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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Experience an all-new beginning for all players, whether it’s your first step into Warframe or have been a 10 year veteran! The Duviri Paradox is a departure from the Warframe gameplay you’ve come to expect, figuratively and literally.

Duviri is a landscape unlike any other, a swirling network of islands that shift and change by the day and to suit the child king, Dominus Thrax. Thrax’s sway over Duviri is so strong that his emotions reshape the entire environment and weather conditions, creating wrathful storms in Anger and sickening green skies in Envy.

Play an all-new Quest where you play as The Drifter, a mysterious new arrival in the Origin System but one who is fated to control the fate of the entire Origin System in The New War. But if you ever hope to escape and ensure the future comes to pass, you must fight your way through Dominus Thrax’s guard of deadly Dax warriors and even the fearsome Orowyrm, a massive beast that rules the skies above.

Learn more about The Duviri Paradox on our Official Website, and jump in-game to experience Warframe’s most ambitious update yet for yourself! [www.warframe.com]

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