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2s foreign
10s Paradox it is going to become the new
14s optional beginning for Warframe so if
16s you can imagine you're really into
17s Warframe and you're like wow I really
19s want to play that DVA Paradox update
21s when you install the game you're going
23s to be presented with a choice do you
24s want to start at the beginning or do you
26s want to start at the Peridot welcome to
29s the Davie Paradox this is a open world
32s that lives in its own part of Warframe
35s and there's three ways to play daviri
38s one is the circuit which is endless
40s Warframe only mode then there's the lone
42s story this is for people that are solely
44s in that you know getter done state of
47s mind and then of course the devere
48s experience which is how we intend the
50s day to perhaps unfold where someone can
52s be match made and experience all debris
55s has to offer this is a way to
57s persistently progress and all things do
59s vary give yourself more survivability
61s give yourself more riding tools give
63s yourself more combat basis and the
66s biggest one really is opportunities so
68s let's take a look at your loyal little
69s cave this is something that allows The
72s Drifter to move on to very very quickly
74s Troopers you know there's a couple
77s tricks up the Cade sleeve you know you
79s can customize your Drifter because this
81s is the DVD Paradox The Drifter is here
83s and they're playing things out perhaps
85s with you know as the quest will resolve
87s with help from the other side The
88s Drifter is able to do something that
90s players have requested for a long time
92s which is Drifter melee and they're going
94s to be able to pick from a variety of
96s stances these stances will be ways
99s you'll unlock these with progression so
102s you'll start off with the sun and moon
103s that you get from the quest some of
105s these are my very specific warframes but
107s if I do not own a Warframe it will also
109s let me borrow that Warframe for this
111s session if I want to try it out if you
113s don't own something we will offer you
114s loners we'll offer you loner mods and
117s now before we go out I want to explain
118s the decree system and this is sort of
120s the core pillar of this open world
123s expansion and the fact like I said that
125s you're doing a run so Megan gets to pick
127s her first decree which is going to be
129s her first choice for her build and as we
131s play and do the daily Adventure we're
133s going to get more of these so by the end
134s we could have up to 10 15 just crazy
137s upgrades that only exist for that
139s session uh we'll start our adventure
141s we're gonna start it
144s let's go
147s uh we're gonna do it's varying types of
149s things side activities combats and we'll
150s just run through them right now see what
152s we can do so Megan and I just finished
153s our first objective we get to pick our
155s decree uh so we can continue making our
158s build let's our next step is combat so
160s let's um fight some of thrax's chosen
163s now of course the horse does have an
165s ability
166s and then the combat for this at least
168s for like The Drifter part it's more of a
170s melee focused thing you know it's
172s smaller smaller Tire groups it's about
175s getting those parries correctly oh
177s kneecapping that poor guy once you kill
179s them you get access to the to the chest
184s so we're done this stage so we get to
186s pick another decree we're getting our
187s builds going we wanted to kind of
189s reinvent fishing for the Dewberry
191s Paradox so Megan is going to do the
193s honors
194s use beard fish how do you feel about
197s Mooring fish yeah we really wanted to
200s try something uh something different
201s with this really happy with how it
203s turned out the teams worked really hard
204s on this sort of weird fishing mini game
206s that isn't quite spearfishing but it's
208s still true to the legacy of Warframe so
211s this is a better view of the open world
212s Gary yeah great View
215s Megan is flying around yeah
220s oh stuck The Landing nice we're about to
223s enter something we call the undercroft
224s which is where you'll recognize
227s a lot of what we're about to do let's go
230s so these are Warframe combat Arenas
232s these are spaces where you have to do
233s objectives in the undercroft to keep
236s daviri
237s essentially safe from thrax's control
240s and then once you're back out you'll get
242s another Boon and we'll get make our way
244s to the finale of the day uh we're gonna
246s play you a little clip of what exactly
249s one can do with conservation
251s ah yeah so you can come across these
254s white painted animals and they'll uh
257s perhaps lead you to treasure yes so here
259s the Incarnate system was released which
261s were these evolving weapons and now you
262s get to evolve some of your existing
264s Arsenal so if you get so say for
266s instance you're playing dviri you're
267s going to do the circuit you're gonna do
269s the Warframe mode and you're going after
270s the lato incarnate adapter because you
273s know you want to put it either on your
274s Ladle Vandal later or prime
276s um that'll be something that you can
277s earn by playing Newberry uh and then we
279s have of course a whole bunch of
281s Cosmetics because the team is mastering
284s their craft and as well we have some
285s Drifter Idol animations that will be
287s coming as well yeah ignore the HC here
290s so we have some uh as you can see
292s Drifter facial hair beards coming into
295s very as well from the bishamo armor when
298s we release that it does have a male and
300s female version and they are pretty
302s different from each other and that is
304s kind of our one suit that really differs
307s male female and you know that we got
309s feedback saying I'd love to put the you
311s know mix match if I want to depending on
314s the body type that I have so we do have
316s that set up for devere so you'll be able
318s to either do the Lark or the hawk and
321s put that on whatever whatever Drifter
324s you would like you could also get The
326s Drifter version of the Harrier suit so
328s if you do own the hairier suit we now
330s made it Drifter size and then as well we
333s do have a couple of void shell skins
335s coming into and we have a couple Deluxe
339s skins as well oh that will be coming in
341s the DeBary paradox
342s uh we're doing it in person again
345s Saturday August 26 London Ontario Canada
349s back at the OG RBC place where we've had
352s all of our in-person tunnel cons we're
355s doing it again we're gonna all get
358s together and we're gonna really
359s celebrate 10 years of Warframe stay
361s tuned for more information from us and
364s we'll see you then guys
368s maybe I should just go there myself