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Seeing the following behavior:

  1. Entering the menu to feed Helminth can bug out and put you on a menu screen where you can't do anything. Only option is to close the application (the "Are you sure?" quit prompt at least shows up)

  2. While in the feeding menu, scrolling through the resources results in auto-feeding helminth whatever material was fed last again. Grabbing the scroll bar and dragging it also does this. Thankfully you can at least cancel out of this to prevent wasting resources.

  3. If you do feed one resource and then confirm the feeding, it will throw in another feeding before actually finishing. For example, if you feed 20,000 nanospores, and confirm it, it'll toss in another 20,000 and lock it in.

  4. When returning to the abilities menu (either by cancelling or confirming feeding), a pop-up appears implying that you attempted to apply a random ability to your warframe. I barely have any unlocked so it just says I don't have it unlocked yet.

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16 days ago - /u/DE-Marcus - Direct link

We're aware - fix is included in the next Hotfix!