just now, lin said:

But there's no option to update in the Apple Store.

Depending on your region it may take a bit more time for the "Update" option to appear. It should occur momentarily!