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We're calling on PC Tenno to help us hunt down the elusive Out Of Memory bug. 


For those who prefer text over visuals: the Out of Memory crash has been the #1 bug on our leaderboards, and we need your help to end its reign. The Out of Memory crash occurs when something in the game has a "memory leak." This could be from a cosmetic, a loadout, an enemy encounter, a change in the weather- the list goes on. The memory leak can often be attributed to when your RAM value starts to climb uncontrollably. 

The request:

  1. Log into Warframe on PC and, under Options => Video Settings, enable "Show FPS" 
  2. Note the RAM value while you're playing for moments when the number jumps above 3,000MB (ie: 3GB) -- if it starts to climb toward 4GB you've hit the bug!
  3. Include reproduction steps in a reply to this thread when you experience the RAM jump
  4. Include a video of the experience if possible
    1. Upload to either YouTube or GfyCat to produce a link to your video
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On 2022-12-29 at 3:33 AM, Horactius said:

I'm not sure if this is the bug you guys are after but I have something that might be related to it.

I notice that my game keep crashing whenever I was buying multiple items from the store from open world NPCs for a while now. It's been getting more consistent too after I tried figuring out what made my game crash and in my case, it would almost always be crashing after buying at least 3 items from the store right after another and that's that. I didn't think much more of it until I saw this thread yesterday. Then I started paying attention to my RAM when I'm on open world and trying to buy items.

This is a very interesting observation! Is it still happening for you? I tried myself just now and bought a whole bunch of stuff from Yonta and couldn't move the needle. I wonder if there's some sort of local setting that aggravates this.

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18 hours ago, Horactius said:

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I'm still experiencing this and have managed around it ever since I know about the out of memory problem. I have communicated this with [DE]Purzzle but couldn't find anything that could've caused this yet after comparing setting and spec. Right now, I suspect that this have something to do with my hardware.

Wow! Okay, what are you buying specifically? I'd like to clone your account to the dev cluster and retrace your steps if I can.

Found something: just going to trade tokens with Father and then cancelling the purchase over and over bloats a lot of memory (but it comes down after) -- we'll optimize this now.

Edit 2: it's related to the number of placed decorations in your ship which is why not everyone sees this.

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17 minutes ago, Horactius said:

Thank you for the updates! I didn't expect decorations to affect RAM usage when buying things in open world at all. Thank you for optimizing this 😃

Edit: I wanted to add that clicking and then buying things seems to be more effective in increasing the RAM usage than clicking on something, returning, and then clicking on something new over and over again but I'm not 100% sure.

The code has been dramatically optimized for the next update however your 2741 placed decorations will still tax certain parts of the purchasing UI to some extent. The problem is we need to cross-reference decorations you've placed with the products being displayed to show how many you might already own and this is complicated to handle things like bundles. It's also a temporary memory expense: once it's cross-referenced the counts it can release the memory for background cleanup so that number should drop down over time (this is, unfortunately, frame-rate dependent, so on slower machines that might take a few seconds)