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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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A deadly hunter stalks deserted Orokin halls on Lua, Tenno, howling with uncontrollable rage. The Worm Queen has sent her forces to investigate and trap the predator for good. Discover the secrets residing on Lua for yourself with new Conjunction Survival Missions, a new Warframe, new Weapons and more!

Voruna, the wolf-inspired Warframe is ready to pounce in Lua’s Prey!

Update 32.2.0: Lua’s Prey is available now! Voruna’s howl calls you back. The Void exposes old scars and forgotten secrets in two new Conjunction Survival Mission nodes! Log in now to experience the 51st Warframe: Voruna. The heart of the pack and “the She-Wolf Incarnadine”, Voruna is a vicious hunter that stalks the halls of Lua.

Log in now to unleash Voruna and challenge your Squad with Conjunction Survival Missions! Find new limited-time bundles in the in-game Market today to reinforce your Arsenal, upgrade your Weapons and Warframes, and much more.

We’re trying something new this update to bring you the best possible value if you’re looking to upgrade your Arsenal. When Lua’s Prey launches we will be offering a selection of bundles that are meant to help you accelerate your journey in the Origin System with Boosters, Mods, Upgrade Materials and more.

Find the Bundles in the in-game Market starting November 30 until early 2023!