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19 hours ago, CinderSail said:

Earlier today I checked the door like normal and it was already stuck closed before I had even hacked anything. I was on solo mode so I know no one else was there before me. Trying to proceed with the mission like normal did not open the door.

We're starved for details on how to make this bug happen reliably. If you can offer anything else at all it might be relevant.  Was it the first mission you played, or did you go from mission to mission (Where did you come from?).  Was the pulse turbine the first thing you did in the mission, or did you board crewships first? Did you use the slingshot, or operator mode, or get in and out of the station or railjack multiple times? Did you die and respawn? Where you using a frame that had alternative movement modes like Hildryn or Titania?

21 days ago - [DE]Momaw - Direct link
14 hours ago, CinderSail said:

I have gotten the bug again while recording and have the entire mission from start to finish in a video. I used the same exact loadout as the last time I had the issue. Trying to hack the consoles to proceed with the mission after seeing the door is bugged did not open it this time either.

Thank you for the video, it is very helpful.  The fact that you were able to do it solo, immediately from the orbiter, rules out a LOT of possibilities.

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