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I was selecting my weapons and got dragged into the undercroft, then i died and turned into the drifter when using op form in the last stand mode, then when the undercroft section ended it made me a horse and softlocked the whole lobby

Hey u/Iceygamingrulez did you potentially save your logs from this mission? If so, could you send them to Warframe Support and title the ticket "Kaithe Mirage Bug"

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Originally posted by Iceygamingrulez

No sorry, didn’t know that was a thing tbh

Totally fair - if you ever come cross something game breaking like this, you can save your Warframe Logs with the following steps:
1. Close Warframe after experiencing the Bug
2. Re-launch Warframe
3. Select the Gear icon in the top right hand corner of the launcher
4. Click the Get Logs button
5. Let the process complete and look for a Warframe Logs folder on your desktop
6. Drag the "Warframe Logs" folder onto the 'attach file' field of your support ticket

You can also check it out here in gif format: https://www.warframe.com/logs

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Originally posted by -Dystopia-

Logs clear the next time you hit "Play" on the launcher.

You can find the option to generate logs by clicking the settings cog on the launcher and clicking "Get Logs" After a couple min you will see a folder on your desktop named something like "Warframe Logs"

The logs they are looking for are named "EE.log". The bug report forums mention something about not sharing the logs publicly because they can contain personal information.

You can send your logs to https://support.warframe.com/hc/en-us when you submit a ticket.

*As far as I know, this is not possible on consoles and occasionally a crash on PC can automatically start a bug report for you. It will give you a prompt asking you what you were doing before the game crashed and will give you a "WAR - #####" as a reference for the ticket sent. If you aren't prompted for the auto report, you can manually get logs and submit a ticket to support through the support.warframe link mentioned earlier.

** I'd also like to add that if you know the steps to reproduce the bug, or have a recording leading up to the bug, that you should post to the relative bug forms because it is less likely for a post to be missed there.

u/-Dystopia- has it well covered!

If you do Crash, it automatically submits your logs and describing what happens in the Crash report will be automatically linked to the bug report. Also wanted to echo that you can't get your logs on Console unfortunately, but a bug report with reproduction steps is still incredibly helpful for the team in narrowing down the issue.

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