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Hey Tenno,

Support has received reports that purchases made today through our website have not been appearing in your inventories. You’re entitled to the items you’ve purchased, and we'll make sure they arrive in your accounts!

There is a communication error between our servers and our payment provider. We’re working right now to have that resolved. Once communication is back online, we’ll let you know right away what the next steps are to get your purchases in your inventories.

I will keep you posted in this thread!

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15 days ago - [DE]Helen - Direct link

We've disabled credit card and PayPal payment options at warframe.com until we can restore communication with our payment provider and correct the current delayed transactions.

We’ve also confirmed that Steam, GPay, AmazonPay, and KarmaKoin are unaffected by this issue! Tenno who make purchases through those avenues will see their items correctly appear in their inventories.