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Nidus Prime & Plague Star: Hotfix 30.7.1  



  • Removed the Ghoulsaw from Conclave eligibility. 



  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing graphics settings.

  • Fixed a serious problem with the Launcher where it would silently ignore failures and let the game load with missing content.

  • Fixed memory corruption that could occur just before crashing when running out of texture-streaming memory.

  • Fixed Nidus Prime’s body appearing incomplete when applied to the Mastery Rank 30 Blessing Relay statue.

  • Fixed Nidus Prime missing half his body when he is in Railjack Turrets.

  • Fixed Nidus Tennogen Skins showing too many Prime body parts with Prime Details enabled.

  • Fixed the Transmission that plays when an Ally Kuva Lich/Sister spawns not actually showing the correct Adversary for Clients. This also could result in a big spot-load.

  • Fixed seeing double swords in Revenant Mephisto diorama.

  • Fixed unintended Font changes when playing Warframe in SC/TC/JA/KO languages.

  • Fixed script error when an Infested Leaper dies mid-leap.

  • Fixed script error when Grineer Powerfists die during the cast animation of their ground pound.

  • Fixed script error that could occur if a Sentient enemy was killed during its arm-regeneration animation.

  • Fixed numerous script errors when encountering the Jordas Golem.

  • Fixed a script error when casting Nidus’ Ravenous with Insatiable Augment equipped.


Nidus Prime & Plague Star: Hotfix  


  • Fixed Warframe players who use controllers managed through Steam being unable to play properly. We are pushing out a fix just for this since it’s quite an impactful bug for any Controller + Steam players - apologies!
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Just now, kiritochan18 said:

Anyone also experienced the Invigoration Counts has been reset after the plague star update? Im on my last count for it to get my desired frame, and when I logged in, it resets back to 0. been saving it for plague star :( ..

The team is investigating. It appears to just be a UI issue, as the DB still has the correct count.