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Nidus Prime & Plague Star: Hotfix 30.7.5  


Ghoulsaw Butcher's Revelry Stance Changes:

The first-of-its-kind Assault Saw is in your hands. Ghoulsaw has been out for a little under a week, and with it, our latest Melee Stance: Butcher’s Revelry. We are buffing some Combos in this Stance. More power is coming for Tenno that are out there combo’ing like the best of them. 


Rictus’ Wrath Combo
- Added guaranteed Slash status on second hit
- Increased damage multiplier from 2 to 3 of the third attack
- Increased damage multiplier from 3 to 4 of the fourth attack

Rip 'n Ride Combo
- Increased damage multiplier of second hit in the attack from 1 to 2
- Increased damage multiplier of the final hit in the attack from 2 to 3

Reciprocator Combo
- Increased the damage multiplier of the first two hits of the first attack from 0.5 to 1
- Increased the damage multiplier of the fourth hit in the first attack from 1 to 2
- Added a guaranteed Slash proc to the third hit in the second attack
- Increased the damage multiplier of the final hit in the second attack from 3 to 4


This means that as you’re engaging with Combos for all things Ghoulsaw, you’ll be dealing more and more damage. We wanted to increase the lethality of all things Ghoulsaw after reading player feedback, and felt the Combos themselves were the best place to buff a big batch of numbers to encourage use of the full gamut of moves!  This also makes it so well into the future, other weapons in this class that share the Stance would have this baseline power.



  • Made micro-optimizations to reduce hitches in DirectX 12.

  • Made a micro-optimization to rendering.



  • Tweak elemental weapon FX to bring unification across elemental combos.

  • Reskinned the Customization screen for the Note Beacon Decoration to reflect a more Vitruvian style. 



  • Fixed the Verv Ephemera FX being too transparent around the stomach area. You should see the FX more prominently now!

  • Fixed inability to engage the Sepulcrum’s Alt Fire mode while aiming.

  • Fixed Kuva Ayanga firing projectiles back on the player with maximum Fire Rate.

  • Fixed Nidus Prime Larva not using custom colors.

  • Fixed Revenant Mephisto Collection diorama in the Market missing the rear-cape detail. 👀

  • Fixed Xaku, Titania and Gara not having a Blueprint hint button in the Market. 

  • Fixed not being able to scroll when viewing items displayed in the Leverian.