3 months ago - [DE]Momaw - Direct link

It isn't helpful to necro old threads if you don't have new information.  The game is constantly evolving, and the fact that this has lain dormant for 10 months suggests that the problem was solved for most people.

If you're trying to report bugs in the hopes of getting them fixed, the thing we need is repro steps. That is, how did you create the situation where the problem happened.  The game slowly getting worse performance over time is usually an indication of a script or a visual effect being created and then forgotten by the game, so we would need an idea where to start looking.  Does this happen happen by yourself or only when you play with another player?  Does it only happen when somebody is using a specific power, weapon or piece of equipment?  Does it happen if you wear less cosmetic items, or turn down your graphical settings?  These are the sort of things that helps us crush bugs :)